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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - Balrog (Boxer)


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Table of Contents

1. Introduction [1I]
2. Revision History [2RH]
3. FAQ Notation [3FN]
4. What Changed? [4WC]
5. Moves List [5ML]
	I. Moves Explanation [5IME]

		i. Moves Explanation Introduction [5iMEI]

		ii. Straight Rush [5iiSR]

		iii. Low Rush [5iiiLR]
		iv. Dashing Upper [5ivDU]
		v. Alt. Dashing Upper [5vADU]
		vi. Buffalo Headbutt [5viBH]
		vii. Turn Around Punch [5viiTAP]
		viii. Super [5viiiS]
6. Combo List [6CL]
	I. B&B (Bread and Butter) Combos [6IBNBC]
	II. Super Combos [6IISC]
	III. Dizzy Combos [6IIIDC]
7. Gameplay Tips [7GT]
	I. Basic Gameplay Tips [7IBGT]
	II. Staying Charged Up [7IISTU]
		i. Staying Charged Up (Part 2) [7iSCH]
8. Special Thanks [8ST]
9. Contact Information [9CI]

1. Introduction [1I]

I've decided to write a FAQ for Balrog out of boredom. I should spend
time practicing with him, but I play casually, not competitively.
Although I play casually, I still try to win my matches, and gain as
much knowledge as I can about the game. Although I'm not that good at
this game, I want to share my basic knowledge to the player base. Truth
be told, I got most of this information through various resources, so
most of it isn't my work. I've just compiled a bunch of information
together to help people learn how to use Balrog effectively.

Balrog was considered top tier in the original ST. They gave him the
nerfs he needed, but I still think he's still quite as beastly as he
was before, just not as abusable. As some of you already know, some
people call him "Boxer" to prevent confusion. I'll be calling him
Balrog in this FAQ from now on since we're already on the same page.

2. Revision History [2RH]

Version 0.1 (1-23-09)
- Happy Birthday to me! I'm sure I'll be adding more information and
fixing the FAQ up as I go along. This FAQ is very messy right now,
but I'll probably reformat the entire FAQ if I get the feedback for
it, or if I personally feel I need to change it myself. I still have
a lot of work to do, so the first version should tide you over until
I get to fixing it. I want to make sure this FAQ is as perfect as it
can possibly be... as long as I'm not lazy.

3. FAQ Notation [3FN]

 ub   u   uf            Up-Back       Up       Up-Forward
   \  |  /
 b -- n -- f            Back        Neutral       Forward
   /  |  \
 db   d   df            Down-Back    Down    Down-Forward

 any                    Any button.
 P                      Any punch.
 K                      Any kick.
 LP/Jab                 Light punch.
 MP/Strong              Medium punch.
 HP/Fierce              Hard punch.
 LK/Short               Light kick.
 MK/Forward             Medium kick.
 HK/Roundhouse          Hard kick.
 PPP/PP or KKK/KK       Press the listed buttons together.
 s			Standing.
 c			Crouching.
 j                      Jumping.
 +                      Press at the same time.
 ,                      Press in the listed order.
 xx			Cancel into.
 charge                 Hold the direction for about 2 seconds.
 hold                   You can hold the button(s), then release it.
 when near              Perform when next to your opponent.
 (x#)                   Perform x number of times.
 /                      Divides different inputs.

4. What Changed? [4WC]

Since this game is based off of the original ST, I'm going to list
the changes that were made to Balrog to give you a better idea as
to how he used to work and how he works now.

- Turn punch and headbutt award less meter.
- Small and medium headbutts travel slightly farther and are barely
  less safe.
- Throw range is decreased.
- First hit of throw does less damage.
- Turn Punch can be perform by holding 2 punches or 2 kicks, rather
  than all 3.
- Super does a little less damage (around 50% rather than 60%).
- Super input window is larger and is a fixed size, rather than
  random size.

5. Moves List [5ML]

The game comes with a move list, but I'm gonna list it here anyway
so you know which moves I'm talking about.

Charge b, f + P           Straight Rush
Charge b, df + P          Low Rush
Charge b, f + K           Dashing Upper
Charge b, df + K          Alt. Dashing Upper
Charge d, u + P           Buffalo Headbutt
Hold PPP or KKK           Turn Around Punch

Charge b, f, b, f + any   Super

I. Moves Explanation [5IME]

I added this section to help you understand each special and super
moves better. However, most of this is not my work. By most, I mean
everything you see in this tiny little section was done by Catalyst,
and the only part where I actually put my own work in is where I label
'Personal Note'. I also edited the names of the special moves to help
prevent confusion and keep you on the same page.

i. Moves Explanation Introduction [5iMEI]

With moves that charge by holding back or down, you can use the
diagonal positions to charge up as well. For example, if you're
holding back, you can jump backwards or block low and still
maintain your charge.

Important Note: With all of Balrog's Running Punches, the strength
of the button pressed determines the speed and power of the move.

* Light attacks go the shortest distance and do the least damage,
but Balrog will stick his fist out faster giving the other fighter
less time to react to the attack.

* Hard attacks go a full-screen's distance and do good damage, but his
fist takes longer to come out. Medium is a mix between both moves.

ii. Straight Rush [5iiSR]

Hits high and can be ducked under by an opponent blocking low. This
move doesn't have a lot of uses except when you want to purposely
miss with it and immediately go into his grab. Also you may work it
into some combos.

Personal Note: I wouldn't use this special unless you use it in a
dizzy combo. It's not even good to use to whiff into grab because
anyone who's decent at this game will know a grab is coming because
you just lost your charge for your headbutt. Try to avoid this move
as much as possible.

iii. Low Rush [5iiiLR]

You'll be using Balrog's Running Low Punch often. The Light Punch
version comes out very quickly, and it's safe when blocked, plus
it works great in combos.

Use this to get in close and keep offensive pressure on your
opponent. Also realize that the motion ends with a down-forward
command which lets you charge up his Buffalo Headbutt for counter

This attack hits low, if your opponent starts getting swept by it,
many times they'll start doing one of two things. Either trying to
directly counter your Running Low Punch or blocking low.

If your opponent does a Dragon Punch-like move when you're close,
hold your charge and hit them with a Crouching Medium Punch as they
land and Cancel into his Running Low Punch for two hits and score
another knock down.

If they start blocking low, keep the pressure on by chipping away
more of their life with Running Low Punches and look for throw and
jump in oppotunities.

iv. Dashing Upper [5ivDU]

Personal Note: The difference between this one and Alt. Dashing
Upper is this one doesn't knock down and takes a little bit more
time to recover. I would also try recommending you to stay away
from this unless you want to use it in a dizzy combo, because Alt.
Dashing Upper is superior in two ways - it recovers faster, and
you can keep your headbutt charged if you want to do your headbutt
and throw mixup. You can use this to knock people out of the air,
but then again you could always use the alternate version instead.

v. Alt. Dashing Upper [5vADU]

There's a couple of differences with this version of the Dash
Uppercut although they may not be apparent at first.

Unlike the normal Dash Uppercut, this low version will ALWAYS knock
down, plus it allows you to charge up for Balrog's Headbutt a little
faster after you execute it, because it ends in the down-forward position.

vi. Buffalo Headbutt [5viBH]

Even though this is no longer completely safe on block, it still has
invincible frames of animation and is a heck of a tool to reverse

Also since the Medium Punch version goes through fireballs now and
has extended range, you can mess up people's timing a little easier
when you're trying to get out of a projectile trap.

vii. Turn Around Punch [5viiTAP]

Personal Note: You can use this to knock people out of Dragon Punches
if you time it correctly. If you want, you can charge TWO TAPs instead
of one. You can try holding the kick version throughout the entire match.
Whenever you feel like it, charge the punch version to at least one,
release it, then release the kick version right after. You can use this
move to generally catch people off guard. I'll add more info on this later.

viii. Super [5viiiS]

You can press and hold the Kick button after doing this move to do
uppercuts instead of straight punches.

If timed correctly this will go through Fireballs, and it takes off A LOT
of power. Most people say this is the best Super in the game.

You can "buffer" Balrog's super by doing a normal Dash Punch and then
doing another back to towards motion and press Punch right as the first
Dash Punch is ending.

This means you'll get one normal Dash Punch followed by Balrog's Super
which can catch players off guard and take off big time damage.

What's happening here is the Dash Punch actually counts as the first
part of the Super motion, and right as it's ending, doing the back to
forward command + Punch is actually executing the Super.

The timing on this can be tricky, but it's worth the time it takes to
learn it.

6. Combo List [6CL]

This game doesn't really revolve around combos, but there are definitely
a handful of them. I'm only going to list his most practical combos.

I. B&B (Bread and Butter) Combos [6IBNBC]

- c.strong xx Low Rush
- c.forward, c.strong xx Low Rush

His first combo is his most important one. It does quick and good damage.
You should use this combo almost every chance you get whether you need to
get in to close the distance or to punish with it. His second combo is
just an extension to his first one. The plus side is that it hits low,
and does even more damage.

II. Super Combos [6IISC]

- c.jabx2 xx Super
- c.strong/forward, Super

The first combo helps you with a quick and low hit confirm into super.
In the second combo, you can link it after a c.strong or forward, which
gives you another hit confirm into super. The c.forward hits low, but
you'll probably be using c.strong most of the time anyway. Either way,
you can link the super off both of those pokes.

III. Dizzy Combos [6IIIDC]

I'm going to list the best possible dizzy combos for every character.
Since each characters are physically built differently, it limits how
many hits you can connect on them. I also only tested these combos with
j.forward, but I think you can use j.fierce. I'll do some more tests later.

- j.forward, c.jabx2 xx Straight Rush
- j.forward, c.jab, s.jab xx Straight Rush
- j.forward, c.jabx2, s.jab xx Straight Rush
- j.forward, c.jabx3, s.jab xx Straight Rush
- j.fierce, s.forward xx Dashing Upper
- j.forward, c.jabx2 xx Super

Very Small: Blanka
Small: Chun Li, Dee Jay, M. Bison (Dictator), Vega (Claw)
Medium: Akuma, Balrog (Boxer), Cammy, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Fei Long, Ken,
Ryu, T. Hawk
Large: Guile, Sagat, Zangief

The first four combos I've listed are mostly just flashy combos since
the fifth one does the most damage outside of a super. I've listed the
combos in order according to size. You're probably thinking the characters
who seem out of place are probably Dee Jay, Bison, Hawk, and Guile. For
Dee Jay and Bison, it's possible to hit them with 'c.jabx2, s.jab xx
Straight Rush', but you have to hit really deep for it to connect, hence
why I only put them in the small section. Hawk is big, but his hitbox
isn't wide enough to connect one more jab. Guile is short, but his hitbox
is really, really wide. The dizzy combo with the super can be done on
everyone except Vega since he's too thin.

7. Gameplay Tips [7GT]

Under construction.

I. Basic Gameplay Tips [7IBGT]

1. Start of the Round Suggestions:
i. LP Low Rush
ii. LK Alt. Dashing Upper > throw or MP Buffalo Headbutt
iii. Far standing HP
iv. Wait to see what opponent does.

2. Strategy/Technique/Block Strings:
i. LK Alt. Dashing Upper to...
	a. Throw
	b. MP Buffalo Headbutt
ii. Turn Around Punch > Turn Around Punch
(hold all 6 buttons down, release PPP, delay then release KKK)
iii. (Jumping LP) > crouching LP x 2 > crouching MP > LK Alt. Dashing
     Upper > throw or MP Buffalo Headbutt
iv. (Jumping LP) to...
	a. Crouching LP > Turn Around Punch
	(hold MP HP before the jump, after crouching LP hold button,
        then release PPP)
	b. Crouching LP to...
		i. Crouching MP > LP Low Rush
		ii. LK Alt. Dashing Upper > throw or MP Buffalo Headbutt
v. Crouching MK (blocked) to...
	a. Crouching MP to LP Low Rush or throw
	(Note: I don't think you can throw after a crouch MP. Will test it.)
	b. Crouching HK
	c. Throw

3. Best Combos:
i. Jumping HP / HK > Crouching MP > LK Alt. Dashing Upper
ii. Crouching MK > Crouching MP > LP Low Rush

4. Best Way to Avoid Projectiles:
i. LP or HP Buffalo Headbutt
(Boxer has invincible frames on start up of this move)
ii. Vertical jump
iii. Block

5. Best Reversals:
i. Buffalo Headbutt
ii. Super

6. Best Anti Air:
i. LP or MP Buffalo Headbutt (ground to air)
ii. LK Alt. Dashing Upper
(ground to air, close/med distance, use against jump ins that won't reach)
iii. Crouching HP (ground to air, close distance)
iv. Far standing MP (ground to air, medium distance)
v. Far standing LP (ground to air, close distance)
vi. Super
(ground to air, close/medium distance, if it connects, juggle with kicks)

7. Best Cross Up:
i. Jumping HP

II. Staying Charged Up [7IISTU]

Balrog can keep his Dash Punches and Headbutt charged up when while
executing some of his special moves.

Because his Headbutt can be executed by going from a down-back to
up-back position, the moment he comes out of it, he can launch right
into a Dash Punch, or his Super.

Also, with his Low Dash attacks, he can from a down-back to down-forward
position and the instant he's out of his Dash Punch - He can Headbutt,
because you're never losing your downwards charge.

This sets up a lot of cheese and unpredictability with Balrog. You can
use his Dash Uppercuts to get close and if your opponent blocks low
you'll miss but be in a perfect position to grab them. If they attempt
to counter you can go right into a Light Punch Headbutt and knock them

And if you're playing against a projectile heavy character you might
be dodging their Fireballs with your Headbutt, and it will surprise
some players to see that the instant you come out of your Headbutt
you're Dashing at them with your fist.

These two charge techniques help the boxer get and stay close and they
can be devastating when you get your timing and cheese tactics down.

i. Staying Charged Up (Take 2) [7iSCH]

Catalyst already went into detail about how to keep your charges when
using Balrog. This is my own little section on trying to explain in
more detail on how to help you maintain your charge to surprise your
opponents, and HOPEFULLY help you understand it better if you didn't
before. *takes a deep breath* Let's get started.

The first thing you should do is always, ALWAYS charge for every single
second of your matches, if possible, especially before the round starts.
Since you can charge as soon as the screen loads, do it so you can get
the initiative. If you want to wait and see what the opponent is going
to do, that's fine. Just make sure you try your best to charge as much
as you can. I cannot stress this enough. Balrog needs to connect his
Low Rush to get in, whether it connect and hit or on block. Charge while
you're crouching, charge while you're standing, charge while you're
jumping, just keep charging! Learn how to get the basic idea on charging
until you can do it in your sleep.

Since Balrog's Low Rush and Alt. Dashing Upper ends in down-forward,
you still get to keep your down charge for your headbutt. It allows you
to use two of his specials consecutively, which leads to his mixup games.
More on that later.

There's also another trick! Although Balrog's Headbutt ends in the up
position, if you charge from down-back, then end it in the up-back
position, you still keep your back charge and you can launch any dash
attacks after you recover from his headbutt! If you only charge down
and end in up-back, you can't use dash attacks right after, but it
allows you to charge them faster since the recovery gives you a bit
of time to do so. It's still useful to charge buffer, so make sure
you try your best to end his Headbutts with up-back.

The tricks doesn't end there. You can launch a super right after your
specials! You can launch your super right after a headbutt.Just charge
down-back to up-back, then launch your super after you recover from your
headbutt. It's VERY useful if you're trying to get within range of your
opponent, and he's pushing you out with fireballs. Just headbutt over
the fireball, then launch the super if you see another one coming.

You can also whiff ANY your dash attacks (preferably Alt. Dash Upper
due to faster recovery) into your super. How do you do this? It's easy.
Since the first special requires you to make one back-to-forward motion,
you simply just add another back-to-forward motion after that and you
can launch the super right if you've recovered from the dash attack and
time it properly. You should try to learn the timing for this as I find
it useful to know. You should learn how to keep ALL of your charges as
much as possible to make you more of a threat. Be wary of using this,
since Balrog still have to travel across the screen, which makes him
vulnerable to attacks.

8. Special Thanks [8ST]

GameFAQs: For posting up this FAQ and many others across the website.
Capcom: For remaking and rebalancing ST years after its release. The
fans love you! The community is great, and they give out great and
possibly the the best info you could get on competitive fighting games.
Catalyst: Creator of Awesome site with solid basic and
even intermediate information. This site helped out with the 'Moves
Explanation' and 'Staying Charged Up' section.
pandaman64: Gave me the information for the 'Basic Gameplay Tips'
section. I felt like he contributed to one of the most important
section in this FAQ. =P
You: For reading this FAQ. This FAQ would be pointless without you!

9. Contact Information [9CI]

It's usually hard to get into contact with me, but the best way to
do it is to either find me lounging around the GameFAQs HDR board
or e-mail me. Even though I don't respond to my e-mails very often,
but you can try me at ''. If you want to
find me on AIM, my SN is 'Plastik Lazee' or 'Lethargic iPhi'. If you
want to catch me on XBL, my GT is 'Lethargic iPhi'.

I would like some feedback on the guide whether it's good or not.
ANY feedback is appreciated. I made this guide for you, the people,
so that you could learn and enjoy reading this. If you want to give
me feedback, I'll be lurking around the 360 HDR boards in GameFAQs
for a while. You'll most likely find me there.

Thanks for reading. See you next time. ^_^

copyright  2003 Plastik Lazee (