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Can language be turned off?

Can language be turned off?

Infinite_Evo asked for clarification:

Do you mean like "Foul language/bad words" (Which I don't believe in. They're just words, get over it) or no people talking whatsoever?

For both, as far as I know, the answer is no.

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KNGC answered:

Yes you can when you go into single player just go to options and it says unrestricted push that and it will turn off cussing and blood but still there will be cussing like damn ass hell screw but no strong language and if you play online turn the chat off hope this helps
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_Vietnamese_ answered:

Now I don't know whether you are refering to singleplayer or multiplayer. You can stop language to a certain extent, but not all of it can be turned off.

-For singleplayer, you can turn off the subtitles, if that's what you mean, which doesn't help a lot, and it won't stop the game from using swears. You can't really turn off language that the game uses during the campaign or the zombie mode.

-For multiplayer, you have the option to mute players using the Z button on your nunchuk but once again you can't stop the game from swearing when the avatars get a kill.
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agurcsik answered:

Yes, but it won't turn it off in online play because only other players will say curses, you can just turn off the voice chat in the lobby though.
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joshwuzhere answered:

In the singleplayer options you can restrict the graphic content, which will limit the blood and swearing to a minimum. And you have theboption to mute players or turn off voice chat in multiplayer
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ajj487 answered:

so basically if need be you can make this game rated 'T'
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MK_Miike answered:

No, get over the curse words.
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nixnac answered:

Yes. If you go to options (ingame), you can select to restrict graphic content, as joshwuzhere said. It removes blood, and 1 scene where Hudson shoves a shard of glass into someone's mouth. This also restricts heavy swearing like f*** , b****, (s*** sometimes) when Mason talks, but there are points in the game where the use of these words is uncensored for emphasis. You cannot restrict this in zombie mode, however.
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