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Second Pulse Generator (Two Betrayals)?

How do I get past this? I tried jumping to it. That doesn't work. It's too high up. In Co-op, I told my friend to stand on the same mini-platform I'm on, I jump on top of him, I almost reach it, but I get nothing. How do I get up there?!

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I was in a circular room, that had Flood all over it. Besides, about 4 hours later I found out I had the WRONG ONE.

MK123T provided additional details:

Now I need help getting through the cave. The cave that you're supposed to go through after you destroy this Generator. I kill almost everything in my way, until a smart ass Elite or whatever the hell it was blow me up with a Rocket Launcher!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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DaruniaTheGoron answered:

I would advise flying your Banshee as fast as possible past all the enemies. That's what I normally do. It might take a few tries before you will be able to dodge the rockets they shoot at you.

If you're not skilled enough at flying the Banshee yet, you're just gonna have to tough it out on the ground and kill the Flood that sneak out from behind some rocks with rocket launchers. I'd advise keeping a really safe distance and picking them off with your pistol while using the scope. If not, throw some grenades towards them. Rockets travel really slowly so if you stand far away you should be able to move out of the way before the rocket hits you.
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DaruniaTheGoron answered:

I have no idea how you "almost" reached it when it's like 300 metres above you.. lol. But anyway, you're supposed to take a Banshee. There are two of them sitting beside some Elites, Grunts, and a Wraith tank.
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xboxFrEak260 answered:

My advice on getting through the cave would be to memorize where that Elite who keeps giving you trouble is and when you get there, blow him away with a rocket. (if you have a rocket launcher) If you don't have a rocket launcher, toss a grenade. He'll probably move out to avoid it. Proceed to waste him with whatever gun you have.
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