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Tag mode?

What is tag mode? I entered the cheat code for it, and it said cheat activated, but it didn't seem to do anything. Nothing changed whatsoever.what exactly does it do?


chaosgamer99 answered:

I believe Tag Mode is for spilit screen only. Over the few times I've played spilit screen I seem to remember looking at the moditfiyers and seeing Tag Mode as one. So if you don't do spilit screen much or not a all it's praticly useless. Hope this helps
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Anchron answered:

The split screen Tag mode thing only works for 3-4 players for good reasons.The tager can't kill people until they tag some one and the the tag-ee's are unable to kill the tager. So you have to be doing 3 or 4 player split screen to do it.
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