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How do i get the chronicles of Nchuleft?

It was in a library in vivec but all i can do is steal it and if i do i get arrested


Macho_Toast answered:

If you want to steal it and you're having difficulty, try using some chameleon effects and wait until there are fewer people around. You can buy a copy at Jobasha's Rare Books for under 250 gold.
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jamieson09 answered:

I think there is a copy over in Balmora book store
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TonyHawk45 answered:

At the bookstore near the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild in balmora has a replenished supply, so u buy 1, they replenish, sell them 5, then buy 5, they still have 5, its odd, i know, but i have 75 of them, so, yea..... the book store across from the guilds.
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