Regnier Campaign Strategy Guide by sumixam

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1.  Introduction
2.  General KUFTC and Regnier playing tips
3.  Regnier Mission Walkthroughs 1-12
4.  Conclusion

1.  Introduction

Here is my Regnier Strategy guide.  It is in my opinion the slightly 
harder overall of the 2 hard campaigns from the fantastic Phantagram 
game, Kingdom Under Fire The Crusaders.  Therefore I strongly 
recommend you tackle the Kendall Campaign first.  The very first and 
last missions in this campaign are considerably tougher than 
Kendall's first and last although in between the missions are about 
even in terms of difficulty.  Of course the way in which you play and 
upgrade your army can make things significantly easier, or tougher.  

This guide will show you what to expect from the enemy and a good way 
to beat them without ever losing any units under your control.  I 
must stress as I did with Kendall's campaign guide that my way may or 
may not be the best way.  There are multiple ways to complete these 
hard campaigns.  What I will say though is that what I did to get 
through worked and worked very well.  In fact, I didn't lose a single 
unit throughout the entire campaign.  Also once again I won't be 
going into any depth about what weaponry, armour and spells to select 
for the choices are as abundant as they are random and that is up to 
you to decide what works best for you.  What I will attempt to 
illustrate however is how I beat each mission with the troops I 
selected and how I used them to my advantage.  

I hope it helps, enjoy.

Oh and one more thing.  Phantagram has already announced that rewards 
for those that completed KUFTC will be available in the upcoming 
sequel, Kingdom Under Fire Heroes.  A good incentive to finish these 
hard campaigns and in case you didn't know there's a cool little mini 
game to unlock at the end.  

2.  General KUFTC and Regnier playing tips

*As soon as the 2nd Mission you can be looking to replace Leinhart as 
a special Officer of Regniers with the intention of making him the 
leader of his own Ghoul Unit.  Can be changed back and forth to suit.
*Charging Regniers sword with Fire is great when he is fighting 
multiple enemy units but it should be switched off before switching 
units as it depletes SP when left on and not used
*Try to fill all slots whenever possible, the more the merrier!
*Waypoints are very useful and never forget to target an enemy with 
your final point, particularly Cavalry Archers, keep them busy.
*Don't overuse the assist moves of the support officers to the main 
heroes group.  This SP can often be better spent elsewhere.
*Any armour or weapon that gives bonus EXP should be a priority 
purchase at the barracks
*Always take advantage of the Elves abilities to self heal in the 
*When upgrading, ask yourself if the thing you are upgrading can be 
put to good use.  For example if you don't intend to use your archers 
in melee then spending EXP on that for them may not be necessary.  

3.  Regnier Mission Walkthroughs 1-12

Mission 1 The Holy Ground : You start with Regnier Lvl 11, Dark Elf 
Archer Lvl 15 and Orc Rider Lvl 11

This level is extremely tough due to the number and type of enemies 
and your own low levelled units.  If I had to sum up the short and 
sweet key to victory I'd say it is keep most or all of your Dark 
Archers alive to both heal and support from range.  You should avoid 
using Regniers support officer special abilities here.  They don't 
cause much damage to the enemy as their levels are still so low and 
you need all the SP you can to heal and give your Archers Elemental 

Regnier and the Dark Archers should ignore the NPC Allies just to the 
North and head South West until Regnier is confronted by a Mortar 
unit.  Engage them in Melee and position the Dark Archers South of 
this skirmish, remembering to activate Elemental boost also.  The Orc 
Riders can assist after making one run through the Northern melees 
first for SP buildup.

The Dark Archers should hit Regnier with a healing tree as much as 
possible but direct their arrows at a Paladin unit that is healing 
the Mortars.

It is far safer to kill the Mortar Unit quickly and advance, rather 
than just try to build extra EXP as you will also be attacked by 
other Paladins, an enemy Archer unit and another Mortar unit in this 
area.  Remember Regnier and the Orc Riders also have the Enrage 
special ability that heals them slightly, outside of melee.  

After clearing this first part if all your units have maintained full 
health you are doing really well.  You should probably take out the 
Human infantries that killed your NPC allies in the South East next.  
Then there may be one or 2 more Paladin Units remaining not far North 
of where you battled the Mortars and others.

On the rare occasions you have enough SP use Regniers' Dark Mist 
special ability on enemies as it really weakens their attack and 
defence.  Curse is a much underrated Magic ability.  

After these units are all defeated you can begin your journey West 
towards the marked area but will have to beat about 4 Paladin Units 
on the way.  Regnier takes the first enemy unit, supported by Dark 
Archers and the Orc Riders carve a path of destruction.  If the 
Archers can fire over Regniers' melee battle then they should.  The 
advantage here too is they will then be close enough to Regnier to 
give him healing trees as required.  This a great time to Fire up 
Regniers sword.  Just remember to switch it off before switching 

After leaving the marked area send a scout due North then lure the 
Storm Riders to their doom against your Dark Archers.  Try to charge 
the Paladins before they hit your Dark Archers with Lightning if you 
can.  As ever the Orc Riders must plough the way and build SP.  Avoid 
using Orc Riders in melee at all times as the paladins Leaders have 
good special moves that really don't need to be damaging 2 of your 
units.  Once this group is beaten proceed North East, leading with 
your scout.

A last battle will ensue and you will fight Paladins, Patriarchal 
Guards and a support enemy Archer Unit.  Basic strategies win the day 
here, that is, Have Regnier Engage, supported by Dark Elf Archers who 
should fire past the main melee if possible and heal.  Also use the 
Orc Riders to distract the rear enemies and gather SP.  Use healing 
wisely here for you will be attacked with Lightning, Meteor and 
similar spells.  This section ends the mission and although you won't 
gather a lot of EXP, should all your units remain standing you should 
be confident as that was one of the toughest missions out of the way.  


Mission 2 Colonock : Lots of Ranged enemies.

I used Regnier Lvl 18, Orc Rider Lvl 21, Dark Archer Lvl 17, Orc 
Axemen Lvl 20

Well I always say attack the Range enemies asap.  Problem here is, 
they are the only enemies you can see at the start.  I'd recommend 
attacking Mortars first as they are the most destructive.  There are 
Ballistas and Archers as well.  

As soon as the first Mortar unit is destroyed Human Infantry will 
come.  This is the calm before the storm for after the current 
enemies are beaten lots more enemies arrive, including Paladins.  

Regnier should target a Mortar from the East.  The Dark Archers will 
halt the advance of a Paladin unit and the Orc Riders can trample all 
after making a sweep to the West, assisting some ally NPC units.  If 
your Orc Axemen were weakened from the earlier skirmishes then use 

More Mortar will come from the North and South West, target them 
first, sending Regnier to one and the Orc Axemen to the other.  The 
Orc Riders should charge through them and any enemies nearby by 
clever use of waypoints.  The Dark Archers should support the melee 
units from between them, perhaps healing and then firing upon any 
nearby disengaged Paladin troops.

Orc Axemen will most likely need more support than Regnier.  If 
supported with Range they will hold their own against the Paladins 
and Mortar in melee.  Finally there may be a couple more Paladin but 
by now you have the numbers and should take them out easily.  If any 
of your units are too weak to fight preserve them if possible.  


Mission 3 Raven Meadow : There is enemy Air Support and you are 
allowed a Support unit yourself.  Try to be prepared.

I used Regnier Lvl 21, Ghoul Lvl 22 (switched Leinhart with the Orc 
Axemen Leader), Dark Archers Lvl 20, Wyvern Lvl 22 (changed Orc Rider 
to Wyvern)

Assess the enemy layout and note you have ally NPC units.  Your army 
commences from the South East Corner and the enemy approaches.  An 
aerial Storm Riders support unit may attack from the North and your 
Archers should destroy it after using Elemental boost.  

Your Ghouls will act as a strong melee unit in conjunction with 
Regnier, their added bonus is their curse abilities which can weaken 
enemies considerably.  Take advantage of this and when you have 
enough SP to cast Dark Mist, use it.  It can be cast on Regniers 
melee from outside and switched to him for quicker kills.

Your Ghouls won't fight as well as Regnier however so it can pay to 
support them with Wyvern and they should preferably attack Human 
Archers.  Your own Dark Archers can support NPC allies and heal your 
own as required.  You may choose to engage some Paladins with Regnier 
to the West of his starting point by assisting a Scorpion NPC unit.

Remember the Wyvern will only attack in clearings, not the forests.  
Use this knowledge when positioning troops.  You should also be 
considering that your Dark Archers will self-heal from the same 

As Regnier gets on top another Paladin may come from the West and it 
could divert towards your Ghouls tangled up with Human Archers.  If 
you don't pay attention you may not notice more Storm Riders in the 
vicinity.  These should always be targeted asap by your Dark Archers.  

Have Regnier assist the Ghouls and withdraw them so they can re-cast 
Dark Mist if SP levels allow.  When this is done it can also pay to 
use the self destruct special move which will cause the enemy 
considerable damage but beware it lessens your own slightly.  It is 
after all the explosive suicide of a single Ghoul.  

You may be attacked by more Human Infantry from the North and North 
West and these could be supported with Archers.  If you can isolate 
Archers in a clearing then attack them with Wyvern.  If the Ghouls 
attack them also then they can't shoot at your Wyvern.  

Keep making your way North and be aware of your Dark Archers being 
attacked by enemy Infantry.  Try to escape via Regniers skirmish if 
this happens but always try and keep them to the forests for self-
healing and protection against Range and Storm Riders.  

The next part is tougher and the enemy is relentless.  There are an 
assortment of Archers, Mortars, Infantry and Paladins.  As always 
engage Mortars in melee first where possible.  Have Wyvern attack 
anything in the clearing about the centre of the map.  Have the Dark 
Archers support from the forest, preferably with Elemental Boost.  
Regnier and the Ghouls may fight better together this time and go for 
leaders if you can.

When these enemies are defeated more Mortar attack from the West.  
They will see you and fire on you before you see them so proceed with 
caution and attack on sight with your melee units.  When you gain the 
upper hand assist with an enemy raid from the South.  At the same 
time more enemies arrive from the North and hopefully some of your 
NPC allies will hold them back while you take on the Southern enemies 
who bring Storm Riders with them.  

If you can hit this Southern group with Dark Mist they will be 
quickly destroyed and you can proceed North.  The Archers must be 
isolated in melee and try and get them into a clearing for Wyvern 
support overhead.  Apart from them there are Paladins and one of your 
melee units can attack them while the other goes for the Archer unit.  
The Dark Archers should assist where most needed.

Once the Northern enemies are destroyed the Mission is over.  The aim 
as always is to get through with no unit losses (NPC aside) on your 
part.  Do this for lots more EXP.  

Mission 4 Ethindel : Enemy Cavalries and Air resistance here from a 
rebel Dark Legion faction.  

I used : Regnier Lvl 24, Dark Archer Lvl 23, Orc Axemen Lvl 25 
(swapped Leinhart back to Regniers unit), Cavalry Archer Lvl 27, 
Wyvern Lvl 24, Mammoth Lvl 36

A good way to start is to send out only the Cavalry Archers to run 
around the enemy in an anti-clockwise direction so as to strike the 
enemy, know their position and build up SP.  

Let Regnier exit the narrow ravine first and enter a wide opening to 
the North where you will be immediately set upon by several enemy 
units, mainly Dark Fighters but there are a few Scorpions as well as 
a Wyvern enemy or 2.  

Just prior to engaging cast Dark Mist and the first units you enter 
battle with are weakened in a big way, although for a limited time.  
Set the Mammoth into motion first on this group, then send in the Orc 
Axemen to back up Regnier.  Your Archers should fire at the group but 
immediately change to the skies when the first enemy Wyvern flies in.

When Scorpions enter the main melee set Regniers sword on Fire and he 
makes quick work of them.  

After this first lot of enemies is destroyed one or 2 units of Dark 
Fighters may try to lure you North.  Pursue them but if you get past 
the centre of the map consider doubling back and waiting for them to 

As soon as you catch them they may seem alone but it may not be a bad 
idea to position your Orc Axemen nearby slightly to the North of the 
melee in progress (after assisting long enough to weaken the enemy) 
and standby as a potentially dangerous enemy Cavalry will soon 
charge.  Cavalry Archers can circle the group anti-clockwise and 
gather valuable SP.  Use waypoints, they are your friend!

When this lone enemy or 2 (quite tough) is defeated send the Wyvern 
North to lure the next batch of enemies.  

2 Wyverns will lead for the enemy, attacking yours.  You should 
combat them with your 2 Archer Units.  A Dark Cavalry will charge in 
front of Scorpions.  Position your Orc Axemen and the Cavalry die 

This section is tough but as long as your troops are well positioned 
you should win, once more with no unit losses of your own.  It helps 
to have the Mammoth already up there firing lava and not lagging 
behind still in the ravine.


Mission 5 Essex Forest: Support Ally NPC troops and be wary of enemy 
Air Support.  Having 2 x Archer units this time will make your task 
much easier. 

I used Regnier Lvl 27, Dark Archer Lvl 25, Cavalry Archer Lvl 32

Have both Archer units attack Sky Borne enemies from the North and 
send Regnier to the far west to engage the widest enemy Archers.

The enemy is relentless here.  All of you units will be attacked by 
the many Infantry opponents on this map.  You should gradually move 
your Elf Archer units to the Forests near Regnier to both support him 
and self heal.  Be aware your Elf Archer units will be vulnerable to 
Vine attacks, more so than other units.

There is no better unit in this game for killing a Catapult (or 
Ballista) quickly than the Cavalry Archers.  Take advantage of this.  
There is no need to circle anti-clockwise.  Just lock-on target and 

As the Cavalry Archers attack enemy Catapults, Regnier should target 
enemy Archers whilst the Dark Archers should attack all seen Bomber 
Wings and Storm Riders.  

Be aware as you move East that enemies will attack from behind and 
all your units should actively support one another and go back West 
if necessary.

As you make your way back take care of any stragglers and a couple of 
Air support may make a late charge, take them out.  By supporting 
each other here a potentially difficult battle is made easy, with 
minimal losses on your part.  


Mission 6 Brimstone Forest : The enemy is hiding in the forest and 
Air support for them will attack you.  There will be Catapults and 
Mortars later in the mission.  

I used Regnier Lvl 28, Dark Archers Lvl 26, Cavalry Archers Lvl 35, 
Wyvern Lvl 32, Swamp Mammoth Lvl 36

Mainly Paladins, accompanied by a very strong Infantry and Archer 
unit will attack you at first.  Lead with the Swamp Mammoth and 
attack the closest enemy or the Archers if in range.  Have your 
Cavalry Archers harass the Human Archers from the forest and also 
attack them with Regnier if able.  If not engage the Infantry in the 
clearing, allowing support from above by your Wyvern.  Your Dark 
Archers should provide further support including healing.  Don't 
forget to charge their elemental boost before the waves of enemies 
attack.  The Wyvern is capable of flying through the legs of the 
Mammoth and attack Paladins hiding beneath as well.   

After the initial attacks Paladins will try and lure your troops 
deeper North into the Forests.  Pursue them cautiously and be aware 
your Wyvern can't assist there.  After these enemies are beaten 
things get tougher.

First a Bomber Wing may attack, immediately followed by Infantry that 
are several levels higher than Regniers.  Regnier should disengage 
them and run North into a clearing where a Mortar and Catapult unit 
will be firing.  Set the Cavalry Archers against the Catapult and the 
Swamp Mammoth against another Catapult in the forest just to the 
East.  Have your Dark Archers run past Regnier engaged with the first 
Catapult and Mortar to the North of them via waypoints.  This will 
hopefully lure the strong Infantry into Regnier, who should be 
assisted from above by Wyvern also.  If the Dark Archers are caught 
before this is achieved then simply retreat through Regnier to tie up 
the Infantry that way.  As the Eastern Forest Catapult damages the 
Mammoth you should support it with the Cavalry Archers who should 
also heal.  By this point Regnier, his Dark Archers and Wyvern should 
almost have finished their opponents and may be able to assist.  

If you are the type of player that feels the Scout can get in your 
way just search safely and with the Cavalry Archers who can surround 
enemies then flee quickly under protection also of the Forest.

An enemy Catapult may attack from the South (Nb - If it doesn't it 
might come at the very end of the mission instead), possibly hitting 
your Mammoth first.  Heal it with the Cavalry Archers and use them as 
the primary attack, assisted by all other units except the Wyvern who 
can't attack in the Forest.  

After another search with the Cavalry Archers, Knights and Paladins 
will be found hiding in the forests to the North East.  Enemies will 
then be seen spread back to the Centre.  

Lure the Knights into the Northern Clearing with the Dark Archers and 
allow them to engage in melee.  Then have the Wyvern attack overhead 
and support with Cavalry Archers, who can alternate between the Dark 
Archers and Regnier.

Regnier may be stuck near the Mammoth fighting Paladins and Infantry.  
The Cavalry Archers can ride down there and cast a Healing Tree if 
required.  The Mammoth should target a lone Mortar Unit towards the 
centre, potentially the most dangerous enemy here now.  Ideally 
Regnier should take out the Mortars but they are well protected and 
this may not be possible.  The Mammoth will still do the job and as 
is near Regnier can be healed also.  

If the Dark Archers are beginning to be overwhelmed by the Knights 
and this is highly likely then retreat Regnier to the North to assist 
and pull them out of harms way where they can fire and heal from the 
Forest.  Enemies Regnier was fighting previously will pursue so 
reposition the Cavalry Archers as well so they are not caught.  

After overwhelming the enemy in the clearing then assist the Mammoth 
by focusing on any remaining members of the Mortar Unit.  The 
Paladins tend to retreat to the East, pursue with caution.  If there 
are 3 aim Regnier at the Centre unit and position the Cavalry Archer 
in behind to support Regnier and attack the North and South Units as 
required.  The Mammoth will probably eliminate the Southern Paladin 
about the same time Regnier beats the centre one and Regnier can then 
attack the Northernmost Paladins who will flee him into the clearing.  
Finish them off therefore with Wyvern backup.  

When all enemy Units are beaten you may for the first time receive a 
very massive, not to mention timely EXP boost.


Missions 7 and 8 are both titled Bronze Wood.  The Northern Mission 
is closest to Ecclesia and involves hunting down the Pope (Patriarch) 
himself, therefore it's advisable to have fast units.  The more 
Southern Bronze Wood battle sees 3 of your units pitted against many 
melee and Range enemies, perhaps a good place for Ghouls?  

For the purposes of this FAQ I decided to try and halt the 
Patriarch's progress close to Ecclesia first.

I used Regnier Lvl 33, Dark Archers Lvl 34 and Cavalry Archers Lvl 41

You are in pursuit of the Patriarch and must attack his unit directly 
at every opportunity.  Trouble is there aren't a lot of opportunities 
and he is very well protected.  I was very tempted to convert my 
Wyvern back to Orc Riders and gave it a go.  For me personally, it 
was too much trouble babysitting them in case they ran through the 
Spearmen (meaning almost instant death).  In fact I had to look out 
for them so much that not only was Regnier neglected to point of 
defeat but also the Patriarch quite easily made his way towards his 
destination point.  Still for a greater challenge I will do it that 
way another day.  I was tempted to make Leinhart a Ghoul Unit again 
and use Dark Mist on the Pope asap.  Again, perhaps another time.  

The Cavalry Archers should circle and attack the main enemy group in 
an anti-clockwise direction.  Archers, Spearmen and 2 lots of 
Patriarchal guards will accompany the Patriarch.  Immediately spread 
Regniers' troops and attack from behind.  As soon as he is held up by 
Patriarchal Guard break through and retreat, don't give his Holiness 
a minutes peace!  You really need to watch your Dark Archers and keep 
them supporting Regnier as much as possible.  The Cavalry Archers 
need not fear the Spearmen like regular Cavalries just circle and 
fire all enemies and cast Healing Tree as needed, also use them to 
herd the Patriarch back to the South.  

Regnier should chase the Pope back to the South with continuous 
harassment.  The idea is to run past units protecting him and cutting 
him off from the side unopposed.  Once the chase South is on both 
your Archer units provide continual Range support.

The Patriarch is likely to flee so far South you will get time to 
beat some of his protection and raise EXP.  Do this whenever 
possible.  If you get your troops in the right position the Pope will 
cower in the far South corner and Regnier will be set upon by all the 
original Patriarchal supports and more.  There is plenty of forest 
here for the Elf support units to self heal as well and you will soon 
realise their value, particularly if the dark Archers are casting 
some choice spells like meteor upon thy enemies from afar!  

Once these main group of Papal defenders are beaten Mortars will 
attack you and there may be enemy Archers remaining to be cleaned up.  
Ignore his Holiness for a while and attack the Mortars with Regnier.  
Support Regnier with Cavalry Archers (or leave them on the Pope) and 
perhaps aim up the Dark Archers against any remaining Human Archers.  
If your Dark Archers stand in the forest and charge their elemental 
boost then their advantage is substantial.

Soon after the Mortars are killed and the Patriarch is weakened 
enough the storyline progresses and you will in fact fight your own 
support officer, the giant Ogre Urukubarr. You will not have 
additional unit support here so fire up Regniers sword and slay away.  
Once Urukubarr is beaten, the mission is over.  

At this point you will see that you can bypass the other Bronze Wood 
mission but this would not be recommended.  After all, there is more 
EXP to be taken there!  Let's go!


Bronzewood South : I used Regnier Lvl 34, Leinhart Ghouls Lvl 30 and 
Cavalry Archers Lvl 41

Here you will have friendly NPC support.  

There are lots of enemy ground troops such as Paladins and Infantry.  
Send Regnier through a central gap in the frontline and attack their 
supporting Archers.  Have your Ghouls follow closely behind.  The 
Cavalry Archers should pierce deep into enemy territory and make an 
anti-clockwise swoop to build up SP.  Use this SP to cast Dark Mist 
from your Ghouls upon the Archers as Regnier engages them.  Time all 
of this correctly and the Archers die quickly!  Have the Ghouls 
engage in melee also and more Infantry may attack this group.  With 
Regnier and the Cavalry Archers building SP have the Ghouls disengage 
from time to time and recast Dark Mist, making winning so much 

After beating the Archers perhaps drift West.  The enemy seems 
attracted to Regnier and use him to kill and build up SP with clever 
use of his Fiery sword and backup from Ghouls and Cavalry Archers.  
You should create opportunities for both healing and Dark Mist and 
heck, sometimes self destructing Ghouls can be fun as well, provided 
they are holding up well.  A small tip is that sometimes the Cavalry 
Archers should aim at Paladins outside the main melee as this weakens 
them and may prevent them from casting spells or approaching.  The 
Cavalry Archers may be able to be positioned in the forest also so as 
to self heal.

When you get on top of the enemy assist NPC units to the South and 
make your way back East then finally a strong Infantry to the North 
and it's all over, you win easily again.   


Mission 9 Norwart : I used Regnier Lvl 35, Ghoul Lvl 33, Dark Archer 
Lvl 35, Swamp Mammoth Lvl 45

There are enemy Infantry scattered everywhere to the West and you 
have too few supporting NPC units with you to the East.  Use the 
mini-map and scan and you will soon see an enemy Mortar near the 
centre.  Attack it immediately with Regnier and the Mammoth with Dark 
Archers and Ghouls supporting from behind.  The Mortars, despite 
their high level, will die quickly with this concentrated attack.  
First control Regnier in Melee and rack up SP before hitting them 
with Dark Mist from the Ghouls.  Byebye Mortars!

You may now see another enemy Mortar to the South beyond enemy 
Infantry.  Run round them then wash, rinse, repeat!

More Mortars emerge from the North and South West, there may even be 
enemy Archers South West also.  They are far apart so concentrate on 
one lot of enemies first, perhaps the lone Mortar.  Kill the leader 
if possible because more explosive power is coming at you from 
various Western locations.  Some of your troop can get tangled up 
with enemy Infantry also and the Mammoth should support them when 
this occurs.  Don't neglect Ghouls or Dark Archers for long if caught 
because if the Infantry don't get them, the Mortars and Archers 
surely will.  Heal, support and concentrate as this section is tough.  
Always remember to take out Range enemies whenever possible as 
priority, before they take out you!

Generally speaking, Regnier can hold his own alone (when controlled 
directly) so a good strategy is to melee separately with Ghouls and 
support those with Dark Archers standing in the forest to self-heal 
and the Mammoth.  Regnier should be eliminating the enemies chances 
of Range attacking your other units.  If the Dark Archers can 
position between the Ghouls and Regnier then they can cast Healing 
Trees to either as required.  

More Archers and Mortars emerge from the South.  Lead with Regnier 
into the Archers and send the Ghouls towards the Mortars.  Your Dark 
Archers provide healing support to both and Range support to the 
Ghouls.  The Mammoth should attack the closest of the 2 range 

Regnier should win first and he then goes to support the Ghouls who 
by now will be set upon by more infantry.  As soon as Regnier engages 
withdraw the Ghouls and cast Dark mist then rejoin the fray.  The 
Mammoth and Dark Archers provide tremendous support.  Regain control 
of Regnier and the SP builds quickly.  Use the Dark Archers to cast 
Healing Tree and don't forget to give them Elemental boost.  

Clean up any enemy stragglers to the South and you may suddenly see 
Enemy Archers hiding in the far corner of the North East of the map.  
Attack them with Regnier first, then turn the Mammoth as it is slow, 
allowing it to support friendly NPC still engaged with enemy 
Infantry.    Then turn the Ghouls and follow Regnier with them.  Send 
the Dark Archers to stand between the Ally NPC unit and Regnier and 
provide Range support to the NPC.  

When these enemies are destroyed it may not be over.  Start walking 
the slow Mammoth Westward again and send the other 3 across close 
together.  You may find a strong enemy Infantry.  Clever use of all 
previous tactics sees it quickly taken care of.  


Mission 10 Cloud Borune :  You WILL NOT get the opportunity to 
upgrade prior to this.  Here is where you save Gerald to ally against 
a greater threat.

I used exactly the same troops and Levels as per Norwart above.

To begin with realise the Swamp Mammoth is almost invincible against 
Encablossa Units, use this to your advantage.  Also be aware that 
your Healing Tree will also heal Gerald in this mission.  

Send Regnier into battle with Gerald immediately.  Enemy Encablossa 
Units will get in your way as you charge North.  You must break free 
of them and continue.  This is vital to success.  Let the Swamp 
Mammoth trample any that stand in it's way and have it too, support 
Gerald directly.  Your Ghouls and Dark Archers should try to get 
North of Gerald if able, even if it means by running through his 
skirmish to get there.  This area is a little freer of Encablossa 
enemies and as an added bonus the Dark Archers can self heal in the 

Ghouls need to cast Dark Mist whenever able and they and Dark Archers 
must support each other.  The Dark Archers need to be able to support 
Regnier as well if able so position them well.  

Regnier should reach his destination first and all units will get to 
where they need to be sooner if they fade in different directions to 
get there as opposed to just making a beeline together.  The Dark 
Archers may be able to cast a Healing Tree as they run past Gerald 
and Regnier and the Ghouls hopefully can let off Dark Mist on their 
way there too.  

Regnier must fight and drift Southward with protection of the Swamp 
Mammoth and his objective is to bring Gerald with him, alive!

If you see any enemy Leaders take them out asap.  Regnier and Gerald 
will seem to drift Southward very gradually unaided but regardless 
don't make a full-blown Southern retreat too early.  You need to 
stand and fight for a time.  If Gerald does retreat alone do go with 
him however, always keep him close to Regnier.  The Ghouls should 
purely stand back and cast Dark Mist.  The Dark Archers should heal 
as needed and provide Range support.  The Mammoth causes great damage 
in your favour.

The enemy will gradually thin and spread out a little as you slowly 
fallback South.  When given the option always attack Enca Spitters 
first.  Gerald should follow Regnier at this time.  Be aware that the 
Ghouls may be fired upon from behind and heal them if necessary.  

I thought that on previous plays there was conversation between 
Gerald and Regnier and then you are prompted to go to the South 
Orange highlighted area.  It didn't happen this time when I typed up 
the FAQ but regardless, head to the Southern Orange area when you 
can.  As soon as Gerald crosses the line, the mission is over.  Some 
of your units may have to stand aside to get Gerald to cross into the 
area.  I was able to complete this stage without even receiving 
damage at all (after healing), not even to Gerald.  


Mission 11 Gremium:  Here you will search for the 10 Dragon Tombs to 
awaken the Bone Dragon!  You need a fast unit here.

I used Regnier Lvl 38, Dark Archers Lvl 40, Cavalry Archers Lvl 48

Have Regnier stand near the centre just North of his starting point.  
Fight from there and never advance until the end of the mission when 
prompted.  Have the Dark Archers locate a Dragon Tomb near the 
starting point before standing to the South of Regnier and providing 
Range support plus Healing.  

The Cavalry Archers will help you complete this mission quickly.  Use 
Waypoints to get around every section of the cliffs.  Start by going 
up the hills to the North East first and then proceed around the map, 
carefully combing each section and moving in an anti-clockwise 
direction around it.  

If an Encablossa Unit gets past Regnier and attacks the Dark Archers 
then have Regnier fall back and pull the Dark Archers away to a safe 
position and continue.

Eventually a large number of regular Encablossa Units will be killed 
and then Regnier should advance Northward slightly, attacking an Enca 
Spitter, stopping it from Spitting at Regnier and the Dark Archers.  
Whenever you have enough SP don't forget to cast a Magic spell in 
support of Regnier, in my case Meteors.  

When the Final Dragon Tomb is found you will be prompted to retreat 
to the North West High area in an orange zone.  Continuously retreat 
with Regnier and the Dark Archers.  Perhaps the Cavalry Archers can 
support and lure enemies away from the other 2 slower units for a 
while to help them along.  Protect the Bone Dragon which is VERY WEAK 
against the Encablossas.  Fail and you will need to restart so be 
careful.  Once all units make it to the North West corner then the 
mission is over.  

Dragon Tomb Locations : 

(1)	Near the Western cliff-face from the starting point.  
There is a distinctive circle drawn on the Ground seen 
when the mini-map is brought up.  A tomb is almost on 
top of it, slightly North.

(2)	Opposite the first hill entrance where you go East and 
it's on level ground in relation to the starting point, 
slightly towards the Western Cliff-face

(3)	In the first Eastern Hill area near it's Southern edge, 
above Regnier's starting point.

(4)	The Central Northern part of the more Northern higher 
area which is just above the narrow Eastern Ravine

(5)	In the Central Highlands sector in an area closest to 
the mission starting point

(6)	In an area just above the Southern point of the Central 
Highlands area

(7)	About the Centre of the far North West Highlands area

(8)	At the South West corner of the map in the Ravine just 
to the South West of the Central Highlands area

(9)	Above the Tomb found near the starting point, on top of 
the cliff

10)At the South Centre of the map in the higher area, not 
far West of the previous Tomb (Tomb 9)


Mission 12 Funero : This is the final mission and plays similarly 
to Kendall's final mission.  The difference is the first half of 
this one is harder.

I used Regnier Lvl 39, Ghoul Lvl 33 (switched Leinhart to lead 
them), Dark Archers Lvl 40, Cavalry Archers Lvl 49, Swamp Mammoth 
Lvl 46, Bone Dragon Lvl 27 is given to you

The first half of the mission requires you to pull out all stops 
to protect your weak Bone Dragon so it can carve a hole in the 
mother Encablossa.  

Keep the Bone Dragon above Regnier and have he and the Leinhart 
led Ghouls together near the starting point, supported by Dark 

Send the Swamp Mammoth and Cavalry Archers to the North East 
corner and destroy the 3 Enca Spitters protecting the Mother 
Encablossa.  This part is crucial and be aware it will take some 
time and tight manoeuvring to get the Mammoth in a good attacking 
position.  The Cavalry Archers will be fine under forest 
protection until the Mammoth arrives and may need to take out an 
Enca Flyer in the South East corner on the way up.  Do not under 
any circumstances send the Bone Dragon to it's destination point 
until the 3 Enca Spitters are destroyed or it's all over.  It 
simply won't make it.  

Enemy Encablossa Units will attack the starting point and they are 
not in the least interested in your troops.  They want to destroy 
the Bone Dragon.   This is another good reason to leave the Bone 
Dragon with Regnier to lure as many Enca enemies away from the 
Mother Encablossa as possible.  If Regnier moves forward too soon 
he can be vulnerable, or should I say his Dark Archers can be 
vulnerable from enemy attacks from the rear.  

The Encablossa Spitters are the units that cast spells upon you 
and they will heavily attack the Cavalry Archers but will cause 
minimal damage to them.  Back with Regnier your Dark Archers 
should be able to cast spells of their own, besides the Healing 

Whilst your Mammoth and Cavalry Archers are killing off the 3 
Encablossas in the North East corner, Regnier and his entourage 
will gradually drift East and this is ok.   Try to avoid rounding 
the South East corner until later being prompted to meet at the 
teleportation point if you can help it so as to avoid rear enemy 

As soon as the 3 North East Encablossa Spitters are beaten start 
doubling back with the Swamp Mammoth because it's so slow.  Keep 
the fast Cavalry Archers there though, they can support the Bone 
Dragon who should now be sent up.  

The Cavalry Archers should defend the Bone Dragon from South West 
of it because numerous Encablossa Spitters will approach, 
seemingly from nowhere.  You will also find that Regnier and co 
are left unattended so send them to the central West meeting point 
area that will appear as soon as Bone Dragon cuts a hole in the 
Mother Encablossa.  

Once all your troops make it to the marked area the first half of 
the mission is over.  You should make it through without loss or 
injury and thankfully that's the harder part out of the way.

Once inside the Mother Encablossa the strategy is exactly the same 
as in my Kendall FAQ.  Your Swamp Mammoth won't be allowed inside 
unfortunately but at least that gives you more time to defend the 
Bone Dragon.

Run all troops to one of the corners and kill everything there.  
The Encablossa Spitters should be priority and be aware of more 
Encablossa Spitters attacking from the centre and catching you off 
guard with damaging spells such as Lightning.  Use your Cavalry 
Archers and Dark Archers as healing support and to immediately 
destroy any Enca Flyers seen.  

After killing everything in the 4 corners (one after the other 
employing tactics in the prior paragraph) head to the centre and 
clean it up then it's all over you win.  A cool mini-game is now 
unlocked also.  

By adopting these tactics you should make it through this stage 
and the entire campaign without losing a single unit.

4.	Conclusion.

Well how'd you go?  I hope my tactics helped you out in places you 
got stuck.  

If you'd like to discuss strategies or anything else related to 
this FAQ I can be contacted at

I am also a staff member at Xbox World Australia and would love 
you to check my KUFTC review :

This document is under Copyright 2005 and any inquiries re its 
reproduction should be directed to the above email address.  

Glenn Clarke 2 March 2005