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Asked: 6 years ago

Is their a way to join the dark brotherhood?

I know this is a kinda stupid question but since i got atacked by someone by the dark brotherhood i think their might be a way to join the any info anyone?

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From: BlueMonk13x 6 years ago

If you want to join the Morrowind equivalent of the Dark Brotherhood, you have to go withe the Morag Tong. Their base can be found hidden within the sewers of Vivec. Unlike the continent in Oblivion, Vvardenfell is a very rural, religious area and the Morag Tong is a more honorable, ritualistic group of assassins.

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There is no way to join the dark brotherhood in Morrowind, but you could join the morag tong. The other assassin guild in Morrowind. Although You can join the dark brotherhood in Oblivion.

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No you cant join the dark brotherhood in morrowind but you can join it in oblivion. sorry.

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Not possible

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