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 - A General Guide

Authored and Edited by: Bkstunt


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   Facebook: Facebook.com/Bkstunt

   Website:  Bkstunt.com

Co-Authored by: Thnikaman

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                              - TABLE OF CONTENTS -

   Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.


 - Introduction......................................................[KeY 1.0]
 - Controls..........................................................[KeY 2.0]
 - Game Basics and Tips..............................................[KeY 2.1]


 - World 1: Quilty Square............................................[KeY 3.1]
 - World 2: Grass Land...............................................[KeY 3.2]
 - World 3: Hot Land.................................................[KeY 3.3]
 - World 4: Treat Land...............................................[KeY 3.4]
 - World 5: Water Land...............................................[KeY 3.5]
 - World 6: Snow Land................................................[KeY 3.6]
 - World 7: Space Land...............................................[KeY 3.7]
 - World 8: Dream Land...............................................[KeY 3.8]


 - Zeke's Hide and Seek..............................................[KeY 4.0]
 - Beadrix's Bead Runs...............................................[KeY 5.0]
 - Carrie's Transport................................................[KeY 6.0]
 - Buster's Training.................................................[KeY 7.0]
 - Mara's Races......................................................[KeY 8.0]


 - Fabric Shop.......................................................[KeY 9.0]
 - Furniture Shop...................................................[KeY 10.0]
 - Credits..........................................................[KeY 11.0]

==================================================================[KeY 1.0]===

Hey guys, Bkstunt and Thnikaman here writing a guide for Kirby's Epic Yarn. 
Obviously Kirby is one of Nintendo's/Hal Laboratories biggest characters, and
since I've enjoyed his game's in the past this one was fun to do.

Kirby's Epic Yarn is on the Nintendo Wii, and is the first major console Kirby
game since the Nintendo 64 (The Crystal Shards). It's capable of co-op as
well, making it a good game to play with a buddy.

After playing through the game to 100%, I've realized a few things. First of
all, I'd like to note here that this game is NOT a hard game at all. In fact,
it's one of the easiest platforming game's I've ever played. I attribute this
mainly due to the fact that Kirby can NOT die during the game.

Therefore, the need for an ultra-detailed guide is somewhat dampened. What I'm
saying is that Thnikaman and I aren't here to hold your hand and guide you
step by step through the game. Instead, we will focus more on where to find
the game's vast amount of collectable items. We'll also point out Boss
strategies as well as anything that made us scratch our heads as well.

Since Kirby can't die, I would urge you, the reader, to NOT use a guide if all
you care about is finishing the game. It's much funner that way. This guide is
more of a reference on where to find all the level's treasures, as well as
general strategies for certain parts of the game.

The main game is rather short of you don't focus on getting everything. If you
are looking to get 100% on the game though, you have quite a bit ahead of you.
100% means beating every level, collecting every item in the level, and
getting a gold medal on every level. It also means completing every mini-game,
of which there are quite a few, to collect all the items that they offer you.

Ok, now that I'm done explaining all of that, if you want to follow me and/or
check out all of the guides I've written, see my info down below (I put it
into every guide). Enjoy Kirby's Epic Yarn!


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==================================================================[KeY 2.0]===

                                 |,` _____ `.|
                ___________       ___________       ______
               |           |     |.--.       |     | |    |
               |           |     |'''' _     |     | |    /
               |    ___    |     |   _| |_   |    || |   /
               |   |   |   |     |  |_   _|  |    || |  (_
               |   | B |   |     |    |_|    |    || |   \\
               |   |   |   |     |           |     | |    \\
               |   |___|   |     |    ,-.    |    .| |     \\
               |___________|     |   ( A )   |    || |    __|
               |           |     |    `-'    |    '| |   |  |
               |           |     | _   _   _ |     | |   |  |
               |           |     |(_) (_) (_)|    || |   |  |
               |           |     |           |     | |   |  |
               |           |     |           |     | |   |  |
               |           |     |     _     |     | |   |  |
               |           |     |    (b)    |    || |   |  |
               |           |     |     _     |     | |   |  |
               |           |     |    (a)    |    || |   |  |
               |           |     |           |     | |   |  |
               |    ___    |     |[] [] [] []|     | |   |  |
               |___|___|___|     |           |     | |   \__|
               |___________|     |___________|     |_|______/
                                 |  |_____|  |
                                 \           /

(ASCII ART Courtesy of Nathan West (Osrevad). Thanks man!)

As you probably know (or have at least guessed by looking at the game's
box), Kirby's Epic Yarn isn't exactly your normal Kirby game. You won't be
sucking thing up and gaining powers here. Instead, Kirby is made entirely out
of yarn!

Also, you'll be holding the Wii-mote sideways through 99% of the game, giving
you very few buttons to worry about.

I'll also note that you can learn these moves from the games obligatory
tutorial level: Patch Castle in Quilty Square. 

Directional Buttons: Movement.

- Kirby walks at a rather leisurely pace. You can double tap right or left to
  turn Kirby into a car to travel faster. 

- Kirby will also automatically turn into a fish/sub thingy if you enter
  water. You can tap "2" to make him go faster in this form.

- Kirby is multi-layered! There are some levels where you will have to press
  up at a door to move between layers of the level (foreground to background
  and vice versa).

"1" Button: Use Kirby's yarn whip.

- Kirby is vicious! Tap the button to whip out your yarn and destroy enemies.

- Kirby thinks ahead! Hold the button to coil up the enemy into a ball. You
  can than use them as a projectile by throwing them!

- Kirby isn't god! Not every enemy is destroyable or coil-able. You will
  learn which enemies you can defeat by playing the game.

"2" Button: Jump

- Kirby is mobile! Hold the jump button to turn into a parachute. Useful for
  precision and taking advantage of any breezes.

- Kirby is deadly! Press down in the middle of a jump to turn into a weight.
  Useful for killing things and breaking through blocks.

"A" Button: Ghost Mode

- Kirby knows when to share the stage! Pressing "A" is honestly only useful
  when you're playing co-op with a buddy. What it does is puts you in a 
  ghost-like mode, which you can do to save yourself from certain "death" (and
  avoid any gems/beads being lost). When playing with a friend, this allows
  them to continue and get to safety. Your buddy can touch you to release you,
  but you can press "2" to get over to your buddy faster.

" + " Button: Pause/Pictures Menu

- Kirby is photogenic! Press this button to pause in any stage, as well as use
  the "try again" and "quit" options if you want to use them. You can also
  take pictures and save them to your SD card. 

" - " Button: World Jump

-Kirby's got's frequent flyer miles! Use this button on the world map to jump
 to any unlocked land. Easy transportation!

                               Game Basics and Tips                      
==================================================================[KeY 2.1]===

Before we start going into the games worlds and stages, let me go over a few
things with you. 

First of all, yes, the point of the game is to make it to the end of the
stage, but on the way there you can collect beads. Beads look like gems (and I
often interchange those two words) and come in varying amounts. The very small
ones are worth one, than they get bigger and come in 5 and 10 amounts. There's
also a star that is worth 100 beads. Color doesn't matter, only size.

You can see how many beads you have on the upper part of the screen. There is
also a string up there where the beads go. As you pile on beads there, they
will stack and give you medals to show how good you did on that stage. The
three medals are bronze, silver, and gold.

If you get hit by an enemy that can harm you (not all enemies can harm you by
touching you, look for spikes/spears and other sharp looking things) than you
will get hurt. You will also lose a portion of your beads. The beads fall out
of you as if you were sonic, which means you can stop and pick them up. This
is hard to do over pits, as you'll lose your beads, but is easy on flat
surfaces as you're invincible after getting hit for a short while.

So... the obvious point to getting a gold is to go out of your way to collect
beads and try your best not to get hit. Easier typed then done, of course.

EXPLORE! Follow the golden rule to platforming games (if you want to find
"hidden" items): go the way that they don't want you to go.

Also, I will be emphasizing the stage treasures, like :[THIS]:.

As you play through the stages, you will also come across bell pieces. These
are for the end of the stages where you can get bonus beads, so collect them
whenever you can. I honestly can get the 5-star one almost every time, and
don't really worry about the other two. I'll talk about the bell game after
the first stage (which is coming up soon).

Adding in a second player can be both a blessing and a curse. For starters,
with two players you have to share platforms, and if you bump into each other
that can cause someone to get hurt inadvertantly. You can also accidentally
jump on-top of your partner or whip them up into a ball. 

But there are some blessing to a second player as well. For example, you can
stand on player 2's head, have him jump, and than jump off of him to easily
reach higher ledges (which I sometimes refer to as the 2-player jump trick). 
And since you can whip them and coil them up (they look like a baseball when
you do this), you will always have a cheap source of ammo and never need to
search for an enemy when you come across a breakable block (the colored-in 
ones). There are also several transformation stages that are handy to have 2
players in as well. 

Don't be afraid to hit "A" before you die in a 2-player game.

Overall, the benefits vastly outweigh the problems, so grab a good buddy to
help you out.

Lastly, this is a game! Have fun! Onto the guide!


This work is separated by Worlds, which have a control/find functions, and 
than separated by stages, which don't have any search function since there is
only seven stages in each game and our writings aren't terribly long. 

It's also worthy to note that Thnikaman and I each wrote different worlds. I 
will note when we switch writing duties, but I'm sure you'll see the
difference in writing styles. It is quite noticeable after all. I'm way more
detailed while he definitely is all about the collectables.

                               World 1: Quilty Square                     
==================================================================[KeY 3.1]===

We start the game with the ever-hungry Kirby walking through Dream Land, with 
the story being narrated to us in a true story-book style. Apparently Kirby
spies his favorite food just chilling on top of a bush (since when to tomato's
chill on top of bushes?) and decides to gulp it down.

Unfortunately for our hero, he is the one sucked up, by an evil sorcerer 
(Named Yin-Yang), into a sock of all things! No! Kirby comes to in a world
made up of yarn, and is himself now just another yarn creation. 

This area is called Quilty Square and is going to be your home away from home
for the remainder of the game. Here you'll meet Prince Fluff and go through
the obligatory tutorial level. So lets get to it!

|                                   |
|   World 1 Stage 1: Patch Castle   |
|                                   |

Being the tutorial level, you'll have an easy time here. Watch the big screens
as they show you how to perform all of Kirby's moves. There's really no
threats in this entire stage.

The treasure's here are also ridiculously easy to find. You can find the first
one, the :[Chandelier]:, in the gift box right after you learn how to pull
patches off of the stage. The next one, the :[King's Throne]: right where you
learn how to swing. Instead of swinging right, swing left.

Keep going through the stage and after you learn how to transform into a car,
you can find the :[Music: Patch Castle]: treasure.

At the end of the stage, you will find the bell mini-game. How this thing
works is you find the three bell pieces as you play through the stage. They
come in three sizes: the 2-star bell piece, the 3-star bell piece, and the
5-star bell piece. Each one you collect goes on the wheel. If you don't get
them, the wheel piece where they were supposed to be will just be blank.

Now, I was bragging earlier about how I can almost always hit the 5-star
piece, and you can/should too! See the pointer at the top? That's space is
what prize you get when you pull that bell string. Now the wheel isn't moving
too fast, so when you see the 5-star piece BARELY ENTER the top space, pull
the string. That's the secret to getting a 5-star every time. It's important
to master, too, since a good 5-star reward at the end of a stage can be the
difference between a silver medal and a gold medal.

After the stage, you will recover a piece of the magic yarn, which was stolen
from Patch Land and is used to stitch Patch Land back together. These things
are our true goals at the end of each world. Now that we have this one, we
will also unlock World 2: Grass Land. But first, let's get acquainted with the
rest of Quilty Square.

|                            |
|   Knowing your Hub World   |
|                            |

Well, we might as well get familiar with this space, since it's our "home" for
now. You have Prince Fluff's castle, as well as a door to Patch Plaza to the
right. At Patch Plaza you can view your collectables, as well as the cast,
cut-scenes, and soundtracks. It's a pretty cool place to browse what you've
done in the game.

This is also the area to check and see what you're missing, as each door here
has a percentage above it to show you how much of that particular collection
you've unlocked. So when people talk about beating the game 100%, this is what
they are referring to.

Underneath Patch Place is a couple of shops that are closed for now, but will
soon open to become a Fabric Shop and a Furniture Shop. You can spend your
hard-earned beads here, and near the end of the guide I'll list everything
they have to offer.

To the right of that is the apartment complex that Dom Woole owns. Here you
have your "Pad" which you can enter at any time and decorate. What's the point
of decorating? Um... release some creativity? 

Dom Woole will also ask you to decorate the adjacent apartment, which will
make a new tenant appear (The first one is Zeke). But he won't stop there, in
fact he'll also ask you to give him some beads to build the apartment complex
higher and higher. The first add-on will cost you 10,000 beads and will add on
two more rooms to decorate (which bring in Beadrix and Carrie). The second
add-on will cost you 25,000 and add on the last two rooms, which after you
decorate will bring in the last two tenants (Buster and Mara).

Feel free to come back here anytime to decorate the apartment rooms and do the
game's mini-games. For now, lets continue onwards to Grass Land.

                               World 2: Grass Land                     
==================================================================[KeY 3.2]===

|                                       |
|   World 2 Stage 1: Fountain Gardens   |
|                                       |

Ah, Grass Land. A fairly easy place and a nice warm-up to get used to the
game. Fountain Gardens also does a nice job of showcasing the games graphics,
which I've heard described as "disgustingly cute". I agree.

Here, jump up the ledges on the tree to find gems and a :[Flower Sofa]: on the
right. Also note that you can drop in the water by the bridge gap for some
more gems. You can also shake several gems out of the trees (Have a second
player collect them).

Further on, unzip the castle and drop down to find a gift box with a
:[Fountain]: inside. Fancy. Keep heading right and unbutton the level to warp

Go right (we head right a LOT in this game) and use the water bursts here to
find more goodies. Use the third water spurt to find a gift box with a :
[Music: Fountain Gardens]: disc in it.

At the end of the level you get to control Mega Tank Kirby. These transforming
areas appear in a number of levels throughout the game, and are very fun. Each
one is different, and sometimes incorporates player 2. 

This one lets you spit out bombs (for one player) and control a robotic
punching glove (for player two). 

Aim for anything in your way and if you get hit make sure to move back a bit
to pick up any crystals that may have dropped. Keep on going to end the stage.

After ending each stage, you will be given a patch. Use it on the world map
(by pressing "1" to open up the next stage, as well as often seeing cute
little ways showing you how the stage's open).

|                                    |
|   World 2 Stage 2: Flower Fields   |
|                                    |

Here, you can run along the flower wheels to make gems grow out. There's a
whole bunch of wheels like this throughout the level, so do it to all of them.

Past the big green wheel is a gift box with the :[Flower Clock]: inside of it.

Keep heading right to find some white flowers that can be whipped to make a 
floating/swinging platform that you can use to continue. Make sure to grab all
the gems arranged like flowers.

Use the second white flower to go up to the second ledge (instead of the
first) where you will find a frog swing point. Use this to get to the gift box
on the right for a :[Frog Umbrella Stand]:

Go under the lillypads below and keep moving through the stage.

Use the frog swings (two of them) to free an exclamation point from the gift
box. Follow it as it circles around and forms a fountain. Unzip the fountain
to find the :[Music: Flower Fields]: soundtrack.

Keep going ever right and you'll find more flowers that will swing you
upwards. Go up all three flowers to get to the highest ledge for more gems,
than you can drop downwards and continue up the ladder. Here you will turn
into giant UFO's. collect the gems and suck up any enemies (by pressing 2).
You can also suck up the non-colored in boxes as well. Once you've sucked up
any three items,  you can do an electrical attack which breaks the colored-in
boxes and often nets you extra gems and lets you pass onwards through this
area. Be careful of the bees and mines here!

After the level, Dom Woole will ask you to come help him.

You'll have to go to his apartment and place down some furniture. The
furniture you need is greyed out, but extremely easy to know/guess what it is.
You'll have to aim your wii remote at the tv for this part, ladies and gents,
but it's easy to figure out.

Afterwards you'll meet Zeke, and can now start the Zeke's hide and seek
mini-games, which are discussed in their own separate section. See the table
of contents if you need help doing them.

After meeting Zeke, Dom Woole will come in and ask you for 10,000 beads. The
nerve! well, maybe when we're rich, for now just blow him off. 

Head outside and to the left to find Dom Woole's two brothers, Chaise Woole
and Loomis Woole who have opened a fabric store and a furniture store
respectively. We're going to save our beads for now, though.

You can check the  shops section in the guide for a list of everything they
sell. Their inventory changes randomly, though, just so you know. 

|                                    |
|   World 2 Stage 3: Rainbow Falls   |
|                                    |

This level is a bit more challenging, as these pits will "kill" you (or make
you lose beads at least) and the water here carries you along. Very pretty,
though. Keep going until you make a block fall, than jump on it to get to the
first gift box, which has a :[Rainbow Arch]: inside of it.

Keep going through the level, enjoying the water and endless waves of Waddle
Dee's. Fun. Past the 2nd Waddle Dee spawning box, go up the ladder, and take
out the crocodile snappers to get to a gift box with a :[Outdoor Bath]:.

Keep going to the tranformation yarn, and you'll transform into a giant
surfing penguin. Here you can jump and spin kick ("1") to gain some altitude
when you need it. You can also have player 2 shake the wii remote to fly for
a bit. 

It's pretty fast paced here, but just try to hit all the circle exclamation
boxes which make gems appear. You can also find the soundtrack to
:[Music: Rainbow Falls]: here as well (it's hard to miss).

|                                    |
|   World 2 Stage 4: Big Bean Vine   |
|                                    |

This level is all about going up. Be careful of the Waddle Dees here and check
where you're heading as they all have bow's and arrows. Continue upwards
collecting the gems until you find two Waddle Dee's floating. Use their
umbrellas to make it to the gift box on the left for the :[Lattice]: treasure.

Keep heading up and kill the big beast guarding the door to the tree. Use the
tree to grab all the red gems and enter the next section, where you have to
ride balloon Waddle Dee's to go ever upwards. You can find the :[Music: Big
Bean Vine]: music shortly after getting to the balloon Waddle Dees, just find
it on your right. Keep heading up and keep your eyes open for a gift box on
the right with a :[Cloud Pillow]:! 

Notice that the balloons deflate after standing on them for awhile, so
alternate between balloons to finish the stage.

|                              |
|   World 2 Stage 5: Fangora   |
|                              |

Ah, our first boss fight. 

Fangora is one giant yarn dragon, but since it's the first boss it's not too
hard. It does look awesome though. 

Wait as it roars at you and tries to intimidate you, than dodge it's tongue.
Afterwards it will be tired and stick it's pullable tongue out. Grab it and
whack the dragon to hurt in. It will fly off in anger.

Now watch the cloud pieces of yarn below you and get out of it's way, as it
will be coming straight up. It will telegraph where it's coming up at with the
cloud yarn, so turn into a car if you have to!

Now for this second part, he will spit fire at you. This fire is catchable and
you can throw it right back at him. Try to throw them all back for maximum
gems (it's easier with two people) and once again catch his tongue. He'll go
through the whole flying off angry thing, so watch your feet as well. 

Now for the third time he will whip his tongue at you faster and three times
in a row. Dodge them all and whip him one last time with his tongue to win
(because every boss should die in three hits, right?).

Now if you hit him with those fireballs and collected all the gems (as well
as not getting hit), you'll get a special patch at the end of the level, the
mole patch! You can get special patches from every boss battle in the game,
and they always unlock extra stages, just so you know.

You'll also get the :[Music: Fangora]: music after the fight, along with a
magic yarn and another cutscene, naturally.

The magic yarn will sew more of the world together, and will open up Hot Land.

Let's go do the new stage here first, though. You don't have to, but for the
sake of completion I will always do all the stages.

|                                |
|   World 2 Stage 6: Mole Hole   |
|                                |

Unzip the string here to turn into a mole version of kirby. 

Here you can play around in the dirt, kind-of like dig dug. What, you don't
recognize that reference? REALLY? Sigh...

Go down and collect any gems you can, being careful of the salamanders. You
can find a star piece on the left hand side before the door section, but you
really should be exploring everywhere. Break the debris blocking the door and
go in it to get the rainbow of gems as well as the :[Carrot Dresser]:. 

Keep going downwards collecting gems and breaking the debris for another star.
Past that is another area full of those fire salamander things, so be careful.
You need to often plan ahead to dig up things in the right order to gain
access to certain gems. 

Past the third debris item is one of these timing points. The blocks here will
obviously fall as soon as you dig underneath them. Push the bottom right block
forward, than dig down quickly to get the circle and dig up and to the left to
get out of there. You'll get a ton of gems and be able to go down a door,
leading you to the :[Music: Mole Hole]: soundtrack. Move the block to the
right over to get out of here. 

This area is just a huge amount of dirt with a :[Tree Stump Bed]: in the
middle. Explore to your hearts desire to get all the gems, including a secret
gem ring to the right, but eventually you'll drop down below to the gem wheel
to end the level.

|                                  |
|   World 2 Stage 7: Weird Woods   |
|                                  |

Weird Woods is the 2nd UFO level, which is really fun, but a bit harder than
the first time you were an UFO. 

Directly past the first vine spinner is the :[Log Cake]:. This one can be hard
to get, make sure to go through the vine spinner fast and it's down and to the

Past that you'll spy the next treasure, which is easy to acquire, so make sure
to grab the :[Telescope]:. You'll just need to break open the boxes
surrounding it.

Past the tree you'll also see the :[Music: Weird Woods]: in another spot
surrounded by boxes, but it's really easy to get. 

Well, I'll turn things over to Thnikaman now, and let him walk you through
World 3: Hot Land. 

                               World 3: Hot Land                     
==================================================================[KeY 3.3]===

|                                    |
|   World 3 Stage 1: Pyramid Sands   |
|                                    |

This is a desert area filled with the cliche' sinking sands and dust devils.
Here there is only one enemy to worry about, the spike balls. They drift in
some of the later dust devils and if your not careful they'll get you. You can
however kill them by throwing other enemies at them. 

At the end you'll turn into a race car and begin a race (if you have a second 
player they'll be able to boost you forward). Win the race in first and you'll
get a bag of goodies.

:[Camel Sofa]:: As you approach the second sinking sands area you'll see a
pull string. Pull it to gain access to the area below where you'll find the
gift box.

:[Cactus Juice]:: A short while later you'll see a similar pull string. Pull
it and drop down. Avoid the Waddle Dee's spears as you cross the string and
grab the nearby patch. Behind it is an exclamation point that will lead you
to a pyramid behind which is the Cactus Juice.

:[Music: Pyramid Sands]:: Near the end of the race section you'll begin to see
some platforms. Stay on the top-most one as much as possible and eventually
you'll see the disk.

|                                   |
|   World 3 Stage 2: Lava Landing   |
|                                   |

This level is chock full of flaming death with lava spewing volcanoes and pits
full of molten magma. All through the area there are bombs ready to blow the
beads out of you. You can use these bombs to your advantage by clearing out
blocks with the explosions. The Volcanoes that you'll see throughout the level
can be sealed by pulling the strings on their sides.

Be cautious though, because they will quickly resume exploding. After you pass
through a narrow tunnel you'll become a fire truck (The second player will
just become another fire truck; nothing special here). Tilt the wii remote to
aim the water cannon, use 1 to shoot a jet of water, use 2 to jump. With the
fire truck you can kill anything that;s made of fire, and in this level
everything's made of fire. After you lose your fire fighting ability you'll
find yourself being chased by flames. I guess they're upset about you killing
all their friends, so flee for your life from the rising lava until you reach
the end of the level.

:[Stone Lamp]:: After the first red dinosaur, grab the pull tab and you'll see
an exclamation point. It will lead you over the other dinosaurs to a door
above a volcano where you'll find the item.

:[Cartoon Meat]:: Above the volcano you'll see some platforms. Seal the
volcano up and jump upwards and you'll see a present box behind a wall of
yellow blocks. Use the bombs above you to blow a hole in the wall to gain
access to the box. 

:[Music: Lava Landing]:: As you are fleeing from a fiery doom inside the
cliche' volcano level you'll see a present box behind some hollow blocks to
your left. Lasso the blocks to get to the present.

|                               |
|   World 3 Stage 3: Cool Cave  |
|                               |

A refreshing change of pace, Cool Cave is a watery cave with relaxing jazzy
piano. That aside, it has some challenging moments. The first thing you'll
encounter is a series of narrow tunnels you'll need to navigate in order to
reach the next area. Here you'll face some large rolling spike balls that
you'll have to avoid.

Next, the floor will become unstable. Be careful not to get squashed as the
waves of floor pass by. Then, the ceiling will begin to fall as sharp spikes
drop from above. As they fall the spikes create temporary platforms. You'll
have to use all your timing skills to ascend the shaft. Once you've navigated
the verticle tunnel you'll be turned into a mole machine again. This part is
not very difficult, just dig your way to the end of the level.

:[Crystal]:: Once you enter the large chamber with multiple caves, you'll see
an odd platform you can drop through. As you fall you'll land on another
platform. Before it drops out from under you, pass through the cave to your
right. Here you'll find the present box.

:[Music: Cool Cave]:: When you exit the series of caves you'll be in another
large chamber. In this room there are large spiked balls that will roll
towards you. After awhile you'll see a present box behind a wall near a
ladder. Ahead is a pit of spikes with a pully over the top. Still further down
the path is a place that spawns the large spiked balls. To reach the present
box you'll have to spawn a spike ball, raise the ground under the spikes with
the pully (to make a bridge) and let him smash through the wall.

:[Frog Mirror]:: After you are turned into a mole machine, keep digging and
stay near the top. When you reach the end you'll be in a room with a present
box in it.

|                                 |
|   World 3 Stage 4: Dino Jungle  |
|                                 |

Well, it's a jungle full of dinosaurs, what can I say? There aren't really
any tricks to this one, just go through it and don't die.

:[Torch]:: After you ride across the water on the dinosaurs for a while you'll
see some long necked dinosaurs. Jump on their heads to get the first present.

:[Music: Dino Jungle]:: After the area with the drop downs, you'll see a
present box below you. Nearby you'll find a drop down tab. Go down and pass
through the hidden area to get the box.

:[Bronto Slide]:: When you reach the two T-Rex's drop below them and peel back
the patch to find an exclamation point that will lead you to a nearby egg.
This egg will contain the item.   

|                               |
|   World 3 Stage 5: Hot Wings  |
|                               |

Hot Wings is a giant flaming bird. The first thing he'll do is spit out
several flaming birds that will fly towards you. These you can catch to throw
at him. If you hit him he'll fall down dazed, walk up to him and grab his tab
and hurt him. Then he'll fly up from the lava below followed by flying across
from the edges of the screen.

Watch for the orange light at the edges to show you where he'll come from.
Dodge these attacks and lava will spew up from the bottom, so just make sure
your standing on a platform. Next, he'll come down and launch a volley of fire
balls at you, so just stand between them.

That's the basics, just repeat until dead. Remember you'll have to do pretty
good if you want to get the hourglass patch which unlocks the secret level
(don't get hit!). Afterwards you'll get the next magic yarn piece as well as
the :[Music: Hot Wings]:.

You'll also unlock the next world, Treat Land.

|                                   |
|   World 3 Stage 6: Temper Temple  |
|                                   |

There's not much to write about here. You are a fire truck for the entire
level, so just stay on the platform, shoot water, fight fire and win.

:[Pyramid]:: Kill the first fire centipede. After the first platform stops
he'll come up from below you.

:[Camel Hump Pillow]:: Kill the second fire centipede after the platform
starts to move verticle.

:[Music: Temper Temple]:: Near the end of the level, when the platforms 
separate and go around a central pillar, kill what will be the last fire
centipede in the level.

|                                |
|   World 3 Stage 7: Dusk Dunes  |
|                                |

This level is a race and that's about it. Pretty fun! Move fast, dodge
obstacles, stomp your enemies, and win. Here's the treasure locations:

:[Magic carpet]:: To get the magic carpet stay on the upper platforms. It's 
floating in the air after the second big jump.

:[Hour Glass]:: After the magic carpet, drop to the bottom level and wait
until you hit a spring. This will launch you up to the hourglass.

:[Music: Dusk Dunes]:: After the hour glass continue to stay on the upper
platforms making every jump. Eventually you'll run into the music disk.

Ok, time for Bkstunt to continue writing for World 4.

                               World 4: Treat Land                     
==================================================================[KeY 3.4]===

|                                |
|   World 4 Stage 1: Toy Tracks  |
|                                |


Ah, onto something a little more friendlier!

First of all, note that you can pull the cars out here to make platforms (like
the gems suggest). After the second car, leave the Waddle Dees who are
throwing the blocks alone, as you can ride the blocks that they throw to get
up higher. 

In fact, ride the third block upwards to find the :[Stuffed Bear]: treasure,
but make sure to grab the bell past the duck right below you. use the doors
underneath the soldiers feet to continue.

The next set of soldiers has the same trick, but don't stay outside the middle
doors (where the big yellow gems are) for any longer than it takes to grab
them. Use the last door to find an exclamation mark that will lead you to the
:[Toy Robot]: under the soldiers hat.

Keep going past the moving toy robots and you'll come up to a bear. Be careful
here, as there's an ambush, so show them who's tougher. Help out the poor bear
by going below and hitting the button, than fixing his foot. 

This next area will have you as a train, and you'll have to point your remote
at the tv to draw train tracks. It's pretty fun and you have all the time in
the world, since you can flip the train around by pressing B. Draw tracks to
avoid obstacles and gather items, and take note that you need to hit a charge
ball to break through blocks. You can get the music track for :[Music: Toy 
Tracks]: here. Also, grab the three cargo pieces of the train for a star each
at the end.

|                                   |
|   World 4 Stage 2: Mushroom Run   |
|                                   |

Eck, I personally hate mushrooms. Oh well, it's just a game. These mushrooms
are fun though, since they let you bounce. Continue on until you see the
yellowish mushrooms. The trick here is to turn into a weight and crash down
into them, which will send you soaring up in the air. Do this to find a lot
of extra gems along the way. 

One of these will send you to another section of this level, but make sure you
weight drop the gem boxes to find a gift box with a :[Mushroom Bed]: in it.
Go to the next section now where you will have to ascend ever upwards on
floating mushroom chandelier things. At the top is a swinging button you can
use to get to a higher chandelier, so do that and you'll find a gift box on
the left with a :[Mushroom Lamp]:.

Keep heading to the right past the frog thing to a bunch of houses. This area
is another one you need to explore and travel upwards. You can find the
:[Music: Mushroom Run]: music in a gift box past three breakable blocks to the
left of this area.

Make sure to break the boxes with the purple gems as well. Keep ascending and
do a weight drop on the last mushroom for a star. Hit the wheel and you're

|                                  |
|   World 4 Stage 3: Sweets Park   |
|                                  |

The first thing to note here is that you can unzip the big cake at the start
to reach those gems below. Continue ever onwards past the first flan dropper
to the second, where you can drop down hard on it for the gems. Do this for
the third one too and continue onto the conveyor. Here flans are dropping all
the time, so watch your step. When the conveyor's start going upwards, make
sure to use the flans to jump left to find a star and further up for a :[Donut

Continue past the conveyor to find some giant spinning cookies. This place is
pretty fun, but gets tougher since there's portions of it where you can fall
to your "death". When you reach the ladder, go ahead and go up it. The button
on the right is a warp point which you should take, and you'll become a mole. 

Ok BEFORE going crazy, notice that gift box there. The ladder on the left at
the start of this area (by the warp point) leads to this cake where you can be
normal Kirby, buy you can't reach that gift box by yourself, so use your mole
form to make steps for normal Kirby and come back and collect the "[Dessert
Dresser]:. Now you can go crazy as a mole. 

After your fun, go down the ladder and continue east and use the cookie to get
down below and reach the :[Music: Grass Land]: music in the gift box. Head
east to finish the level.

|                                  |
|   World 4 Stage 4: Melody Town   |
|                                  |

True to it's name, in melody town you will be walking over piano's and hitting
drums to make sounds and spawn gems. Keep going east until you reach the
trumpet, where you can hit up and down to collect the gems in the stanza. Get
them all for a star. Head past the cymbals and use the bongo drum to get to a
gift box with a :[Toy Piano]: in it. 

Keep heading east and you'll come to some harps, which are neat. For now head
east past them and go to the lower platform to find a gift box with a :[Clef 
Tree]: in it. Clever, but not very well hidden though. Now go back to the
harps and use them to swing up and to the right, where you can go into a tuba
for another note game with another star at the end. 

Now head east past piano land and you'll find an acordian. Go past that one to
the second accordian, and hit the button on it and use the bongo drum to the
left to get on top of it. When it goes back up it'll take you to a gift box
with the :[Music: Melody Town]: music in it. 

Keep heading east for one last music puzzle and one last star before ending
this stage.

|                                |
|   World 4 Stage 5: Squashini   |
|                                |

You'll be performing in front of an audience here. Squashini will come out and
spin a roulette wheel to decide how to attack you. Here's the spins. 

Cards:  He throws several cards at you. Stay to the right and jump, than grab
one and hit him with it.  Grab him again and throw him across the room.

Rope: The curtains shut and he ties you to a massive bomb. Fun. Jam on the
buttons until you are free, at which point he will disappear. Hit the bell to
gather gems, than just run all the way to the right when the bomb's about to

Hats: Dodge the hats as they come down trying to squash you. Do this three
times than pick a hat and pull the button. You only have a 33% chance of
getting him, so if you don't, just dodge whatever he does and continue on.
I've seen him spawn a monster and fire after this attack, but make sure to
select a button, though, because if you don't he'll just attack you with BOTH
of the other hats.

Skulls: He produces several bombs from behind his bomb cloak. Very easy to
avoid as he doesn't follow you when the bombs start dropping. 

Personally I killed him on three card runs, as I missed grabbing the bombs and
never picked the right hat. Just keep at it and make sure to get alot of gems
for the cookie patch (the rope thing helps here).

After the fight you'll also get the :[Music: Squashini]: music. And another
piece of magic yarn.

Man, those two are gluttons. Doesn't Nintendo know that gluttony is a cardinal
sin? Guess I've been playing too much Dante's Inferno lately...

|                                    |
|   World 4 Stage 6: Cocoa Station   |
|                                    |

In this level move forward and you'll turn into a train. Fun!

The first exclamation mark you make will spawn a plane with a star, so quickly
get the charge to catch up to it.

In the second area, hit the yarn to open a gate and get your train up there to
find the :[Choco Ottoman]: treasure. 

Keep going and hit all the switches in the next area to make the :[Chocolate
Bar]: treasure accessible. 

The blocks in this next part hide a switch, which lets you get to that
exclamation mark above you, which spawns a lot of gems by the charge orb.
Also make sure to use the charge orb to get the five star bell piece. 

Keep going through the next tunnel where you'll have to hit the charge orbs
to break through the blocks if you want any of the goodies. You can get
another cargo piece here (you should have four now) as well as the :[Music:
Hot Land]: music. 

|                                 |
|   World 4 Stage 7: Dark Manor   |
|                                 |

This level is fun. It's pretty dark in the manor, but there's always a light
on by Kirby. You can also find a ball of light to carry around and you can
even whip the ghosts to make more balls of light. 

Go past the first ghost to the second ghost. This area has a ladder that you
probably need to car jump to, but it leads up to a gift box that has a 

Use the button on the lamp to light up the way ahead. Do this a couple more
times until you see a ghost floating around. Get him and use him to break the
box to the left (the one above you), than jump up there to get some more gems
and eventually a gift box with a :[Pumpkin]:.

Keep going through the house; there's not really anything here that's a threat
to you. Gather the stars along the way and eventually you'll leave the house.
Break the blocks to continue downwards. 

You're in a well here, but can still use the ghosts to light the way. 

The northeast path leads to a room where fire orbs spin around blocks. Be
careful if you whip them, as they will stop and shoot at you like a fireball.
Past the orbs is an elevator which leads to a new section of the manor.

Here you can light the way with gems, but you can also get some bigger gems by
falling down the holes. By the button which turns on the lamps, jump to the
left to find a swinging button, which leads you to a gift box with the 
:[Music: Dark Manor]: music disk. Sweet.

Pull the lights on and jump down the hole to get the 5-star bell piece. Pull
the next set of lights to spawn five ghosts if you want, but continue past
them to end the stage. 

Time to turn over writing duties to Thnikaman, who will write about world 5:
Water Land.

                               World 5: Water Land                     
==================================================================[KeY 3.5]===

|                                  |
|   World 5 Stage 1: Splash Beach  |
|                                  |

As you begin the level you'll be on a beach at night. After a short while
you'll find a tear in the wall that will take you up into the clouds. Here
you'll see the moon has a pull tab. Pull it and you'll turn the sea from a
peaceful night to a day teeming with life. Continue along navigating the
rising and falling tides, being sure to avoid any enemies that get in your

Opening umbrellas will create temporary platforms for you to reach higher
areas. There's a great area near the end of the level where you ride across on
big waves.    

:[Sun Clock]:: Under the third lone umbrella is a present box.

:[Moon Clock]:: After you swing across the swings and drop into the water
you'll see an umbrella above you. Open the umbrella and climb the above ladder
to get to the present box.

:[Music: Secret Island]:: When you enter the area with the large waves be sure
to look above you. There you'll see a present box. Ride the top of the wave
and jump onto the platform with the box.

|                                      |
|   World 5 Stage 2: Blub-Blub Ocean   |
|                                      |

This is another beautiful level full of water. You'll spend nearly the entire
level swimming. You'll need to avoid the tentacles as they will pull you in
and hurt you. You can kill them by throwing other enemies at them and if you
struggle you can escape. 

Later on in the level you'll fulfill everyones greatest dream: you'll become
a dolphin. As a dolphin you'll be able to move quickly through the water and
dash forward hurting enemies (Press "2", you can also do tricks by pressing
"1"). You can also move against the strong currents to collect items, and
there are a lot of good items to get in this part. 

:[Jellyfish Light]:: Near the beginning just before the two verticle pillars
of water you'll see some breakable gold blocks. Destroy them and jump upwards
to reach the present box.

:[Music: Blub-Blub Ocean]:: After the waterfalls in the dolphin area you'll
see two rings floating above the water. Between and above them is the music

:[Aquarium]:: Get all the balls into the net with the dolphin. 

|                                    |
|   World 5 Stage 3: Secret Island   |
|                                    |

Shhhhh, it's a secret! No, not really. This Island is full of them though.
First you'll find a back and forth area just pass through the doors and work
your way past the various enemies. After that there is a large open space
which you'll have to traverse by jumping on balloon Waddle Dees.

Next is yet another back and forth area. Here you'll have to time your
crossovers to end up standing on a platform. That being done your free to
finish the level.   

:[Treasure Rug]:: After you drop down from the back and forth area you'll see 
the present box below to the left.

:[Totem Pole]:: After you drop down the long shaft into a chamber with a lot 
of grey arrow blocks. Go through the nearby door and walk past the spikes.
Climb upwards staying in the background. Come into the foreground, grab the 
button, and jump across and back down.

Now the spear carrying Waddle Dee's will be at ground level. Grab their spears
making sure not to grab the Waddle Dee and throw the spear at the gold blocks.
This will give you access to a pull tab revealing an exclamation point that
will lead you to the other room and attach to the fossil. Pull the tab and a
giant bird will stand up creating a platform for you to reach the box.

(Editor's note: It's also easy to get this one using the two-player jumping

:[Music: Splash Beach]:: In the area with the balloon Waddle Dees, ride them 
all the way to the top, jumping from one to the other. There you will find 
a present box containing the music disk. 

|                                     |
|   World 5 Stage 4: Deep Dive Deep   |
|                                     |

This is another level you'll spend entirely under water. However, this one is
much more perilous. Right off the bat you'll have to navigate past some
electric eels. Just follow behind them until you have an opening to move

Next, you'll run into some angler fish. To defeat them get them to try and
suck you in, then grab their dangler. A little ways further you'll be chased
by a lamp-ray. Not only that but along the way will be some volcanoes that
you'll have to seal up. After this you'll get to be a dolphin again. Swim past
some more eels and go through another few lamp-ray chases to finish the level.

:[Angler Lamp]:: When you get to the angler fish be prepared to dodge it's
sucking attack (I don't know why it can suck and I can't). Once it gets done,
grab it's dangler and it will die. Behind the second one you'll find the
angler lamp.

:[Mast]:: After you turn into a dolphin you'll come across some eels. Go 
straight down the first one through some boards and you'll get the mast.

:[Music: Deep Dive Deep]:: At the end of the dolphin/eel area you'll see the
disk. Circle around so that you can destroy the gold blocks, then circle down
and around to collect it. 

|                               |
|   World 5 Stage 5: Capamari   |
|                               |

Capamari is a giant squid enemy and to be honest he's not that hard. Just grab
his dangling string and hold. He'll begin to unravel, so just watch out for
his tentacles which will try and grab you. Wrap them up and throw them at him
to produce beads. 

After you have him completely unraveled he'll become an octopus thing and four 
pots will appear. He'll also darken the screen with ink. Grab the projectiles 
and look for his eyes to appear and throw them at the eyes.

Next, he'll travel from pot to pot. Avoid him and grab the mini octopi.
Eventually he'll come out of all four pots but only one will have his eyes.
Throw the mini octo at that and you'll win. Remember to do well to get the
patch after the fight!

For winning you will get the :[Music: Capamari]:, a Treasure Map patch if you
did well enough, and of course another piece of the magic yarn.

|                                    |
|   World 5 Stage 6: Boom Boatyard   |
|                                    |

This is reportedly the most difficult level in the game and it's easy to see
how (Editor's Note: Yeah, it probably is.). Throughout the entire stage you'll
be bombarded by bombs which will also sink the boats your walking on. The best
strategy is to keep moving and never ever stop. There are many patches you can
pull to get extra gems, but just make sure they don't distract you from your
primary goal of running as fast as you can. There are also a couple of big
ships that are full of beads so search them at your leisure. After the second
ship you'll have to fight a miniboss cannon guy. Grab the small bombs he
shoots and throw them back at him.

:[Treasure Chest]:: After the first set of boats you'll see the present box
above you. Jump up as soon as you see the lower gold blocks and grab it.

:[Music: Boom Boatyard]:: On the first large ship climb the ladders all the
way to the top. Here you'll see a flag, just pull it to get the disk. 

:[Pirate Ship]:: On the second ship climb to the top of the first mast and
swing across and pull the flag to get the treasure. 

|                                  |
|   World 5 Stage 7: Fossil Reef   |
|                                  |

This is a wonderful dolphin level filled with water bubbles (ripped directly
from Super Mario Bros Wii). Simply navigate the ascending/descending bubbles
to the end. Be sure to explore thoroughly as there is lots of fun and beads
to be had. 

:[Anemone Sofa]:: In the second room, after you first encounter the spiked
fish, go up to the bubble with the arrow in it. Instead of following where it
tells you go up and to the left. The sofa is in the upper most bubble. 

:[Fossil]:: Next go through the third room and over a large pillar of reef.
Then, you'll see two bubbles moving up and down and intersecting one another.
Get into the upper bubble and ride it up into the small pool of beads above.
Here you'll see the fossil. 

:[Music: Water Land]:: After you descend the long verticle shaft, head into
the  fourth bubble room. Follow the first couple of bubbles up. It's at the
top of the room to the left.  

Once again, Bkstunt will be taking over and writing the next World, World 6:
Snow Land.

                               World 6: Snow Land                   
==================================================================[KeY 3.6]===

|                                   |
|   World 6 Stage 1: Snowy Fields   |
|                                   |

Ah, the mandatory snow levels. Here Kirby will slip on the ice if you run on
it, like most platformers. You'll also have Waddle Dee's throwing snow balls
at you. These aren't too big of a deal, just jam on the buttons to get out of
them (you don't lose any gems). You can also ride on the snow balls to gain
some height (or just use the two player jumping trick to get height). You can
find a lot of gems in this first area, so feel free to explore. 

Head past the first two shallow ponds and get the exclamation marks. Head up
and use the button swing to get to the right for the :[Big Bear Sofa]: gift
box. Keep heading up these ramps full of snowballs, riding them to find extra
gems. Go down the boxes to continue. Soon you'll come across some BIG
snowballs. Use the house to hide from the first one if you need to and ride
the second one for lots of gems and a bell piece. Break the boxes downwards
to continue.

Here's another big snowball run, but this time use the tower in the middle to
jump up to the top and swing to the left to find a :[Penguin Mirror]: in the
gift box.

The next area is rough, just take your time and check out all the snowballs
the Waddle Dee's are throwing. You can find the 5-star bell piece to the
northwest of this area.

In the next area, keep going and remove the door to the tower, than ascend it.
Don't come out until the big snowball is below you, as you need to ride it to
find the gift box containing the :[Music: Snowy Fields]: music. Continue on to

|                                 |
|   World 6 Stage 2: Cozy Cabin   |
|                                 |

Ah, a nice little cabin. Ready for some home invasion? Go ahead and climb the
tree, than ride the air gust upwards and down the fireplace. Continue on and
roll up the board to start a timed race downwards. On the first pass, break the 
colorless block guarding the gift box to find a :[Fireplace]:.

Keep going to exit this first house, than climb up the next tree to find an
exclamation mark, which puts gems on the tree. Pull the door to go into the
next house (one invaded home isn't enough for Kirby!). This one will start
collapsing as soon as you enter, so work fast! You'll have to be fast to reach
the gift box here, which has a :[Chimney]: inside of it. 

After the house, head out into the field and enter the door to take a spill.
Don't worry, you can use the wind currents to find all sorts of goodies here,
just look around. Head east to the next house which has no door and is just
asking to be broken into. Well, this house collapses from the bottom, so race
upwards using the jet streams to rise whenever you can. The important treasure
here is the :[Music: Cozy Cabin]: music that you'll see in the gift box on the
way up, so be sure to grab it. The end of the level isn't too far off, so go
ahead and finish it.

|                                |
|   World 6 Stage 3: Mt. Slide   |
|                                |

This level is pretty fun, as the entire thing has you riding on a snowboard.
There's also wings scattered around for you to find which give you an extra 
jump. Also don't forget you can jump kill an enemy, than jump again. 

Try and aim for the tops of the caves for the most gems and use any falling
icicles as ramps as well. Also an important note here is that you can jump OFF
of the trees as long as you do it BEFORE they reach their apex. 

The music is the first thing to aim for, so make your way past the first
icicle cave and make sure to grab the wings at the end. Now on this big pine
you come up to, ride it upwards and than jump off (remember, you can jump
before hand) and get on top of the next cave. Grab the wings and instead of
going up to the next roof, jump underneath it to the right. Use your wings to
reach the :[Music: Mt. Slide]: music disc.

Now we'll aim for the knit cap sofa. To get it, keep going right and use the
roofs. Be careful of the Waddle Dees with spears here, and use the monsters to
reach the :[Knit Cap Sofa]:.

Now for the Snowman. It's right after the knit cap, so be ready. The very next
tunnel has some falling icicles that you need to use as ledges to reach some 
wings. Use the wings to reach another set of wings higher up, than you can in
turn use those to grab yourself a :[Snowman]:. 

All in all, this is a fun level, but due to the fact that you can't back
track, it make take a few tries to get everything. Do a few "fun run's" first
and you'll see exactly where the treasures are.

|                                   |
|   World 6 Stage 4: Frosty Wheel   |
|                                   |

This level is well designed, notice that you turn into a sled instead of a
car? Use the sled combined with the slopes to reach new heights. You'll find
the :[Snow Clock]: in a gift box if you keep heading right instead of up when
they let you. You'll have to have a good sled jump to reach it, though.

Keep heading past the icicle geyser's and than past the floating ice blocks
and you'll come across the frosty wheel's. Use them to reach a gift box
containing a :[Snow Globe]:. 

Keep going past the ever-increasingly difficult ice geyser's and wheels and
you'll find a gift box with the :[Music: Frosty Wheel]: music disk in it,
behind some colored boxes. You can use the second player to break these, or an
enemy that you can find below it. 

Keep going and use your sled to act like you're in a sonic game. This next
section is full of jumps and gems, and in short is just plain awesome
(Thnikaman approved!). Have fun. 

|                                  |
|   World 6 Stage 5: King Dedede   |
|                                  |

Time for a nice fight with King Dedede. As you can see at the start, Dedede is
a marionette. He has four strings controlling him, which you will need to take
care of. 

His attacks vary depending on how many strings he has left. At the start he
will pound with his hammer, producing stars which you can grab and hit him
with. He will also do a dash attack from left to right (or right to left) that
you can dodge. Now hitting him with a star will put him on his back/belly,
kind like how he is when he dashes at you. What you need to do is turn into a
weight and pound down on him. This will make the marionette buttons appear,
than you just need to whip them off. 

Now he'll add in a shout which pushes you away but is unremarkable otherwise.
He'll also add in a ground pound that sends out shockwaves, which you must
jump to avoid. However, he'll also have mines drop down, so choose your
jumping spot carefully. He also does his first attacks as well.

At 2 strings left, he'll do everything above but add in a hammer attack that
produces stars and than he proceeds to do a whirling hammer barrage. Do your
best to grab the star and use it to stop him early.

At 1 string left, it's more of the same, but he'll do the mine and
ground/pound attacks longer. 

Defeat him to recover yet another piece of the golden yarn, as well as the 
:[Music: King Dedede]: music and the Penguin Patch (for doing good).

|                                   |
|   World 6 Stage 6: Frigid Fjords  |
|                                   |

Ah, another fun level. Here you will be in another race, with a TON of racers.
The first part isn't hard, but notice you can jump onto the ice pillars to get
higher and usually get on the top paths. Keep on the top path at the beginning
to find the :[Penguin Chest]:. Keep going gathering gems and charges and
you'll have to jump over two rock structures. Keep going and you'll have to
use three ice pillars in a row to get to the :[Sleigh]: treasure. 

Keep going on however you want, go through the caves, but to get the music
disk be sure to keep low after the caves. You'll go under three rock pillars
at some point and hit a boost. Jump the gap right after that charge to get the
:[Music: Snow Land]: music. Getting the music is on the path with the lesser
amount of gems, though, just a FYI.

|                                    |
|   World 6 Stage 7: Evergreen Lift  |
|                                    |

Now this level, like most levels after the boss, is quite fun. You're on a
giant lift that you have to force to move by winding up the center button.
This gives you a lot of control on how fast you want to go. 

Also, there is really no area to explore here, so here's some general notes:

Beware of the archers shooting down.

You can find the :[Holiday Tree]: in a gift box on the left.

The cannon looking enemies shooting snowballs don't seem to be killable, but
you can kill them with a weight or other enemies.

You can find the :[Star Wreath]: in a gift box on the right.

Towards the end of the level, you can find the :[Music: Quilty Court]: music
in a gift box on the right. 

Now, normally I would give over the next world to Thnikaman, but since "real
life" got in his way I'll be doing the next World too. Don't worry, he'll
return for the world after the next one, but for now let's go onto World 7:
Space Land.

                               World 7: Space Land                     
==================================================================[KeY 3.7]===

|                                  |
|   World 7 Stage 1: Future City   |
|                                  |

Oooh, a future based world. Fun, Thnikaman is missing out. Enter the door here
to go up the elevator and ride the train thingy. This train is fairly safe to
ride on, just don't get between the cracks when it goes downhill or you may
fall. The ladders it passes lead to a bell symbol, but it's just the first

On the second platform, go up the elevator and across the platforms. A ufo
enemy here can shoot beams at you, just fyi. Go into the structure next and
use a Waddle Dee to access the first gift box with a :[Space Monitor]: in it. 

Keep going past the gift box and use the weights to head upwards (you'll have
to get rid of any enemies on the bottom weights, obviously). Head up the next
elevator to turn into a ufo. Use the ufo shock (remember, the one you get
after sucking in three enemies?) to break the boxes below the starting point
for a lot of gems, and further up for even more gems. Keep your eyes open in
this area for lots of gems.

After turning back to "normal" Kirby, fall down the door and use the Waddle
Dee to hit the colored in block. Jump over there to worm your way up to a gift
box with a :[Space Table]: in it. You can also use the box you dropped to worm
yourself to the 5-star bell piece. This next area has those slightly swingy
platforms with volcano's, but they miss you entirely if you stand on the edge,
so just take your time. enter the next door.

This leads to one last train ride, so just be careful of the downwards parts
and collect gems. Near the end is some ladders you can jump to to get the
:[Music: Future City]: soundtrack (or you can easily get it with the two
player jump trick).

|                                |
|   World 7 Stage 2: Tube Town   |
|                                |

Well, first of all avoid the obviously bad spikes of electricity and move up
to the Waddle Doo. Use him to destroy the block to the left which leads to the
:[Digital Clock]: gift box. Keep going upwards avoiding electricity until you
get to a worm hole. Go left in it and get the snapper to chase you and power
the next platform so it moves up and down. Use it to continue, and than go
downwards. Unleash the exclamation mark from the first nook on the right and
get down so you're below where the stage makes that upwards platform. Now use
it to reach the exclamation mark for the :[Music: Tube Town]: soundtrack. 

In this next area, clear all the blocks out and collect the gems (you can use
the projectiles to ball up and clear the blocks out easier). Than kill the
snapper to the left, so you can make it chase you and power up the other
outlets. The middle outlet gives you a star while the right outlet lets you
move on. You can use the far right enemy as a stepping stool to get that 5 
star bell piece, by the way.

Ride up and make the snapper give you some more juice, than head up the 
platforms, ducking under an especially tight space. Past this use the button
to go right and find a :[Circuitry Rug]: in a gift box. Head right now and
ride the wave, dodging the cleverly placed mines along the way to the end. 

|                                     |
|   World 7 Stage 3: Mysterious UFO   |
|                                     |

This level is pretty cool. Head in the ufo and hit the button to turn off
gravity to an extent, giving you extra long jumps. Explore around a bit and
you'll find a gift box to the left with the :[Communicator]:. Head to the top
to turn on the gravity and jump down (as a weight) on the box to the right for
a star. 

This next area, just proceed along the platforms normally until you get to a
door which will drop you down to the anti-gravity button. Use it but be
careful of the electricity. Explore a bit to find some gems and an especially
nice stash to the north (grab a box to propel yourself up to the exclamation

Head right and use the rotating sphere to make another exclamation mark
appear, than use the sphere twice in a row and get up that northern shaft to
find the gravity button and some :[Space Food]: behind the exclamation mark.
Go downwards to turn on another anti-gravity button, than use it to keep
heading right until you pass the third set of mines.

Now we're going to get fancy. To get up that northern path (which is obviously
hiding something) you need to car jump to the first enemy, whip him (just 
unravel him, don't hold him) than with your new height whip the second enemy
on the right so you can get on top of that ledge. It may take some practice to
do, but it's entirely possible and leads to the :[Music: Space Land]: 
soundtrack. Head back down and keep going right to get to a much bigger
sphere. You can use this combined with a Waddle Doo to get the 5-star bell
piece. Use the sphere to go up and turn back the gravity, and than to go right
to end the stage.

|                                  |
|   World 7 Stage 4: Stellar Way   |
|                                  |

Here we have to be careful, as there is no floor under us for the majority of
the time. Use the stars to travel right, but don't put yourself in danger for
that bell piece or an extra gem. Just time things right and be safe. This next
platform has several enemies with comets raining down. watch your head and
continue, grabbing the ribbon below to turn all those comets into gems for
awhile. The comets will come back though, so be ready. 

Use the buttons to get the ladder (and the star down below) and in this next
room kill any ufo's you see. Those things are a pain. Than use the rotating
ledges to go up and left to reach a gift box with the :[Star Candy]: in it 
(that last ledge can be tricky to get to, jump when it's straight, the go 
counter-clockwise around it).

Head right and use the swinging button to continue. You can get a few gems
here by swinging around creatively. On this first planet thing, get to the
apex and follow the path to reach the :[Music: Stellar Way]: soundtrack. You
can also get the :[Rocket Bed]: by using the stars below the BIG spinning
planet (the second one). Also be sure to get the 5-star bell piece by climbing
the ladder at the second spinning planet's apex. Keep heading right past one
last comet infested area (there's an exclamation mark to turn them into gems)
and you'll reach the best part of the game so far: Rocket-Ship Kirby.

This section is awesome, just use "1" to shoot stars in a 1942-like mini game.
Get as much as you can without getting hit by any projectiles for maximum
gems. This section leads to the end of the stage, so have fun!

|                                  |
|   World 7 Stage 5: Meta Knight   |
|                                  |

Ah, you knew this was coming...

For the first part of the fight, Meta Knight will roam around and slash at
you, sometimes sending off a wave attack. Grab his wave attack and spin it up,
using it to hurt him. When you hurt him, grab his sword to get rid of it.

Now he'll go get another sword, blue this time. He gets a bit faster, so be
careful. He also shoots the one big wave still, but can shoot two smaller,
homing waves as well. Grab one of them and hit him again, than make sure to
grab his sword again to hurt him.

Now he'll go get yet another sword, purple this time. This one took me by
surprise, but you'll know better! This thing has a MASSIVE range, so get far
away and up/down to avoid it. He also is able to do a downwards thrust if he
catches you below him. He still shoots out the waves, though, so grab one and
hit him with it, than grab his sword.

Not done yet, Meta Knight will go and grab another sword, red this time. This
one gives him several new moves, such as a huge fiery swing and a move where
he sends out wind gusts (which take you up to the roof and hurt you, since the
roof has spikes) followed by a wave attack. He also sends out three homing
waves now. Grab any of those wave attacks and hit him with it, than pull away
his sword to win the battle.

One thing worth note here is that sometimes if you throw something at him in 
front of him he will slice it, making it disappear. Being fast seems to limit
this, as well as hitting him when he lands and not being in front of him
forever, but as always, practice makes perfect.

For winning you will get another piece of golden yarn, as well as the :[Music:
Meta Knight]: music and, if you score high enough, the satellite patch.

|                                |
|   World 7 Stage 6: Moon Base   |
|                                |

This level, like most levels after the bosses, is quite fun. You'll be
transformed into a tankbot right away, so cause havoc until you reach the
orange boxes than jump backwards for the :[Cosmic Bin]: treasure. Keep going
and kill the crystal inside of the ball. Remember, if it isn't dying, you 
probably just need to use excessive force!

Head past the two fire dispensers, killing everything to get to the 
:[Porthole]: treasure. Keep heading right to face down another hiding crystal,
but on a treadmill this time! Fun! Now head past the boxes into a... meteor 
swarm! Yes, blow them up before they manage to hit you. Note that the bigger
ones take more rockets, and you can nab the :[Music: Tankbot]: music on the
way! Sweet.

Head right out of the meteor swarm to reach the final hidden crystals, only
this time there's two of them and a ton of cannons. Spray rockets everywhere
and protect yourself to beat them and finish the stage.

|                                  |
|   World 7 Stage 7: Outer Rings   |
|                                  |

Yes, oh dear god yes. I prayed there was this level ever since I found out
about the Rocket-Ship Kirby.

If you liked that at all, you'll just love this level. Feel free to kill at
will and collect the gems, as I point out the treasures for you, just in case
you miss any!

This level features you riding as Kirby the Rocket-Ship the whole time. Use
your star powers to take out the comets for gems. A bit into the level, those
bee things will pop out and try to ambush you, but kill them and nab the 
:[Saturn Stand]: treasure they leave behind on the right.

Now things get a bit tougher, as ufo's will eventually come out and shoot at
you. In fact, those sneaky little things will come out left to right and right
to left, four at a time, and shoot at you right away at one point, so get
ready to dodge some streams of laser fire. Than they'll bring out the tentacle
monster things, but make sure to kill all of those as the last one drops the
:[Saturn Donuts]: treasure.

Keep kicking butt and soon you'll face the "boss" of the level: a giant
electrical cloud thingy. Lay into it with concentrated fire as it fires comets
at you. You can destroy the comets easily and still hurt him, though, and even
sway side to side. He does a few special attacks that you should know. 

The first one he just rams downwards, which is easy to dodge. The second one
he will fire electricity down and move a bit towards you, but as long as you
move away you'll be ok. The hardest to dodge is where he centers himself in
the middle and shoots out four electricity fonts and rotates. To dodge this,
just hide in the corner. Once you kill him you can end the stage, but be sure
to grab the :[Music: Outer Rings]: soundtrack that he drops.

Well, that's it for World 7. I'll now let Thnikaman write about the last world
for you. 

                               World 8: Dream Land                     
==================================================================[KeY 3.8]===

|                                    |
|   World 8 Stage 1: Whispy Forest   |
|                                    |

A true classic, Whispy Forest is pretty easy to navigate. Enjoy the retro
music. There's plenty of secret doors here and a few cannons that are easy to
operate. There's nothing too hard here or that you can't handle, so here's the
treasure list:

:[Whispy Woods]:: When you get to a tree you can pull down, take an enemy and
throw it at the wall of bombs. This will reveal a secret door that will take
you to a cannon room. Fire yourself at the blocks to the left. You'll now be
in a room with the box.

:[Apple Pie]:: After you drop through the Whispy Wood tree, head left until
you see a cannon below you. Jump in and fire straight up. Now climb the bouncy 
platforms up, avoiding the cannon fire as you do. At the top go left and 
decend minding the spikes over head. At the bottom again you'll find the 
present box.

:[ Music: Green Greens]:: In the ladder room climb up until you see a secret
door to the left. Work your way to it and go in. Once in the other room take
the cannons up to the top of the room. Go to the middle cannon and fire
straight down. You'll now be directly next to the box.   

|                                     |
|   World 8 Stage 2: Tempest Towers   |
|                                     |

Tempest Towers is essentually a big wind tunnel. The tempest towers challenge
above all else your skills at timing. The trick is before you jump across a
gap make sure the wind is at your back. When you're crossing particularly
large gaps use your parachute to help as you'll be blown a good distance in
that form. 

Another area to note is the upwards draft room. Here you'll have to activate
and release your chute to ascend and descend. Avoid the obstacles and enemies
as much as you can. After this area is the end.

:[Bookcase]:: Just past the first spike pit is a secret door. Warp through it
to the next room. Mind your timing so the the winds are blowing to the left.
This should carry you all the way across the gap. Continue up to the present

:[Pancakes]:: After you climb the ladder to the next floor of the tower you'll
see some star blocks above you. Make sure you have an item to throw and use a 
right-bound wind to carry you to the ledge. Break the blocks to reveal a 
secret door. Go through and you'll see a Waddle Doo. Grab him up and throw him 
at the bomb block then quickly get out of the way as the blocks above will 
begin to fall down. 

The falling blocks will create new platforms for you to climb up. Grab another
Waddle Doo and hit the other bomb block. Again, get out of the way of the
falling climb on them for K.H.O.P time. 

:[Music: Butter Building]:: As you ascend the upward draft chamber you'll come
to a place where there are two Waddle Dees throwing bombs. Behind the blocks
that the left one is standing on is a secret door.  Go through and a bunch of
gems will appear leading to the present box. Open and close your parachute to
control your elevation and guide yourself to the box. Open it to get the disk.

|                                   |
|   World 8 Stage 3: Cloud Palace   |
|                                   |

This level's a bit more complicated than the previous ones. There are lot's of
places to die as you are in the clouds. You'll have to focus on timely
grapples because there are a lot of moving grapples about. The bouncy clouds
are fun but can be difficult to time. 

Oh, and when you run across the giant cloud monster RUN. Do not grapple him,
RUN. Do not throw things at him, RUN. Just run as fast as you can. Later you
get a star cloud shooter thing and you'll be able to take your revenge on the
evil cloud beast.

When you do get to the airplanes, you're bound for more AWESOME. Any second
players will just be a separate plane. For some reason, these things shoot
star clouds. Huh, oh well, have fun.

:[Cloud Rug]:. When you first see the bouncy cloudy creatures bounce on them
until you see a grapple above you. Grab it and swing back and forth. It will
eventually take you to the box.

:[Bubbly Soda]:: After the first big cloud monster that you hopefully RAN AWAY
FROM you'll see a series of the railed grapples. If you take the path being
fed from the bottom right feeder it will take you to the present box.

:[Music: Bubbly Clouds]:: A little while into the star cloud shooter
transformation area the path will split. Take the bottom path to get the

|                                    |
|   World 8 Stage 4: Castle Dedede   |
|                                    |

Cannons, cannons everywhere, that's pretty much this level to a T. You can
jump on the cannonballs just be sure they don't slam you into the wall. That's
really about it. Be sure to explore the castle's many warp door's as well.

:[Castle Dedede]:: When you arrive at the room with three cannons in a row,
jump up to the top ball. Let it carry you to the left wall and go through the
secret door there. Once on the other side use the Waddle Dee's arrows to
break the blocks they're standing on. Then kill each of them to spawn an
exclamation point. It will attach to the portrait in the middle of the
room. Pull the tab to get the item.

:[Dedede's Robe]:: After you pass through the room with the downward cannons
and up into the room with a single launch cannon in the middle take the
right path to continue the level. Pull the tab to move the wall. Behind the
wall is a secret door that will lead you to another kill the enemies room,
this time with UFO's. Kill them and the exclamation point will spawn. Pull
away the portrait to reveal the item.

:[Music: Gourmet Race]:: In the room with three horizontal cannons and spikes,
take the last path you can take and jump to the left. The door will lead you
to one more kill room. Kill the bombs to get the exclamation point and pull
the portrait.

|                               |
|   World 8 Stage 5: Yin Yarn   |
|                               |

Finally, the baddy behind all of this. Time to teach him  a lesson.

First, he'll summon Fangora (which you'll only have to fight for one phase).
Simply dodge Fangora's attack and grab her tongue. Once you defeat Fangora
he'll drop a cloth over the screen with only a few holes in it to see through.
While the screen is down he shoots needles at you which will sew strips of
thread that will act as platforms and walls. Use these platforms to get to the
door and exit to escape.

Next, he'll summon Capamari in his final phase. Grab a small octopus and throw
it at the blob that has eyes. Then grab it to kill it. Now Yin Yarn will drop
his cloth again. This time, however, he'll summon lesser enemies that you can
grab and throw at him. Do this twice and he'll fall down. Comence celebraaa...

Well, he's still alive. This time though Meta Knight comes through with a
giant robot transformation. Fire missles at him as fast as you can, making
sure to hit the projectiles he throws at you. A second player operating the
robot arm really helps here. Once you beat him this time, he's down and out.

For winning the battle, you of course win the game. Congrats!

You'll also get the :[Music: Yin Yarn]: soundtrack, the baseball bat patch,
the :[Music: Dream Land]: soundtrack, and the :[Music: Staff Credits]: disk.

Good job! Now you can tackle Dream Land's extra stages as well as any
mini-games that you wish.

|                                        |
|   World 8 Stage 6: Meta Melon Island   |
|                                        |

This level is fun to the Nth degree. You'll start out as a race car. Then,
before you know it, your a fire truck. Next, you're a dolphin. After that you
transform into a train. Finally, you become the surfing penguin.

Really what more can you ask for? You have nearly all the best elements in the
game in one level. This level is essentially a tour-de-force in
transformations, so have fun!

The one thing to note here is that you can shoot the lava with the fire truck
to make it harden and become a platform.

:[Palm Chair]:: Kill the first fire centipede after the fire dinos. This one 
is obviously in the firetruck section.

:[Ice Cream]:: This is located between the two train cars on the ground above
where you start in the train section. Very easy to get.

:[Music: Ice Cream Island]:: Make sure to hit the rainbows at the end of the
penguin section, as the disk is up in the air a bit. 

|                                         |
|   World 8 Stage 7: Battleship Halberd   |
|                                         |

The Battleship is basically a side scrolling shooter game featuring Kirby
(Editor's Note: And one of my favorites!). Just fly through the level dodging
enemy fire and destroying everything in your path. The end boss is a flame
spewing computer of sorts. Just destroy his two weapons and central core. 

:[Galaxia Sword]:: The item is inside the second large cannon (what's a sword
doing in a cannon?).

:[Knight Helmet]:: This item is located inside the first large cannon that is
inside the ship.

:[Music: Halberd]:: The disk is inside the bottom of the two large cannons
that are above and below the inside of the Halberd. 


Here is a collection of the game's many mini-games.

All of these mini-games take place in the game's levels, and you can only
play through the ones that you've already beaten. Meaning that you'll
naturally know the levels before you play these mini-games.

They provide a good distraction from the main game, as well as tack on many
extra hours of game play. For the most part, they all reward you with one new
fabric for each mini-game you beat. Necessary? Not really. Only really
necessary if you want to play longer, gather fabrics, or get to 100%.

Most of these mini-games are fairly simple. I will note here that practice
makes perfect, and there's no better way to pass a level than to keep on 

To access these mini-games, you must first decorate the various apartment
building. You must also build onto the apartment to access the other four

Here is a list of what you need to decorate the apartments, as well as how 
many gems you need to build onto the apartments.

APT: 101

Kirby's Pad

APT: 102

Zeke's Pad 


Flower Sofa
Flower Clock

To build the second level:

Required: 10,000 Beads

APT: 201

Beadrix's Pad


Rainbow Arch
Camel Sofa

APT: 202

Carrie's Pad


Stuffed Bear
Bronto Slide
Dessert Dresser

To build the third level:

Required: 25,000 Beads

APT: 301

Buster's Pad


Outdoor Bath
Totem Pole

APT: 302

Mara's Pad


Clef Tree
Jellyfish Light
Space Monitor
Knit-Cap Sofa

                               Zeke's Hide and Seek                     
==================================================================[KeY 4.0]===

Zeke's mini-games involve taking you to a stage and making you find five 
monkey's in a hide-and-seek game. 

When you spot one (and for the most part they are SUPER easy to find), just
whip them to hit them. Some can be hard to find, i'll admit, especially in the
latter stages. 

Here's a list of the stages, the time limits, the rewards, and where you can
find the monkey's at. 

Zeke 1: Fountain Gardens

Time: 3:00


1. Straight ahead of you, behind some bushes. He's moving. 

2. Up the tree, on one of the ledges to the right.

3. Down in the water area past the tree.

4. Swimming around the first water blaster. Wait for him to come up. 

5. By the bead shaking tree.

Reward: Blue Sky Fabric

Zeke 2: Rainbow Falls

Time: 3:00


1. Right at the beginning, head left a short ways.

2. Head up and find him past the crocodile's (where the outdoor bath was).

3. In the middle of the respawning Waddle Dee's.

4. Past the umbrella spawning Waddle Dee's, in the clouds.

5. Open the shower curtain thing at the end to find the last one. 

Reward: Rainbow Dot Fabric

Zeke 3: Big Bean Vine

Time: 1:00


1. Strait to  your left.

2. Straight to your right.

3. Enter the tree and find him to the left.

4. Enter the tree and find him to the right

5. Exit the top tree hole and find him up there.

Note: Incredibly easy.

Reward: Natrual Dots Fabric

Zeke 4: Pyramid Sands

Time: 3:00


1. Directly above you in the beginning. 

2. To the right below the first mummy.

3. In the hidden area below the second mummy.

4. In the dust devil after the second sinking sands.

5. Below the archer Waddle Dee past the two spike balls.

Reward: Red Dot Fabric 

Zeke 5: Cool Cave

Time: 3:00


1. Between the two two big rollers.

2. Above third roller.

3. Behind the arrow sign.

4. Behind the blocks next to the ladder.

5. Floating around at the end.

Reward: Red Tartan Fabric

Zeke 6: Flower Fields

Time: 3:00


1. Move right four reals.

2. Near the last two big flowers at the bottom.

3. Above the first dandilion to the left.

4. Above the second dandilion to the right.

5. Beneath the second lilypad.

Reward: Sun Flower Fabric

Zeke 7: Dino Jungle

Time: 3:00


1. Near the brontosaurous past the vines.

2. Behind the bronto's head.

3. Behind the first water dino.

4. Near where the first water dino stops

5. Above you as you ride the second water dino.

Reward: Dino Egg Fabric

Zeke 8: Toy Tracks

Time: 3:00


1. Ride the block the second set of Waddle Dee's are throwing up to the ship,
than left of the ship to the monkey.

2. He's chilling right by that second set of Waddle Dee's you used the block
ride on

3. Keep heading right past everything and pull the duck to find one.

4. This monkey is hiding in the toy soldier's hat, his tail is sticking out
like hair.

5. At the end, the monkey is hiding in the doors behind the soldier's boots.

Reward: Colored Blocks Fabric

Zeke 9: Mushroom Run

Time: 3:00


1. All the way to the right. You have to break the blocks and than hit him. 

2. North of the first monkey, use a blue mushroom to reach him. His tail is
sticking out.

3. On the left hand side, hiding behind a cloud. He's northwest of the Waddle

4. North of the third monkey, use a blue mushroom to reach him. 

5. At the end of the stage, he'll pop up like a mushroom.

Reward: Mushroom Fabric

Zeke 10: Sweets Park

Time: 3:00


1. Right at the beginning behind the spinning wheel.

2. Go down the ladder and to the left.

3. Jump to the platform at the end of the first conveyor.

4. Behind a wall at the beginning of the fourth conveyor.

5. Below the second falling creme.

Reward: Gifts of Love Fabric

Zeke 11: Melody Town

Time: :20


1. Next to the first drum.

2. Left of the second drum.

3. Behind the top symbol.

4. Behind right side of harp at the top.

5. Swing across to the left side of the harp at the top.

Reward: Music Lover Fabric

Zeke 12: Splash Beach

Time: 3:00


1. To your left at the bottom of the hole.

2. To the right in the pit with the 2 spike heads.

3. On the platform above the second monkey behind the castle.

4. After the umbrella behind the palm trees.

5. After you swing and drop down the shaft above the umbrella and up the

Reward: At the Beach Fabric 

Zeke 13: Blub Blub Ocean

Time: 3:00


1. Directly below you at the start.

2. Below the hollow gold blocks. 

3. Above the gold blocks with gyms in them.

4. Below in the are with the circular currents.

5. Behind the tentacle monsters at the end.

Reward: Waves Fabric

Zeke 14: Snowy Fields

Time: 2:00


1. In the fence, directly right from where you start. 

2. In the middle of the pine trees, right from where you start.

3. Drop through the igloo to the right, his tail is sticking out at the end. 

4. In the castles after the igloo you have to drop through. 

5. Hiding after the boxes at the very end of the stage. Use a snowman or
player 2 to break the boxes.

Reward: Igloo Fabric

Zeke 15: Future City

Time: 3:00


1. Jump above where you start and go through the blocks. He's right there in
the upper right corner.

2. Hidden in the next set of blocks, use a Waddle Dee to break them.

3. He's riding the escalator above the second set of blocks. 

4. Underneath the first weight pully thing. He's behind the one that's
already weighed down by two Waddle Dees.

5. Above the right portion of the second weigh pully thingy. Easy to spot.

Reward: Future City Fabric

Zeke 16: Tempest Towers

Time: 2:00


1. By the second mine on the way up.

2. Destroy the right bomb block to continue upwards and you'll also find this

3. Destroy the bomb blocks that the Waddle Dee is standing on to the left (the
Waddle Dee is throwing bombs). This leads to a transport door that has a
monkey inside (to the left).

4. Ascend upwards from 2, he's in the middle, you can't miss him.

5. This guy is hiding in a window corner north from number 4, in the narrow

Reward: Butter Building Fabric

Zeke 17: Mole Hole

Time: :15


1. To the left of you.

2. To the upper left of you.

3. To the upper left of you.

4. To the right of you.

5. To the upper right of you.

Note: This is a confined space, the monkeys enter and leave. Fairly easy to

Reward: Veggie Fabric

Zeke 18: Dark manor

Time: 3:00


1. At the start, behind a candle.

2. Climb the first ladder, he's in that space to the left.

3. On the second ladder, which is behind the blocks on top of the second
stair case. 

4. Past the third stair case, and ghost, use the tunnel at the end to reach
him. Don't hop up, hit him before hopping up.

5. Hop up from number 4 and follow the tunnel to find him.

Reward: Floaty Ghost Fabric

Once you have beaten all of his mini-games, he will want to come over to play
with you after you finish a stage. Go into your room to meet with him and 
receive a Zeke Fabric.

                               Beadrix's Bead Runs                     
==================================================================[KeY 5.0]===

Beadrix will want you to collect a certain amount of beads in a certain
amount of time. These mini-games are pretty easy. They often lead you onwards
with beads, and almost always give you more beads in the stage than you need.

They also like to transform you, which is fun. Overall, these one's are pretty
fun and easy. The most important thing here is, of course, not to get hit (you
don't want to lose your beads). Two players help for any transformation 
levels, especially in the later stages. 

Here's the stages, beads and times, and rewards.

Bead Run 1: Flower Fields
600 Beads / 1:30
Reward: Flower Fabric

Bead Run 2: Pyramid Sands
200 Beads / :30
Reward: Hot Land Fabric

Note: Make sure to kill the single monster at the end. Don't wind him up, 
just kill him. 

Bead Run 3: Big Bean Vine
200 Beads / 1:00
Reward: Grass Land Fabric

Note: Avoid the arrows here like the plague!

Bead Run 4: Sweets Park
250 Beads / :40
Reward: Ice Cream Fabric

Note: To get all of these, you have to unravel the monsters. Pay attention to
the direction they're looking because if you spook them they'll run off. Be 
quick and make sure to only tap the "2" button

Bead Run 5: Blub Blub Ocean
200 Beads / :20
Reward: Blue Star Fabric

Bead Run 6: Deep Dive Deep
200 Beads / :20
Reward: Raindrops Fabric

Note: Follow the green gem paths here.

Bead Run 7: Lava Landing
160 Beads / :30
Reward: Fireball Fabric

Bead Run 8: Mt. Slide
100 Beads / :30
Rewards: Iceberg Fabric

Note: Jumping HELPS. 

Bead Run 9: Stellar Way
320 Beads / :40
Reward: Milky Way Fabric

Note: This one is easy, just turn the comets into beads.

Bead Run 10: Dino Jungle
250 Beads / :25
Reward: Spooky Woods Fabric

Note: More treasure monsters. Kill the far left one, than the bottom one, than
the right one. Pay attention to which way they're looking.

Bead Run 11: Mushroom Run
250 Beads / :30
Reward: Bitter Cocoa Fabric

Note: Having trouble? Practice a bit, use good up and down movements. Use the
parachute for precision.

Bead Run 12: Fountain Gardens
200 Beads / :20
Reward: Brick Fabric

Note: Do a few practice runs, this one is all about car form and knowing when
to jump. Fairly fun, though.

Bead Run 13: Whispy's Forest
250 Beads / :30
Reward: Green Dot Fabric

Bead Run 14: Cozy  Cabin
680 Beads / :50
Reward: Hot Dog Fabric

Bead Run 15: Future City
340 Beads / :40
Reward: Chain Link Fabric

Bead Run 16: Mole Hole
240 Beads / :40
Reward: Stone Wall Fabric

Bead Run 17: Evergreen Lift
280 Beads / 1:00
Reward: Holiday Tree Fabric

Note: Aim for the treasure monster.

Bead Run 18: Moon Base
350 Beads / :50
Reward: Planatarium Fabric

Bead Run 19: Battleship Halberd
1200 Beads / 1:20
Reward: Halberd Fabric

Bead Run 20: Outer Rings
1000 Beads / 1:30
Reward: Ringed Planet Fabric

Once you have beaten all of her mini-games, she will want to come over to play
with you after you finish a stage. Go into your room to meet with her and 
receive a Beadrix Fabric.

                              Carrie's Transport                    
==================================================================[KeY 6.0]===

Carrie will want you to carry her to the throne at each stage.

These are probably the easiest mini-games, and having a second player helping
you makes them super easy as they can clear the way and provide a stepping
stool. Just remember to have some urgency, and use car mode whenever you can.

Transport 1: Patch Castle 
Time: 2:00
Reward: Fluff Blue Fabric

Transport 2: Fountain Gardens
Time: 1:00
Reward: Green Tartan Fabric

Transport 3: Flower Fields
Time: 1:00
Reward: Berry Soda Fabric

Transport 4: Lava Landing
Time: 2:00
Reward: Lava Fabric

Transport 5: Mushroom Run
Time: 1:30
Reward: Mushroom Soil Fabric

Transport 6: Melody Town
Time: 1:30 
Reward: Yellow Dot Fabric

Transport 7: Splash Beach
Time: 2:00
Reward: Palm Island Fabric

Transport 8: Secret Island
Time: 1:30
Reward: Treasure Map Fabric

Transport 9: Cozy Cabin
Time: 1:30
Reward: Warm Mittens Fabric

Transport 10: Tube Town
Time: 1:00
Reward: Famicom Fabric

Note: Kill the creature, car throw her over, than take the downwards path.

Transport 11: Big Bean Vine
Time: 1:30
Reward: Blue Dot Fabric

Transport 12: Tempest Towers
Time: 2:00
Reward: Pink Wave Fabric

Once you have beaten all of her mini-games, she will want to come over to play
with you after you finish a stage. Go into your room to meet with her and 
receive a Carrie Fabric.

                                Buster's Training                     
==================================================================[KeY 7.0]===

Buster is all about death! No, really, all this guy wants you to do is kill

For the most part, this is pretty easy. Make sure to use enemies as
projectiles when it's useful for you? Have a chance to use a spear as a 
throwing weapon? Take it! In fact, there's a few levels here where they
expect you to do things like that.

Also, have a sense of urgency. Car mode when you can, projectiles when you 
can, etc...

Oh, one more VERY important note. On these stages, you get hurt by an enemy,
and you LOSE TIME off of the clock. So it's VERY important that you don't get
hit. In fact, not getting hit is the single most important thing on later
stages like Cloud Palace and Evergreen Lift. 

Here's the stage, how many enemies you have to beat, how long you have, and
your rewards. I put a few notes by the harder ones.

Training 1: Sweets Park
10 Enemies / 1:20
Reward: Sweet Dot Fabric

Training 2: Rainbow Falls
20 Enemies / 1:30
Reward: Waddle Dee Fabric

Training 3: Pyramid Sands
10 Enemies / 1:30
Reward: Mummy Mania Fabric

Training 4: Mushroom Run
15 Enemies / 2:30
Reward: Buttonfly Fabric

Note: Make sure to explore this area. Maybe do a dry run first to locate all
of the enemies. Not too hard, considering all the time you have.

Training 5: Melody Town
10 Enemies / :40
Reward: Orange Soda Fabric

Training 6: Cool Cave
15 Enemies / 1:30
Reward: Dandan Fabric

Training 7: Dino Jungle
25 Enemies / :45
Reward: Hot Wings Fabric

Training 8: Splash Beach
15 Enemies / :40
Reward: Water Hoop Fabric
Note: Use the enemies her for arrow ammo.

Training 9: Blub Blub Ocean
10 Enemies / :30
Reward: Waterfall Fabric

Training 10: Snowy Fields
20 Enemies / 1:00
Reward: Midnight Dot Fabric

Training 11: Frosty Wheel
10 Enemies / :45
Reward: Snowflakes Fabric

Training 12: Mysterious UFO
4 Enemies / :15
Reward: UFO Sighting Fabric
Note: Wow, a Doozy. Car Jump than use the grabbable blocks to propel yourself
forward. Grab the ufo, wind him up, and unleash him to win.

Training 13: Stellar Way
30 Enemies / 1:00
Reward: Meta Knight Fabric
Note: Continuosly throw arrows (wind up their weapons) at them. Stand right
before the inclined area and use the one respawning sword guy to get arrows
from for around three kills per wave. Kill the spear guy to the left in your
spare moments. When you're close to getting 30 kills, go crazy and kill

Training 14: Whispy's Forest
20 Enemies / :50
Reward: Woods Fabric

Training 15: Tempest Towers
10 Enemies / :35
Reward: Candy Dot Fabric

Training 16: Cloud Palace
70 Enemies / 1:10
Reward:  Yin Yang Fabric

Training 17: Weird Woods
30 Enemies / 1:00
Reward: Fangora Fabric

Training 18: Dark Manor
15 Enemies / 1:30
Reward: Squashini Fabric

Note: This is king of a hide-and-seek stage. There's two at the start. Another
is behind a box, there's the ghost, and than one past the ghost (you should
have 5 now).

Another one is past the one past the ghost, and there is a ladder above him 
where you can find another one (don't forget that ladder! You should have 7 

At the foot of the stairs is one, and another in an alcove to the right of 
the second set of stairs (tricky). One is at the top of the second set of 
stairs as well (10 now).

One in an alcove to the left of the third set of stairs, past that is another
ghost. Jump up and right to hit an exclamation mark and bump into another, 
than follow the path to find the last two.

Training 19: Boom Boatyard
20 Enemies / 1:30
Reward: Capamari Fabric

Note: Don't get hit! Take the upper path at the start. Try to be at the front
of the screen whenever you can, ready to kill whatever show's it's face.

Training 20: Evergreen Lift
20 Enemies / 1:20
Reward: King Dedede Fabric

Note: Again, getting hit is almost a call for a re-do. Take out the
Waddle Dee's throwing snowballs first, as they can kill other enemies with
their snowballs. Use weight Kirby or other enemies to destroy the snow bullet

Once you have beaten all of his mini-games, he will want to come over to play
with you after you finish a stage. Go into your room to meet with him and 
receive a Buster Fabric.

                                  Mara's Races                     
==================================================================[KeY 8.0]===

Ah, Mara's races. Here, you just have to beat Mara to the finish line. Aka, go
as fast through the levels as possible. 

She gives you ample time to beat her, as long as you don't make TOO many 
mistakes. Remember to go car whenever you can, and that practice makes

Here's the races, and the rewards for each of them.

Race 1: Patch Castle
Reward: Twirling Cross Fabric

Race 2: Fountain Gardens
Reward: Green Star Fabric

Race 3: Flower Fields
Reward: Honeycomb Fabric

Race 4: Rainbow Falls
Reward: Green Textile Fabric

Race 5: Big Bean Vine
Reward: Preppy Fabric

Race 6: Pyramid Sands
Reward: Red Textile Fabric

Race 7: Lava Landing
Reward: Burning Flame Fabric
Note: Get good at throwing that bomb! 

Race 8: Cool Cave
Reward: Battins Fabric

Race 9: Dino Jungle
Reward: Ancient Ruins Fabric

Race 10: Toy Tracks
Reward: Happy Train Fabric

Race 11: Mushroom Run
Reward: Caramel Star Fabric

Race 12: Sweets Park
Reward: Cookie Cookie Fabric

Race 13: Melody Town
Reward: Treat Land Fabric

Race 14: Splash Beach
Reward: Baby Blue Dot Fabric

Race 15: Blub Blub Ocean
Reward: Water Land Fabric

Race 16: Secret Island
Reward: Jolly Roger Fabric

Race 17: Deep Dive Deep
Reward: Blue Textile Fabric

Race 18: Snowy Fields
Reward: Snow Mountain Fabric

Race 19: Cozy Cabin
Reward: Knit Fabric

Race 20: Ice Wheel
Reward: Snow Land Fabric

Race 21: Future City
Reward: Denim Fabric

Race 22: Tube Town
Reward: Space Land Fabric

Race 23: Stellar Way
Reward: Galaxy Fabric

Race 24: Whispy's Forest
Reward: Baby Stars Fabric

Race 25: Tempest Towers
Reward: Spinning Stars Fabric

Race 26: Cloud Palace
Reward: Bubbly Clouds Fabric

Race 27: Castle Dedede
Reward: Castle Dedede Fabric

Race 28: Mole Hole
Reward: Candlemander Fabric

Race 29: Dark Manor
Reward: Pumpkin Party Fabric

Race 30: Fossil Reef
Reward: Fossil Fabric

Once you have beaten all of her mini-games, she will want to come over to play
with you after you finish a stage. Go into your room to meet with her and 
receive a Mara Fabric.

                               Shop Inventories                     

Here's the list of the items that you can buy from the shops west of Kirby's
Pad. As I stated before, they are generated at random, so I'm just going to
list them by how much they cost.

Oh, certain items aren't available until a certain point in the game. Like 
the Meta Knight and King Dedede items aren't available until after you fight

                                  Fabric Shop                     
==================================================================[KeY 9.0]===

Here are all of the items you can buy from the Fabric Shop, sorted by their
price. Useful to know if you still need a complete collection.

100 Bead Items:

black cotton  
orange cotton
white cotton
light blue cotton
pink cotton
brown cotton
purple cotton
blue cotton
yellow cotton
red cotton
green cotton
lime cotton

200 Bead Items:

white felt  
yellow felt  
black felt 
red felt 
lime felt 
light blue felt
purple felt
blue felt
green felt
pink felt
orange felt
brown felt

300 Bead Items:

gray quilted 
green quilted
beige quilted
aqua quilted
pink quilted
purple quilted

400 Bead Items:

green border
black border
orange border
light blue border
pink border

500 Bead Items:

choco mint  
green tile
brown tile 
choco chip
blue tile
red tile
vanilla mint
blue checkered
yellow tile

600 Bead Items:

white star 
gold star 
country red
sky blue
flower dot
purple striped
green striped
light blue striped
yellow striped
pink striped
black star

700 Bead Items:

blue argyle   
pink argyle
green argyle

800 Bead Items:

leopard print
tiger print
giraffe print
zebra print
cow print

                                   Furniture Shop                     
=================================================================[KeY 10.0]===

Here are all of the items you can buy from the Furniture Shop, sorted by
their price. Useful to know if you still need a complete collection.

300 Bead Items:

hanging plant
display stand
rocking horse
round table
table lamp
alarm clock
rotary phone
ceiling lamp
seat cushion
fabric frame
basketball net
long cushion
coloring set
small dresser
square planter
flower vase
wall mirror
counter table
round cushion

500 Bead Items:

snare drum
tv stand
potted plant
round rug
elegant chair
long mirror
tube tv
diamond rug
normal bed
mini fridge
wall clock
wall sconce
picnic basket

800 Bead Items:

old clock
fruit bowl
elegant sofa
floor lamp
bouquet vase
large dresser
sewing machine

1200 Bead Items:

flying saucer
taiko drum
plasma tv
electric guitar
elegant bed

2000 Bead Items:

bronto burt
waddle doo
waddle dee

5000 Bead Items:

king dedede
meta knight

8000 Bead Items:

(Note: Beat the game for these two.)

star bed
bell hanging

=================================================================[KeY 11.0]===

Bkstunt's Credits:

Thnikaman for the idea to do Kirby's Yarn. At the time, no one had a guide
written on it! Thanks to my wife and kids for the late nights, and to
Good-Feel and Hal Laboratories for a well-done game. Disgustingly cute, but
well done.

Thnikaman's Credits:

I'd Like to thank my wife for giving me the time to work on this, my friend
Bkstunt for cowriting, and Family Video for the rental.