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Fastest way to get ex?

What is the fastest way for a fact or not to get ex?

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Thanks and I forgot to mention, how much EXP do you need to progress to the next level and if you can, where can i find that kind of data?

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Thanks to all who answered and I'm gonna leave this question unanswered so other people can put in there idea.

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PokeMaster1000 answered:

Play the crap out of the game, really. You get extra EXP when you get so many kills with each weapon, so make sure you use them all evenly to gain maximum points. You also receive extra EXP for winning a game, having the highest score in a team match, having a 2:1 elimination/death ratio, getting kill streaks, blocking people's kill streaks, etc. Finally, I might add that certain game modes have special opportunities to gain experience, like hacking a console, eliminating the black box carrier, downloading 10 seconds of data, killing a hero, etc.

Just experiment and have fun!
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jvccarioca answered:

Get good on the game and kill everybody. LOL

No, serious, although the exp raises incredibly slowly, there are some ways you can get exp, but it obviously depends on your performance on the online multiplayer.
I've noted that the Golden Gun mode gives you more exp than the Team Conflict mode, if you can manage yourself to be among the top players.
Also, do not mind about getting killed, campers don't kill much and don't get lots of exp, so don't go camping and go for the fight.
And be patience. I've been playing for more than 24 hours, completed all the Weapon Proficiencies for the all the weapons unlocked until this level, including the pistols and the Golden Gun and got only to level 23. And I'm a pretty good player.
Exp grows slow, that is the fact. Be patient and get good.
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PokeMaster1000 answered:

To your second question, I'm not quite sure. I think the first few levels require about 1/4 of your total experience to level up. So if you have 4000 XP when you obtain level 5, it will take another 1000 XP (for a total of 5000 XP) to get to level 6. I'm currently at level 23 (on the brink of 24), but I need about 1/8 of my total XP to level up now. So the fraction appears to decrease with time.

If you want a better representation, check the leader boards under "Overall Performance". Scroll through the pages and check how much XP people have at certain levels. There doesn't appear to be documentation online, so this is probably the best way to see how much XP you need to be at a certain level. I've put in about 30 hours of play to get to my level. It's going to take a long time before I max out.
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jvccarioca answered:

Ok, I've just checked my theory. I've played a couple games on Team Conflict and Golden Gun and realized the exp gotten is higher is Golden Gun.
The avarage earned exp on golden gun (I was always the winner or the runner-up) was 400-600
The avarage earned exp on Team Conflict (Most of the time I was first on my team / had a 2:1 ratio / won the game) was 200 - 400.
Some people say that Hero is the best mode, but it's a mode I don't like much. I got to study it before I say saomething.
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RainingMetal answered:

You can check your EXP level in your agent dossier (or whatever it's called). It should list the amount of experience you currently have, what level you are at, and how much you need to advance.
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jetstopia answered:

tried a link it didnt work
i use a list at IGN in a topic called "Level Upgrades for Goldeneye Wii Multiplayer" shouldnt be hard to find

each level increases by a total of 50 from the last one
eg level 2 takes a start of 200xp
level 3 is 50 xp higher at 250xp
level 4 is 100xp higher ar 350xp
level 5 is 150xp higher at 500xp (and so on)
this continues untill at level 55 it will take another 2750xp on top of what it already took you to get to the last level
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RevStoningpot answered:

Check the board topic 'Your online level progress' by jetstopia.
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chaosgamer99 answered:

Okay. Play Hero's a bunch. Usually I can grab over 600 a game. I kill 5 or 6 heros with racks up 250-300 XP (50-60 XP per hero kill) Then if I'm lucky I can kill another 30 people and rack up a bunch there. Plus weapon proficenticy. If you go to the Wi-FI home page on the game and go to Agent Record then go to Operations History the first page is your currt rank, rank name, current amout of XP, XP to next rank, and you time played. Enjoy the game
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NekoEspirito answered:

Heroes, definitely. You can rack up multiple, long kill streaks and dominations. especially if you can drop some Heroes in the mix.

a good secondary mode is Golden Gun. those matches offer less exp, but you can end matches really quickly using the Golden Gun.
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soccer2196 answered:

Use weapons that you havent finished the weapon proficiencies for, because for the higher levels you get anywhere from 200 to 600 xp for each level. That will really level you up faster.
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soccer2196 answered:

Use weapons that you havent finished the weapon proficiencies for, because for the higher levels you get anywhere from 200 to 600 xp for each level. That will really level you up faster.
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JelleGEWii answered:

I'm lvl 43(hot jelle) and my friend is lvl 56(hot lunch). we don't cheat and we don't play a lot. there is 1 way to get a lot of xp. play black box, try to streak(getting streaks) and try to aim for 1 player. this way you should have at least 800 xp with one match(3minutes). with a 10 elimination streak i get 300xp(head shots, dominations). Once i got in 2 matches 3000 xp. My fc is 327392069743. send me a message with your fc.
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JackL777 answered:

Try going in a game where people or 5 levels higher than you but lower than 6 lower
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oddjobpwns561 answered:

I ussaly do heroes. in a good round, i can get 600 or more xp with about 3 heroe elimantions in there. Also, only camp if you know its a place where people will go. You dont want to camp where you cant find anybody. Also, chose the right weopon for the stage. your not going to get many kills in Archives if you use a sniper rifle. And speaking of sniper rifles, you dont get many kills with them unless your camping. Plus, if your a somewhat low level, the snipers dont start to improve until you get the silencer at level 20.
Hope this helps :)
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