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                          (( //       ||===||  ( / |   
                            -____-   ( \_, |    -____- 
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    -_____     -   -_, -__ /\   _-_-,        /  -,   ,- _~,   -_-/    -_-/  
      ' | -,  (  ~/||    || \,    // ,      ||   )  (' /| /  (_ /    (_ /   
     /| |  |` (  / ||   /|| /     ||/\\    ~||---) ((  ||/= (_ --_  (_ --_  
     || |==||  \/==||   \||/-    ~|| <     ~||---, ((  ||     --_ )   --_ ) 
    ~|| |  |,  /_ _||    ||  \    ||/\\    ~||  /   ( / |    _/  ))  _/  )) 
     ~-____,  (  - \\, _---_-|,  _-__,\\,   |, /     -____- (_-_-   (_-_-   
    (                                     -_-  --~                      

                       T H E  D A R K N E S S
     For the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 versions of The Darkness
                Version 0.40 (work began May 2nd 2008)
                 By Millers C (millerscrossingfaqs@hotmail.com)
              This document is copyright Millers C (2008-)

                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

                          1. VERSION HISTORY
                          2. INTRODUCTION
                          3. DISCLAIMER
                          4. CONTROLS
                          5. CHARACTERS
                          6. THE DARKNESS
                          7. WEAPONS
                          8. HINTS
                          9. WALKTHROUGH

                         VERSION HISTORY
Version 0.40: June 21st 2008

I'm delighted to announce that Chapter 5, and therefore the walkthrough,
for The Darkness has finally been completed after six weeks of hard work.
I'm pleased with how it has evolved in this time and really enjoyed writing
this guide and feel privileged to be a part of one of the most fascinating
games I have ever played. I hope to add several more expansive sections of
this guide over the coming months and will pay close attention to ways in
which I can improve this guide. But I've completed what I set out to do and
I'm happy with the way it has turned out so far.

Version 0.35: June 9th 2008

Here we go, chapter four completed as promised; I've already begun
work on chapter five and hope to get this up and running as soon as

Version 0.30: May 25th 2008

I've added to the walkthrough so that it is complete and up to date for the
whole of chapter 3. Chapter 4 should follow shortly!

Version 0.20: May 11th 2008

The walkthrough has now been updated, with chapter two now completed. Its my
aim to try to get chapter 3 completed and submitted by next weekend if
possible. Also added a few notes in the weapons section.

Version 0.10: May 7th 2008

I'm proud to present the very first installment of my The Darkness FAQ. I'm
delighted, in fact that it has evolved so quickly as it has been 2 years 
since I last wrote a walkthrough. You'll find that version 0.1 has a
walkthrough complete up until the end of chapter 1; obviously I would like
to get the remaining chapters completed as soon as possible and I hope
to be in a position to get chapter 2 up and running and updated by the end
of this coming week. I have big plans to flesh this guide out even more and
will be looking at adding several more intensive features to this guide
as time goes on once I have completed the walkthrough. I hope you enjoy
version 0.1. 


Hello and welcome to my walkthrough for The Darkness. This is my
first FAQ for around 2 years and it really needed something special to
grab my attention to such an extent that I couldn't stop thinking about
it for months. The Darkness is a stunning game, a beautiful, challenging
and great fun experience. It made a strong impression on me the moment it
loaded up. Visually it is absolutely stunning, including a brilliantly dreary
and gritty version of New York City, the combat and general gameplay is 
exhilirating, fun and addictive, and it is all drawn together by a raw,
emotional and captivating storyline which I have found to be ont of the most
involving and engaging I have played and experienced in a long, long time,
and one which has just got to be experienced.

The Darkness began as a popular comic in the 1990's and its from these
comics that this game is based upon, bar a few notable changes. This 
game was developed by starbreeze, a very talented and relatively young 
swedish development team, who are most notable for being behind
Knights Of The Temple and The Chronicles Of Riddick. The Darkness puts
you in the role of Mob Hitman Jackie Estacado, who on his 21st birthday
becomes possessed by an ancient and evil force known as The Darkness.

The Darkness is a first person shooter; the game is open ended and
incorporates a certain amount of free roaming as you walk between a
scaled down version of New York City, completing various missions
and tasks which move the main storyline forward, but you are also free
to complete certain sidequests should the opportunity arise.

The Darkness is at times, fairly difficult for the novice gamer. Much
of the time you are battling various foes with just your handguns and
The powers of the darkness at your disposal. There is also a lot to see 
and do in New York City, including various sidequests and collectables
and interesting things to discover.

This guide was written using the HARD mode difficulty setting, although
it can be used forn those playing on easy and normal modes. This guide
was written for the XBOX360 version of the darkness, but can also be
used for the main part for the playstation 3 version as well.

At this moment in time, I have placed the emphasis on writing the 
walkthrough and then aim to focus on achievements and the collectables which
you can pick up in the game.

Before you proceed to the main walkthrough, have a look at The Darkness
section which will run down the key features of The Darkness which will
prepare you in great detail for the game ahead.

I really hope you will enjoy using this walkthrough as much as I had
writing it, and I hope that you will cherish and enjoy playing this game
and being a part of the experience that is The Darkness as much as I did.


Millers C's The Darkness FAQ/walkthrough, all rights  reserved Including the 
right of reproduction for profit in part or in any form  (2008-).

This guide is for viewing purposes only. It is present on GameFAQs and
the sites outlined below on the condition that it shall not by way of trade 
or otherwise, be Published, sold, circulated or exhibited in any magazine, 
shop or Web-site without my expressed written consent and approval.
GameFAQs.com is the only website which may use this guide currently; if you 
Would like this guide to appear on your website, contact me at 
millerscrossingfaqs@hotmail.com. Any help, hints, info or strategies you 
would like to submit, use that address also. 

'The Darkness' is a trademark of Top Cow Productions inc and Take 
Two interactive all rights reserved. Also, Top Cow Productions and Take Two
Interactive do not authorize or approve this guide, and have no association 
with myself. I disclaim any copyright in the 'The Darkness' trademark, or in 
the texts, dialogue, weapons or characters mentioned within this guide.

Thank you for reading this disclaimer.


You'll find that the controls for The Darkness incorporates a standard
first person shooter/Mouse/Keyboard style which has become the norm over
the last 7 or 8 years, but there are also controls for Darkness mode
which can complicate matters.

A small note on reloading, when Jackie uses dual guns, such as the pistols
and the sub machine guns, instead of reloading, when you press the B button
Jackie will drop one of the guns and move to the next one. This is why when
your Desert Eagle runs out of ammo, you move back to a .44, although despite
their obvious different design characteristics and sounds, there isn't a 
great deal of difference between the weapons.

---STANDARD CONTROLS (XBOX 360)---------------------

D-PAD - Switches Weapons/Toggles Darkness Powers.

Left Stick - Movement/Press down to crouch.

Right Stick - Look/Press down to zoom with your current weapon.

A Button - Interact. Press this when prompted to open doors, press switches
and speak to people.

B Button - Reload selected weapon/Change Weapon.

Y Button - Jump.

Right Trigger - Fires right handed weapon.

Left Trigger - Fires left handed weapon.

Back button - Enters Journal/map/look at objectives.

Start button - Pauses game/options.

---DARKNESS CONTROLS (XBOX 360)-----------------

Left Bumper - Enters Darkness mode.

Right Bumper - Uses selected darkness power.

X Button - Press this button whilst aiming using your crosshair to send
your darklings in this direction.

D Pad - Switches your darkness power.

A Button - Devours fallen enemy hearts.


---JACKIE ESTACADO-----------------

In The Darkness, we embody the role of Jackie Estacado. The game takes place
on the night of Jackie's 21st birthday. Jackie is one of the top contract
killers working for the New York mob; he kills for the franchetti crime
family, serving under his father figure, Uncle Paulie Franchetti. Young
and ambitious, Jackie does however have tremendous respect for the 
traditional way of running the family which has gained him the respect of
several of the older members of the Franchetti crime family, including
Jimmy The Grape and Vinny Mozzarello. Its this respect and disdain for the
questionable methods of his uncle Paulie means that the two often don't see
eye to eye on a number of issues, and Paulie is not a man to be messed with.
Known for his violent outbursts, Jackie and Paulie are on a collision course.

On his 21st birthday, Jackie Estacado must grasp a terrible and powerful
legacy. He becomes possessed by The Darkness, a malevolant and timeless
force which gives Jackie terrifying powers to gruesomely dispatch his
enemies. The beacons of light in Jackie's own darkness are his girlfriend
Jenny and his loving aunt Sarah. Jackie and Jenny grew up together in the
St. Mary's Oprhanage. They only had each other in that place and stayed
together even when Jackie was adopted into the Franchetti family. Jenny 
means the world to Jackie and tries to keep his dubious profession a secret
from her, knowing that discovering the man she loves is a contract killer
would be a terrible burden, keeping her innocent and pure.

---JENNY ROMANO---------------------

Jenny and Jackie grew up together in St. Marys Orphanage. Jenny was Jackie's
only real friend as they grew older. Jenny was upset when Jackie left the
orphanage, but he remained faithful to her and the two remained lovers.
Jenny is beautiful, pure and innocent and has no idea about Jackie's role
as a contract killer for the Franchetti crime family - Jackie cannot bear to
reveal to her his owen darkness as it would devestate her. Jackie has 
difficulty in opening up to Jenny as his open wounds are too painful to
reveal; Jenny is the antithesis of Jackie.

---PAULIE FRANCHETTI---------------

Paulie is the bitter, self serving, psycopathic don of the franchetti crime
family. When he became Don, he abandoned the principles of his predecessors,
favouring focusing on the drugs business and adopting methods of extreme
violence and intimidation. Paulie is a man to be reckoned with and not
one to be crossed. Paulie 'adopted' Jackie into his crime family at the age
of 12 and became a father figure of sorts to him, with the intention of
grooming him into his top assassin. But Jackie and Paulie are polar 
opposites; Jackie is calm, collected and respects the old methods, Paulie
on the other hand is short tempered, abusive and genuienely psycopathic,
ruling the family with an iron fist as he favours more brutal and dubious
methods of running the family. Despite this, he is actually despised by
various low level members of the family.

---CAPTAIN EDDIE SHROTE--------------------

Eddie Shrote is a captain in the NYPD and also serves as Paulie's right 
hand man and chief enforcer. He's been in the force for 16 years and has 
spread his web of corruption and sleaze to every corner of the precinct he 
commands; calling on squad after squad of officers and an entire SWAT team
at will. Shrote is happy to use his position to enforce Paulie's will and 
will go to extreme lengths to intimidate, silence and justify his actions.
Although a psycopath and sadist, Shrote is the more intelligent of the main
villains and uses more intelligent tactics when taking on Jackie.

---BUTCHER JOYCE---------------

Butcher has been working for the mob for over 30 years; he's a cleaner
in the traditional sense in that his job is to enter the scene of a mob
hit and clean up, disposing of all evidence including bodies. His other
job in the meat processing business serves as a convincing front to this
sideline. A friend of Jackie Estacado, Butcher has survived so long in
the mob by never taking sides. Butcher is on hand to help Jackie by
way of his contacts throughut the mob.

---AUNT SARAH------------------

Aunt Sarah was the wife of Jimmy Estacado, who was don of the Franchetti
crime family over 40 years ago; she ruled by Jimmy's side but when
he passed away, she was more or less forgotton about by the newer family
members such as Paulie Franchetti, but is still very highly respected by
the older members including Jimmy the Grape. Jackie is very fond of
Aunt Sarah; obviously she is aware of the nature of the family business, but
Jackie refuses to let her know too much about his profession, out of respect
for her. She was one of the only people to ever truly love Jackie as he
grew up other than Jenny and offers him a safe haven whenever he's in
trouble. She lives in Raspberry Avenue on the lower east side.

---JIMMY THE GRAPE----------------

Jimmy is a veteran gangster and is a made man in the Franchetti crime family.
Jimmy's age is unknown although he must be well into his sixties, he can
still handle himself in combat. He too is an old school gangster who is
deeply resentful of the methods in which Paulie Franchetti is leading the
family, although he cannot openly challenge him. Its because of this that
he becomes one of the few allies within the family for Jackie. Jimmy is
usually found in the subway stations in the game and can give you side
missions to complete.

                            THE DARKNESS


The main storyline of this game focuses on The Darkness, its power and its
possession of Jackie Estacado. Jackie's possession begins on the night
of his 21st birthday; initially feeling under the weather, he will begin
to hear voices in his head, a serpentine hissing. Eventually, early in the
game, The Darkness is born, manifesting itself physically.

The Darkness is a timeless, evil and malevolent force. What its ultimate
goal is is unknown at the beginning of the game, but its power grows
stronger and stronger as you progress through the game.

Jackie's possession is only partial; There are times when the Darkness has
enough power to act on its own free will within certain boundaries but
most of the time, Jackie has complete control over the darkness.

The Darkness also has the power to turn back time; when Jackie dies, the
darkness will respawn Jackie at the last checkpoint you recieved.

The Darkness manifests itself as two sepent heads which appear on the left
and right of the screen once you have been possessed. Press the left bumper
to activate darkness mode and press it again to deactivate.

The darkness' power can be monitored by pressing the back button and entering
Jackie's journal; you can see that by devouring enough hearts, your darkness
level will go up unlocking new powers and darklings to unlock.

You can use the darkness to perform various tasks to help you progress in 
the game and take care of your enemies. Not only can you manifest the
darkness and control it, but you can also summon darklings, demonic servants
of the darkness who will perform specific tasks. Using the darkness
effectively is vital for progress in the game and you must make sure exactly
how this will work to your advantage. Read on to see the powers that Jackie
can yield.

---DARKNESS POWERS---------------

You can use the D-Pad to switch through the 4 main darkness powers, although
you initially are able to use only one. When you scroll through them, an icon
will appear in the top left hand corner of the screen indicating which power
you have activated; the Darkness heads will also glow a different colour
for each power. The more powerful your darkness is, the more colour will
appear on their necks.

The power of the Darkness is in the shadows. Standing in the shadows absorbs
its energy and gives The Darkness more power and allows it to remain active
for a longer time; It is essential to shoot out lights in each area for your
darkness power to stay effective long enough. The darkness also gains its
power from devouring the hearts of fallen enemies, although it will reject
the hearts of the good and innocent. Stand over a corpse of a fallen enemy
and you will be prompted to devour the heart even if you are not presently
in darkness mode. This can be done at any time and replenishes your power
as well as leading to an increase in power.

---DARKNES SHIELD------------------

With the darkness activated, you will be automatically protected from any 
damage you may recieve, but the more hits you recieve, the quicker your 
darkness will be depleted.

---DARKNESS VISION----------------

With the darkness activated, you will automatically light up any darkened
area, allowing you to see much more clearly. This is particularly useful
especially when you have cut the power to or shot out the lighting in an

---CREEPING DARK------------------

The creeping dark is the first main power that Jackie can wield, and is also
one of the most useful. Once it has been selected with the d-pad, press
the right bumper. Jackie's consciousness will transfer into one of the demon
heads, and you can then control it and use it to move ahead, pick up weapons
and objects, open doors, devour hearts, eliminate enemies and enter areas
inacessable to Jackie.

There are times where you need to use this to progress in the game and it 
is also very useful when you are in a firefight.

The creeping dark's controls are similar to the controls for Jackie;

Movement: Use the left stick to move, turn and enter air ducts. Please note
that the creeping dark cannot pass over fallen enemies, it must go around

Climb walls: Move towards a wall and the creeping dark will automatically
climb a wall.

Attack: You can attack and kill enemies with one hit by sneaking up on them
and pressing the right trigger; you do not need to sneak up on enemies
to be able to do this, but be wary, if an enemy shoots the demon head enough
times you will lose your shield and the demon head will retract.

Devouring hearts: You can devour hearts the same way as Jackie would by
pressing the A button when near an enemy corpse. This will replenish your
energy so that the demon head can creep for a longer period of time.

Retracting: When you are finished, press the RB button to retract.

Interacting: You can interact with items using the creeping dark; it will
automatically pick up and weapons and ammunition for you and can peform
other tasks such as opening doors, unlocking doors and removing obstacles.
You will be prompted on screen when this is possible.

Using the creeping dark does have one downside; Jackie's consciousness will
be inside the demon head, leaving his body prone to attack, so bear this in
mind when using this power for a long period of time.

---DEMON ARM--------------------

When the darkness has enough power, you will be able to use the demon arm
which is the second power available to Jackie. The demon arm will emerge from
Jackie's back once selected and can be used to impale human enemies, killing
them instantly and move large objects such as cars and throw them around 
with ease.


Attack: Press RB when aiming at an enemy to imaple him with the demon arm;
keep this held down and you can lift him into the air, release RB to drop

Moving Objects: Press RB whilst aiming at an object or car and keep it held
down whilst moving in the direction you wish to move the object. Release
RB to drop.

---ANCIENT WEAPONS------------------

The third power you can use comes in the form of two ancient weapons
designed to harness the power of the darkness into two special guns.
These guns use darkness energy as ammunition but can drain your darkness 
power easily and need to be used sparingly. This is probably the least
useful of the 4 main powers and needs to be found, rather than inherit.
Use RB to fire these weapons and use them like any conventional firearm.

---BLACK HOLE---------------------

The darkness' most impressive power is the ability to bend space and time,
creating a vacuum, a black hole which will suck in anything from enemies to
inanimate objects. Press and hold RB to create such a black hole whilst
aiming it at the enemies or area you wish to suck inside. As you gain more
darkness power, the stronger and bigger your black hole will be. This is
useful in removing certain obstacles and in eliminating 3-4 enemies in one


The Darkness' power also stretches to its legions of faithful, demonic
servants which populate what can only be described as the darkness mindset.
Selecting darkness mode will bring up portals scattered at points throughout
the map, you can see them glowing white hot with tentacles oozing from the
base. This is where you can summon darklings, who will be under your command
and can help you deal with enemies. Remember that the darklings work in the
same way as the darkness, so keep them out of the light otherwise their
energy and effectiveness will drain. The Darklings are useful and each one
performs a specific task. To summon a darkling, press and hold the left 
bumper and press the button that corresponds to a specific darkling. 
Summoning a darkling uses a lot of darkness energy and can only be used when
you have sufficient energy. The darklings serve as much needed comic relief
in a dark, dark game and can all speak English!

---BERSERKER DARKLING----------------

The Berserker darkling has a bizarre sense of humour. Resembling a gremlin, 
It likes to dress up in different outfits which Jackie can find scattered 
throughout New York City. The Beserker is the first darkling you can summon; 
he can scout ahead and open some doors for you, but its main use is in its 
combat effectiveness; it will leap on and slash to death anyone in its path. 
Use the X button to summon one and press it again to point it in the 
direction you wish it to travel. The Berserker darkling is however, quite 
weak and won't stand up to a firefight.

---GUNNER DARKLING-------------

The Gunner darkling is the second darkling you can command. She is dressed
as a soldier and comes wielding a fearsome gatling gun. Use her to take point
against several enemies and she can cut them to ribbons. You'll find that
she is much less agile than the berserker on account of the heavy gatling
gun, but can attack from a much longer distance. Use the A button to summon

---KAMIKAZE DARKLING--------------

The third darkling you can summon comes strapped with a backpack full
of explosives. At your command, he will run towards your enemies and blow
himself up, taking anyone in the vicinity with him. He can also remove
some obstacles. You can summon this darkling with the B button.


You'll be able to summon the lightkiller later in the game; his primary
goal is to shoot out an electric beam which will disable all lights in an
area one by one. But they are not there for recon work only; they will
set upon any enemies nearby once their primary goal has been completed.
Summon him with the Y button.


Jackie will encounter various people out to kill him, from random street
thugs, wiseguys to Police officers, and although the darkness is his best
weapon, this wouldn't be a first person shooter without an arsenal of 


The Darkness has an interesting pistol selection; Jackie will only dual
wield Handguns and Revolvers and often uses different types at the same time.
Jackie uses what he picks up and you can often see him using a Desert Eagle
at the same time as a Colt Python. The pistols are the first main weapons in 
the game and you will use them quite a lot. They have a good range and you 
will find they have a good stopping power.

When your ammunition runs low or runs out, instead of reloading, Jackie will
drop his selected Handgun and move to the next one he has in his possession.

All the weapons are nameless, but you can use the following handguns and 
revolvers: 1911, walther ppk, Desert Eagle, Colt Python, .44 and a long 
barrelled Magnum.

---SUB MACHINE GUNS---------------

These unnamed guns are actually Steyr TMP sub machine pistols; they have
an awesome fire rate and are also dual wield, but are horribly inaccurate,
have a very low range and have very poor stopping power. You can also use a 
silenced version.

The Sub Machine guns work very much in the same way as the Pistols as Jackie
will also drop them when he runs out of ammo.


The AK47 is one of the heavier weapons in the game but cannot be found until
later in the game. It has a good rate of fire, good range and good stopping
power but is quite rare; you won't usually come accross these until later
in the game. A russian weapon which is commonplace on the black market 
finding its way in the hands of various criminals, mercenaries and third
world countries.

---ASSAULT RIFLE-------------

This is an M16 carbine rifle, favoured by the NYPD SWAT team. It is the most
powerful firearm in the game, has a good rate of fire, excellent range
and has great stopping power.

---COMBAT SHOTGUN-------------

This is actually a Franchi SPAS 12 automatic Shotgun; it has a low rate of
fire and is strictly a close range weapon as the shells spatter when you
use them making it useless at long range, but it is very powerful at close
range due to its fantastic stopping power.

---RIOT SHOTGUN--------------

The Riot Shotgun is based on the Striker model; its designed for riot control
and can fire automatically. Its slightly more powerful than the combat 
shotgun but can also be used at longer distances making it a very useful
combat weapon.

---MELEE WEAPONS-------------

You can attack enemies by butting them with your one-handed weapons such
as the Shotgun or AK47; You can also pistol whip enemies with the Pistols
and Sub Machine Guns as a last resort when you run out of ammo in these

---EXECUTION KILLS-------------

If you can sneak up behind an enemy with your weapons selected, you can 
perform and instant one hit kill by pulling the right trigger. Jackie will
execute his foe in a preset animation.

---OTHER WEAPONS---------------

In the otherworld, which manifests itself as an infinite battle during world
war 1, you can find and pick up some of these vintage weapons. The Luger
Pistols are the most impressive weapons as they have a good rate of fire and
can be dual wielded. The Long barrelled rifle used by the infantry has a good
range but as it is only a semi-automatic, you will find that it can be very
cumbersome when in a firefight.


This section is designed to go over some of the useful hints and tips which
will help you get into the feeling of the darkness and covers some of
the various features which do not fit in any other section.

---BRAIN OR BRAWN?----------------

The key to this game is not stealth; the purpose of the darkness is to kill
as many people and cause as much chaos as possible. It would be nice to 
be stealthy, but that is not what this game is about, so don't worry too
much about making too much noise and causing too much damage.


This game is relatively free roam, now what this means is you can travel
through a scaled down version of new york city but in order to progress in
the game you must complete story missions. At any time however you can break
off and perform a side mission.


The Journal (Back button) is the hub of your information; it keeps you
up to date with your current darkness level and power, keeps you up to date
with your objectives and also illustrates a map, so make good use of the 
journal as it is indispensable.


Use the zoom button (Press the left stick) to aim carefully at foes, but 
beware this does reduce your mobility.

---HEART OF DARKNESS---------------

You should always go by the mentality that darkness is your friend. Keep it
manifested, stay in the shadows, shoot out lights and always always devour 
your fallen enemies hearts to level up.

---SAVING THE GAME-----------------

The game employs an auto save feature which kicks in once you reach a preset
checkpoint or enter a new area, so you never need to worry about saving
the game. Also, when you gain an XBOX 360 achievement or get an unlockable,
the game will auto save this data so you'll not need to replay a certain area
to repeat the achievement; once its done, its done.


In New York City you will find various pieces of paper which turn out to be
phone numbers which you can ring in either Fulton Street or Canal Street
subway stations, and also letters which you can post in mailboxes on the
streets. Doing this will give you unlockables which you can look at on the
main menu.

---ACHIEVEMENTS (XBOX 360 VERSION)-------------

The XBOX 360 version awards you with achievements should you perform certain
tasks or complete certain difficulties in the game. A detailed section on
all achievements will follow in due course.


This particular walkthrough was written using the Hard difficulty mode, but
will also cover easy and medium difficulty modes. If you are looking for
something specific, each segment of this walkthrough has its own heading 
for each location we are in. For instance, if you need to know about a
mission in Grinder's Lane, simply use your quick search function on your
browswer, ctrl+F and search for Grinder's Lane. Specifics on achievements
are covered elsewhere in this guide, whilst the side quests and collectables
are also covered where possible in this walkthrough, they are covered again
in their owns section at the end of the guide.

Lets begin.


                           CHAPTER ONE: BETRAYAL

You start in the back of a convertable with Mikey and Nino, two fellow
mobsters. Use the right stick to move your head around and wake up.
This segment of the game is intended as an opening credits sequence, so
look around and watch the ensuing car chase. When you finally acquire that
Shotgun, Jackie will take what seems like a very long time to load it.
Finally, you will get into the passenger seat. You can now fire at the
construction workers, although they cannot shoot you and it has no effect
on the game. Eventually, Mikey loses control of the car and crashes.


You wake up beside Mikey's wrecked car; press back when prompted to begin.
Jackie gets up and dusts himself down. You'll hear Mikey, wounded and 
moaning from the other side of the car. Go over to him and you can help
him up. Listen to Mikey and he will present you with two 1911 Pistols, your
first weapons in the game, and inform you of your objective in the
construction site, whacking the foreman, Tommy Sullivan.

***WHACK FOREMAN****************

You can continue to talk to Mikey and ask him several questions, but
he will eventually succumb to his injuries. You should now make your exit 
through the wooden door to the right of Mikey, only it is sealed with a 
padlock. Press the right analogue stick to aim carefully at the padlock and 
shoot it to open the door for you. Go forwards through the coridoor and
into the shadowy section at the end of the coridoor to find a collectable
(Number 1), then  jump over the boxes to the right, and you will find a
cargo elevator. Open the doors and ascend; as you go to do this you will
hear the Darkness speaking in your mind. When you have reached the next
floor, the doors will open and you will recieve a checkpoint; If Jackie
dies you will restart here.

The Graves End construction site serves as a prelude to The Darkness; you
will find yourself reading on screen tips and hints and going through
some of the basics of the game, interesected with a few firefights, although
nothing too tasty.

When you exit the elevator, you will hear two workers talking behind two
large stacks of sand packets. You should be able to make short work of 
these two because you can take them by surprise from the side of the
sand packets. Edge around the packets and the pillar beside it and you can
get a clear shot of them both. Grab the pistols from the workbench and
you will also find some more munitions lying in the shadows, which you
should pick up before heading through the white door.

Pass through the coridoor and you'll hear another creepy message from
The Darkness. Go through the door here and up the steps. You'll be 
prompted to perform an execution move here on the construction
worker standing guard. Do this by crouch walking up behind him. Once you
have killed him, and then pulling the right trigger when you are right behind
him. This action will cause you to alert his 2 friends who are in this
area; one will emerge from the portakabins to the left of the crane,the 
second from the building with the scaffolding. Use the two boxes right 
where the first guard was standing as cover and shoot them in the head by 
peeking around the corners whilst in aim mode.

---ENEMIES RELOADING------------

Go over to the building where the second worker emerged and enter using 
the white door. You are in what serves as a crude canteen for the 
workers, but this part of the area is hidden behind an unfinished wall.
Go right, past the step ladder and look through the gap between the
sand packets. You'll see one worker, and if you are quick enough, you should
be able to shoot him in the head. If you miss him, he will eventually
walk around the wall into the coridoor here, so you can take him down
then. Either way, you will find that the remaining workers in the canteen
will now be alerted; If you walk around the coridoor into the canteen area
you'll be a sitting duck. Stand your ground and wait and see if the 
remaining workers come out to hunt you down. Stand in the doorway you used
to enter this area and pick them off as they appear. If this doesn't work,
You can peek around the corner of the wall to take them out. Once they are 
dead, you'll hear the ominous whirring of a helicopter.

There is another cargo elevator in the centre of the canteen which you 
should take. Get off and turn left and crawl underneath the raised
wall to reach the other side of the platform. Ahead of you is a white
door with a worker hiding behind it waiting to ambush you. As you
approach, he'll open the door. Be ready and shoot him as he peeks
arond the corner. Enter the door and collect his guns and then
clamber through the window, onto the catwalk and up a ladder. 
As soon as you have reached the top of the ladder, a worker, through
a window facing you in the next building will open fire, so be ready
and cap him. Jump up onto the ventilation machines and step through the 
window he was hidng behind. Continue down the coridoor to get another 
checkpoint; head through the first door on your left to enter what you will
find is the foreman's office. Approach the television set and watch the 
video which has been prepared for you. Uncle Paulie has left you a birthday
gift for you in the closet. Open it, turn around and leave the office.
The game will take over once the bomb detonates, sending Jackie flying
into the air, through the wall before landing with a thud next door,
and completing this area.

---TRINITY CEMETARY-------------------

You'll awaken, dazed and shaken up but alive. Realizing that his explosive
trap has not worked, Paulie has dispatched a back up team of men to finish
you off.

***ESCAPE THE CEMETARY**************

Quickly run through the only door in this room because two wiseguys
will arrive on the roof and begin firing at you. Continue through the 
basement and the darkness will hiss at you again. Leave through the grey 
door at the end of the coridoor to enter the grounds of the cemetary. Once 
you arrive in the graveyard, you will hear a black sedan pull up outside, 
which you can ignore for the moment. In the graveyard, there is what turns 
out to be a toilet block in the far right hand corner, which is where we 
need to be.

There are two mobsters standing about 20 yards in front of the toilet block
either side of a crypt, with their backs to the toilet block. Approach this
area with stealth otherwise they will hear you and attack. Shoot the guy on
the left in the back of his head and then shoot his partner when you runs 
toward you. Now descend into the toilet block and talk to the bum standing
near the basins and ask about a possible exit from the cemetary. Turn 
around to leave and as you go to exit, the darkness will speak to you
once more; it has reached the stage where it can possess Jackie. The game
will take over and you will see a blistering demonstration of its power as
it dispatches several mobsters.

Jackie, now possessed, will now be able to wield this otherwordly power 
throughout the rest of the game. When you can control Jackie again, you will
recieve another checkpoint. The Darkness requires you to devour the hearts 
of your fallen enemies; This will give you enough darkness power to spawn
a berserker darkling from the active gateway. After eating enough hearts,
you will be prompted to do this. The berserker will scramble over the wall
and move the gangsters car out of the way, open the gate for you and then
kill the driver.

You can now exit to the streets. You will find around the corner that there
is an exit to the subway . As you descend, the subway guard will give the
keys to the gate to a mobster who as thanks shoots him in the head and locks
you out. Go back to street level and and head over to a metal shutter on the
left which is partially open. Blast out the lights and press RB to activate
the creeping dark once you have manifested the darkness. You can use the 
creeping dark to crawl under the shutter and grab the collectable inside. 
Now, go back towards the steps leading to the subway entrance. You will notice
that to the right is a vent. Use the creeping dark again to enter the vent,
follow the duct down and destroy the fan using the weapon button and then
slither down the wall. Use the trigger button again to kill the mobster 
here; the creeping dark will automatically take possession of his keys.
Retract the creeping dark, go back to the subway entrance and open the gate
with your newly acquired keys. Head through to enter the 
canal street station.


The subway stations in The Darkness serve as your safe havens. You cannot 
enter darkness mode here and you cannot use your weapons. Its in these
areas where you may accept side missions and use the public telephones to
call characters and use the collectable phone numbers you find in the game.

***CALL JENNY************

Continue through the station and a message from Jenny will pop up; she wants
you to call her. Just past the turnstiles you will be approached by Enzo.
Speak with him and then head down to the platform; locate one of the phones
and call Jenny. Jenny has a new place in Chinatown and wants you to meet
up with her. The Subway stations have handily placed signposts hanging from
the ceiling; follow the signs to Chinatown. As you head up the steps towards
the Concourse, you can speak to the harmonica player in the grey sweatshirt.
If you want to help him, read the sidequest section below, if not continue.


The harmonica player has lost his regular place where he plays; a thug
called Compton Scarr is standing there. You'll find him on the platform
just before the steps where the harmonica player is standing. You can ask
him to leave, which he will accept. Then go back to the harmonica player
to recieve your reward.

Follow the signs to Chinatown again and before you use the subway exit, you
will be approached by Nicky Barucci, one of the older mobsters in the family.
Speak with him and you will learn that Paulie has put a hit out on you and
warns you that Chinatown is crawling with his men. When you have finished, 
leave through the exit.


***MEET UP WITH JENNY***************

You have to traverse Chinatown and get to Jenny's apartment on the other
side of the area whilst being tracked down by several armed gangsters with
itcy trigger fingers.

Go straight up the steps. About 50 yards in front of you, glowing in the 
darkness is an outfit for the berserker darkling. Smash the glass and pick 
it up. This action can attract the attention of two mobsters hanging around 
by a  black sedan further up the road, so turn around and double back by 
heading towards the subway again, but then turn left around the corner. By 
sneaking around the corner here you will see two more mobsters chatting. Pick
off one of them from your vantage point and then take out his buddy. Run
towards the truck and head to the left down the alleyway. You will see
a cargo container further down here and there are two mobsters who patrolling
this area. The first one will patrol clockwise around the containers, so
from where you are he should emerge right into your line of fire and when
he does, shoot him dead.

This will attract the attention of his comrades; its unusual that more
than one other will enter this area, other than the second one who patrols
here, so once he is taken care of you can more or less camp out near these
containers and use them as cover as you eliminate the four remaining 
mobsters who are waiting for you on the street. Use the creeping dark to 
eliminate the enemies nearest to you and use the right stick to aim and 
snipe the furthest enemies from you. When the threats have been eliminated,
devour the hearts from their corpses and go right, down lester street which 
and watch out for the pair of goons who emerge from the door way on the left
at the end of the street. Kill them, turn left and then take the next left 
down an alley. The large building at the end of the alley is Jenny's 
apartment building; you will see her as you approach calling out to you.

Enter the building and ascend two sets of stairs. Go to apartment eleven
and ring the doorbell. Jenny will answer and let you in. After some welcomes,
walk over to the kitchen table and blow out the candles on your birthday
cake. Speak with Jenny again; you have 3 options of response, but it doesn't
have a major effect on the game which one you use. She'll then mention that
your associate Butcher Joyce came around and left his number by the notepad
near the phone. Call him and he'll ask you to meet up with him in Doyer's
Alley nearby.

***MEET WITH BUTCHER*****************

You can now spend some quality time and have some tender moments with Jenny.
Sit down with her and watch some TV with her. When you are ready to leave,
get up and leave her asleep on the couch. Exit the apartment building but
before you do you will recieve another pager message, from Paulie this time.

Back in the alley, walk back towards the street and you will see a civilian
being chased by two of paulie's goons. Pull back and stay in the shadows
until all 3 have passed by the alleyway. Move forwards again and you will 
see they are interrogating the man about your wherabouts. Position yourself
about 10 yards behind them and shoot them both in the back. Talk to the
man (You will need to put away your weapons to do this), explain the 
situation to him and he will hand you a note for another collectable.

Devour the fallen mobsters' hearts and run in the direction they were facing.
As you go around the left hand corner, two more mobsters will arrive in a 
car. Position yourself close to the wall so that you have some cover. You 
need to be aiming closely at the drivers door so that when he gets out, 
you'll have a clean shot at him. When he is dead, from this sniping position
you can also take out his passenger with a shot to the head. You can now 
leave yoour cover and approach the car. Up ahead to the left are a couple 
more guys near the information sign. You can take out both of these guys as 
well from a fair distance. If you miss the one on the left, he'll move 
towards the dumpsters and attempt to shoot you from there. Keep moving 
forwards amd you will notice a doorway to the left of the car where you will
find another collectable. Walk back towards the information sign. There are 
3 gangsters patrolling the building with the shutters. You can use the 
creeping dark to kill several of them. Although they will use the cover here
to their advantage, if you hide behind the dumpsters you should be able to 
take all 3 out with ease.

Go forwards again and enter the alley. Walk slowly and you will hear two
more of paulies men in a conversation. Once you have finished eavesdropping,
come out of hiding and take them both out. Climb over the car parked
here and walk towards the back enterance to the restuarant and the 
game will load the next area.

---LOWER EAST SIDE---------------

Go through the door and you will arrive in the kitchen. Inside is Butcher
Joyce, who will greet you by asking you to carry a body bag outside to
his van. Pick it up and follow him and drop it in the boot when he asks
you. Butch will then speak with Jackie and advise you that its either
Jackie or Paulie and that you must ruin him before he ruins you. The main
line of trade for Uncle Paulie is narcotics and he advises that you should
whack his top dealer, Dutch Oven Harry, who operates in Hunterspoint Alley.

***GET TO HUNTERSPOINT ALLEY*****************

You are interrupted by the sound of approaching sirens. Paulie has called
in the assistance of Captain Edward Shrote, his chief enforcer. Go back 
inside and this time enter the restuarant area. When you do this, Shrote
will begin speaking to you through a loudspeaker.

Once Shrote has finished his speech, the SWAT team will smash into the 
restuarant. The best way to take out these 5-6 SWAT members is to go
back inside the kitchen, back to the door which leads to the alley where
you last spoke with Butch and wait for the SWAT team members to come to
you. Taking them on in the restuarant is just asking for trouble on hard
mode, especially when most of them are carring automatic shotguns.

Shoot them when they appear in the kitchen area as they move to hunt you
down and use the creeping dark to hunt down any who don't show up. When they
are all dead, devour their hearts and steal their shotguns which make a good
secondary weapon and then leave the restuarant through the double doors, turn
right and hide behind the dumpster. You'll notice the helicopter here; it 
will cut you in half so stay concealed until it has flown away.

Blast out the lights in this area and use the creeping dark to take out 
the three officers who are waiting for you in the courtyard; at least 2 of
them are hiding behind their police cars. When the area is secured, move 
forwards and head to the right and then make a left around the corner. 
A cop car will screech to a halt up ahead and two cops will get out; you 
should duck into the doorway on the left and use it for cover - peek around
the corner and shoot them both in the head. Go over to their car and go left
down the alleyway.

Keep running as the helicopter will make a reappearance and climb the 
ladder on the fence behind the SUV. When you get to the top, you'll acquire
another checkpoint. Walk along the catwalk and jump on top of the container.
Two more cops will leap out of their car down below. Shoot the first one
when he exits his car and you can use the creeping dark from up here to
take out his partner. To the left of their car is a large gate with a 
padlock. Walk along the side and go through the gap in the fence here.
Stand here for a moment and another cop car will show up, bursting through
the gate and allowing access. Kill the first cop when he exits his car
and then head through the now accessable gate to kill his partner. In the
left of this area is the enetrance to the basement pool hall. Enter it.

---HUNTERSPOINT ALLEY-----------------

***WHACK DUTCH OVEN HARRY*******************

You are inside the rundown pool hall butcher mentioned. You can listen to
the characters conversations in here, but aside from that, there is nothing
else to do, although you can devour the heart of the punk girl should
you decide to kill her. Leave through the door marked exit, pass through the 
passageway here to reenter the streets. Approach the bum and ask him
about dutch oven Harry and he will reveal to you the password to his
compound. Continue and jump over the blue dumpster and go down the steps
to the basement entrance.

Walk to the iron door and the henchman will ask for the password. Tell 
him and he will let you in. Now, in order to progress you need to whack 
everyone in Harry's compound which includes 7 men, 2 with sub machine guns
and 1 with a shotgun. Once inside, notice the fuse box which is facing you.
Quickly turn to the guard who let you in and shoot him at point blank
range with the Shotgun, then fire one shot at the fuse box to plunge
the compound into darkness. Stand in the doorway and keep your crosshairs
aimed at the main hallway in the compound, just to the left of the 
fuse box you destroyed. One henchman always runs over to investigate.
Cut him down when he enters your line of sight. Its unusual for any more
to confront you, so, activate the creeping dark, blast the lights just
outside the compund and hunt around for your remaining foes, killing them
when you spot them, making sure you devour their hearts to give it more time
to explore this area. Harry's second in command, Roach, is in the back room
that is in the bottom left of the compound, and you may need to take him on
seperately if you cannot locte him with the creeping dark. If you approach 
him in the dark, you'll take him by surprise.

In the back room there is a collectable. Grab all the ammo here and answer
the intercom. Pretend to be Roach amd Harry will send another henchman in
to kill you. From here, use the creeping dark to meet him as he enters 
through the main door. Now, devour the hearts of all the dead henchmen and
swipe all the ammunition and then leave through the front door. As you walk 
the steps, keep on the right hand side of the steps and look upwards, to
your left with your back to the wall. One henchman will spot you and fire 
at you. Go back to the door to the compound and look towards the top of the 
steps. He'll eventually show up, and you must blast him when he appears.

His partner is standing high on the fire escape back at street level, so 
return there and slowly edge around the corner at the top of the steps.
He is sitting on the first catwalk of the fire escape, wearing black, so you
may find that he is difficult to spot.  Shoot him dead and climb the ladder 
to where he was sitting. Climb up the fire escape some more and enter the 
open window to gain access to Harry's main office.

Inside, move out of the vacant room and into the coridoor. To the left you 
can see two henchman in conversation. From the hallway here, you should
be able to kill both henchmen with ease; the third henchman is trickier.
If you stay where you are, he can sometimes show up; its far better to storm
the room and shoot him dead. He's to the right of where the two henchmen
were talking before you killed them. Grab the collectable in the kitchen
and then exit through the door the third henchman was guarding. 

Notice to the right of the stairs the crawlspace; get close and grab
another collectable. There is another henchman waiting for you on the first
landing, so edge around the corner and shoot him where he stands. After
you have reached the second landing, as you climb the next set of stairs
you will see some light around the corner. There is another henchman
at the top, waiting for you. Rush around the corner and take him
by surprise. I've used the pistols for this as they are the most accurate.

Once you have got to the top landing, enter the door on the right and
you will knock down the henchman who was standing gaurd behind it!
Shoot him while he stirs and move to the left; up the steps here is a bar
containing three henchman. From the steps, you ought to be able to pick off
each henchman as he appears. Alternatively, you can shoot out the lights
in this area and send in your creeping dark to take care of them. When
they are dead, devour all of their hearts again, look at the whiteboard
for some information and then head towards the stairs in the back. Harry
will fire at you from above; get into cover and chase after him up the
stairs and follow him out onto the roof.

The Darkness takes control again; Harry, yells for Paulie to 'Blow up
the orphanage!' on his phone. New York is rocked by a violent explosion
which Jackie can see in the distance, not far from the rooftop. The 
resulting tremor does have an unfortunate side effect as Dutch Oven Harry
discovers to his cost that he cannot fly.

Use the ventilation units to slowly climb down to where Harry's body.
Grab the collectable nearby and devour Harry's heart to move up a darkness
level; you can now summon a gunner darkling! Summon it and direct it
down the subway tracks with the red lights. The gunner will shoot up an 
approaching train with her gatling gun Go through the tunnel that isn't 
blocked and eventually you will reach Canal Street station.

---CANAL STREET STATION--------------

Climb onto the platform and use the payphone to call Jenny and then Paulie
to complete two objectives. Take the train to Fulton Street station.


After exiting the train, to your right is an old lady. Speak with her; she
wants you to find her bracelet for her, its lost somewhere on the 
subway tracks. Have a look down there, its usually right by the platform.
When you find it, give it to her for a collectable. You now need to meet 
up with Jenny; she's waiting for you by the exit to St. Mary's Orphanage.
Just follow the signs through the station to find her by the exit watching a
TV report on the destruction of St Marys Orphanage, which is where Jackie
and Jenny grew up together. Go over to her and speak with her briefly before
going over to speak with Jimmy the Grape, on old but well respected made 
man in the franchetti crime family who is standing alongside Jenny. He
suggests another way of getting to Paulie; burning the cash he is holding
for his Chicago associates in an abbotoir in Grinders Lane.

***BURN PAULIE'S MONEY******************

Make your way back through the station to the other end and eventually you
will see signs leading to Grinders Lane, follow them and eventually you'll
be back at street level again.

---GRINDERS LANE-----------------

Go up the subway steps. In front of you standing underneath a light is
a guy you can speak to. He will mention how to enter the abbotoir. Now, 
follow the wall around and you will reach the entrance to the abbatoir.
To the right of the gate is the control switchboard the guy you met earlier
mentioned. You'll also hear two mobsters in the courtyard. Once they have
finished talking, Shoot the switchboard to open the gate. Its relatively 
dark outside so you can send in the creeping dark again if you wish, 
alternatively you may wish to snipe them from outside before you shoot the 
switchboard. When they are dead, enter the courtyard and open the door to 
the cabin and listen to the radio and also make sure that you grab the can 
of gasoline from here.

Return to the courtyard and press the red switch next to the shutter to
the right of the cabin to enter the abbotoir. Go through two more
shutters and you will recieve a checkpoint. You'll be faced with another
shutter; Paulie's boys are waiting for you on the other side.

Take out the lights, go over to the switch and lower the shutter. This
is a perfect opportunity to Summon the gunner darkling; do this and send 
her into the room and watch her take out most of the gunmen. Follow her in
and help her take out any stragglers. Exit through the next shutter. Pay
close attention to the door right at the far end of this room, facing you;
shortly as you approach it will burst open and a mobster will emerge guns
blazing; be ready to cut him down when he appears. To the right of him is
the vault; the door is locked and there are 3 men inside. The best way to 
take them out is to send your creeping dark through the door window and do
it that way, although its just as easy to shoot them, but its less risky.
When they are dead, you need to use the creeping dark again to open the 
door for you by smashing the lock from the inside. When its achieved this,
enter and burn the money when prompted.

The door to the left of the vault where the mobster emerged earlier leads
to the canteen. Enter it and get ready to waste the two guys inside, 
using the peeking round the corner tactic or creeping dark to take them
down with ease. Pass through the cafeteria and enter the first door on
the right and take out the mobster watching TV; inside the second door
on the right is a collectable behind a desk, although you'll need to shoot
out the lights to see it. Use the door marked exit to return to the street
and go back to Fulton Street station.

Return to where you left Jenny and Jimmy, the exit to St. Marys Orphanage 
and you will find Jimmy doubled over in pain. He reveals that Paulie and 
Eddie Shrote have kidnapped Jenny and taken her to the orphanage. Paulie's
actions infuriate Jimmy who has abandoned one of the principles of the 
family by striking a made man. You must quickly leave up the now open 
entrance to the orphanage.

---ST MARYS ORPHANAGE----------------------

***RESCUE JENNY********************

There are 3 mobsters standing guard near the subway entrance waiting to
ambush you, so walk slowly up the steps. You'll see 2 of them standing
beside a car having a conversation. You ought to be able to take out
both of them from back here using the pistols. The third mobster is
wielding a sub machine gun; he usually takes up a position just to the
right of the car, by a barrell. Make short work of him when he appears,
grab all of their weapons and devour their hearts and finally make you
way to the orphanage entrance through the courtyard.

Approach the main doors to the orphanage and you will see an apparition
from your past. When it has finished, head on inside. In the lobby, go
left through the double doors and pick up a collectable in the classroom.
Return to the lobby and head through the other set of double doors, following
the footprints and marks on the floor. Continue up some steps and through
another door to enter a badly damaged portion of the orphanage.

In here, follow the apparation through the left hand door, pass through
another door and you will see another apparition in the freezer. When it
has finished, head back to the damaged section and leave through the doorway
(The door has been blown off its hinges), climb the stairs and you'll see
another apparition on the landing. Go through the door on the right to 
find yourself standing above the badly damaged section we visited earlier.
Negotiate the beams and you will find a door, which when opened, will
reveal another collectable. Return to where you saw the last apparition and
head on through the other door.

The Darkness will take over briefly and lead you to another room where
you will see a final apparition. Take the first door here as there is
nothing through the second. Head to the single wooden door in here and The
Darkness will take over once more, using the demon heads to hold down
Jackie's arms 'Learn that you are my puppet!' it hisses. Jackie finds
Jenny being held hostage by Paulie while Shrote looks on. Jackie, helpless
can only look on in horror as Jenny begs for mercy and for Jackie to help 
her. Paulie has clearly got the upper hand, berates Jackie and as Jenny
assures Jackie that 'This is not your fault', he calmly executes her.
Paulie then turns the gun towards Jackie, but the darkness lashes out,
scaring off the two antagonists who flee. The darkness releases Jackie,
who stumbles into the room. The darkness taunts Jackie as he kneels over
Jenny's body. Jackie, distraught, picks up Paulie's dropped gun, walks
over to a mirror, puts the gun in his mouth, and despite the Darkness'
strong protestations and to its horror, he pulls the trigger.

                     CHAPTER TWO: LOSS

Everything is black...and then, some light in the darkness. Jackie wakes
up, but is in a very strange place. He is inside what appears to be a 
command post; ahead of him is a soldier dressed in a German uniform who
is guarding 3 allied soldiers who are kneeling before him. One by one,
he shoots them in the head. What is this strange place? Are you in hell?

Jackie will finally rise and chapter two starts.


***EXPLORE THE TRENCHES*****************

In the command post are various weapons; you can grab a single barrelled
rifle and a pair of Lugers. The executioner should still be ahead of you
with his back turned. Use your newly found weapons to shoot him in the back
and kill him. Approach his body and you will see black smoke pouring out
of his (faceless) head. Devour his heart and you will level up; you can now
use the demon arm which can be used to impale and kill enemies, lift objects
and remove barricades. Its very important in this section that we devour the
hearts of every German soldier we kill, otherwise they will be reanimated.

Continue along the trench and go around the corner where you will see a tank
drive over the bridge above you; unfortunately the path is blocked by some
wooden planks. Manifest The Darkness and use demon arm to destroy the planks.
Just past where the barricade was, to the left are the bunks, inside is one 
german soldier who will come out to investigate the noise of the planks
being removed. Shoot him when he appears or rush in and shoot him. Pick up
all the ammo lying around in the bunks and then Continue down the trench 
once more.

Just up ahead to the right in a dead end is another soldier. Shoot him and 
look through the binocular. Continue down the trench again and go left and 
then right. Up ahead a german plane will crash into the trench before your 
very eyes, killing and ejecting its pilot. Devour his heart and you will 
level up again and acquire a kamikaze darkling, which you must spawn when 

Just to the left of where the plane crashed, there are some more wooden panels
blocking the route. Direct the kamikaze darkling here using A, and he will 
blow himself up and clear the path for you. crawl underneath - manifest The 
Darkness as it is very dark - and head around to the right. You will see two 
soldiers standing in the room ahead with their backs to you, so shoot them 
from your hiding spot, enter the room and pass through it grabbing the rifle
ammo and devouring the hearts of your fallen enemies as you go.

You are back in the trenches again where a soldier will run around the corner 
ahead but will be cut down by an allied mortar; his partner however is 
waiting for you just around the corner, waiting for you. You won't have 
enough shadows to use the darkness here, and you'll have to peek around the 
corner and shoot him.

Continue in the trenches, and just before you reach a right hand turn, you
will notice a barrell, which, as you approach you will recieve a checkpoint.
Round the corner, about 50 yards ahead up an incline are two more soldiers.
Blast the light out here and send up your creeping dark to take care of them.
You may need a couple of goes to do this as they are facing you and can 
shoot the demon arms before they can get near enough to attack. Quickly 
devour their hearts, retract and then grab the ammo from their corpses.
You are now out in the open in what's called no man's land. There are 
soldiers scattered about all over the place, as well as letters which serve 
the same purpose as the phone numbers we found in New York City.

***EXPLORE NO MANS LAND**************************

Once in no man's land at the exit of the trenches, you will recieve a new 
objective. Just to the right of the exit, inside some ruins is a soldier. 
shoot him quickly whilst standing at the top here; as you approach his corpse
another soldier will appear behind him near some more ruins. Shoot him with 
the rifle and devour their hearts before they can revive. Shoot them as they
get up if you run out of time. In the next lot of ruins ahead, behind where
the second soldier fell is another soldier. Shoot him as well and then go
over to the ruins he was hiding in. You should see a destroyed wall just 
ahead; another soldier is hiding behind it, use this set of ruins as cover,
take him down, go over, grab his weapon and heart. From here, look over to 
right. A short distance away is what appears to be a bombed building. Its the
building where you saw the tank earlier. Go over there, around the barbed 
wire and onto what was the second floor. You'll see a letter; as you go
to pick it up, look to the right because there is a soldier in another room
who will shoot you as you move closer to the letter. Shoot him, grab
the letter and devour his heart (move around the area to get to him). 
For an interesting quirk, you can use the binocluar again from up here; 
you'll see Jackie operating it in the trench, then, when you are finished
you are miraculously back on higher ground!

Move forwards in no man's land from the ruined building where you picked
up the letter and after a few seconds you will see the giant angel you
saw in the binocular. Bypass it by going to the right down the wooden
catwalk. Follow it around and you will come to a ridge. Just up ahead 
between two trees are two more soldiers who you need to kill. Follow the
ridge again - watch out for the low flying plane - and you will get to a 
clearing with some trees which form in a circle. To the right is a rock and 
just behind it, to the right are two soldiers. The Rifle's slow rate of fire
is a problem here, with minimal cover, so use your pistols to kill them.
Devour their hearts as well.

You'll see a bunker ahead. The door is locked, so blast the light over the
door, manifest The Darkness and then you should then send it through the
window slit in the bunker just around the corner to the right, kill the
soldier in hear, devour his heart and then follow the coridoor around into
the main room where you will find two more soldiers who you should kill and
then devour their hearts. Now you can unlock the main door to the bunker.
Once unlocked, retract and enter. Collect all ammo and notice the only other
door in the main room. Shoot out the window to the right of the door and
send the creeping dark through to unlock the door from the other side - you
should take care of the soldier as you do this. Retract again, devour the
soldiers heart if you didn't earlier and turn right, up the steps and kill
the soldier at the end of the coridoor and devour his heart. Now, retrace
your steps and this time go right. Near the end of this coridoor is a large
crate of explosives. Blast out the lights and summon the Kamikaze Darkling.
Direct him over to the crate and he will detonate himself and blow open the

NOTE: You can bypass the entire bunker section if you like. Instead of using
the creeping dark, go around the slit where we send the darkness through and
you will come accross an unusual looking tree which is growing out of the
cliff face. You can jump up this tree and onto the roof of the bunker and
then into no man's land. The drawback to this method is it is hit and miss
as to whether you make it over to the bunker roof, but its definitely 

You are back in no mans land once more and will recieve a well earned 
checkpoint. Continue, straight on and after a short distance you will see
some more trenches, this time with a Union Jack on display, which means
you they belong to the allies. You'll earn another checkpoint now, so head
over the makeshift bridge and drop into the trench. Press on through the
trench, making time to listen to the soldiers, and you will come accross
Capt. Eldridge and Crpl. Greenwood. You are informed via various snippetts
that there is another American waiting for you in the village and to get 
there you need to go through the sewer. Use the hatch behind Crpl. Greenwood
to descend into the sewer. Proceed through the tunnel to load the next area.

***GET TO THE VILLAGE***********************


Follow the tunnel and you will come to some steps, which you should descend.
You'll come accross a harmonica player here; notice the collectable next to
him. Pick it up and continue through the tunnel and climb the ladder at the
end. You are now in the village and are greeted by a soldier who informs
you that your friend is waiting for you in the church. Go forwards, past
the soldier and up two sets of steps, turn to the right and continue
onwards where you will reach an archway. You will see a crude sign scrawled
onto the archway, reading 'Field Hospital'. Follow the sign down some steps,
turn right once more and enter the door marked with a cross.

Inside the field hospital you will meet the American soldier the British
soldiers mentioned. Speak with him and you and he will introduce himself
as Anthony Estacado, who is Jackie's great, great grandfather. Speak with
Anthony some more and he will talk to Jackie about this place, The Darkness
and its origins. Anthony mentions that you may be able to control the
darkness with a set of special weapons which are being held by a man on
a cross in the hills behind the village and advises that you go and find 
them before The Darkness can regenerate Jackie.

Leave the field hospital, go back up the steps and head through the archway,
over the bridge and through the archway in the wall to enter the hills.


***FIND THE MAN ON THE CROSS*************************

You find yourself on the second floor of a small chamber. Move forwards and
leap to the first floor. To the left you will discover that your path is
blocked by a large bell. Use the demon arm to impale it and then move it
towards you, out of the way to clear the path for you. Press RB to impale
and then move backwards - blast the lights in here if you don't have
enough energy to perform this task. Head through the newly revealed tunnel
and you will see a ghostly german soldier.

The hills, the area you see before you now, is heavily populated by
German soldiers. Have a look from behind the railings and you can see at 
least 3. These soldiers will only fire at you if they see you and since
you will be using an established route, you will not need to fight so many
of them. Notice the trail marked in the soil ahead? Keep The Darkness 
manifested and Go there and follow it, taking out any German soldiers who 
fire at you as you progress; don't be alarmed by the constant apparitions, 
the darkness is trying to unnerve you, nor the lightning strikes which 
automatically unmanifests The Darkness.

Eventually the trail will end and you will reach the hill. Shoot the soldier
who you find on the floor here and shoot the one who is flanking from the
left. Head up the hill in between the two trees and grab the ammo from the
ruined cabin on the right. At the top of the hill, manifest The Darkness
and you will see that the tree here is actually the man on the cross you
seek. Go over to him and answer his question and he will award you with The
Darkness guns. 

You've now acquired The Darkness guns. Speak with The Crucified to learn
more about these ancient weapons. The Darkness guns will kill the German 
soldiers without you having to devour their hearts. Use them like standard
firearms but to select it you must do so as a regular darkness power
with the d-pad.

***RETURN TO VILLAGE***********************

Turn around, go back down the hill and follow the trail, blasting the
german soldiers who will still be patrolling this area and return to the
chamber with the bell. Go back up to the second floor and head back through
the tunnel to return to the village. Once back here, return to the field
hospital and follow the directions Anthony left for you; you'll find him
in the basement. Confirm to him that you did retrieve The Darkness guns and
he will ask you to assault a giant cannon that the Darkness is protecting
and the germans are using to bombard the allies. This serves as your new 
objective, and once the british soldier has opened the gateway to the 
catacomb, descend into it. Crouch under the arch and grab the collectable 
just past it. Continue  through the sewer and the next area will load.


***EXPLORE SEWAGE SYSTEM******************

When the game has reloaded, continue through the sewer and you will 
eventually drop down into a lower section; its here that you will recieve a 
checkpoint. You are at the bottom of the sewer system. Above you are raised 
platforms which are guarded by numerous german soldiers; this part can be 
quite difficult as the soldiers uniforms camoflague them in the darkness.

Manifest the darkness and continue into the sewer towards the grating. 
Shoot out the light; there should be a soldier on one of the platforms
right in front of you who you should shoot. If you turn left another soldier
will fire at you; if you remain here he should come to you and attack you
right where the first soldier fell. Shoot him as well and then head over to
the section where you first spotted him, shooting out the light just
over the sewage gate. Just above this grate is another soldier who you
should shoot, turn to the left, up the ladder and you will find yourself
on the platform. There is another guard who appears in this area. If you 
find yourself being shot at, get cover and return fire. Devour all hearts
in this area and then ascend the three sets of stairs.

On the second floor landing, to the left of the landing, hiding in darkness
are 3 soldiers waiting to ambush you. They are standing beside a cylindrical
structure here; head over to where they are, but go to the left, around the
cylindrical structure and approach them from behind/the side. When they are
all dead, devour their hearts, shoot out the lights on the landing and head
through the gray door marked 'Pumpe'; before you head through the second 
door, shoot out the light in this tiny coridoor and manifest The Darkness.

In this next room are several soldiers; you'll notice the active gateway
right behind the door to this room which gives a strong hint as to the
best way of progressing! Summon the gunner darkling and she will make
short work of them - be ready though to follow her and devour their hearts
otherwise they will revive. This area you are in now has two places of 
interest; to the left through another grey door is pump room 1. In the bottom
right of this area is pump room 2. Go to Pump room 1 and turn the valve,
return to this area and pass through the stone coridoor in the bottom right,
shooting the soldier on patrol here,  to reach pump room 2. Go to turn the
valve and Jackie will find there is no power. You'll find a dead body of a 
German Soldier in here with black smoke pouring out of his mouth. This
means you can level up your darkness power again; devouring his heart will
enable you to summon a lightkiller darkling.

Shoot out all the lights in here, manifest The Darkness and summon the 
lightkiller and make him move over to the valve; it will shoot out a 
lightning bolt and restore power, which enables you to turn the valve
which you must do. Return to the square room you used to enter the pump
rooms and head back onto the second floor landing and climb down the stairs
to return to the first floor.

Here, you will see an airlock just behind the final set of stairs; turn the
valve and it will open. Manifest the darkness and head in. Go straight on
and climb the ladder at the end. Go right and head through the coridoor
and you will recieve a new checkpoint. As you turn to the right, up some
steps, are some more soldiers waiting for you. Stay back here, shoot out
the lights and send the creeping dark to do the job for you, making sure
you eat their hearts as you kill them. Now, move into this area and climb
another ladder and go through two sets of doors to load the next area.


***DISABLE CANNON********************************

You have entered a german bunker through the sewage system, which seems
to be racked by explosions. Go through the two sets of doors facing to enter
a hangar. There are several german soldiers on the catwalks above you who
will open fire. Your best bet here is to shoot out as many lights as you
can from the doorway, including the coridoor you stand in and use the
creeping dark. These guys reanimate very quickly so its vital you devour
their hearts swiftly. Go up to the catwalks and climb them to the very top
where you will reach an attic.

Stand on the staircase and one soldier will patrol the area and see you
shoot him quickly and enter the landing. Quickly, in the far left of the
attic is a soldier shooting at you from behind a crate. Take him down 
quickly, pocket their munitions and devour their hearts and exit using
the door.

You will be rocked by a tremor, recieve a new checkpoint and see the 
eponymous cannon for the first time. Head over to it, to the right and
run down the side. At the end, over the rails are 3 guards hanging around.
Quickly take them out and climb the ladder. You'll get another checkpoint as
Jackie automatically opens the doors to the giant war machine. You'll be
fired upon immeditaley; Its actually easier to rush these two soldiers
who are on the right by the control panels - run in, shoot them and then
press the button on the control panel, devour their hearts quickly and 
return outside, by the door. 

With The Cannon plunged into darkness, you should send in the creeping dark
to take out the remaining soldiers one by one, devouring their hearts as you
go. You may get into a spot of bother when faced with the two soldiers
who are on patrol on the second floor of the cannon as the demon arm cannot
seem to negotiate stairs quite so easily; you will either have to approach
them and shoot them or try and lure them down with gunfire and then use
the creeping dark to take them down when on level ground. When everyone is
dead, follow the walkways around and go up the stairs and go through the
door to go back outside, but still on the massive structure. Follow this
walkway, climb some more steps to eventually reach a hatch in the roof which
you should open when prompted to enter the cockpit. Start the engine to
the cannon. This action will move the cannon, but you are interrupted by
The Darkness, prompting a dialogue sequence which results in the end of 
chapter 2.

                     CHAPTER THREE: ANGER

Jackie awakens inside the driver's compartment of a subway train. As he stirs,
the train stops and Jackie is pushed outside by the driver; you will have
arrived at Canal Street station.

---CANAL STREET--------------------

You will hear someone calling your name on the platform here. Go over and
you will see it is your friend Jimmy The Grape. Its unclear how long Jackie
has been 'out of the picture', but most of the family assumed you were dead,
so it seems like a few days at least. Jimmy seems fine though and implores
you to visit your aunt sarah who lives on Rasperry Street on the lower east
side, at the very least to let her know you are ok. Rasperry Street is 
just around the corner from the chinese restuarant where Eddie Shrote 
ambushed you earlier in the game. This serves as out next objective and

In Chapter Two, you can take on some sidequests which will be given to you
by people in Fulton Street and Canal Street. You may do these now, or later,
if you like, but I have purposefully decided to detail the sidequests later
in the guide; I feel that to add them into the main walkthrough will disrupt
the pace of the guide. You will find that the sidequest section details every
sidequest in the game by chapter so you should easily find what you are 
looking for, so head there if you want to give them a go now, but I will 
mention during the walkthrough where you need to go to complete a specific
sidequest if you are actually in the area following the main story missions.

***VISIT AUNT SARAH************************

You need to follow the signs in Canal Street to the Lower East Side and 
Trinity Cemetary; head towards Lower East Side and you can get there through 
the subway exit.

---LOWER EAST SIDE------------------------

Once you are back in Lower East Side, walk up the steps and do a 180 degree 
turn and then turn left to get to raspberry street; Aunt Sarah's house is
the first one on the left - you can shoot out her winows for a laugh if
you like - and you should go up to the front door and ring the bell.

Aunt Sarah will open the door and greet you warmly. Follow her inside and
into the kitchen where you can speak to her about Jenny and your plans for
retribution. Sarah reveals that some of the older members of the family
will support your actions, but your revenge is not without its complexity; 
in order to get at the don of the new york family, you are going to have
to earn the trust of the older members by destroying his business. But there
is a spider in the web who must be taken care of first; Captain Eddie Shrote.
Shrote needs to pay for his involvement in Jenny's death and it is also the 
best way to get at Paulie. Jimmy The Grape has arranged for a man to let you
into an apartment building in Gun Hill where Shrote lives; its there where 
our first stage of retribution begins.

***WHACK EDDIE SHROTE*******************

The entrance to Gun Hill is through a service door in Fulton Street station,
so leave aunt sarah's through the front door and get back to the streets,
but before you leave here, if you have accepted George Hadel or Terence Willis'
sidequests, you need to complete them while you are here. Either way, when 
you are finished head back down to the canal street station, back to the 
platform (And going back to Terence and George if you compeleted their tasks)
and ride the train to Fulton Street.

When you leave the train, head over to the other side of the platform to the
other subway tracks. You will see a collectable on the ledge on the other 
side of the tracks. Further down here is the service door which leads to gun
hill which you will find is unlocked. Follow the passageway around and pass 
through the doors to come to a staircase. Ascend the staircase to enter gun 

---GUN HILL----------------------------

Finish climbing the stairs and head through the door at the top. Follow the
alleyway around and you will eventually come to a bronze door marked
'15 west 47th street service entrance', which you should enter; inside you
will find Abe Hunter, the man your Aunt Sarah mentioned who will let you
into the apartments where Eddie lives. Eddie is in his apartment so you
should be able to take him by surprise. After the initial dialogue has 
finished, you should Speak with Abe again and he will give you the key to 
the elevator.

Go inside the elevator and use the key Abe gave to you to ride it up to
Eddie's floor. Step outside and you will recieve a checkpoint. Eddie's door
is right in front of you; it even has his name on it! You'll also be able to
hear him inside, roaring drunk. Unlock the door and enter and you will find 
that he has the drop on you, firing at you as you walk in. You'll now need
to chase him throughout his apartment.

Go through into the living area and around, to the right. Eddie will shove
a grandfather clock in the way; jump over it and follow him upstairs. 
Continue through the second floor of the apartment and you will find various
weapons scattered about; in the second floor living area is an Assault Rifle
which you should use as your primary weapon where possible. Continue 
following Eddie and he will finally leave the apartment by a side door, 
taunting you as he does. 

***CHASING EDDIE*****************

When Eddie has left the apartment, his backup arrives. The Helicopter which
was chasing you throughout the Lower East Side has returned and begins by
firing a salvo of bullets through the window at you. Hide in the coridoor
and eventually he'll launch a missile completely destroying the wall and
giving you a way of escape. Jump through the newly formed hole and you'll
get a checkpoint. Go down the fire escape and jump over the ventilation
units and then jump down onto the lower rooftop. Use the airduct on the side
of the rooftop to get onto another ventilation unit and climb onto the
airduct which is higher up and goes around the building. You'll get another
checkpoint and you should follow the airduct around, keep moving, jump
onto another airduct following Eddie all the time and you will finally
reach another rooftop.

It Looks like Eddie has lured you to a police station; he heads inside and
locks you out. Notice the large window on the left. Shoot it open and the
two cops inside and jump through using the ledge just outside the window.
Devour the dead cops hearts and use the other door in this room to enter a
coridoor. There is usually one cop who patrols this coridoor so cautiously
enter the coridoor and shoot him if he appears. At the end of the coridoor
is a door which leads to an office. Enter it and you will see several cops
in the office who you can shoot at through the glass. Now, return to the 
coridoor and shoot out all the lights and position yourself near the door
to the office, but out of range of the helicopter who is still circling
outside. Send in the creeping dark to kill the 3 remaining officers in here,
then head inside and use the door in the far right to get to the exit,
climb the staircase to get to the roof and get another checkpoint.

Eddie is escaping in the helicopter and there is no way to bring it down.
Paulie and Eddie now both know that you have survived the confrontation in
the orphanage and you have failed this opportunity. Eddie though, wants to
finish you now and as the helicopter rises, it will begin firing at you.
When you entered the rooftop for the first time, you would have seen a lit
up section of wall ahead of you. There is a hole in the fencing here and you
need to jump through it to evade the helicopter, but before you do, grab the
collectable behind the building that houses the staircase. 

Once you have taken the leap of faith, you will miracolously have reached 
ground level. Dejected, you must leave gunhill back the way you came and
return to Fulton Street station.

---FULTON STREET------------------------

Head back through the service passageway and you will be paged by Butcher
who may have some information for you. Jump back over the subway tracks and
head to the nearest phone; as you do so you should be approached by Vinny 
Mortarello who wants you to complete a series of hits for him. Hear him out
and refer to the sidequest section for hints. Now you should go and give 
Butcher a call. Your hit on Eddie  backfired and he's gone into hiding, but 
Butcher knows of a case which  Eddie holds for Paulie which contains 
documented evidence which could put both of them away for good. The briefcase
is locked away in the old turkish baths in the underground but the route
is blocked by a locked gate. Butcher knows that the gate can be unlocked and
that a key is kept in the mens toilets in Fulton Street station.

***GET TO TURKISH BATHS************************

Go into the mens restroom which is actually just around the block from you.
The key to the gate you require is in the stall marked 'out of order'. With
the key in your possession, leave the restroom and the gate you need to enter
is right ahead of you to the left of the steps which lead to Grinder's Lane.
Before you head through you should talk to the man standing here, Mitch 
Deval. Choose to help him out since we are heading this way anyway and 
then open the gate and follow the pathway around until you reach City Hall

---CITY HALL---------------------------

In this hauntingly dank abandoned station, follow the platform around and
you will eventually reach an old subway car. Inside you will find another
outfit for the berserker darkling and a collectable. To the right of the car
are some steps which lead to the higher level. Speak with bums and you will 
learn about some of the inhabitants of this area. As you continue down the
coridoor, the first bum will call back to you. Speak with him again and then
continue down the coridoor again. Two of Deval's people will attack you but
are armed only with knives, so shoot them dead and devour their hearts.

Continue through these passageways and you will be jumped by two more of
these cultists. Shoot them and follow the passageways again and you will 
meet a final cult member. All of them are unarmed so you should make light
work of them. There are various side turnings but they can be ignored.
Eventually the passageway ends and you will find a door on the left with
a pentegram scrawled on it, where you'll earn a checkpoint.

Open the door and you will set off an elaborate trap. Go down the steps and
you will see another, unsubtle tripwire. All you really need to do is walk
through the tripwire, set off the trap and then immeditaly walk backwards
to avoid the trap. Do this, head down the steps and grab the collectable on
the pipe. Go down the passage and set off another tripwire. When the flames
have dissipated, follow the passage again until you are stuck by a flood
where an electrical fault has turned it into a deathtrap. Notice the fusebox
on the wall which occassionally glows blue? Shoot it to progress.

The next trap causes a grenade to drop down and explode. Continue, and a 
large pipe drops down. Go past the pipe and to the right is a door. Do not
engage this tripwire. Instead, shoot out the grating over the door and then
the lights nearby and send your creeping dark through the grating, down the
door and bite the padlock with the right trigger and then open the door.
Go in and the man in here, revealed to be Ernie Deval, will lock himself
out of range and start throwing molotov cocktails at you. The gates he is
hiding behind are sealed by 3 sets of padlocks; shoot off all 3 to open
the gates, jump through and take out Deval.

Grab the collectable in the left of this area and devour Deval's corpse and
you will level up and acquire your final and one of the most cool darkness
powers, the black hole. Go behind the throne and approach the gate and
the boxes right before it. Aim your crosshair at the boxes and activate the
black hole, keeping RB pressed firmly down to suck them into oblivion and 
open the gate for you. Make sure that you shoot out all the lights before 
you do this so you are at maximum darkness power. Now go through the opened 

Head left down this coridoor and you'll be attacked by two more of Deval's
knife wielding thugs. Cut them down as they charge and continue in the only
direction you can. Around the corner here is a large mesh fence, at the end
of which it opens up and you can jump down onto some scaffolding. Jump down
to the ground and go left and you will come accross an open door, inside of
which is the ladder which leads to the Turkish Baths; climb it to end this

---TURKISH BATHS----------------------

You have made the long journey to the turkish baths, Eddie Shrote's inner
sanctum. Inside is the eponymous briefcase which will be the trojan horse
in your quest for revenge. Guarding it, are dozens of cops with itchy trigger

***GET BRIEFCASE**********************

Climb the staircase which faces you once the game has loaded this area and
then follow the coridoor; eventually you will find your way bloacked by
some tables, barrells and assorted junk. You need to use your black hole
power to remove this baricade in order to progress; its a very light area so
you should remove all lighting before you attempt this. The items obliterated,
you may now pass into a room where you will find a decomposing body. Go to 
the left through the doorway and follow the coridoor to its end, go right
and in the darkened section before the locked gate is a collectable. Go back
to the room with the corpse and this time go through the right sided doorway,
follow the coridoor and you will emerge the other side of the locked gate.
Nearby is a bricked up doorway; Use the black hole once again to destroy the

Pass through the doorway and head up the steps; on your way up you will 
earn a new checkpoint and you'll also find an AK47 Assault Rifle carelessly
left here. Once you reach the top of the stairs there is a door which leads
to the Turkish Baths.

The area we see now is basically one room split into two floors, connected by
a back room and staircase, with several cops on each floor. Its very 
difficult to take out every cop from down here so you will need to keep 
moving as you progress and take them out one by one otherwise you will get 
yourself into a needless and what may prove a fruitless firefight.

From the doorway which enters the turkish baths, you will see two cops 
making out the other side of the pool. Sneak to this area, keeping to the 
right, in the shadows to avoid being spotted and shoot them dead by rushing 
them from around the corner. Continue in this small coridoor, around the 
corner and stay by the small box here. In the next room are more cops and 
you need to take these guys out quickly, but beware, do not move back into 
the first bath area as there are guys on the higher levels who will fire at 
you. So, from here, you need to take out the lights and use the creeping 
dark to kill the 2 guys in this area and a third one who patrols the next 
coridoor but who sometimes comes here. Progress through this room and enter 
the next coridoor.

As you go to move up the steps to the second floor, 3 more cops will attack;
Again, its best to double back, take out the lights and send the creeping dark
to take care of them. On the second floor, two more cops should remain. Edge
up the stairs and there is one hiding behind a big box the other side of the
plank of wood which is acting as a bridge and another cop to his left over the
other end of the second floor. Use the creeping dark again to take these guys
out but only once you've staked the area out and got their positions clocked.
Now, proceed over the plank and enter the doorway on the other side.

In the first room you come to through this coridoor are two cops; stay in the
coridoor and use the creeping dark to kill them. There is also a third cop in
the next room who will come in and investigate, so when you enter this room be
on the lookout for him and shoot him when he does. Now, in this first room,
go to the right toward a coridoor with flickering lights.

There is one cop waiting for you in the next room here, so shoot him from the
relative sanctuary of the hallway, head over to his body and enter the door
to the steam room and find a collectable.

Go back through the flickering lights coridoor and this time you should go
through the wooden door on the right to enter a passageway. There is one cop
who will wait for you around the corner to shoot you; blast the light again
and use the creeping dark to catch him out. Follow the passageway and you 
will find a grey door; inside is the vault which contains the briefcase and
also two cops. Just stand to the right of the doorway and wait a few moments 
while they take up their positions. The female cop should be behind the couch;
wait for her to pop her head up and shoot her in the face. Her partner is
armed with Sub Machine Guns and is to your left. Edge around the corner and 
shoot him dead. You'll see the briefcase behind his body; before you pick it
up you should grab all ammo and devour the cops hearts. When you do, you'll
get a checkpoint. This is where things start to get interesting.

***ESCAPE THE TURKISH BATHS****************************

Move back through the coridoors and get back to the second floor balcony area.
The helicopter which has chased Jackie periodically in the game is back and
so are Eddie's SWAT teams. When you get to this area, stand in the doorway
just before the balcony area and one cop will abseil down right in front of
you. Spray him with bullets from the M16 as he does this and pay attention to
the other side of the balcony; two more will leap down with their backs to you.
If you do it right, you can take both out from over here. Head over the wooden
plank and go back to the first floor sauna room.

In the coridoor that connects the first floor sauna room to the first floor
pool area is one cop waiting for you. Use the creeping dark to get him and 
then send it through the pool area to the door which leads to the basement
you used to enter this area; the door should open and a riot cop should
emerge; kill him with the creeping dark and kill all other cops in this area
with it. Now, before more SWATS arrive, run to the basement entrance and
quickly begin descending into the basement.

When you have reached the bottom of the staircase you will return to the 
wall you destroyed with the black hole earlier. Through here, at the end of 
the coridoor are two more riot cops; you should shoot out the lights on the 
stairs and use the creeping dark from here to kill them. Be careful of cops 
coming down the stairs from the turkish baths. When they are dead, go over 
to their corpses and go right and them take the first left down a new 
coridoor. When you head round this coridoor, there are more riot cops 
waiting for youround the next corner; again, you should use the creeping 
dark to take them out.

Where they fell, go to the left, down some more stairs to find the exit to
City Hall.

---CITY HALL----------------------

Back in City Hall, pass through the dilapidated passageway, past the 
scaffolding and you will come accross the bum you met earlier, Emerson Darke
who has spotted several SWAT teams in the area. It looks like Eddie is
setting up an ambush but you'll be ready.

***ESCAPE CITY HALL************************

Go through the door Emerson exited and go up the stairs here, use the door 
at the top and go left, up some more steps and through another door. You 
are in the area which leads to the main concourse of the city hall station. 
As you do this you will hear several SWAT team members gabbling on the radio.
You will get a checkpoint in the centre of this area, but before you go up 
the steps where the ambush awaits, go into the mens room and grab the 
collectable in the final stall. Now, head up the steps.

There is no way to avoid this; as you go up the steps, Eddie's men will
switch on some floodlights and a firefight will begin. Firstly, you should
edge your way slowly back down the steps in crouch mode and you will be able
to shoot out the first floodlights four bulbs. Go back to the toilet area and
shoot out the lights and direct the creeping dark upstairs to kill the one
riot cop who is directly in front of the stairs but about 30 yards ahead.
Now, head up to the entrance and you can take out the next floodlight. 
At the top, the final floodlight is atop a gantry to the left with one
cop on the gantry who will fire at you. Take her out and shoot out the final
floodlight but beware of cops firing at you; with the darkness manifested you
should not take too much damage. That leaves a few final cops in here; with
the darkness manifested and the floodlights broken, direct the creeping dark
back into the area again and hunt down the two cops who are standing in 
between the first two floodlights.

You should enter the concourse and head around the scaffold to the left which 
leads to a dead end and one door. When you approach the door it will open and
a female cop will appear; get that Shotgun ready as you go to the door and
blast her to death straight away. You are a sitting duck if you try to
go downstairs as there are a couple of cops who are covering the stairs. Stay
back here, in the concourse and direct the creeping dark to kill your enemies.
There is one riot cop dead ahead, one cop will emerge from the archway to the
right and there is a third cop in the left hand coridoor. Devour all their
hearts as well.

Now, with the creeping dark still in your consciousness, try sending it down
the archway to the right of the stairs where one of the cops appeared a moment
or two ago. Down the winding coridoor are two more cops. Kill them and
devour their hearts and send the creeping dark further into the area into an
area you will recognize as the place where you first met Emerson Darke. 
Kill as many cops here that you can and then retract. Go down the coridoor
and wait around the corner that leads to this area, where two cops bodies
lie, and use the creeping dark again and send it into the area. In the first
of this are are two cops hiding either side of the doorway. Kill them as well
and send the creeping dark down the steps to the platform and kill all of
your enemies down here.

You'll need to go down to the platform now, and follow it down the tracks. 
When the tracks begin to curve to the right, you will see in the distance some
more cops. You simply cannot rush them as they are protected with shields
so you will have to move backwards out of their line of fire and use the
creeping dark again to take them out one by one. This is a painstaking process 
as they are a far way away so try and get as close as you can. When you have
killed all four, go over to the area they were guarding and follow the tracks.
We're done here now, so you can reurn to fulton street station.

---FULTON STREET----------------

Climb back onto the pathway on the left and go through the gate to return
to the platform. Speak with Mitch who is waiting for you by the gate. Now, go
back to the men's room in Fulton Street station where you earlier found the
key to the turkish baths, to meet Bucther Joyce. You'll be paged by Eddie,
so go back to the phones and call him.

***MEET UP WITH EDDIE***************************

Jackie will demand a meeting with Eddie Shrote in Trinity Cemetary, which
means you will need to take the train back to Canal Street station. When
you get off the train, you should simply follow the signs to Trinity Cemetary.
Once you are back on the streets, go around the wall to to the cemetary, enter
it and proceed through the main entrance where the game will load the next 

---TRINITY CHURCH------------------------------

Go through two sets of wooden doors and Eddie will appear and demand you
put the briefcase on the altar. Go over and do this and Eddie will - as
expected - spring another ambush. Stay over here, by the altar and
get ready for a firefight. Cops will begin rapelling over the walls from
the second floor. Stay behind the altar and the case and crouch down and
you can kill all of them from here as its very difficult for them to hit you
from there. Keep the darkenss manifested, all them time. Eventually, when
you have killed enough, Eddie gives the order to turn on some more

Two cops should abseil down near the entrance; there should still be enough
darkenss to use the creeping dark to kill them. The next problem are the cops 
on the gantries above you. They are camoflagued by the darkness and are at 
angles to where you will be. This is a very diificult part of this section;
two on each gantry moving forwards and backwards. The only real way you will
be able to see them is by the muzzle flare of their weapons. Keep the darkness
manifested and fire at them when you can see where they are. Watch out for
more cops abseiling into the church - as long as you keep moving, keep looking
and most importantly keep near decent cover you will survive this. Once they
are all dead, Eddie will play his ace, dropping a flashbang down which knocks
Jackie out cold.

When Jackie comes around, he finds himself tied to a chair with Eddie Shrote 
and two of his goons standing over him. Eddie has placed one floodlight
directly in front of you, rendering your darkness powers useless and begins
a gruesome interrogation of Jackie with a power drill. After he's finished 
with you - for the time being - you will be given various options to taunt
the two cops who are guarding you. These actions will ultimately give you 
enough darkness power to use the demon arm to destroy the briefcase and take
Eddie to hell along with you, and end chapter 3.

                           CHAPTER FOUR: RESIST

You'll awaken suddenly to find that you are back in the cockpit of the giant
tank you were driving earlier - yes, you are back in hell, but this time you
won't be here for quite so long.


The tank continues along the rails, finally stopping about 300 yards before
the castle entrance. Despite the protests of the decomposing german officer,
you should fire the cannon, only to find that it has run out of ammunition;
Jackie decides Anthony may know something and finding him is your first
objective back here.

***REUNITE WITH ANTHONY***************************

Climb back through the roof hatch and begin working your way down the frame
of the war machine down the catwalks until you reach a wooden catwalk on
the right which has a ladder that you can use to get back to ground level.
Notice the skeletal allied soldier who lies here; just to the left of him
in a crawlspace is a letter. Grab it and then head to the rear of the tank
and to the right, towards a rock formation on the right. Behind the rocks,
on the left is a solitary German Soldier. Shoot him and move to where he fell.
Devour his heart and begin heading down the steps to the series of walkways
on the cliff face.

Two more soldiers await you around the corner here but you should be able to
take them down easily with the Rifle you picked up earlier. The walkway will
lead to some steps at the bottom of which is another soldier. Stay at the
top of the steps and crouch and shoot him in the head when he climbs up to
meet you. Down the steps and further along the walkway is another soldier
who you should shoot, preferrably with the rifle as its long range 
capabilities are second to none.

Continue along the walkway and you will come to some more steps. There are
3 soldiers in this area who will all eventually congregate at the top of the
steps. Shoot them one by one when they attack and quickly devour their hearts.
Enter the metal door behind them and go through the coridoor and through
another metal door. Ignore the darkness' warning and head to the gap in the
floor which leads to a ladder you need to go down.

At the bottom of the ladder, you should pick up the collectable through the
pipe on the right, then go back and head through the other pipe which leads
back to the village.


Make your way through the sewage pipe (Picking up the most lazily placed 
letter in the game as you do!) and simply walk through the grating to remove
it. Wade through the water and underneath the two bridges and you will come
to a grating, to the left of this is a boardwalk which you can get to. Grab
another collectable and then climb the ladder to be back in the centre of the

Speak with Frances Fox, the first british soldier you come accross and ask
him about Anthony and you will find that he has gone back to the trenches.
Walk in between the two soldiers and down the street before turning left 
at the burnt out building. Head over towards the lit up building that faces
you and you will come accross the cubby hole that leads back to the trenches.
Descend the ladder and follow the underground passage back to the area where
you met the soldier playing the harmonica on your first visit here.

At the top of the steps is a soldier named Charlie Hazelgrove who wants you
to complete a task for him; don't worry about it now, just continue through
the next underground passage beside him and climb the ladder to the trenches.


Anthony is waiting for you by an American Tank; he wants you to take the gun
as the two of you get set to dispense some payback.

***FIND SHELL*****************************

You'll find the ladder to the tank right beside it. Climb up to the turret
when prompted and you will begin what essentially is a rail shooter section
where you must use the automatic turret to blast everything the darkness
is going to throw at you to oblivion as Anthony negotiates no mans land
in the tank.

The guns are automatic and are used with the weapon button and do not need
to be reloaded. You'll come accross enemy outposts, attack planes and 
tanks. This part is not overly complicated at all, in fact its quite simple.
Even if you do a sub standard job you will more than likely survive this.
Just stay sharp, keep your eyes peeled, listen to Anthony and blast everything
you see. The attack planes are difficult to hit, so be careful.

Eventually, Anthony will smash the tank through an entrance to the castle,
causing it to flip on its side and trap you; Anthony has survived without
a scratch it seems and gets down from the cockpit and goes to get something 
to help you out of there. As he moves away, you hear an otherworldy seprentine
squealing, and hear Anthony engage a physical manifestation of The Darkness
in combat. After a few moments, he is tossed aside and The Darkness moves in
on its host - you must do battle.

The Darkness will pick up the Tank with you still inside, and with only one
option available, you must blast away at it with the Turret until it dies -
this is a very limp battle to be honest and with no other tactic at hand, it
should only take 30 seconds. When it dies, it will collapse to the floor
and drop the tank, giving you a method of escape. Walk around the tank and
you will see Anthony; go over to him and speak with him - he's been mortally
wounded and eventually passes away.

Leaving Anthony behind, move forwards and go through the door at the end of
the coridoor. Use the first door on the left in here and follow this new
coridoor and you'll find another door which you need to enter. Turn to the
right and pass through a final door to come to a grey bricked passageway.
Run up the steps and around the corner to end this area.

---CASTLE ENTRANCE---------------------------------

Go through the door marked 'Transport'; there it is, the shell you need so 
much. See the catwalk above? There is one german soldier on patrol up there
and if you run to the front of the shell and look up you will have a clear
shot. Shoot him, go up the steps and follow the catwalk. Follow the catwalk
until it branches left - there is another soldier at the end here so shoot
him too and pull the lever to open the doors to the hangar. Turn around and 
walk to the other end of the catwalk to find a collectable. Go back to the
ground floor and climb onto the shell using the ladder and start the engine.

***ENTER CASTLE************************

The shell transportation engine will travel over the rails to the giant tank;
it is armed with a cannon. As the engine travels, you will be attacked by
an attack plane - blast it out of the sky. When you approach the courtyard
area you will find that a platoon of German Soldiers are placed everywhere.
Use the cannon to gun down as many as you can before the engine deposits the
shell. We'll go on the basis you didn't kill any soldiers here when we move

There will be two soldiers in front of you on the floor - take out the guy
on the right first before getting his partner. Go down there and devour their
hearts. You have to climb back up the ladder which gives you access to the 
roof - waste as many soldiers as you need to progress - including the one
on the catwalk we are heading to and climb the ladder, then you should
return to the cockpit where you began this chapter and this time, fire
that cannon for real.

You'll blast open the entrance to the castle - the heart of The Darkness -
which is where you need to go. Instead of going down the ladder again where 
all the soldiers were, jump off the other side slowly and go accross the 
planks, enter the hole you blasted and go down the steps to the right to
enter the castle hall.

---CASTLE HALL----------------------------------

Go down the steps and you will find The Darkness' chamber. Go to the gate and
grab the collectable. Three of the machines in here can be used to extract
The Darkness from Jackie's body. Go to them and use them and finally 
surrender The Darkness guns to lure The Darkness out of its portal.

The Darkness will attack you, using the very powers and resources you
were using earlier in the game.

Run to the other end of the chamber - The darkness will spawn two beserker
darklings who will attack you; shoot them and they will die with one shot.
Now stay at this end of the chamber as far away from it as possible as it
will attempt to suck you into a black hole. If you get too close to it,
you will die, so keep running backwards. When this is over, it will attack 
again with more darklings and more than likely use its black hole power 
again. After several rounds of combat, you must accept your fate and
accept The Darkness again by absorbing it back into your body. This act will
result in the end of Chapter Four.

                           CHAPTER FIVE: RELEASE

Jackie is roused from unconsciousness by the ethereal figure of a 
young Jenny. You find yourself in the courtyard of St Marys Orphanage.

---ST MARYS ORPHANAGE-----------------------

Follow Jenny's spirit and go out of the courtyard and onto the street.
Go left and take the subway exit to Fulton Street station.

---FULTON STREET STATION--------------------

If you didn't try the sidequests in chapter 3, it would be a good 
idea to try and complete them now in chapter 5; please refer to the
sidequests section of this guide for more information. Go down to
the platform and you may meet Vinny Mortarello who informs you that
most of the family thought you died in the explosion in Trinity
Cemetary. He also mentions that Butcher is with your Aunt Sarah - he
may be able to help you again.

***MEET BUTCHER****************************

In the coridoor right beside the exit from the plaform to the
St Marys Orphanage exit is an old lady on a bench - this is Rosie
Hazelgrove, whose husband you met in the village in hell - speak
with her to complete your sidequest and get a collectable.

When you have finished speaking with the people in this area, you
should take the train to Canal Street. In Canal Street, again speak
with everyone whose sidequest you haven't completed yet, if you wish
and when you are ready to continue the game, you must go to the Lower
East Side.

---LOWER EAST SIDE------------------------------

Climb the steps of the subway exit and then go back to Aunt Sarah's
house on Rasperry Avenue. Ring the doorbell and she will be surprised
but delighted that you are still alive. Butcher is here as well -
speak with him and ask about mother of god and he will reveal that
it is in fact the chicago families boat which runs shipments of drugs into
the harbour; destroying this boat would all but cripple Paulie's
operation and cut him loose from the chicago people but the boat
is still at sea - you need to use a radio at the abbotoir on Grinders
Lane to call it in.

***RADIO THE SANTA MARIA********************

Go back to Canal Street and take the train to Fulton Street and 
follow the signs to Grinders Lane.

---GRINDERS LANE----------------------

Exit the subway and then head towards the abbotoir. Go to the right and you
will see several cars and enemies standing by the gates. Depending on
actions earlier in the game, there may also be several cops in this area
and you will also have the west coast photographer to deal with if you are
also doing Vinny's sidequest. Also, if you haven't yet taken care of 
Petey Pajamas for Vinny, you should do this now - he's inside the last 
building on the left of grinders lane, oppositte where the gaggle of enemies
are gathering.

The best way to get through these multiple enemies is to go to the apartment
block where Petey was being held, stand by the side door and snipe every
enemy from here. You should use either the M4 or your pistols to line up
a head shot, fire, hide and repeat until every enemy is dead. Be careful
though as 3-4 backups will exit the abbotoir and join in the action, so 
watch out.

When everyone is dead, approach the gates to the abbotoir and you will find
they are now locked. Instead, use the wooden structure where your enemies
where guarding to enter via the exit of the building (where we exited 
the abbotoir when we were here in Chapter 1). Once inside, you should 
go around the coridoor and turn right. As you move further down this
coridoor, the door at the end will swing open and a mobster will burst 
through and open fire, be ready to spray him with bullets as he does this.
Pay  attention to the only door on the right here - another mobster will 
burst through this time toting sub machine guns so take care of him as 

Go through the door the second guy came from and you will be in the 
canteen area. Pass through the canteen and into the locker room. 
Make sure the darkness is manifested and blast out the lighting and
then open the door to the abbotoir area. You'll remember this place
from before - When you open the door you will see the metal shutter
at the far wall - two wiseguys are in here and another two through
the shutter on the right. When you enter this area, the shutters
should open and they will run in and attack - the best way to deal
witht these guys is to stay in the shadows and shoot them from afar under 
cover of darkness.

When they are all dead, you should go through the shutter on the right
and you will find yourself in the main entrance area, back outside.
Its the small wooden shack that you will see before you that houses
the radio; no doubt you saw it here earlier when you found the can
of gasoline. Go over to it and call in the ship.

***GET TO PIER 19*******************************

Go back outside and head through the abbatoir again, back down the
wooden floored coridoor and back to grinders lane. As you leave the
cabin with the radio, a black sedan will smash through the gates and
pull up outside. Despite the darkness urging you to fight them,
just head back to the subway exit. As you do this, Butcher pages you -
read it and then continue to fulton street.

---FULTON STREET---------------------------

When you get back to Fulton Street's platform, you should ring 
Butcher immediately. He'll tell you that the Santa Maria has docked
at Pier 19, which is where we will head to next. Its the only area we
haven't yet visited although it has been possible to go there since
the beginnings of the game. Pier 19 is located adjacent to the Lower
East Side.

Take the train back to Canal Street and follow the sigposts for the
Lower East Side. Once you have reached the lower east side, follow the
street in the opposite direction to Aunt Sarah's, past the Chinese
Restarant and then turn left. At the next intersection, go to the right,
through the underpass to reach Pier 19.

--PIER 19----------------------------------

***WHACK SHIP CAPTAIN***********************

Continue along the road here and move to the right, by the container. 
Beside this container are 3 mobsters killing time waiting for you to show
up by telling stories. Listen to their amusing conversation and take them
by surprise by emerging from the right of the container. You can kill two
of them very easily by doing this. The third is behind the container and 
you will need to hunt him down. This commotion will alert the Hitman on the
skywalk further down the main road. As you move towards it, he will let rip
with an AK47; be careful and shoot him with your M4.

When he is dead, he will surrender his AK which you should pocket, and then
continue down the road towards the pier. As you approach the waterside, you
will see the Santa Maria in dock. When you get close to the ship, you will
hear the Captain speak on the loudspeaker, warning his men of your impending
assault, alerting the many armed guards of your presence. Stealth is non
existant, you can do nothing about this and you must battle your way through
the boat.

---SANTA MARIA---------------------

Use the catwalk to get onto the deck from the pier and then go left, over
the holds and around the corner to the right and then climb the stairs at
the back of the ship. There will be one gurad waiting for you in the small
room at the top of the stairs. Introduce him to your M4 and pass through
this room to get to deck 2, which is where you will gain a checkpoint.

Continue on the deck and head towards the next staircase. There will be two
guards waiting for you by the stairs who you can easily take by surprise by
shooting them through the stairs. Ascend the stairs they were guarding and
move up the next set of stairs, where there is a guard wielding a Shotgun
in the coridoor at the top - use caution here, he will come out and attack 
you if you caused a commotion below. Once he is dead, you will see an 
engineer at the far end of the coridoor. If you menace him with your guns,
the seemingly placid engineer will draw a flick knife and attack you! Near 
him is a white door you need to go through.

Now, go left and around the deck. There will be an open doorway ahead which
is partially barricaded. Behind this baricade is one guard, so look to your
left as you enter this room and he should be so close to you you should be
able to perform an execution kill. Beyond this room, behind the white 
structure on the deck is another guard. Use your cover in here to take him
out and then go back onto the deck. There is another guard hiding behind
structure, in the far left. Go to where the first guard died and take him
out using your cover, or use the creeping dark if your power is high.

Keep The Darkness manifested and go down the stairs here. At the foot is the
door to the bridge, where Captain Kurchev is hiding. When you open the door
and stand there, it appears empty, however, once you set foot inside he
will emerge from a side room and use the overturned table as cover. You
can either shoot him from here or send the creeping dark out to take care
of the captain. Either way, when he is dead, you should devour his heart and
take note that the game has saved again.

Your notes will say that you should see Butcher again, so you need to get 
off the boat ASAP. When you get back to the top deck, jump off the boat and
into the water and Jackie will use an emergency ladder to get back to the
pier right by the massive red crane. Now, we need to get back to the Lower 
East Side, but as you do this you will get an emergency message from
Aunt Sarah - Paulie has sent soom goons to whack Aunt Sarah and you must
prevent this, so continue past the containers and go back through the
underpass to the Lower East Side.

---LOWER EAST SIDE-----------------

***RESCUE AUNT SARAH*********************

Head in the direction of Aunt Sarah's place on Rasperry Avenue. When you 
reach the first phone booth on the right, you will should notice the black
sedan tucked into the alley. Go closer and you'll hear two mobsters talking.
Go around the corner, shoot them dead and then head towards Aunt Sarah's
house again.

As you move to the interesction here, the game will save. There are two 
mobsters waiting for you at the intersection on the right. Send the 
creeping dark to kill them both, making sure you shoot out the lamps to
harness your power. Head towards Aunt Sarah's again and you will see one
mobster get blasted out of a window. At the front of Aunt Sarahs is another
sedan and two more guys - take them out from the side and enter Aunt Sarah's
through the front door.

Jimmy The Grape gestures you through to the back. He knocks a bookcase over
as cover and you must now fight Paulies men from inside the house. There 
will be about a dozen of Paulie's men outside in various positions firing
at the house. In the kitchen are two tactical rifles and in the bedroom 
there is, in a surreal situation, a mobster with no legs who will pass you 
ammo and weapons. Jimmy covers the hallway, Sarah the kitchen and Nicky 
Barucci the living room.

You cannot use the darkness here, so it is a straightforward firefight.
Use the tactical rifle and go from room to room taking out each mobster as
he shows up. Go to the living room first and take out the three standing
in the restuarant entrance - Barucci dies quickly without support here.

There will always be several guys near the subway entrance who will be 
hiding in that area; look for them popping their heads up and ventilate their
skulls when they do. Finally, there are several near the entrance to the 
house who can be difficult to hit as they are standing behind their cars. 
Again, wait until they break their cover and shoot them when they do. If 
you can't seem to progress, IE, there are still guys to kill and you can't 
see them, keep  looking through each window and fire a salvo at thin air to 
lure them from their cover. Once they are all dead, a car will pull up 
outside. Its  Butcher, who quickly enters Sarah's house.

Sarah, Jimmy and Butcher will be waiting for you in the hallway; go over
to Butcher to complete your objective. Butcher has a lead on Paulie -
Paulie has been kept in hiding by Eddie Shrote since the orphanage incident
- a lighthouse which also serves as his mansion. Butcher has arranged for
a guy to run you over to Paulie's lighthouse - he's waiting for you
at Pier 19. Speak with Sarah and Jimmy and then leave, making your way
back through the lower east side to Pier 19. Please note that this is your
final chance to complete the sidequests in The Darkness; if you have any
unfinished business, now is the time to complete it!

***RETURN TO PIER 19************************

When you have returned to Pier 19, go to the crane again, but this time
go to the left over to the jetty - Mario is waiting for you there. Before 
you go over to him, you will find two police officers in the area around
the crane - you can murder them and devour their hearts if you like.
Go over to Mario and he will take you to a sea dock at Paulie's lighthouse


Mario drops you off on a jetty at the foot of the lighthouse. This is it.
You must fulfill your destiny, for you have only one thing left to do, one
final act - this is where it ends.

***DESTROY PAULIE FRANCHETTI***************************

Walk along the jetty and onto the beach. Now, pay attention to the sun and
watch the stunning eclipse. When New York is plunged into darkness, you
should manifest The Darkness. Its power has reached its penultimate level
and you will find that darklings will spawn from the active gateway
automatically from now on and will aid you as you progress.

As you watch the eclipse, several armed guards will run down the steps 
leading to the mansion and will fire at you. From the Beacha area, you can 
cut them down from afar. You now need to ascend the twisty steps up to the 
mansion where there are more guards waiting for you on each platform.

Remember to keep The Darkness manifesed and head up the steps. When the steps
head to the south, there will be one guard with a striker. As a general 
rule, it is advised to engage the enemy, backtrack and take them out as they
chase you where possible. There is a platform ahead with a bench with 2-3
guards, including some further up. You should be able to lure them towards
you and shoot them in the head as they approach, or alternatively you can
send the gunner darkling up and rush them. 

There are more gaurds in the balcony area which is next in line and you will
then find yourself by the steps which lead to the courtyard to the mansion.
Again, take out the guys here and approach the steps to recieve a checkpoint.

This next section can be very frustrating and tricky. Firstly, the courtyard
is set up with floodlights like what you came up against in City Hall and
secondly, it is crawling in armed guards which are limitless. You need to 
enter the mansion through the main double doors and hope that you have
enough cover and have killed enough men to do it successfully.

First of all, make your way up the steps leading to the courtyard. As soon
as you set foot on higher ground you will hear Paulie, who has been watching,
from the mansion, taunting you and immediately, the floodlights are switched
on and you will be ambushed by multiple guards in the courtyard. Go back to
the balcony area with the steps leading to the courtyard and find some cover.
Now, manifest the darkness and send the gunner darkling up to the courtyard.
She will kill many guards but will not survive too long, so keep spawning
another. As she does this, you should take out the floodlights from down

Once you have shot out the floodlights, The Darkness will begin to spawn
more darklings automatically again, saving you from fighting each gunman. 
Go to the courtyard and head over to the left and move towards the front 
doors of the mansion from this side. There are a few guards congregating 
near the front doors, so arm yourself with the M4 and blow them apart. 
Once you have got to the front doors, regardless of what is happening, The 
Darkness will take over.


You will now witness some kick ass scenes as The Darkness begins to take
over Jackie completely. You will have limited control here, so sit back and
enjoy it. When it has ended, you will find yourself in a coridoor inside
Paulie's mansion. The beserker will take care of the first gunman in front
of you; round the corner are several more men who you should take out with
the Black hole. When you do this, you lose control again.

You now find yourself on the landing on the first floor of the mansion. 
Explore the mansion starting with the ground floor. You will find that 
The Darkness cannot be demanifested. Kill the two gunmen on the first
floor and then Go through the coridoor on the right in the main hall on the
ground floor. There are more men here; shoot them and devour their hearts.
Continue down this coridoor and go right and you will find yourself in
the room The Darkness deveasted with a black hole earlier and The Darkness
takes over once more.

The Darkness has finished - for now, and leaves you in full control in this
blood soaked room. You have to hunt down Paulie, who should be in the one
area we haven't yet been to - the lighthouse. In the room you are in now,
you can see several dying henchmen. Listen to what they have to say and then
use the white door in this room to return to the main hall. Go up the stairs
and use the left hand stair and then go through the first door on the right
where you find a critically injured guard on the floor. Head through this
coridoor and through either of the wooden doors at the end to find the 
entrance to the lighthouse tower.


Open the door and the game will save. This is it, the end of the line. There
is only one way this can end. Its time for Uncle Paulie to atone for his 
sins and for you to gain your release. You've been through hell twice to
get to this moment. There is only one left.

Once you have set foot inside Paulie will begin taunting you. You need to 
chase him up the sprial staircase of the tower, or alternatively, if you
wish to skip some dialogue use the emergency ladder. Paulie will reach the
top before you and run inside the maintenance room at the very top. When you
get to the top, head around the room and open the door. Paulie is waiting,
behind a metal box, with the sights of his Colt Python trained on the door
and will begin unloading his weapon the moment you open the door. Wait
outside, and when he has fired his six bullets, rush inside and shoot him,
wounding him. You will now recieve a cutscene, and when control resumes, you
are moments away from completing The Darkness. Its time to get release, for

Congratulations! You have completed The Darkness on HARD mode! Enjoy the 
final cutscenes - for detailed explanations on the endings, read the upcoming
FAQ and plot summary sections. I hope you have enjoyed this walkthrough as
much as I had writing it.

                   DOCUMENT COPYRIGHT MILLERS C (2008 -)