Question from duder5000

Is there anything for 100% completion?

Do you get anything if you 100% beat the game? (ex. Dark Matter/Zero/02 battles, bonus movies, etc.) because i don't want to waste time getting all gold rank for nothing...

duder5000 provided additional details:

I could do it 100% but I really don't like this game, and I probably won't do it if there's no true final boss or bonus movie or anything (I'm guessing you meant no but I'll leave it open in case I'm wrong)

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Realbendario answered:

There's always the fact that you completed it 100%. A feeling of accomplishment. But then again, if it's too hard for you... I mean, not everyone can be good at Kirby games, I suppose.
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12345678me8 answered:

I havent gotten anything for 100% doubt there is anything hope I helped
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