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Asked: 6 years ago

Can I become a vampire without GOTY?

I was wondering because I know you can in that, but im not entirely sure for the base game.

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From: el_cheato 6 years ago

Or if you find a vampire, you can kill it then keep on searching through is inventory, exit, then search again until you catch the disease. The Vampire FAQ tells you where to find vampires. You need the GotY to become a werewolf, not a vampire.

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Yes, on the Xbox, I don't know about the PC, but I would figure that it's the same thing. All you need to do is fight 1, and get him to hit you with a wepon or hand to hand untill you get the desiese.

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Oh, and if you can't get diseased (either by racial defenses or by certain events I can't discuss due to spoilers *wink*) just make a spell to weaken yourself to common disease.

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Yes you can

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Yes, me and my friend went to a faction (i completely forgot where) and i was bitten by a vampire. i slept a few days and i became a vampire. talked to the head vampire and he let me do some jobs. (killing jobs!!!). you are thinking of the GOTY edition where if you get bitten by a werewolf then you become one. not a vampire.

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What is corpus because I was just wondering but i know what vampirism is.

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Yes, unless you've passed a certain point in the main quest. Just kill a vampire and enter/exit it's body until you get a disease.

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Ja get beaten up by one

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