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How can I use shot techniques for blocking shots?

For example, the "megaton head" of Endou in order to block a shot.

superalex1993 provided additional details:

Thank you for the answer, but that only works with the green techniques, my question was about red techniques (shots), when I saw the Endou of other team using the "megaton head", no circle appeared around him, but when the fat boy of the Raimon (Kabeyama I think), used "the wall", the circle appeared.
But thank you anyway.

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jovan28 answered:

Basically those people who have their gauge full can use it.Gran(Hiroto Alien Form) can use Meteor Blade when a shot technique was infront of him and shoot it back.Shadow can use Demon Cut(Steal Tech) directly infront of the guy who is using Shot Tech,When far Shadow can use Dark Tornado and shoot it back but sometimes it just decreases the attack but still continuation of goaling ur goal post.
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xiaotama answered:

When the defender's attack gauge or something that when full is sparkling,shake the wii remote and the defender must be at the back or near the goalkeeper or infront of the person who is shooting,shake the remote and they will use the defending move
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