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Controls Question?

Is there any way to set the controls so that I move with the stick instead of the pointer?

I have tried fiddling with the settings, but I just can't do anything if I keep turning around with the pointer. Yes, I do use ADS, and it does help, but when I need to move, I can't do so effeciently.

I would find it far more logical to have the control stick set up to move and turn, as strafe would be able to be done by using ADS anyway, so why does it need strafe like that?

Please, someone let me know how I can take some of the grief out of this annoying experience.

I tried using the Wii Zapper, and it's just the same.
I also tried customizing controls, and it was not available that I saw.


Zero612 answered:

Unfortunately, that is one of the few things you cant change in the controls. As far as I know, you are stuck with your problem. Sorry :(
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polooza87 answered:

You can also use the classic controller or the pro, also try adjusting the turn speed and so on.
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