The revolutionary 80s smash hit Contra is back! This action/shooting game placesthe strongest soldiers on earth,the Contra, in an occupied city shell as they take on alien forces.There are a variety of action-packed scenes featuring tanks,air bikes as well as the famed man-on-aliencombatHOW TO PLAYD-Pad Up - Aim UpD-Pad Left - Move LeftD-Pad Right - Move RightD-Pad Down - CrouchLeft Soft Key - AttackRight Soft Key, Select - JumpClear Key, Touch Pause - MenuEnd Key = ExitAt Insert Credit Prompt1 = Insert creditSelect = Start gameTIPS AND TRICKSTo assist you, four different bonus weapons are awarded for destroying smallflashing sensors, or flying podsGetting the Barrier powerup in the waterfall stage will help you along.Annihilate the large sensors or giant boss at the end of each stage to advance to the next stage.To make the game easier to play on mobile devices, the fire button can be set toautofire in the settings dialog.SUPPORTED HANDSETS Motorola Q Motorola Q9M Pantech Pn-820 Samsung Blackjack (i607) T-Mobile Dash

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