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"The Moment you been waiting for?"

I'm a big time Rocky fan and If I can I would give this game a 9.5 but Ill give it a 9 since Its not perfect.

I have been waiting for a Rocky game to come out as long as I remember. I recently found out that a Master System version was released but when I found that out Rocky was coming out on XBOX so I just got that instead. Hardcore Rocky fans wont be disapointed.

Graphics- Ill give the Graphics an 8. Every one looks good but its still not in the Caliber of Metal Gear or Halo models and The Movie clips Kinda Drags down the score. I think the boxing matches it self is an 8.9 in graphics but overall presentation would be an 8 for graphics.

Sound- The sound gets an 8. Its solid but nothing great. A lot of fans will notice theres only 1 song from the entire Rocky Sound track. The voices that sound accurate are Micky, Lang and Rocky.

Game play-9 Great and near perfect. No complaints here, The thing keeping it away from being perfect is games like Street Fighter 2 just flows naturally and you can do awesome Combos. This game has Combos too but fighting games feel more natural. Still the best controlling boxing game ever. Simple but effective

Replay Value-10- If you have a fellow Rocky fan as a friend or Girlfriend or Wife this game rules and is as fun as any game on the Market. You can always recreate Apollo VS Drago and Kill your Apollio Literally. Tournament Adds to the fun and you can always obsess about having all the high scores in training mode. I predict that I can go through Movie Mode Several More times.

Extras-9 As a Rocky Fan This is what I was Wondering about the most. And fellow Rocky fans here is what you been wondering about. The movie mode is great but has little flaws that Rocky Fans will notice and will keep it from being perfection. There are some inconsistent things.

Here are a few.

In Rocky 3 Rocky makes 10 Succesful Title Defenses before he faces Lang. In movie mode you beat 3 guys then fight Lang. And you only Fight him once, instead of twice. They should of made it so what ever happens you cant beat Apollo in Rocky 1 and you fight Lang twice Losing the First time.

When your coming out you dont come out in your Robe, How cool would it of been to see the Paule ad?

No living in America by James Brown (understandable though)

Dragos Trainer talks in english and doesnt even sound Russian in the corner between rounds.

You have to fight people before you get to Tommy Gunn, In Rocky 5 he retires and doesnt fight anyone. In the movie Clip Tommy gun just calls Rocky out and they fight in the Movie He punches Paule.

When your training in Rocky 4 your not in the snow.

The good news is the movie clips are still really cool, The crowd is one of the nicest ever, and the stages are great like the painting of Drago in the Russia stage is there. And of course the pure gameplay and replay value.

Overall its a great game and I would rate it a 9.5. Its the little things missing that keeps it away from perfection. If your a Rocky fan you wont be disapointed. Im not.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 11/18/02, Updated 11/18/02

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