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"Best snowboarding game I've played..."

Graphics: 9.7
Wow these graphics are great. I'm not sure if the background on each mountain is just a picture but it sure looks nice! There are some noticeable jaggies and very very very little pop up occurs only if you look real hard. Actually I've only noticed pop-up for about .1 of a second about two times. Also characters/animations are real nice.

Presentation: 9.5
Well laid out options menu and minimal load times. My only complaint is after you go from the main menu to change levels, the song changes. Oh well not a big problem.

Sound: 9.0
Well I love the fact that you can rip your own songs on the hard drive and play them straight in the game! You can either have the songs played randomly or in a list. The sound effects are what you would expect and I think it also supports Dolby Surround sound (I haven't tested it yet on my system). I'm not sure how good the songs included in the game were but you'll definitely want to make your own soundtrack.

Gameplay: 9.2
This is a very fun game with tons to do. First of all you can do a normal run. When you do this you have to score a certain amount of points and you also have to score a certain amount of camera points. The camera points are when a photographer is near you, when you do a trick, the points will double and these points will add to your camera points. Also in each mountain there are 8 snowmen. You have to find these things and just knock them down. Also on each mountain you can do sponsor runs. In these you have to do what the sponsor likes (big air, grinds, flips, spins, etc.) and you get more points for the tricks he likes. If you end the level with him feeling ''Amped'' then you get sponsored by him. Finally you can try tricks against a pro. When you do this, you follow a pro rider and try to beat the points he got on each jump (while you can miss 4 jumps). The only complaint about gameplay would have to be that there is no 2 player split screen. If you are buying this game only for split screen I'd give this game an 8.2 for gameplay.

Replay: 8.5
It's pretty fun just to do tracks while listening to your favorite music. It'll take you a while to get all the tracks, snowmen, tricks, etc. so you'll be playing this game for hours. You can also pick new characters after you've beaten the game with your character and to my knowledge there are some secret characters (maybe secret levels? I hope!). The multi-player modes can be fun only if your friend is patient enough to watch you go first.

Overall: 9.2

This game is really worth buying and I've actually played this game more than Halo. This game makes me happy that I bought my Xbox and it also shows off the true graphics of Xbox. Hopefully more great games will have excellent gameplay and awesome graphics. I highly suggest that you get this game because it's just plain fun!

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 11/25/01, Updated 11/25/01

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