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How do you Host in Multiplayer?

I have Hosts quit on me in Multiplayer and thus end the game but I do not see any options for Hosting a game. How do you Host a match and do you get to chose anything while setting it up?

ssman0017 asked for clarification:

I don't think you have the option to host games. I think it's based off of how many players are in the type of game you want to play, I have been host before but mostly just a jump on.

Accepted Answer

Anchron answered:

When your serching for a game if you don't find a game after like a certain time you get to a place where you are the only one in the waiting for people thing. This makes you the host of the game and it ends when you quit, obviously!
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coolnerd07 answered:

I believe it's a random decision made by the server. first one in the empty lobby is the host.
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RevStoningpot answered:

If the current session is full when you select a game. A new room will be made with you as the host.
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robofish_13 answered:

it usually goes by the person who has the best connection. Try using a wired connection to up your speed rather than connecting using wireless.
As host, the only perks you get are a slightly smoother game and a more "real-time" effect on the game meaning you will kill easier. there are no options to set time limits, paintball mode or any other such perk.
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RevStoningpot answered:

It's not a matter of best conection unless you join with friends. It's just like I said before. If all rooms are full a new room is made for you and you will be host. All you can do is keep trying until you get the timing to work out in your favor.
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HotpotatoDX answered:

It depends who enters the room first
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