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Is it possible to defeat Dagoth Ur without killing all the Ash Vampires? (Save for obtaining Keening and Sunder)

As I said, is it possible to defeat Dagoth Ur without killing all the Ash Vampires? I do plan on obtaining Keening and Sunder, so I will be killing their respective owners.


Indori answered:

Yes, Ur can be defeated without first taking out his Ash Vampire underlings.
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Hexforester answered:

Yes, as long as you have sunder and keening you can basically just walk by them.
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Sodaman answered:

Yeah, just tap that heart a few times with each and GG.
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Dkmulligan1 answered:

Yes and not only that you dont actually need sunder and keening to kill him, although it doesnt work correctly for completing the main quest. If you do enormous ammounts of damage to him in quick succession ex ebony dart of slaying from the bloodmoon expansion you can kill him without the scripted death
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hfyvhtbg answered:

You can kill him without killing the ash vampires but i really recommend killing them because he killed me in 2 hits when i had killed all the vampires so he is probably extremly strong if you dont.
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gryphon553 answered:

Yes and accourding to the un-offical elder scrolls website, killing the ash vampires doesn't actually hurt dagoth ur.
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dinocrisis25 answered:

yes there is a way to do it without keening and sunder actually i don't even know where they are because i killed dagoth ur by using the original morrowind and doing the instant mastery of weapons cheat and then bought the GOTY and had my long blade past 20,0000 and marksman over 15,000 and there are the best arrows of the game in solsthiem at thrisk in a hollow tree stump which takes hunks off his health and then after he's dead just hack and slash away at the heart and your done. (OH AND BTW BEHIND THIRSK ARE WHERE THE ARROWS ARE some other cool little nifty things in there).
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hotbigtoad answered:

Yes. Killing the Ash Vampires is entirely optional. However, killing them helps to increase your fame. Or reputation, I forget what the game calls it. After you kill Dagoth Ur, (which is pretty simple, regardless of what most weaklings say), the Ash Vampires die anyway.

So either way you look at it, you've killed the Ash Vampires anyway.

Although, I don't think you can get the fame if you don't kill them prior to killing Dagoth Ur.
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