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The Darkness
Collectables and Sidequests Guide


Scattered throughout the game are collectable items. They
lay on the ground or on tables and flash at you, like most
items in games. This list lists them in the order you come 
across them in the game (for the most part).

After you get the piece of paper, find a phone, and dial the
number. Itíll show up as a dialog option, such as "Dial Collectable
phone number #1", and you'll unlock bonus content accessible from
the main menu.

For the collectables acquired in "Hell", you must play the game
until you get out of "Hell", and find a mail box to put the letters
in (it's the public blue ones they put on roads and next to post
offices [in real life, not in the game]).

If you're going for all 100 collectables, you might as well do all the
sidequests as well, since there's only a slight difference.

As of this writing, every single guide on the internet that I've
seen was utter crap. The descriptions were either outright WRONG
or far too vague to be helpful. Apparently, this is the only guide worth
using. Pretty sad for such a popular game, you'd think there's be
better guides out there.



Construction Site:

#001 - After taking the guns from Mikey Cimino at the start of the game
and shooting the padlock on the door, it is right there in front of you,
to the left of the blue mini-dumpster.

#089 - Progress until you get to the second elevator, but instead of
riding it all the way to the 3rd floor, walk off at the second floor.
Turn left, jump over the small gap, and follow the walkway around.


#029 - After going through the first door, down the steps, and taking
a left, look to the right for a pane of glass. Ignore this for now,
and continue in the level until you get Creeping Dark, then return here.
Shoot out the vent on the bottom of the door and use Creeping Dark to
grab the collectable.

#002 - After the darkling pushes the car out of the way, exit the
cemetery and turn left. Straight ahead, there is a garage door that's
open a few inches from the ground. Use Creeping Dark and grab the
collectable. You can also take out the switch inside to open the garage
door all the way, if you'd rather walk in.

<no collectable> - Return to the Cemetery in Chapter 5 and talk to Frank
Rottenburg, who needs his insulin. Use Creeping Dark to go into the restroom
inside the cemetery and grab it. He gives you a shiny trinket which serves
no purpose.

Canal Street Station:

#034 - Immediately after entering, turn left, and look behind the information
terminal. Can't miss it.

#019 - After talking with Enzo Scardina, go down the first set of stairs,
but go straight, up the next set of stairs in front of you. Follow it until
you get to the room, and there's another information terminal. Look behind it.

#088 - Return to the steps, and go down to the platform. Pull an immediate
U-turn to the left, and this collectable is right on the tracks, past the
traffic light thing.

#003 - Turn left from the previous collectable to a small hallway under the
stairs you just came down. The collectable is next to the door labeled
"Employees Only".

#039 - Talk to George Hadel in Chapter 1, half way up the Chinatown stairs.
Help him out by talking to Compton Scarr (usually right at the bottom of the
same steps), then return to George for the collectable.

#047 - Talk to Terence Willis in Chapter 3, and agree to help him kill off
some gang members. After you kill them, return for this collectable, and help
on how to get the next collectable.

#046 - Talk to Lucas Hellinger in Chapter 3, under the stairs. You need to
complete the mission for Terence Willis first, so you get the "Distract him"
option to put a red dot on a cup. Just pick the cup that had the red dot and
he reluctantly gives you the collectable.

#040 - Talk to Dana Cutrone in Chapter 3, go to the apartment and get her
keys from the dude. Return for the collectable.

#052 - Talk to Alfred Blackmoore in Chapter 5, and go back to Dana Cutrone
in her apartment. Take the keys from her and give them to Blackmoore for the

#051 - Talk to Enzo Scardina in Chapter 5. Help him out and swap the briefcases
from the guy in Fulton Street Station. Return for the collectable.

#045 - Talk to George Hadel again in Chapter 5. Compton Scarr stole his
harmonica this time, so go to Lower East Side and take care of him. Return for
the collectable.

<no collectable> - Talk to Jimmy the Grape in Chapter 3, and help him find
Petey "Pajamas". He's in room 216, but he doesn't know where the room is. It's
in Grinder's Lane, so go there and finish the mission.


#005 - After exiting the subway, follow the road to the intersection and turn
right. Follow that road straight, until you see some parking spaces and giant
shipping crates. Near the light grey crate is a dumpster. The collectable
is to the left of the dumpster.

#053 - From the 1st intersection, follow the road left and around the corner.
About half way to the next bend in the road are poles in the sidewalk. Behind
the poles is a very small alley with the collectable in front of a door.

#091 - When Jenny is yelling at you out her window for you to come closer,
follow the main road left (while looking at Jenny). At the end is a newspaper
stand and a broken phone. The collectable is under the ledge of the newspaper
stand (the side opposite the road).

#090 - When Jenny starts actually talking to you from out her window and you
automatically lower your weapons, turn around and go down the small alley. 
Follow it straight and you'll see a fence and a summon portal on the ground
behind the fence. The collectable is behind the summon portal.

#044 - After talking to Jenny in her apartment, leave and you'll see some goons
chasing a guy. Gill the goons, then talk to the guy and explain yourself to him
for the collectable.

#004 - Talk to Dana Cutrone in Canal Street Station during Chapter 3 and help
her. When you get to the guy's apartment, the collectable is on the floor.

Lower East Side:

#006 - After entering the kitchen, turn left and enter the fridge. To the
left, on a shelf, is the collectable.

#055 - From the exit of the restaurant that you took while fighting the
helicopter earlier, go straight across the road and a little bit to the
left. Enter the alley, and use Creeping Dark to enter the second vent. The
collectable is to the left.

#007 - From the exit of the restaurant that you took while fighting the
helicopter earlier, turn right and follow the road around the bend. Just
past an alley is a phone booth with the collectable inside.

#035 - Outside Whitefish Pool hall, there are two large shipping crates. Use
Creeping Dark to get on top of them and grab the collectable.

#054 - When leaving Whitefish Pool hall, turn right (Whitefish Alley) and go
down the alley. You will see another large shipping crate, and again,
the collectable is on top. Use Creeping Dark to get it.

#056 - When exiting the subway, turn around and follow the road the short 
distance, then go right. Back in the corner is a small alley with the

#020 - When you enter Aunt Sarah's house, go into the room straight ahead. The
collectable is on a shelf in the corner.

Hunterspoint Alley:

#008 - After exiting the pool hall, it's right there on the floor in the
alley. Can't miss it, unless you're just not paying attention.

#097 - In the alley under the train tracks, there is a locked door to the left.
Above it is a vent. Use Creeping Dark to go through the vent and grab the
collectable and a darkling outfit.

#009 - To the right of where Roach is/was sitting is a lamp. Directly under
the lamp is the collectable.

#057 - After climbing the fire escape and entering the second room, turn
right and there is a kitchen with a collectable in the corner.

#058 - From the kitchen mentioned in the previous collectable, turn right and
go through the door. Turn right again to see a dead end. To the left of the door
(where the steps would go down), there is a gap in the floor. The collectable is
right on the other side of the gap.

#059 - After the orphanage gets blown up, and the guy falls over the edge
of the roof, next to his body is this collectable.

Fulton Street Station:

#010 - Exit the women's restroom and look about 45 degrees to the right,
and on the other side of the tracks. Can't miss it.

#095 - In the men's restroom, it's in the toilet stall all the way to
the left.

#096 - After getting the Key to City Hall, proceed down the walkway to City
Hall. After the walkway ends and you can walk on the tracks, turn around. When
the track seems to bend towards City Hall, there's actually another very dark
path that the train takes. The collectable is in there. You may have to rely
on its flash to reveal itself, it's so dark. Watch where the train goes if
you need help finding it.

#041 - Talk to Ingrid Pulanski, who's usually looking over the tracks and
help her find her bracelet. It's usually right below where she's looking, under
the lip of the track. Give her the bracelet, and she'll give you the

#042 - Talk to Charlene Warburton and accept the wager. Collect ALL FOUR
coins and talk to her again for the collectable.

#048 - Talk to Mitch Deval in Chapter 3. Follow the main storyline and
you'll eventually go into City Hall, where Mitch's brother is a homeless
hobo that attacks you. Come back and talk to Mitch later and he'll give
you the collectable.

#050 - Talk to 'Little Petey' Terrone in Chapter 5, and deliver his message
to the guy at Canal Street Station for the collectable.

#043 - Talk to Mortarello and complete his 5 hits. Return for the collectable.

Grinder's Lane:

#062 - After opening the gate, proceed to the doors, but don't go inside yet.
Use Creeping Dark, and on top of the makeshift roof above the doors is the

#036 - After burning the money and opening the door next to the vending
machines, turn right and enter the room. In the corner is a vent near the
floor. Use Creeping Dark, follow the vent, and grab the collectable.

#011 - Exit the room from the previous collectable, and go to the second
room on your right. It has a whiteboard in it and a computer desk. Behind the
computer desk is the collectable.

#060 - Above the subway entrance is a bridge-like structure with 3 windows
in it. Use Creeping Dark to enter a window and grab the collectable at the
end of the hallway.

#061 - Behind the gates leading to the orphanage are some dumpsters in a small
alley (take the long way around if the gates are closed). Use Demon Arm to move
the left dumpster and the collectable is underneath.


#012 - From the subway exit, follow the road straight to the end. Turn right,
and you'll see a small loading dock with a ramp on the right. Use Creeping
Dark to crawl under the ramp for the collectable.

#098 - Before entering the orphanage, use Creeping Dark to climb to the 
balcony level above where the front door is, and the collectable is on
the steps.

#100 - Upon entering the orphanage turn left and enter the room. In the far
corner of the room is the collectable.

#099 - After climbing the stairs to the second floor, you see you and Jenny
talking. To the right of the lamp without a lampshade is a door. Go through
the door. What you want to do here is make a jump to the ledge straight in
front of you. After that, turn 90 degrees to the right, and make another jump
to the small ledge. Turn 45 degrees to the right, and jump again. There is
another door straight ahead. It's kinda hard to see, so just push up against
the wall and it'll open.


#063 - You'll probably notice this one first, when you use the binoculars.
It's right in front of the pestilence statue. Don't bother with Creeping Dark,
it's too far. Wait until you exit the trenches and walk there. Might be hard
to get without dying, with the airplanes bombing you.

#014 - Upon exiting the trenches, turn around and follow them backwards
(staying OUT of the trenches, of course). Follow the trenches to the second
building-like structure. The collectable is in a destroyed room on the 
opposite side of the barbed wire.

#013 - From the little dirt ramp to exit the trenches, there is a tree on a
small hill just to the left. On the other side of that hill is the remnants
of a building with what looks like a hatch. Shoot it to destroy it, then
climb down into the room for the collectable.

#038 - After the 1st bunker, and using the Kamikaze darkling to destroy the
box of ammo and the wall next to it, turn around to the left and go to the
opposite side of where the  hole in the wall is. Around the corner, on a ledge
is the collectable.


#015 - In the little room with the harmonica guy. Can't miss it.

#066 - After climbing the ladder after the harmonica guy, pull a U-turn to
the right, and follow the path into the small building.

#016 - When looking at the door to enter the church (the actual door you go
through, not the big door), turn around. To your right in a destroyed building
with he collectable in it (there are stairs on the one corner).

#065 - From the previous collectable, go down the steps the look straight
ahead, and you'll see another crawlspace. Go in and climb down the ladder.
You can't miss the collectable.

#064 - Wait until you return to "Hell" for the second time, and you'll
come out on the other side of the bars, and you'll walk right over the

#049 - Talk to Charlie Hazelgrove on your second trip to "Hell". He's in the 
same room as the harmonica guy was when you were on your first trip to "Hell".
He gives you a bracelet to give to his wife, Rosie, back at Fulton Street
Station, who in turn gives you the collectable.

#028 - After getting the Darkness Guns and returning to Anthony, he opens up a
hatch. Immediately after climbing down the ladder is an opening that you have
to crouch through. Immediately after crouching through, turn around and it's on
your right.

The Hills:

#087 - Upon entering the Hills, you are given the task to move a large bell
out of your way. If you look on the ledge above the bell, you can see the
collectable flashing at you. What I've always done is to take the bell,
and place it between the slanted earth to the left and the ledge, in effect
creating a ramp to the collectable. Some people also say that you can jump
over to the ledge by just jumping over to it from a certain angle, but I can't
get that strategy to work.

#080 - In front of the cross is a trench, just like the ones that were at the
start of "Hell". In the trench is the collectable.

#079 - Off of the main path is a destroyed building, with its chimney and
fireplace still intact. In the fireplace is the collectable.


#017 - When you come to an area that has a door you can't open (until you
activate the pumps), climb the stairs to the top, and turn right. Jump over
the railing or send Creeping Dark to the collectable.

#067 - After operating both pumps and going through the now open-able door,
turn left at the first intersection and the collectable is in the corner.

German Bunker:

#018 - After coming to the very top of the stairs, turn around. The 
collectable is right next to the summon portal.

#027 - After finding the giant train, look to its right for a giant gate-like
door. At the bottom right corner of the door is the collectable.

#068 - On the train, in the room with the big red star, go down the stairs
and look under the walkway directly under the big red star for the 

#083 - On the second trip to "Hell", after the tank ride and killing of the
giant beast, the beast falls near a room to the left that has the collectable.

#026 - When you finally get to see the giant train, play through until you
get to the hatch above its control room. Turn around, so you're facing away
from the hatch. Use Creeping Dark, and send it to the halfpipe looking area
under the cannon. Climb the right side with Creeping Darkness, and get on the
small flat ledge. Turn left, and go straight, climbing up a very small
indentation, then climb up the small slanted indentation in front of that. You 
should see the collectable right in front of you.

Gun Hill:

#069 - After exiting through the 1st door, and going up the very small ramp,
turn and look to the left to see a roof awning type thing with 3 garbage cans
under it. Use Creeping Dark to get on top of that roof for the collectable.

#021 - After entering Shrote's apartment, turn left before the kitchen for a
living room type area with the collectable on the bookshelf.

#071 - After the helicopter blows up the wall, take the ladder down. Without
jumping over anything, follow the path around and past the light and you
should see the collectable.

#070 - After making it back inside and exiting to the rooftop, quickly turn
around and go behind the wall to get the collectable, before the helicopter
kills you.

City Hall Station:

#022 - Follow the tracks to a broken down subway car. Enter the subway car and
look in the back for the collectable, along with a darkling outfit.

#072 - After fighting off the homeless bums, going through the door, and down
the stairs, you'll see a pipe straight ahead of you. Jump over it, and you
should see the collectable in the corner.

#081 - In the room where you get attacked by a Satan worshipper sitting behind
bars and bulletproof glass, the collectable is to the left of the stairs.

#073 - In the area where you have to jump down onto planks of wood, there are
lights on the outside of the room under small platforms. On top of one of the
platforms is the collectable. Jump to it or use Creeping Dark.

#023 - After proceeding through the game, getting the briefcase, and returning,
just before the ambush, there are some restrooms. In the men's room, in
the far stall, is the collectable.

#030 - This one is a bit tricky to get. In the first room where you get
ambushed, there is a scaffolding that rises up almost to the ceiling. The
collectable is on the lower of the two levels there. I couldn't find an easy
way to the collectable, so I was barely clinging to the wall when I grabbed it.

Turkish Baths:

#074 - After climbing over the barricade, take the path on the left and follow
it. The collectable is at the end.

#025 - After walking over the single plank of wood on the top floor, continue
until you get to the first room after that. Go to the right, and follow that
hallway into the showers, then go into the door at the back of the showers
to go into the sauna, which has the collectable sitting on a ledge.

#024 - In the briefcase room, there is a fence. Use Creeping Dark and go over
the fence, or if you can angle the Creeping Dark just right, you can grab the
collectable through the fence.

#082 - When exiting the briefcase room, turn left and follow the hallway.
You can't miss it sitting there on the floor.

#075 - In the room where you fight the helicopter, look over the railing
from the second floor, and you should see the collectable on the top of the
scaffolding. Creeping Dark seems to work.

Castle Entrance:

#078 - After you find the path to take, follow it to a ladder, climb down 
the ladder and look right for a small tunnel with the collectable at the end.
You can see this before the ladder, but to get it you need to climb down the
ladder to get to that area.

#076 - After finding the giant shell and taking the small rollercoaster ride,
the car that the shell was on will stop near some stairs. Going down those
stairs, there is a hole below the walkway to the right that contains the 

#077 - Just before crossing the makeshift bridge made out of planks of wood,
look left, and the collectable is to the right of the light thing.

#032 - After crossing the bridge made out of planks of wood, there are several
more light things. Look beside the last one on the right.

#031 - As soon as you find the shell cart, go up the stairs next to it. When
facing the lever to open the door, turn right and walk straight. The
collectable is right there.

#033 - As soon as you enter the castle, there are some stairs leading to the
upcoming battle. On the left wall, directly across from the stairs, is a dark
area. Jump up there, and the collectable is in that dark area. You might need
to rely on its flash to reveal itself.

Castle Hall:

#084 - When you enter the room with the extraction machines, go straight across
from where you entered. On the other side of the gate is the collectable. It's
close enough to just grab it through the gate.

Pier 19:

#093 - You can't get this in Chapter 5 when you actually go to the pier for the
main storyline, you have to come here earlier, like chapter 3. Anyway, in front
of the giant red crane, some construction workers start whining about the crane
being jammed or something. Next to them are some crates. Move them with the 
Demon Arm, and the collectable is underneath.

#085 - Same as the above collectable, you can't get it in chapter 5. Along the
waterline is a guy sitting on the edge of the pier next to the big red crane
listening to his music. He's sitting on the collectable.

#037 - When standing under the big red crane, and looking out to the water,
turn right. Straight ahead are some garage doors. The one to the far left is
partially open. Send Creeping Dark, get through the obstacle course, and the
collectable is right there on the floor. Some say that you can't get this while
the Santa Maria boat is docked, so if the door isn't open, come back when the
boat isn't docked.

#092 - When coming up the ramp at the start, pull a U-turn to the right.
Follow the fence to the building, and then follow the building into a long
alley with the collectable.

#094 - In the front of the ship are some stairs. The collectable is below them.

#086 - Go to the lowest level of the ship to be in a large room full of shipping
containers. Walk through them to the far wall, then look above the last
container that you walked through, and there is a container missing. Use 
Creeping Dark to get up there and grab the collectable.


Thanks goes to namingstandard for finding lots of the collectables that the guide were outright wrong or far too vague about (mostly all of
the collectables, lol, that guide was utter crap [IGN sucks to begin with
anyway]). As of this writing, every single guide on the internet that I've
seen was utter crap.

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