Question from yiningman

How to do combination hissatsu as dragontornado?

I've been playing a while and I still can't figure it out ;(
BTW: How does the burning phase start? It happens random to me atm...


yohanblaze answered:

U have to get 50% friendship between axel and kevin
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OriginalNeoZERO answered:

You need have 50% friendship between Gouenji and Someoka (axel and kevin are their names in the spain traslate, that sucks)... after that, look que tecnics in one of them ande check the setions (have 4), e.g. Gouenji have Fire Tornado and Fire Tornade V2, then in the third maybe nothing. and in the last can choose "Dragon Tornado"
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Zkarts answered:

If you mean how to perform them in the game, you set the special moves in team management and then select the character and go to the special moves screen. At the top you can set co-op moves and that will open up a list of the unlocked co-op moves (you unlock them by increasing bonds between characters, you can check which characters can do a move together in the bonds screen). Select your move and then in-game, both characters need to be playing and both need to have the blue lightning bar filled. Then take one that has the co-op move set, start charging, move to the other character and he will join you.
As for the burning mode, you activate it by pressing C & Z on the nunchuk, A & B with the wiimote and L & R with the Classic Controller. I'm guessing you're pressing both buttons already.
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cococroco answered:

In the third choose maximum fir which you get from 100% friendship with Canon. Dont worry Maximum Fire is a 1 player shot. To get Canon buy all three Marks ( endou)
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