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Asked: 4 years ago

What are the promotional codes?

Are they different than cheat codes? The menu sub-text say they unlock additional content.

Additional details - 4 years ago

What content do they unlock? How can I unlock it?

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From: empererofcookie 4 years ago

The details for that are unknown sorry but what they can unlock stuff like all the weapons, easier to get exp and other stuff. Like I said the details are unkown what the codes are but according to my brother you pay the company money so you can have more fun or you could buy them from somewhere that's why leveling is so hard it's so they could make a lot of money off stuff that people too lazy to level up the normal way would buy.

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Promotional codes are the codes you get from preoredering from Gamestop or Best Buy or by buying the Classic Controller bundle. You only enter those on wifi. The cheats ones are unlocked by entering them offline in the extra cheat menu.

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Nintendo will probably incorporate the Wii Shop channel into the unlock-able content purchasing.

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What does the one from the classic controller bundle unlock?

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The classic controller bundle unlocks Classic Conflict for online play. If you don't want to buy the bundle, you can play online to reach level 35 and unlock it that way. In Classic Conflict, you can play as different Bond villains.

The codes can only be entered once.

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