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Asked: 4 years ago

Can't seem to jump across broken bridge?

I am having trouble jumping across the bridge after it gets hit with an RPG and need to get across before the avalanche arrives. I keeping falling short I have tried holding A while running, I have tried tapping A just before and always fall short. Please help?

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The direction pad on the nunchuck? or the gun Wii controller

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From: HTHSenior10 4 years ago

When youre running across the bridge, you have to press the up button on the directional pad, since that's how you jump in the game.
haha the same thing happened to me, and i was baffled for about an hour trying to figure out why, but at last i found out how to pass the level.

Good luck

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If you have the Wii Zapper, then you twist the controller to...the right I believe and press "c" while running to jump across.

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To get acroos, you have to step back to the edge behind you then try running forward and jump.... it'll take a few tries, but this always works even on veteran mode when the time is cut short

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Yes, it is better to get a run up first. You will need to essentially run jump over the gap to the other side. You can try a dolphin dive if you want.

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You can run from the end and dive and and you should land on the oter side

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Sprint, then Jump near edge of ledge, not too difficult.

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