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                         The Walkthrough!
                       For the Nintendo Wii
                  Author: Cedric Oda (Psychopulse)
                E-Mail Address: Cedricoda@gmail.com

Hello again, this time I'm doing a walkthrough for Kirby's Epic Yarn, a Kirby
game so cute it may cause cavities, or possibly make you hurl if the art style
isn't your thing.  Controls and other stuff are mentioned in the manual and are
also accessed by pressing the minus button as a reminder, so I won't mention
them in the guide.  Let's just cut to the chase and get started.

Update History:


First release.  I had to clean up some stuff with the format to make it
presentable, but it's worth it.

Table of contents

1. Walkthrough
2. Unlockables
3. Enemies
4. Credits
5. Disclaimer

                         (1. Walkthrough)

Due to the fact that it's impossible to die in this game, this walkthrough will
be more of a general idea of what to expect in each level.  The items you find
are collected in order.  Here's some general advice for getting a gold in all
the levels though.

* Try not to get hit above lava or pits or anything deadly.  A lot of beads
will be lost.  The more you know the level, the easier it'll be to get the

* When it comes to the bosses, learn how to dodge their attacks and get their
patterns down.  Practice makes perfect!

* It's easier to get most of the gold medals in single player.  This guide will
assume that this is the case.

* Explore the area.  Look for side paths, collect the "!" balls and the beads
that spawn from them.  Take your time.

* To get the patch for the next level in a boss, you'll need to get more beads
than normal for a gold.  If it passes the patch circle, you can unlock the last
two levels.


Tutorial: Patch Castle

General Advice: It's a tutorial level.  It's not really hard to get a gold on
here.  Just get used to how Kirby plays here and you'll do fine.

Chandelier: When you come to the screen showing you how to enter doors,
climb up the ladder and pull away the chest.

King's Throne: Grab the button and swing to the left platform.

Castle music: Do a running jump to the platform, following the beads as you go.


1-1: Fountain Gardens

General Advice: When you come to a pond with beads forming a fish shape, hop in
and collect the bead star at the bottom before pulling the platform closer to
you.  The Ookis will give out beads, and a bead-filled tree will drop a star
when you shake it down enough times after collecting the beads from it.  When
you become a tank, keep your eyes peeled for Waddle Dees and Bronto Burts
dropping bombs, and take it slow while blasting everything in sight.


Flower Sofa: When you reach the first tree, pull away the door and go in.  Jump
up to the top and exit, and pull away the leaves on the right.

Fountain: Pull back on the zipper and a new area will open below.  When you
reach the bottom, the chest is on the left.

Fountain Gardens Music: While you're crossing the bridge with 3 fountains, ride
the third fountain up to the cloud.

1-2: Flower Fields 

General Advice: The Flower wheels you can walk on will grown beads as the
petals grow.  When you become a UFO, suck up three clear blocks or enemies to
free the beads embedded in the yellow blocks. Remember that you can collect
beads on the ground with the tractor beam.  Keep that in mind in case they fall
into spikey areas.


Flower Clock: Jump on the big flower wheel spinning in midair and jump to the
area with the chest.

Frog Umbrella Stand: Ride the buttons held by flower fluff up to the top and
swing across the frog head to the platform with the chest.

Flower Fields music: Swing across the frog heads to a cloth you can pull away.
It'll reveal an "!" mark which you must follow.  This will then stick to the
top of a nearby fountain so you can pull it away.

1-3: Rainbow Falls 

General Advice: Basically, don't fall into a pit or you'll lose a lot of beads,
many of which you can't recover.  There's a shower curtain you can pull away
for lots of beads.  When riding the spin board, bounce off of enemies to reach
high areas and beads.


Rainbow Arch: Throw a Waddle Dee at the clear block and jump on the solid one
to reach the platform before it falls down.

Outdoor Bath: Before you grab the spin board, head to the left and climb up the
ladder.  Defeat the gators and hop across the platforms.

Rainbow Falls music: Near the end of the level, while riding the spin board,
bounce off of the Bronto Burts and you'll reach it.

1-4: Big Bean Vine

General Advice: Take your sweet time climbing up and make use of the Balloon
Waddle Dees to reach high spots.  Make sure to avoid getting hit by fireballs
the Dandans will spit out and the arrows from the Bow Waddle Dees.  Attacking
enemies from below is a good strategy.  When you reach the Sulkworm, throw the
Waddle Dees at it from a distance so it won't attack you.


Lattice: When you see two Parasol Waddle Dees floating side by side, jump
across them to reach the chest.

Big Bean Vine music: Hop along the Balloon Waddle Dees and leaves and hop
across to the lone leaf on the right side with the chest.

Cloud Pillow: After defeating the Sulkworm and climbing a beanstalk from within
for a little while, climb along the right side again and you'll see it on a
cloud on the far right.  Hop across or use the Balloon Waddle Dees to reach it.

Boss: Fangora

Not too hard, but some people have some trouble getting the gold and the patch
for the next two levels against him.  His attack will be trying to impale you
with his Yoshi-style tongue.  Jump to avoid, and when he gets exhausted, grab
his tongue and watch the animation of Kirby damaging him.  When he flies into
the background, stay still on one side of the screen, and move as soon as the
screen goes below the ground to dodge his attack.  He'll also throw fireballs
at you.  You can grab one and throw it at his head for extra gems.  Use this
knowledge to get the gems necessary to get the patch for the next level.  If
you do dodge the fireballs, grab his tongue to damage him when he's low on
breath.  Grab his tongue three times to win the fight.


Fangora Music

1-5: Mole Hole

General Advice: Don't get smashed in between blocks or you'll lose a lot of
gems that will be either very hard or impossible to recover.  Break the crystal
boulders to get a lot of gems.


Carrot Dresser: Break the crystal on the right for a lot of beads, then enter
the door to go behind the scenes.  Exit and drop down.

Mole Hole Music: Dig along the left side until you come to four blocks, two of
which are above a "!" ball.  Quickly dig along the cotton to the left before
they fall and enter the door.

Tree Stump: If you got the Mole Hole music, dig out from the left and you'll
see it among the cotton.

1-6: Weird Woods
General Advice: The saucer moves pretty slow, the bumpers will knock you around
a bit and it's a big target for the Shotzos. It doesn't help that it auto-
scrolls, albeit slowly.  You'll need to have complete control of the saucer and
take advantage of sucking up gems whenever possible.  You'll encounter the
Weird Willow twice, suck up the spiked balls and discharge the energy.  You'll
need to only do this twice.  The second time you face him, spikes will be below
you and the wind currents will push you down.


Telescope: When you see the path descend downward, destroy the spiked vines
spinning around and move down to collect it before it goes off screen.  It's
surrounded by beads.

Log Cake: It's surrounded by a group of cloth blocks.  Break them down with a
discharge attack.

Weird Woods music: After destroying the first Weird Willow, keep going until
you reach two bumpers and an a fabric that generates Bronto Burts.  Take
the bottom path.


2-1: Pyramid Sands

General Advice: When you pull the button leading you to the camel sofa (See
below) whip away the Swadclod to reveal a Sneak Sack.  Pull it a away for a lot
of gems.  You can also ride down and jump up through the layers of quicksand.
You'll also see rolling clods in tornados, throw enemies or projectiles at them
safely to defeat them and get their gems.  Near the end, you'll race as an Off
-roader, come in first place to get a lot of gems.


Camel Sofa: When you come to a button you can pull, drop down to the left side.

Cactus Juice: Pull the button to open the pyramid, then drop down and pull away
the fabric to reveal a "!" mark.  Follow it to a smaller pyramid and pull it
away when it attaches itself to it.

Pyramid Sands music: Near the end of the race, jump along the top platforms,
and you'll get it.
2-2: Lava Landing

Tips for gold: Don't fall into the lava or it'll be impossible to get a
majority of your beads back.  Some gems can fall into lava, and the currents
will take them to a volcano which will erupt them out.  Pull on the button to
temporarily seal it up and collect the prizes.  Midway through, you'll become a
fire engine, spray the beads down to colelct them and place out fire sprouts
and fire enemies.  When you're being chased by lava while climbing up to
safety, don't panic, just keep going up and reach the platforms.  The lava
won't really speed up until the end.


Stone Lamp: When you come to an upside down volcano, pull away the fabric to
reveal a "!" mark.  Follow it until it sticks to a wall above a volcano on the
ground.  Seal the volcano up before pulling it.

Cartoon Meat: Shortly after getting the Stone Lamp, jump up on the rope
platforms and throw the bombers at the cloth blocks to remove them.  The chest
containing it is just ahead.

Lava Landing music: While climbing up to safety, you'll see it on the left side
behind three yarn blocks.  Pull them away quickly and collect it.

2-3: Cool Cave 

Tips for gold: Parts of the cavern will try to smash you, so try not to get
smashed.  At one point, you'll encounter a Slobba, throw something at it or
smash it from above.  Pull away a cloth that'll shine light on it and smash the
yarn block it was on to reach an area you can snake into.  Explore the tunnels
in snake form, but watch out for the snip-snaps.  The stalactites falling on
the ground can be used as platforms, but make sure they don't fall on you.
Late in the level, you'll be able to transform into a digging machine to get
more gems, but watch out for the Flamers and Candlemanders!


Crystal: When you come to the area with the Slobba, stand on a platform that'll
drop you down near a hole you can turn into a snake to reach the area with the

Cool Cave music: When you see a big Rolling Clod, run back and pull up the
ground so it won't land in the spikes, and climb up to safety.  It'll smash
through the cloth blocks so you can collect it.

Frog Mirror: At the very end of the level.  Take the top route as the digger
to get to the chest.

2-4: Dino Jungle

General Advice: When hopping along the dinosaur heads to cross the river, it's
better to avoid the Buttonbees as opposed to attacking them.  Run along the
Triceratops heads for beads and when you pull the buttons to reveal the
waterfalls, collect the beads below.  Also look for hidden areas among the see
-through foliage.


Torch: While you're riding the blue dinosaur across the river, hop on the red
dinosaur heads.

Dino Jungle music: Pull the button next to the Shelby to unleash a waterfall.
Drop down and you'll see the chest with the CD inside.

Bronto Slide: Beneath two T-Rex heads.  Pull away the fabric and follow the "!"
mark to an egg.  Pull it away when it sticks to it.
Boss: Hot Wings

You'll need to grab one of her Embirds and throw it at her to stun her, then
grab and throw her to the other side of the screen to damage her.  Do this
three times to win the battle.  After every hit, lava will rise, with some
spots being safe.  It's tricky to avoid, though, and it doesn't help that the
platforms switch spots every few seconds.  She'll also fly in from either side
of the screen, dodge if necessary.


Hot Wings Music

2-5: Tempest Temple

General Advice: For the entirety of this level, you're a fire truck.  Getting
the gold in general isn't hard if you spray everywhere for beads and they land
on your platform.  Just don't fall into the lava!


Pyramid: Spray the first Embaconda you come across and defeat it to get this

Camel Pillow: In the first vertical shaft, spray the second  Embaconda to
defeat it until it dies.

Quilty Square music: After the road splits in the second vertical shaft, the
Embaconda holding it will come from the left.

2-6: Dusk Dunes

General Advice: Besides coming in first place, stick to routes that give you
the biggest gems possible.  When you boost, other cars won't harm you, and you
can land on top of them.


Magic Carpet: Early on in the race, jump on top of the landmass that's sloped
upwards and has beads leading to a boost.  The boost will give you a little
jump that'll let you collect it.

Hourglass: Midway through the race, jump on top of a landmass and fall down on
a springboard that'll let you reach it.

Dusk Dunes music: While you're catching up to the second place driver, jump on
the top of the landmasses that has stone platforms below.  Collect the boost to
get the CD.


3-1: Toy Tracks

General Advice: Early on, you'll see Waddle Dees throwing blocks among them.
Jump on the ones throwing the blue blocks among each other and jump on the
rocket to reach a bunch of gems.  The toy soliders are tricky to navigate, so
watch their foot stomping patterns and hide in the doors to avoid getting
stomped.  You'll later turn into a train, arguably the worst transformation due
to the controls (Kirby's Canvas Curse was better at it, from what I heard).  At
times, you'll come across a car with a sundae or something else to link onto
the train.  Bring with you when you cross the end for star beads to boost your 
total.  At least there's no enemies on the train section.

Stuffed Bear: Ride the blue block that the Waddle Dees throw all the way up to
the top.  You'll see the platform with the chest.

Tin Robot: Navigate through the stomping toy soliders and whip the fabric.
Follow the "!" a toy soldier's hat and peel it off.

Toy Tracks music: While you're the train, collect a boost item and navigate it
to the end of the level, where it's in a wall of yarn and cloth blocks.

3-2: Mushroom Run


General Advice: Basically, pound on the mushrooms to bounce up to high areas.
The red ones are low bouncing ones, the yellow one bounce you high into the
air, and the blue ones bounce you diagonally left or right depending on how
they're attached.
  There's a lot of spore jellies and Shelbies, so watch out.
Jumping along the swinging mushroom platforms will require some timing, since
you're going upward.


Mushroom Bed: Go the right at the beginning until you see cloth blocks stacked
upon each other.  Bounce up very high to the end and smash the blocks in weight
form to get to the chest.

Mushroom Lamp:  Jump along the swinging mushroom platforms and go to the left
when you reach the top.

Mushroom Run music: When you reach the area with the tree trunks and blue
mushrooms, bounce upwards along the left side and pick up the Shelby before he
tries to run you over.  Throw him in ball form at the cloth blocks and open the

3-3: Sweets Park

General Advice: Unzip the cake at the beginning for an area with gems below.
You can smash the cakes in the room with the conveyor belts.  One has gems and
another has an area blocked off at the top by a cloth block by smashing the
cake.  Many of them are above the conveyor belts, so start hopping along them.
Most of the other gems aren't to hard to miss as long as you don't fall into
any bottomless pits.


Donut Pillow: In the conveyor belt room with the cakes.  At the very top, ride
a cake to the left and jump of to reach the ledge.

Dessert Dresser: Hop on top of the eaten dounts to reach a ladder, and open the
sealed pouch and hop in.  You'll transform into a digger, where the whole point
is to make a path to the cake in normal form so you can hop there in normal
form to open the chest.  To get to the cake in normal form, climb up the ladder
near the pole that turns you back to normal.

Grass Land music: At the level's end, hop along the donuts and cookies to the
left.  Try not to fall!

3-4: Melody Town

General Advice: Many of the instruments you step on give off beads in the form
of notes when you collect them, so pick them up whenever you can.  Also, when
you go through the Horn, French horn, and trumpet, collect all the notes along
the way (Press up or down to move as a note) and you'll get a star gem at the
end for doing so.


Toy Piano: When you come to a timpani drum and a ledge with chest near the
bottom, ride it down and jump across.

Clef Tree: Swing across the harps, but keep going right instead of upwards.
You'll see a chest near a wall.

Melody Town music: Near the end of the level, pull the accordion platform down,
the hop back on the timpani drum and onto the platform before it rises up.

Boss: Squashini

He goes in a very obvious pattern throughout the battle.

First, he'll hide in his hat and then three hats will fall down, with him being
under one of the hats.  Pay attention to the Waddle Dees in the background,
they'll tell you what hat he's under.  If you grab the wrong one you either get
assaulted by fireballs of a Rolling clod falls on you.  If you grab the right
hat, he'll be stunned for a bit so you can grab him to damage him.

The second attack has him throwing cards at you, but it's pretty easy.  Just
grab one of the cards and throw it at him, then grab him while he's stunned.

The third attack you can't harm him on, though.  He'll strap you to a bomb and
you'll beed to break free by moving the control pad and pressing the buttons.
If you escape before the bomb explodes, he dissappears and you can ring the
bell above for beads to collect until it explodes.  Just don't get caught in the
bomb blast and collect what you can!

The final attack has him balancing a curtain on the bomb.  Grab one of the bombs
that spill out from the curtain and throw it at him, then grab him.

After that,
it's back to attack #1 until you defeat him.


Sqaushini Music

3-5: Cocoa Station

General Advice: Sigh... we need to use the train again.  Fortunately, there's
no enemies, so take your time and try to collect as many beads as possible.  It
helps to lead your cursor a bit when drawing the tracks, as you'll get more
control from them.  Don't forget to join the cars to yours and cross the pole
for the maximum amount of beads!


Choco Ottoman: When you come to a switch held by a green string in the air,
trip it move the chocolate bar door up and draw tracks up to where it is.
Chocolate Bar: When you come to where you need to flatten orange slices, you'll
see a switch on the bottom.  Trip it and it'll lower the oranges blocking
another switch, trip that one to lower the oranges blocking your prize.

Hot Land music: Near the very end of the level, imprisoned in a yarn block 
wall. Collect the speed boosts and break through the walls.

3-6: Dark Manor

General Advice: Make use of the Stogues as light sources and whip the buttons
connected to lamps to help you see better.  Be careful in the area with the
Flamers - they make good light sources, but they also encircle platforms you
need to jump on, and it can be easy for you to accidently touch one and make it
hard to recover your beads.  Also, the last light you activate near the end of
the level will have five Stogues home in on you, so either make a break or
retreat a bit and fight them from a distance safely.


Ghost in a Box: You may need to have a wrapped up Stogue as a light source to
see the ladder going upward before the staircase, but when you do find it,
climb up and head left to the chest.

Pumpkin: After climbing the stairs, take a wrapped up enemy (Preferably a
Stogue) and throw it at the cloth block on top of the wall to reveal a passage.
Light it up and follow the passageway and the chest will be there.

Dark Manor music: After taking the elevator up and entering the building, keep
going until you see a lantern you can whip for more light.  Follow the light
trail going to the left and you'll find it in no time.


4-1: Splash Beach 

General Advice: You'll need to be wary of the tide rising high and low
throughout the stage.  Watch out for the Bobclods and the Sawgills.  The
Sawgills are still dangerous when you're on the ground as their blades can
still damage you.  The umbrellas can be opened and used as platforms and
shields from the arrows, but they won't last forever.


Sun Clock: When you come across to a lone umbrella and a Bow Waddle Dee, drop
down and the chest is near the wall.
Moon Clock: Wait for the tide to rise up so you can reach the umbrella beneath
the ladder.  Pop it open and hop on it before the tide lowers, and climb up the
ladder to find the chest containing it.
Secret Island music: While you're riding the waves and they start getting
really big, hop off the waves to the platform with the chest on top.

4-2: Blub-Blub Ocean

General Advice: This level has a few currents here and there, but they're
easier to swim against in dolphin form.  While you're a dolphin, swimming
through hoops gives you five beads apiece.  You can also swim up waterfalls
easily.  You'll soon come to a basketball hoop.  Shoot the yellow balls into it
for star beads.


Jellyfish Light: When you see a Sawgill swimming below a group of cloth blocks,
grab it and throw it upward.  Swim up to grab the beads and jump up to the top.

Blub-Blub Ocean music: When you surface, you'll see it above water between two
hoops.  Swim straight down and perform your attack as soon as you're above
water.  This may take a couple of tries to get it.

Aquarium: While in Dolphin form, throw a red ball into the hoop.

4-3: Secret Island

General Advice: There are a lot of doors, meaning you'll be able to go behind
the scenes a lot to reach various areas.  If a you see a spiked wall, there's
usually a door to enter into the background so you can pass by it.  The
buttonbugs will pursue you relentlessly unless you go into the background or
attack them.


Treasure Rug: Before you climb the first ladder in the level upwards, head to
the left down the stairs.
Totem Pole: You'll see a cloth spawning Spear Waddle Dees.  Using the doors to
go behind the scenes, pull the tree back so they drop down to you.  Grab it's
spear and throw it at the cloth blocks, then pull the cloth for the "!".
Follow it to a fossil and pull it away to reveal a rooster, and hop on it's
back to reach the ledge with the chest.
Splash Beach music: When you come to the Balloon Waddle Dees, ride them all the
way up to the top and jump onto the ledge where you'll find it.

4-4: Deep Dive Deep

General Advice: Avoid the Aspreys since you can't damage them.  You can can
collect the beads from their tails, but be careful in doing so.  There's also
underwater volcanoes you'll need to get past, and at a few points, you'll be
chased by a giant fish.  The first time you're chased, don't try to collect
every gem, just focusing on getting away and stop up the volcanoes.  When you
become a dolphin midway through the level you'll swim through an Asprey-filled
pirate ship.  At the the end, you'll be chased again by the giant fish, twice.
Use your attack to defeat any enemies and blocks in the way, and you'll escape
just fine.


Dangler Light: Escape the Dangler when he tries to inhale you, and when he gets
exhausted, defeat him by whipping the light to pull him apart.  The chest is
behind him.

Mast: As soon as you reach the pirate ship, swim down the first shaft, then
heads upwards to the left.

Deep Dive Deep music: Before exiting the pirate chip, smash the cloth blocks to
lower the denim blocks so you can collect the CD.

Boss: Capamari

For the first phase of the battle, you'll need to unravel the cap from his head
while trying to dodge his tentacles.  The tentacles witll only damage you if
the ends grab you and throw you.  You can grab them and throw it at his head
for gems, though.  If the tentacles close in, reduce their numbers and go back
to unraveling when the coast is clear.

Once it's unraveled, he'll go to his second phase.  His first attack is to
spray ink, then have three of his tentacles surround you.  Try to grab one of
them and throw it at his eyes, that's the spot were he's hiding.  Grab him when
he's stunned to damage him.  His other attack is sending out Octopeas at you.
Grab one, dodge the rest, and throw it at wherever he's foolish enough to stick
out his head.  Grab him while stunned, as always.  Two grabs while stunned in
this phase and he's finished.


Capamari music

4-5: Boom Boatyard

General Advice: Lots of bombs will rain down here, so try to avoid getting hit
as often as possible.  Most of the enemies aren't much trouble, just the bombs.
The Blast Mariner mini-boss is a joke.  Stand on the far left and grab his
bombs and throw it at him.  When he launches a big bomb, get close to him and
it'll miss, then return to your spot.


Pirate Ship: It's on a platform with three cloth blocks on both sides.

Treasure Chest: Climb all the way up to the top when you see the bomber next to
the cloth blocks.  Pull down the flag and it's yours.

Treat Land music: You'll board one more boat before facing the Blast Mariner
Mid-Boss.  Again, climb up to the top, but be wary of Bronto Burts carrying
bombs.  Again, pull the flag away and you'll get the music.

4-6: Fossil Reef

General Advice: The entire has will have you as a dolphin.  You'll spend most
of the time swimming from bubble to bubble, some of which move.  There are also
hoops you can go through about three times to collect more gems, and Cutfish
are usually found in the small pools, though they're not a big problem.


Anemone Sofa: When you come to a bubble that has an arrow pointing downward,
swim through the bubbles heading northwest to find the furniture.

Fossil: When you see two bubbles going in and out between a platform, swim up
through the bubble and into a small pool with the furniture above it.

Fossil Reef music: In the giant area with lots of bubbles moving upward, ride
on all the way up to the left where you'll see a small pool with the CD above.


5-1: Snowy Fields

General Advice: If you get caught in a snowball, press the buttons and move the
control pad to break free.  You can ride on top of the snowballs, but it's best
to keep jumping, especially for the big ones.  Getting frozen by a Chilly is
harmless, but it leaves you vulernable.  Late in the level, some big snowballs
will be thrown, as well as a few Waddle Dee dropping them above bottomless
pits.  You can hide in doors to avoid getting smothered in a snowball, and
most of the area is slippery due to the ice, so watch you step.


Big Bear Bed: As you ascend upward with the Waddle Dees throwing snowballs,
you'll see a button you can swing across to reach a ledge where the chest is.

Penguin Mirror: When a giant snowball comes your way up the slope, hop on it
and jump into the alcove that has a chest.

Snowy Fields music: You'll see a Waddle Dee throwing a giant snowball to the
right.  Pull back the door and go in the tower, jump up to the top and exit so
you land on the snowball.  Ride it the end where the chest has the music.

5-2: Cozy Cabin 


General Advice: This is pretty easy, the only real threat is getting smashed by
the wallpaper rolling up the the cabin away, and even then, it's not hard to
escape it in time.  The first cabin has a Sneak Sack on top of the roof.
Defeat it before entering the chimney.


Fireplace: In the first cabin, before pulling up the platform to go lower,
you'll see a chest behind two yarn blocks.

Chimney: In the second cabin, grab the Waddle Dee and throw it at the cloth
block to drop the denim blocks and reveal a ladder to the chest.

Cozy Cabin music:  The third cabin holds it.  When going up the air currents
you'll see it blocked by two yarn blocks, pull it away and get inside.

5-3: Mt. Slide

General Advice: This level has you on the spin board the whole trip.
Collecting wings and doing a spin attack will have you jump higher.  Hop along
the stalactites and use the wings and spin jump on enemies to reach high areas
for a lot of beads.


Mt. Slide music: Collect the wings from the platform and let the tree bounce
you up.  Instead of jumping to the next ledge, fall and use the wings to the
grab the CD when you collect the star bead.

Knit Cap Sofa: Shortly after getting the CD, jump across the top area and
bounce off the lone Bronto Burt to reach it.

Snowman: Collect the wings in the short tunnel with the falling stalactites,
use them to reach the platform for a another set of wings, and grab the
snowman in midair.

5-4: Frosty Wheel

General Advice: The area is so icy, you'll turn into a sleigh instead of a car.
While as a sleigh, you can skate across the water.  Later on, you encounter
cold ice streams that'll freeze you.  This level is pretty straightforward

Snow Clock: It's above the first pool of water.  Do a dash jump to reach the

Snow Globe: On a ledge next to a midair snowflake carousel.

Frosty Wheel: On a ledge above another midair snowflake carousel.  Be wary of
the ice streams blowing out the ceiling!

Boss: King Dedede

He'll be attached to a marionette during the battle.  His first two attacks are
swinging his hammer, which leaves behind two stars, or one which you can grab
and throw at him.  Whenever he's knocked out, ground pound on him to bring the
marionette closer to grab one of the strings to pull it away.  His only other
attack is diving at you, just jump.  You can also pound on him to bring the
marionette closer and pull away one of the strings.  After being hit once, he
gains a new attack and pounds the ground, causing a shockwave which you grab
and throw at him or jump over and Gordos which must avoided.  After two hits,
he'll bounce around in a somersault with his hammer in front of him.  The first
time the hammer hits, it creates two stars, but the idea is the same.  You'll
need to pull away all four strings from marionette to free him from possession.


King DeDeDe music

5-5: Frigid Fjords

General Advice: You may need to make two trips for this one; one to get the
furniture and music, and one for getting the gold.  You'll need to avoid
bumping into frozen stalagmites and other racers to collect the beads and grab
boosts as often as possible.  If you can make it to the end with a silver at
least, the beads you earn from coming in first will get you above gold...



Penguin Chest: Jump across the top and jump off the icy platform before it
sinks too far, and jump to the platform to get it.

Sleigh: After collecting the boost, jump across the icy platforms and you'll
grab it.

Snow Land music: Near the end of the race, grab the boost powerup and drop down
instead of jumping up, then jump to the lone platform with the CD.

5-6: Evergreen Lift

General Advice: You'll need to keep pulling on the string so that the lift
keeps moving.  If it stops, just pull the string to start up again.  The
Freezos can be annoying because you either need to smash them from above or
throw something at them to defeat them.  Throw in Waddle Dees throwing
snowballs and Bronto Burts carrying enemies in and it gets pretty chaotic.
Try not to get smashed either.


Holiday Tree: It's on the left side blocked by cloth blocks.  Destroy them and
collect the item.

Star Wreath: As you ascend higher, a chest is on the right side, again,
surrounded by cloth blocks.

Quilty Court music: You're getting closer to the top!  It's one the right side,
guarded by a Waddle Dee throwing snowballs.


6-1: Future City

General Advice: At the beginning and end of this level, you'll ride on
railways to reach the next station.  Be careful when jumping one though, you
may fall off if you're too careless.  Midway through the level, you become a
UFO, and it's an excellent place to collect beads by destroying the cloth
blocks with the energy discharge attack.  Whip buttons so the electric
platforms through the level become safe to stand on, but they won't be
permanent.  Be wary of the streams of fire and the UFOs.


Space Monitor: Whip the electric platform and throw a balled up Waddle Dee to
destroy the cloth blocks.

Space Table: After flying around as a UFO and dropping down, you'll see a lone
Waddle Dee on a platform.  Grab and throw it at the cloth block so the block
drops, and go into the newly opened area to get to the chest at the end.

Future City music: Near the end of the second railway trip, jump at the ladder
and climb it upward to the platform with the chest.  You'll need to wait for
the next railway train to come by, though.

6-2: Tube Town

General Advice: Most of the platforms are electric, and some require you
trick the snip-snaps into plugging themselves into the plugs to activate them.
More electric platforms are abound, and midway through the level, you'll need
to "unplug" a Snip-Snap by whipping it and lure it to the plug at the far end
of the room to progress further.


Digital Clock: Early on, go to the left while climbing up and grab and throw
the Waddle Dee at the cloth block below the ceiling.  Swing across the ledge to
find the chest there.

Tube Town music:  When you go down the shaft, defeat the DanDan and whip the
cloth behind him.  Follow the "!" to left side of the shaft where it'll stick
to part of the wall with circuits for you to pull back.

Circuitry Rug: Keep going until you see a button in midair near the end of the
level.  Swing to the left and duck under the block by riding the electric wire
and whip away the chest.

6-3: Mysterious UFO

General Advice: You'll be messing around with low gravity by pulling certain
buttons to turn it on or off depending on where you are.  In circular areas
with a platform, you can pull on it repeatedly until either the platform is in
the appropriate spot or a path is open.


Communicator: With the low gravity turned on, jump to the left where you see
four yarn blocks stacked in a box pattern in the beginning of the level.  Whip
them away and the chest to collect it.

Space Food: In the circular room where you move a platform by pulling the
button in the center, whip the Earth cloth away and follow it upwards to the
top of the room (Whip the button twice so the platform is positioned for you to
reach the ledge).  It'll stick to the window which you can whip away for the

Space Land music: Before entering the giant circular room, you'll see Waddle
Doos in the walls.  Notice that whenever a enemy is either whipped or grabbed,
Kirby gets a slight boost in the air, but it's more noticeable in low gravity.
Use this trick to reach the chest at the top.

6-4: Stellar Way

General Advice: In areas with the meteor showers, try and grab the "!" ball to
turn them into beads for a limited time.  Some of the spinning platforms early
in the level blue meteors orbiting around them, so be careful.  The later half
of the level turns you into a spaceship in a vertical scrolling section.
Pressing the 1 button rapidly will fire a slower but wider spread shot, and
holding it will give you straight rapid fire.


Star Candy: When inside the base with the spinning ledges and UFOs, jump along
the spinning ledges to reach a door on the left side which leads to the chest
at the end.

Stellar Way music: At the top of the building with the spinning ledges, pull
away the three yarn blocks and swing across to the ledge.

Rocket Bed: When you see a purple planet with buildings, grab a button and
swing across to the right where you see two stars near the bottomless pit.  The
chest is around that area.

Boss: Meta Knight
His first sword will be green.  He'll slash at you and fire a big crescent
projectile.  Grab it and throw it at him, but try to do it as soon as he lowers
his guard down when he's about to attack.  Any other time and he'll slash it
away.  Once you stun him, grab him to damage him like everyone else.  Collect
any gems during this time while he switches swords.  His next sword will be
blue.  His new attack will be two fire two smaller crescent projectiles, do the
same as before.

After harming him, he'll get a purple sword and another new attack-he'll do a
HUGE swing which can only be avoided by staying on the other side of the screen
away from him.  He'll usually fire the two smaller projectiles afterwards.  The
last sword he gets is red, and the last attack he gains with the others is
creating two tornadoes, which are again, avoided by sticking to the side of
screen away from.  After grabbing and throwing him four times, he's beaten.


Meta Knight Music

6-5: Moon Base

General Advice: This isn't too tough, just blast everything that gets in your
way.  The meteor showers and the cannons may be overwhelming near the end, so
try not to get hit too much if you're going for the gold - The tank may not be
fast enough to catch all of the beads that spill out if you get hit too many
times.  Blast the green crystal core at the end of the level.


Cosmic Bin:  Follow the trail of yellow beads going diagonally upward to the

Porthole: Above the area with the cloth spawning bombers on ground level.

Tankbot music: In the meteor shower.  Try to make sure there's not a lot metors
around before going for it.

6-6: Outer Rings

General Advice: There's not a lot to say here for this one.  Fire at everything
that moves, avoid the bullets, and keep in mind the Rocket has two modes of
fire.  Use them to your advantage.  Space Kracko is pretty easy, too.  The
fireballs can be shot down and his short range orbiting beam attack is easy to
avoid.  When he shrinks in size due to your shots, he'll fire a lightning beam,
but it's easy to avoid.

Saturn Stand: Shoot down first wave of Orbitflies that appear.
Saturn Donuts: Shoot all three space jellies that appear.

Outer Rings music: Your reward for defeating Space Kracko.


7-1: Whispy's Forest

General Advice: You'll encounter star blocks and bomb blocks throughout the
level, as well as cannons.  It's mostly based off of Green Greens with some
alterations to the level, pretty much.  Midway through, you become a tank.  The
Ookis will throw apples, so don't hesitate to shoot them down.  Whispy Woods is
a joke, as always.  Blast his face while fending off the apples he sends at


Whispy Woods: When you come to tree you can pull down, as well as a few bomb
blocks alongside star ones, throw a balled enemy at the bomb blocks to reveal a
door.  Enter it and hop in the cannon, and fire when it's pointed to the left.

Apple Table: You'll see a cannon below a bomb block connected to star blocks.
Hop in and fire when it's pointing up, and enter the door.  Bounce along the
ropes in the room and you'll get it in no time.

Green Greens music: While inside the tree, work your way to the left and
destroy the star blocks in front of the door.  Enter in and use the cannons to
enter the one above the chest in the center and blast straight downward.

7-2: Tempest Towers

General Advice: The strong winds here will alternate between blowing left and
right throughout the level.  Notice that when you're being blown around while
floating, you'll move slightly upward, which may help you reach a platform when
blown up against the wall.  After taking the cannon upward to the second half
of the level, be wary of enemies like Scarfies, Shotzos and Bombers dropping
from above.


Bookcase: When on the left side of the wall, destroy the bomb block which will
blow up the blocks to reveal a door.  Enter it and use the wind to blow you to
the other side and the chest is at the end.

Pancakes: On the right side, look for a Bomb block connected to star blocks and
destroy them with a tossed enemy ball.  Enter the door and destroy the bomb
blocks so you can easily reach the chest.

Butter Building music: When you come to two bomb tossing Waddle Dees on the 
opposite side of each other in the vertical tower, destroy the blocks on the 
left and enter the door, and carefully navigate around the two Gordos to reach
a chest in midair.

7-3: Cloud Palace

General Advice: Many of the buttons are traveling along the rails and pounding
on the boingers will bounce you higher into the air.  Kracko will harass you at
some point in the level, just keep moving along the platforms and he might not
be able to attack.  The second half is a horizonatal shooter, and your star
shooter will control like in Kirby Super Star/Ultra in Milky Way Wishes.
Kracko isn't any harder from Space Kracko, he just fires Mini-Krackos instead
of Space Krackos, but the pattern is the same.


Cloud Rug: When you see some orange beads, bounce on a boinger and grab one of
the buttons moving on rails.  Swing across to the platform with the chest.

Bubbly Soda: You'll encounter an area with lots of buttons with wings going on
rails.  Grab the ones traveling along the path that's going upwards to the left
and you'll see a platform with the chest holding it.

Bubbly Clouds music: Before you face Kracko, near the end of the shooting
segment you'll see two paths.  Take the bottom one with the Bronto Burts and
you'll get the CD.

7-4: Castle DeDeDe

General Advice: Most of the level is straightforward, hopping along cannonballs
being fired out of cannons.  It's long but linear, and there are paths leading
off to the side which you must defeat some enemies, getting you either a patch
wheel piece or a piece of furniture or music.  This guide only covers the doors
leading to the furniture and music, so any other doors lead to a patch wheel
piece.  At the end of the level, smash the giant Waddle Dee and the "!" will
stick to a Waddle Dee picture.  Pull it to reveal a DeDeDe statue you can climb
on to reach the platform with the cannon.  As long as you fire it straight up
toward the level exit and not hit the spikes on the sides, you're home free.


Castle DeDeDe: After the Uniclod, climb the ladder and jump on the cannonballs
to reach the door.  Defeat both Bow Waddle Dees to reveal a "!" that'll stick
to the picture.  Pull it away for the Castle DeDeDe model.

DeDeDe's robe: After blasting up to the next area via the cannons, pull away
the wall to reveal a door.  Defeat the UFOs and pull away the UFO picture when
the "!" sticks to it.

Gourmet Race music: Near the end of the room with the cannonballs and spike
shafts, jump on the cannonballs to reach the door on the left.  Destroy all
the Bombers, keeping in mind that a couple of them need to be thrown into two
alcoves in the room where you can safely kill them.  The CD will be yours after
the "!" sticks to the Bomber picture.

Boss: Yin-Yarn

In his first phase, he'll knit Fangora.  Throw a fireball at his head for some
easy beads.  Dodge the fireballs and grab his tongue like before.

Once he's defeated, Yin-Yarn will drop a curtain and fire Soochers which will
knit threads in an X pattern across the curtain.  Try to stay under the X and
avoid the Soochers (They'll bulge underneath the curtain).  When he releases
the next set of Soochers, they'll create horizontal threads which you can jump
on as platforms to reach the door in the northwest corner.

Once you escape, the curtain will go away. 

He'll flood the room and knit
Capamari.  Here, he only releases the Octopeas.  Grab one, dodge the rest,
throw it at where he sticks out his head.  Grab him and throw him to move on.

The curtain will drop again, only now the door is on the northeast.  The
soochers he release will be a mix of horizontal and vertical threads.  The
horizontal threads will be stopped by a vertical one, but not the Soochers, so
you still need to dodge them.  He'll repeat the process on the other side until
you escape.

He'll then knit out several enemies, such as Scarfies and Uniclods.  
grab a non Scarfy enemy and throw it at Yin-Yarn to bring him down, then grab
and throw him.

Finally, he'll knit away some of the floor, then knit some Scarfies in.  Try to
avoid them until they explode by grouping them as one and jumping over them,
then he'll knit a Chilly and two giant Waddle Dees.  Grab the Chilly to knock
down Yin-Yarn again and throw him to finish him off.

His last phase will be to transform into a tank.  Fortunately, Meta Knight
gives you the ability to turn into one to even the odds.  At this point, the
fight becomes ridiculously easy. Fire at him with your missiles and collect the
beads that spill out.  Your missiles will destroy his as long as you keep
firing.  He'll prop himself up with his needles, but just tilt your aim upward
and keep firing.  Eventally, he'll be finished, and collect the HUGE amount of
beads during his death animation.

You've beaten the game!

 But wait!

If you have a gold and the patch necessary to get to the last two levels,
you're almost done.


Yin-Yarn music
Dream Land music
Credits music

7-5: Meta Melon Isle

General Advice: Just run through the gauntlet of the various transformations
throughout each stage in this order:

Off-Roader: There's no one to race against, just collect as many beads as you

Fire Truck: The lava can be sprayed to temporarily cool it down.  Just watch
out for the Embacondas.

Dolphin: Swim through the various hoops and attack the Sawgills if you can.

Train: There's no enemies, but try to collect the "!" balls and try to collect
as many beads as you can.

Spin-Boarder: Use the wings to reach the high area in the beginning of this
section, and bounce off of enemies to stay high and collect the beads.


Palm Chain: Defeat the second Embaconda.

Ice Cream: You'll easily see it in the train section near the ground.

Ice Cream Island music: At the very end of the level.  Just bounce across the
enemies, slide down the rainbows, and you'll easily collect it at the end.

7-6: Battleship Halberd

General Advice: Many of the cannons yield gems when destroyed.  The Combo
Cannon mid boss is easy by staying above the bottom half and attacking top half
which fires cannonballs which can be destroyed.  You still won't progress until
you destroy both halves, though.  Lots of UFOs, cannons, and Bronto Burts will
harass you through the level, and fire streams are guarding the core.


Galaxia Sword: Destroy the big cannon surrounded by small ones to get it.  This
is before you face the Combo Cannon mid boss.

Knight Helmet: Before the corridor with flames spewing from the walls and
ceiling, blow away the big cannon.

Halberd Music: You'll encounter UFOs and cannons on the way to the core in the
center.  The second cannon on the bottom of the floor has the CD.

                           (2. Unlockables)

Expanding Quilty Court

Floor 2: After Getting Zeke, pay 10,000 beads.
Floor 3: After Getting Carrie and Beadrix, pay 25,000 beads.

Apt. #201: Flower Sofa and Flower Clock will have Zeke move in.

Apt. #202: Rainbow Arch and Camel Sofa will have Beadrix move in.

Apt. #203: Bronto Slide, Stuffed Bead and Dessert Dresser will have Carrie move 

Apt. #204: Outdoor Bath, Torch, Totem Pole, Chimney will have Buster move in.

Apt. #205: Clef Tree, Jellyfish Light, Knit Cap Sofa, Space Monitor will have
Mara move in.


Zeke's Hide and Seek

Zeke will offer you to find him and his 4 friends within a set time limit.

1. Fountain Gardens, find everyone in 3:00: *
2. Rainbow Falls, find everyone in 3:00: *
3. Big Bean Vine, find everyone in 1:00: **
4. Pyramid Sands, find everyone in 3:00: **
5. Cool Cave, find everyone in 3:00: **
6. Flower Fields, find everyone in 3:00: **
7. Dino Jungle, find everyone in 3:00: ***
8. Toy Tracks, find everyone in 3:00: ***
9. Mushroom Run, find everyone in 3:00: ***
10. Sweets Park, find everyone in 3:00: ***
11. Melody town, find everyone in 0:20: ***
12. Splash Beach, find everyone in 3:00: ***
13. Blub-Blub Ocean, find everyone in 3:00: ***
14. Snowy Fields, find everyone in 2:00: ***
15. Future City, find everyone in 2:00: ***
16. Tempest Towers, find everyone in 2:00: ****
17. Mole Hole, find everyone in 0:15: ****

18. Dark Manor, find everyone in 3:00: *****

Beadrix's Run

Collect a certain number of beads before time expires.

1. Flower Fields, collect 600 beads in 1:30: *

2. Pyramid Sands, collect 200 beads in 0:30: **

3. Big Bean Vine, collect 200 beads in 1:00: **
4. Sweets Park, collect 200 beads in 0:30: **
5. Blub-Blub Ocean, collect 200 beads in 0:20: **
6. Deep-Dive Deep, collect 200 beads in 0:20: **
7. Lava Landing, collect 160 beads in 0:30: **
8. Mt. Slide, collect 100 beads in 0:30: ***

9. Stellar Way, collect 320 in 0:40: ***
10. Dino Jungle, collect 200 beads in 0:30: ***
11. Mushroom Run, collect 250 beads in 0:30: ***
12. Fountain Gardens, collect 200 beads in 0:30: ****
13. Whispy's Forest, collect 250 beads in 0:30: ****
14. Cozy Cabin, collect 680 beads in 0:50: ****
15. Future City, collect 340 beads in 0:40: *****
16. Mole Hole, collect 240 beads in 0:40: ****
17. Evergreen Lift, collect 280 beads in 1:00: ****
18. Moon Base, colelct 350 beads in 0:50: *****
19. Battleship Halberd, collect 1200 beads in 1:20: *****
20. Outer Rings, collect 1000 beads in 1:30: *****

Carrie's Transport

You'll need to get Carrie to her throne somewhere in the level before time runs

1. Patch Castle, get Carrie to her chair in 2:00: *
2. Fountain Gardens, get Carrie to her chair in 1:00: *
3. Flower Fields, get Carrie to her chair in 1:00: **
4. Lava Landing, get Carrie to her chair in 2:00: ***
5. Mushroom Run, get Carrie to her chair in 1:30: ***

6. Melody Town, get Carrie to her chair in 1:30: ***

7. Splash Beach, get Carrie to her chair in 2:00: ***
8. Secret Island, get Carrie to her chair in 1:30: ***
9. Cozy Cabin, get Carrie to her chair in 1:30: ****
10. Tube Town, get Carrie to her chair in 1:00: **** 

11. Big Bean Vine, get Carrie to her chair in 1:30: ****
12. Tempest Towers, get Carrie to her chair in 2:00: *****

Buster's Training


Defeat a certain number of enemies within the time limit.  Getting hit will
reduce the time by a few seconds, so try not to get hit, especially in the
later ones.

1. Sweets Park, defeat 10 enemies in 1:20: *
2. Rainbow Falls, defeat 20 enemies in 1:30: *
3. Pyramid Sands, defeat 10 enemies in 1:30: **
4. Mushroom Run, defeat 15 enemies in 2:30: **

5. Melody Town, defeat 10 enemies in 0:40: **

6. Cool Cave, defeat 15 enemies in 1:30: ***
7. Dino Jungle, defeat 25 enemies in 0:40: ***

8. Splash Beach, defeat 15 enemies in 0:40: ***

9. Blub-Blub Ocean, defeat 10 enemies in 0:30: ***
10. Snowy Fields, defeat 20 enemies in 1:00: ***
11. Frosty Wheel, defeat 10 enemies in 0:45: ****
12. Mysterious UFO, 4 enemies in 0:15: ***
13. Stellar Way, defeat 30 enemies in 1:00: ****
14. Whispy's Forest, defeat 20 enemies in 0:50: **** 
15. Tempest Towers, defeat 10 enemies in 0:35: ****
16. Cloud Palace, defeat 70 enemies in 1:10: ****

17. Weird Woods, defeat 30 enemies in 1:00: ****

18. Dark Manor, defeat 15 enemies in 1:30: *****

19. Boom Boatyard, defeat 20 enemies in 1:30: *****
20. Evergreen Lift, defeat 20 enemies in 1:20: *****


Mara's Race

Race Mara to the Finish line.  At certain times, she'll stop and catch her
breath, giving you a change to either catch up or ditch her even farther
depending on how you're doing in the race.  Getting hit will stun you for 3

  Here's the courses you'll race on, in order:

1. Patch Castle: *

2. Fountain Gardens: *
3. Flower Fields: **
4. Rainbow Falls: **
5. Big Bean Vine: **
6. Pyramid Sands: ***
7. Lava Landing: ***
8. Cool Cave: ***
9. Dino Jungle: ***
10. Toy Tracks: ***
11. Mushroom Run: ***
12. Sweets Park: ***
13. Melody Town: ***

14. Splash Beach: ***

15. Blub-Blub Ocean: ***
16. Secret Island: ****
17. Deep Dive Deep: ****
18. Snowy Fields: ****
19. Cozy Cabin: ****
20. Frosty Wheel: ****
21. Future City: ****
22. Tube Town: ****

23. Stellar Way: ****
24. Whispy's Forest: ****
25. Tempest Towers: *****
26. Cloud Palace:   *****
27. Castle DeDeDe: *****
28. Mole Hole: *****
29. Dark Manor: *****
30. Fossil Reef: *****


The following furniture can be bought at the shop.  When you beat Yin-Yarn, Two
more pieces of furniture will be added.  Furniture is listed by price from low
to high.

Ceiling Lamp: 300 beads
Counter Table: 300 beads
Toast: 300 beads
Square Planter: 300 beads
Wall Mirror: 300 beads
Small Dresser: 300 beads
Table Lamp: 300 beads
Fabric Frame: 300 beads
Pizza: 300 beads
Round Table: 300 beads

Coffee: 300 beads
Seat Cushion: 300 beads

Dartboard: 300 beads
Basketball Net: 300 beads

Round Cushion: 300 beads
Alarm Clock: 300 beads

Rotary Phone: 300 beads
Long cushion: 300 beads
Sandwich: 300 beads
Flower Vase: 300 beads

Rocking Horse: 300 beads
Display Stand: 300 beads
Coloring Set: 300 beads
Hanging Plant: 300 beads
Cushion: 300 beads
Box: 300 beads

Rug: 500 beads

Car: 500 beads
Steak: 500 beads
Sofa: 500 beads
Potted Plant: 500 beads
Omlette: 500 beads
Elegant Chair: 500 beads
Snare Drum: 500 beads

TV Stand: 500 beads

Tube TV: 500 beads
Mini Fridge: 500 beads
Wall Clock: 500 beads
Long Mirror: 500 beads

Wall Sconce: 500 beads
Round Rug: 500 beads

Phone: 500 beads

Picnic Basket: 500 beads
Trumpet: 500 beads

Normal Bed: 500 beads
Diamond Rug: 500 beads

Guitar: 800 beads

Old Clock: 800 beads
Bouquet Vase: 800 beads
Steam Boat: 800 beads

Elegant Sofa: 800 beads

Floor Lamp: 800 beads

Xylophone: 800 beads
Table: 800 beads

Vanity: 800 beads

Large Dresser: 800 beads

Fruit Bowl: 800 beads

Refrigerator: 800 beads
Train: 800 beads
Cake: 800 beads

Sewing Machine: 800 beads

Flying Saucer: 1200 beads
Electric Guitar: 1200 beads
Helicopter: 1200 beads
Elegant Bed: 1200 beads
Sushi: 1200 beads
Microphone: 1200 beads
Turkey: 1200 beads
Wardrobe: 1200 beads
Taiko Drum: 1200 beads
Plasma TV 1200 beads

Waddle Dee 2000 beads
Bronto Burt: 2000 beads
Scarfy: 2000 beads
Chilly: 2000 beads

Meta Knight: 5000 beads
King Dedede: 5000 beads

Bell Hanging: 8000 beads.  Beat Yin-Yarn to Unlock.

Star Bed: 8000 beads.  Beat Yin-Yarn to Unlock.



The fabrics below are purchased at the shop.  They're listed by price from low
to high.

Green Cotton: 100 beads
Lime Cotton: 100 beads
Yellow Cotton: 100 beads
White Cotton: 100 beads
Light Blue Cotton: 100 beads
Black Cotton: 100 beads

Orange Cotton: 100 beads
Brown Cotton: 100 beads
Purple Cotton: 100 beads
Red Cotton: 100 beads

Pink Felt: 200 beads.
Brown Felt: 200 beads
Lime Felt: 200 beads

Purple Felt: 200 beads
Green Felt: 200 beads
Orange Felt: 200 beads
Red Felt: 200 beads
Light Blue Felt: 200 beads

Black Felt: 200 beads
Yellow Felt: 200 beads
Blue Felt: 200 beads.

Purple Quilted: 300 beads
Gray Quilted: 300 beads

Green Quilted: 300 beads
Beige Quilted: 300 beads
Aqua Quilted: 300 beads

Orange Boarder: 400 beads.
Light Blue Border: 400 beads
Pink Border: 400 beads.
Green Border: 400 beads
Black Border: 400 beads

Choco Chip: 500 beads
Choco Mint: 500 beads
Vanilla Mint: 500 beads
Blue Checked: 500 beads
Blackberry: 500 beads
Picnic: 500 beads

Beige: 500 beads

Bumble Bee: 500 beads
Red Tile: 500 beads
Brown Tile: 500 beads
Blue Tile: 500 beads
Green Tile: 500 beads

Pistachio: 600 beads
Lemonade: 600 beads
Sky Blue: 600 beads
Country Red: 600 beads
Lavender: 600 beads
Flower Dot: 600 beads
Black Star: 600 beads
Gold Star: 600 beads
White Star: 600 beads
Baby Blue Star: 600 beads

Light Blue Striped: 600 beads

Pink Striped: 600 beads
Purple Striped: 600 beads

Ocean Striped: 600 beads
Yellow Striped: 600 beads

Green Arygle: 700 beads

Blue Argyle: 700 beads
Pink Argyle: 700 beads

Zebra Print: 800 beads
Giraffe Print: 800 beads
Cow Print: 800 beads
Leopard Print: 800 beads 
Tiger Print: 800 beads

These fabrics below are earned by beating the challenges from your fellow
tenants from Quilty Court.


Blue Sky: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #1
Rainbow Dot: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #2
Natural Dot: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #3

Red Dot: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #4

Red Tartan: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #5

Sunflower: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #6

Dino Egg: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #7

Colored Blocks: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #8
Mushroom: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #9
Gifts of Love: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #10

Music Lover: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #11

At the Beach: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #12
Waves: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #13
Igloo: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #14
Future City: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #15

Butter Building: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #16

Veggie: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #17
Floaty Ghost: Beat Zeke's Hide and Seek #18
Zeke fabric: Beat all of Zeke's challenges and complete a level for him to
visit your house.


Happy Flower: Beat Beadrix's Run #1.

Hot Land: Beat Beadrix's Run #2.

Grass Land: Beat Beadrix's Run #3.

Ice Cream: Beat Beadrix's Run #4.

Blue Star: Beat Beadrix's Run #5.
Raindrops: Beat Beadrix's Run #6.

Fireball: Beat Beadrix's Run #7.
Iceberg: Beat Beadrix's Run #8.
Milky Way: Beat Beadrix's Run #9.
Spooky Woods: Beat Beadrix's Run #10.
Bitter Cocoa: Beat Beadrix's Run #11.

Brick: Beat Beadrix's Run #12.

Green Dot: Beat Beadrix's Run #13.
Hot Dog: Beat Beadrix's Run #14.
Chain Link: Beat Beadrix's Run #15.
Stone Wall: Beat Beadrix's Run #16.

Holiday Trees: Beat Beadrix's Run #17.
Planetarium: Beat Beadrix's Run #18.

Halberd: Beat Beadrix's Run #19.
Ringed Planet: Beat Beadrix's Run #20.
Beadrix fabric: Beat all of Beadrix's challenges and complete a level for her
to visit your house.


Fluff Blue: Beat Carrie's Transport #1.

Green Tartan: Beat Carrie's Transport #2.
Berry Soda: Beat Carrie's Transport #3.
Lava: Beat Carrie's Transport #4.
Mushroom Soil: Beat Carrie's Transport #5.
Yellow Dot: Beat Carrie's Transport #6.

Palm Island: Beat Carrie's Transport #7.
Treasure Map: Beat Carrie's Transport #8.
Warm Mittens: Beat Carrie's Transport #9.
Famicom: Beat Carrie's Transport #10.

Blue Dot: Beat Carrie's Transport #11.

Pink Waves: Beat Carrie's Transport #12.

Carrie fabric: Beat all of Carrie's challenges and complete a level for her to
visit your house.


Sweet Dot: Beat Buster's Training #1.

Waddle Dee: Beat Buster's Training #2.

Mummy Mania: Beat Buster's Training #3.

Buttonfly: Beat Buster's Training #4.

Orange Soda: Beat Buster's Training #5.

Dandan: Beat Buster's Training #6.
Hot Wings: Beat Buster's Training #7.
Water Hoop: Beat Buster's Training #8.
Waterfall: Beat Buster's Training #9.
Midnight Dot: Beat Buster's Training #10.

Snowflakes: Beat Buster's Training #11.

UFO Sighting: Beat Buster's Training #12.

Meta Knight: Beat Buster's Training #13.

Woods: Beat Buster's Training #14.

Candy Dot: Beat Buster's Training #15.

Yin Yarn: Beat Buster's Training #16.

Fangora: Beat Buster's Training #17.
Squashini: Beat Buster's Training #18.

Capamari: Beat Buster's Training #19.

King Dedede: Beat Buster's Training #20.
Buster fabric:  Beat all of Buster's challenges and beat a level for him to
visit your house.


Twirling Cross: Beat Mara's Race #1.

Green Star: Beat Mara's Race #2.

Honeycomb: Beat Mara's Race #3.
Green Textile: Beat Mara's Race #4.

Preppy: Beat Mara's Race #5.
Red Textile: Beat Mara's Race #6.

Burning Flame: Beat Mara's Race #7.
Battins: Beat Mara's Race #8.

Ancient Ruins: Beat Mara's Race #9.
Happy Train: Beat Mara's Race #10.

Carmel Star: Beat Mara's Race #11.

Cookie Cookie: Beat Mara's Race #12.

Treat Land: Beat Mara's Race #13.

Baby Blue Dot: Beat Mara's Race #14.

Water Land: Beat Mara's Race #15.

Jolly Roger: Beat Mara's Race #16.

Blue Textile: Beat Mara's Race #17.

Snow Mountain: Beat Mara's Race #18.

Knit: Beat Mara's Race #19.

Snow Land: Beat Mara's Race #20.

Denim: Beat Mara's Race #21.

Space Land: Beat Mara's Race #22.

Galaxy: Beat Mara's Race #23.

Baby Stars: Beat Mara's Race #24.

Spinning Stars: Beat Mara's Race #25.

Bubbly Clouds: Beat Mara's Race #26.

Castle Dedede: Beat Mara's Race #27.
Candlemander: Beat Mara's Race #28.

Pumpkin Party: Beat Mara's Race #29.

Fossil: Beat Mara's Race #30.
Mara fabric: Beat all of Mara's challenges and beat a level for her to visit
your house.

                             (3. Enemies)

The cast section in Patch Plaza reveals their names.  Minibosses and bosses are
not seen in here, I'll refer to their names in the walkthrough.

Waddle Dee: They just wander around waiting to get attacked by you.  They also
make a very pitiful attempt to attack you.

Spear Waddle Dee: Wields a spear.  If you snatch it out of their hands, you can
throw a balled up variant at them that will go through enemies.

Balloon Waddle Dee: They float upwards in big Bean Vine.  If you hop on their
balloons, they'll shrink until they pop.

Bow Waddle Dee: Fires a bow and arrow.  Snatch the arrows if you can and throw
it at them.

Parasol Waddle Dee: Floats with a Parasol.  Attack from above or below or get
behind them to attack them.

Dropso: Basically they just exist to get snatched and thrown.

Ooki: Throws gems which you can collect.  They throw apples in a later level.

Blipper: Fish with goggles.  They do nothing if they bump into you.

Bronto Burt: They fly around and occasionally carry bombs, enemies, or even

Uniclod: This creature will charge at you with his horn on his head.

Cyclod: They do the same thing, but without the deadly horn.

Bobberclod: Their life preservers keep them afloat, allowing them to charge at
you on land or above water.

Swadclod: These mummies will try to grab you.  A Cyclod is under the bandages
when pulled away.

Rolling Clod: They roll around until they hit a wall - or you.

Gordo: The indestructible spiked ball returns as usual.  Avoid them.

Buttonfly: These green bugs fly around harmlessly.

Buttonbee: These yellow bugs will sting you if you get too close.  If you grab
and throw one, the balls will split into three and home in on enemies.

Buttonbug: These red bugs are faster and better at tracking you with their
stinger.  If you grab and throw one, the balls will split into three and home
in on enemies.

Orbitfly: These gray bugs appear in the vertical shmup sections and fly in

Gator: These alligators only damage you if their mouth is open.

Dandan: They breathe energy balls at you.  You can grab the energy balls and
throw them at him.

Sulkworm: They spit out thread at you and take two hits to defeat.

Candlemander: When you get close, they set themselves ablaze and pursue you.

Shotzo: They fire shots at you like in every other Kirby game.  They're 
invulernable to all damage.

Scarfy: Attacking them or getting to close to one will chase you until they 
explode.  Attack them from afar.

Waddle Doo: They fire a short ranged beam attack.

Sneak Sack: If they see you, they'll run away.  Pull them apart for a lot of

Truck Monster: You'll race against these guys whenever you're a
Offroad vechile.  You can land on them to slow them down.  Pass them all up to
get a lot of gems for first place.

Bomber: If they hit the ground or you untangle them, they explode in about 2
seconds.  Grab one and throw them like a bomb, but don't hold it for too long!

Caleron: They'll costantly erupt fireballs, just avoid them.

Magmatamus: While harmless, they sink in the lava when you step on them.  Be

Emba: These fireballs are beaten by spraying them with the water hose.

Battins: They fly at you when you get close.  Grab and throw one for a three
way homing spread attack.

Slobba: They'll try to grab you with their tongues and swallow you.
Suprisingly, they take one hit despite being fairly big.

Snip-Snap: When you pass by their holes in snake form, they'll try to bite you
Flamer: These guys only light themselves up when you get close.  If you attack 
one with your whip, they'll rush at you.

Shelby: They'll try to roll you over when they see you.  If you grab and throw
one, it'll roll on the ground and plow through enemies and even go up slopes.

Embird: Hot wings fires her kids at you.  Throw them at her to stun her.

Embaconda: These fire snakes are defeated with water from you fire truck form.
They often have beads in them.

Sword Solider/Mariner: They'll attack you with their sword.  Strip them of
their weapon and send it back to them.  Soidiers are Red and Mariners are blue.

Spear Solider/Mariner: Same as above, but with a spear.

Cannon Solider/Mariner: They fire at you by using their cannon heads.

Whistle Solider/Mariner: They'll call for other Soldiers/Mariners if they see

Spore Jelly: They unleash spores below you.  They don't harm you, but they do
leave you open.  Move the control pad and press the buttons to break free.

Sea Jelly: They float in the water, and that's about it.

Space Jelly: They launch energy blasts at you.

Jelly Jr.: They'll try to electrocute you.

Stogue: The ghosts explode if you touch one.  Grab one and use it as a light
source through Dark Manor.

Sawgill They'll charge at you underwater with their chainsaw blade and must be
grabbed from behind.  In land, they flop around, but they're still dangerous
due to the blade.

Anemonee: If you get caught in one, move the control pad and press buttons to
escape before it pulls you in.

Amprey: The eels move around, often with gems on their tails.  Just avoid them,
there's now way to damage it.

Octopea: Capamari sends them at you in the second phase of the battle.

Cutfish: They chase after you when they see you under water.

Mini Kracko: They appear in the flying levels.  Kracko sends them out from time
to time during his battle. 

Chilly: They'll move around and freeze you.  The freezing is harmless, but you
need to press buttons and move the control pad to break out.

Freezo: They fire shots which freeze you.  Unlike Shotzos, thrown enemies or
smashing them from above will destroy one.

UFO: They around and fire a laser at you when they're lined up with you.

Grizzo: These bears charge at you on sight.

Boinger: You can smash these cloudy trampolines to bounce higher.

Soocher: Yin-Yarn will fire these at times during his battle, going behind the
curtain to harm you and leaving behind thread platforms or barriers behind them
depending on how they're fired.

                          (4. Credits)

Nintendo, HAL and Good Feel: For making this game.

CJayC: Started GameFAQs.

SBAllen: The current webmaster for taking up the reins of this website.

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writing, GameFAQs and Neoseeker are allowed to host my guides.  Everyone else
must ask first.  This guide is copyrighted to me (Psychopulse) and I have no
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