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Asked: 4 years ago

-K level puzzle pieces?

When you get all of the -K level puzzle pieces it doesn't say that you've unlocked anything, so what do they do? I can't find any information about it in the instruction manuel, the game itself, or anywhere on gamefaqs.

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From: niels200683 4 years ago

I managed to forget this one piece of information in my original answer: Dioramas are only unlocked by the puzzle pieces in the K-world once the world's boss is defeated. If the puzzle pieces have been obtained before defeating the world boss, the diorama will be unlocked together with the level music when the boss has been beaten.

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After beating the game, a Temple pops up that enables Mirror Mode. However, to unlock it you must collect the "K-O-N-G" in each level

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Are you sure you have all of them? It did say it unlocked something for me - the K-level puzzle pieces unlock the dioramas in the extras menu.

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If you collect all the puzzle pieces in a -K level, you unlock a diorama in the diorama gallery (a 3D image). Try going to the diorama gallery in the extras place. Mabe you'll see something.

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What everyone else said. Especially the boos part. Dont expect much out of the dioramas. its like the trophies from super smash bros, but there is a total of 8 and they arent too special.

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oh and make sure you finish the level through after collecting the pieces. having beaten the level before, you cannot just get the remaining pieces and quit. Play it through and you get your diorama. if at any time you leave the level, the puzzle pieces you collected without beating the level go away.

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