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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the Daedric Mask of Gods?

I found it it once but that profile got deleated and I forget where it is.

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From: Indori 5 years ago

First you need to enter Marvani Ancestral Tomb. Use one of these maps to find it:

Find the door inside the tomb leading to Tukushapal. Inside Tukushapal is a vaguely maze-like structure with a door at the center, leading to the Sepulcher. Use a Levitation spell/enchantment/potion to float up around the ceiling, where you should find a platform. The Daedric Face of God and some other stuff is on the platform.

If you want, you can get a key to these areas and a neat story from a Nord in the Lizard's Head tavern (Telvanni Canton, Vivec).

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The actual term is Daedric Face of God, not Daedric Mask of Gods. And I agree with Indori.

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