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Wyvern Crash Vs Dragon Slayer TP?

Both use up 50 TP.

Question is:
Is Wyvern Crash expensive or powerful?

Is Dragon Slayer weak or cheap(in prize)?

Souparna123 asked for clarification:

Question not clear. Anyways, dragon slayer is lvl3 technique but w. Crash is lvl2


cococroco answered:

Wyvern Crash is expensive and a bit more powerful than most level 2 shots. But Dragon Slayer is normal price in comparison with other level 3 shots.
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Orion0091 answered:

wyvern crash is quite powerful and beats most level 2 shots but dragon slayer is much stronger. dragon slayer costs a decent amount of TP for a level 3 shot, making it cheap but powerful. i would suggest any level 3 shot over a level 2 one, so there really is no competition. anyway, you can use dragon slayer and score a lot of goals against a lot of teams so i would suggest going with that. you can use wyvern crash when you are facing a really weak goalkeeper. hope i helped!
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