Tribunal Temple FAQ by KORRANATOR

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/21/04 | Printable Version


VERSION 1.2     2/21/04

By Korranator


               Section 1: Forward & Tips

               Section 2: Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces

               Section 3: Tuls Valen – Ald’Ruhn Temple

               Section 4: Tharer Rotheloth – Molag Mar Temple

               Section 5: Endryn Llethan – Vivec High Fane

               Section 6: Uvoo Llaren – Ghost Gate Temple

               Section 7: Tholer Saryoni – Temple Archcanon

               Section 8: Optional Daedric Quests

               Section 9: After Word


Welcome to Tribunal Temple quest, which is probably the hardest faction to
complete. The quests will be simple at first, such as healing so-and-so of a
disease, but later on you will be asked to wipeout Daedric Shrines,
Vampires, go to Red Mountain, and even be asked to go into Dagoth Ur’s own
Tower. The Temple is the Native Dunmer religion, which worships the three 
Man-Gods, Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec, who make up the Tribunal. The 
also controls the controversial Ordinators, Holy warriors who defend and
protect the Temple. The Buoyant Armigers are also Temple warriors, but they
are Vivec’s elite force that answers only to him. If you wish to join the
Temple simply go to the nearest Temple and ask about joining the Temple.
They have no problem allowing you to join them, but you must first complete
the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces in order to prove yourself to them.

For those who have the Gold editions of the game. The Tribunal Expanison, 
adds more story, and quest to the other two Man-Gods of the Tribunal, 
Almalexia, and Sotha Sil. it also adds some interestng plot twists that 
should surprise you.

This guide was written and intended to be a guide only.

1.2: TIPS

I highly advice choosing a profession, or creating a custom class that uses
the Temple’s favorite skills, since the quest givers in the Temple will only
give you duties if you are at a certain rank within the Temple. The Temples
favored skills are; Unarmored, Alchemy, Restoration, Mysticism, Conjuration,
and Blunt Weapon. You really only need to specialize in one skill in order
to get promotions within the Temple, but you will need to develop a couple
of minor skills as well. I highly suggest you focus on Blunt Weapon as your
main skill, and use Restoration, and Unarmored as your minor Temple skills.

Also, make sure you know the spells Mark, and Recall, because it will make
your life easier. Simply cast the Mark spell at your nearest town (or where
ever you want) then go to your pilgrimage site, and then cast the Recall
spell to be instantly transported back to your mark point. Finally, make
sure you know or are carrying both Almsivi, and Divine Intervention spells.
Almsivi Intervention instantly transports you to the nearest Temple, and
Divine Intervention instantly transports you to the nearest Imperial Cult
Shrine. I hope carrying Healing and Cure Disease potions goes with out
saying, because you can never have enough of them. Also, if you can buy a
Cure Disease, and Blight On Other spell, because you will be using it
several times through out not only the Temple quests but on other optional
quests as well.

**** Main Quest Conflict Warning *****

If you are doing the Main quest at the same time that you are doing the
Temple quests, then you may run into trouble. If you complete the Third
Trial in the Main quest and still have not completed the Temple quests then
the Temple will no longer trust you, and they will refuse to give you
duties. However, once you complete both the Fourth and Fifth Trials, you
will be summoned before Lord Vivec himself. After meeting Vivec, the Temple
will once again trust you and give you duties once again.

**** End Main Quest Conflict Warning ****

Final version corrected Daedric Cresent Quest. Added notes in the forward.

Updated and reworded Section 1, and corrected some grammar issues through
out the FAQ. Also, added Section 8: Optional Daedric Quests.


OK, so you have decided to join up and have been given the book of The
Pilgrim’s Path, with no other hints on how to achieve this goal. Relax it’s
not as hard as it sounds. The easiest way to complete to the pilgrimages is
actually following them in the order that the Pilgrim’s Path had laid out
for you. In each pilgrimage you are required to find a shrine  (a triangular
shaped golden monolith) and hit the “A” button on your controller and leave
a small offering that each shrine requires. The point of the pilgrimages is
to follow the path that Lord Vivec took, in order to learn and prove
yourself worthy to the Temple.


Before you take each pilgrimage, make sure you have the offering it
requires. You need a piece of “muck”, to complete the Fields of Kummu. If
your having trouble finding “muck”, you can buy one at the Apothecary in
Balmora, or Suran. The fields themselves are located in between Pelagiad and
Suran right off the main road if you are following the signs. Look on the
South side of the road. It’s just North West of Alof’s Farmhouse.

Reward: You will receive a blessing in the form of a Feather spell that will
last 24 hours.


It’s 1-3 pilgrimages located in the city of Vivec, and a very simple one at
that. Make sure you have a potion of Rising Force, or simply buy one at the
High Fane Temple. Head on over just past the High Fane Temple and stay the
East, at which point you should see the shrine. Place your offering to
complete the pilgrimage.

Reward: You will receive a blessing in the form of a Levitation spell that
will last for 12 hours.


The second of the three pilgrimages within the city of Vivec, which is also
very simple to complete. From the Shrine of Daring just walk up the steps
towards Vivec’s Palace. You will find two shrines on both sides of the door.
It does not matter which shrine you choose. Just give the offering of 100
gold to complete the Pilgrimage.

Reward: You will receive a blessing that will fortify your Mercantile skill
by 10 points that will last 24 hours.


The final pilgrimage within the city of Vivec, is inside the canals of
Vivec’s Palace. From the Shrine of Generosity, you will see gates that will
lead to Vivec’s Puzzle Canal. The one you need is the third gate on either
side of the Palace. Go through the gate and you should find a door leading
you inside the canal. Once inside you should find what looks like a shrine,
but it only drops you a hint that reads,  “Breath the Water of His Glory.”
The trick here is to literally drown yourself. Place yourself underwater and
wait to not only your breath bar runs out, but your health bar as well. Once
your health bar is depleted, it will instantly be refilled. Go out of the
water and you should see a new path opened to you. At the end of the path
you should see a treasure chest, a Daedric Lord named Krazzt, and the shrine
itself. Go to the treasure chest first and grab one of the silver swords (or
all of them if you wish), then talk to the Krazzt and offer him one of the
swords. Now you can go to the shrine to complete the pilgrimage.

Optional: Go ahead and take an extra challenge and taunt Krazzt until he
gets mad enough to say the word “Goodbye”, from there go ahead and kill him
if you can.

Reward: You will receive a double blessing, one Swift Swim spell, and one
Water Breathing spell that will last 24 hours.


Now that you have completed the three pilgrimages in Vivec, you have
probably heard the locals talk of a rumor that someone has killed two
Ordinators, and five Outlanders. I highly recommend that you take this side
quest because the reward is well worth the hassle. If you decide on taking
this quest, head on over to the Temple’ Hall of Justice, and go to the
Office of the Watch. Speak to Elam Andas who is in charge of all Ordinator
activity. Reluctantly, he will give you the details about the murders and
tell you only where some of the bodies were found, two in Hlaalu and one at
the Foreign Quarter. The suspect you are looking for is described as a
“Dunmer woman with a dagger, with red hair wearing Netch Leather armor.

Skip the Hlaalu Canton, and head right over the Foreign Quarter. If you ask
around you will find out that witnesses only saw a “woman with a dagger” in
the Underworks. Head on down to Underworks of the Foreign Quarter and you
will find your murder. Turns out she’s a “dreamer prophet”, and she will
attack you on sight. It’s a tough battle if you are at a low level. Once you
have defeated her, return to Elam Andas for your reward.

Reward: Elam gives you at choice between an Indoril helm and cuirass (but
asks you not to wear in Vivec), or the enchanted Belt of the Armor of God.
The belt is only worth 33 gold, but it casts when used, Fortify Willpower
for 10 pts, Sanctuary for 20 pts, and Shield for 10pts, all for 30 seconds.
It’s a very handy belt. A quick note about Indorian armor, first off it’s
easy to find in the game, and second if you are wearing it and speak to an
Ordinator, they will “black list” you and attack you onsite from now on even
if you are no longer wearing it. You have been warned.


Simply go to Gnisis and visit the Temple. Inside you will find the Mask, but
do not touch it, if you do you will be expelled from the Temple. If you are
standing directly in front of the Mask simply turn 180 degrees and you will
see the shrine. You need a Cure Disease potion as an offering, to complete
the pilgrimage. If you don’t have a Cure Disease potion, one of the Gnisis
Temple monks will sell you one. Also, to set your self up for the next
pilgrimage buy a Dreugh wax from one of the merchants, whose shop in near
the Temple.

Secret: After completing the pilgrimage don’t leave just yet. Look around on
the shrine itself, and try to activate one of the five middle segments. It’s
actually a switch that will reveal the true Mask. Touch the Mask to activate
it and you will learn the spell called Vivec’s Touch, which cures Bight and
Disease on others. It’s a very handy spell that will help you in later

Reward: You will receive the blessing of Cure Blight, Cure Disease, and Cure
Poison on you.


Koval Cave is located just South of Gnisis. From the silt rider go across
the river to the main road. Follow the main road in a South West direction.
Koval Cave is on the coast facing South. The shrine itself is inside the
Cave immediately to your left. If you bought a Dreugh wax simply offer it
and complete the pilgrimage, however if you did not buy one don’t worry
because Koval Cave is filled with Dreughs. Simply find them and kill them
until one of them drops the wax. Also, go ahead and explore the cave,
because there is some hidden treasure here worth your time.

Reward: You will receive the blessing of having all your armor statistics go
up for a 24 hour period.


Finally the last pilgrimage, and the hardest one yet located just beyond the
Ghost Gate Temple. The only way to get to Ghost gate is by foot. The easiest
way is to start out from either Balmora, or Ald’Ruhn. From Balmora simply
head East towards the Moonmoth Legion Fort, and keep going East until you
enter the Foyada Mamaea (volcanic trench), then head North till you see the
Ghost Gate Temple. From Ald’Ruhn go East until you hit the side of the Ghost
Fence, then just follow it by heading Northeast until you see the Ghost Gate
Temple. The Ald’Ruhn path seems shorter, but before you attempt the
pilgrimage make sure that you have enough Healing supplies so that you can
survive the journey. The Shrine is actually just beyond Ghost Gate. You will
see a switch that opens the gate, and about half way through you will see
another switch so that you can enter the Red Mountain region itself. Just go
North a bit then head to the East to find the Shrine. It’s just a little bit
off the main path. Finally make an offering of a Soul Gem (any one will do)
to complete the pilgrimage.

Reward: You will receive the blessing of Fortify Magicka, and Shield for a
24 hour period.

Congratulations you have completed the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces. Now
go back to the person who gave you the task of completing the Pilgrimages
and select the option “Seven Graces” to get credit, and now your ready to
receive duties for the Temple.


It really doesn’t matter which quest giver you want to start out with. You
can tackle them in any order or do several at once. However you must
complete a given quest before the quest giver will give you any new ones.
Some quests require that for you to be at a certain rank within the Temple
before they will give the quest to you. Tuls Valen can be found just inside
the front entrance to Ald’Ruhn Temple.


Valen wants you to show compassion in order to follow Vivec’s footsteps.
Vivec often showed mercy to his enemies, and likewise so will you. You are
to go to the Daedric Shrine Maelkashishi to cure a Sheogorath worshipper
named Bulfim gra-Shugarz who is a female Orc of Blight disease. He will give
you a Cure Blight Disease potion, but highly suggests to learn Rilm’s Gift,
and to return the potion unused. You can learn the spell from Folvys Andalor
who can be found further inside the Ald’Ruhn Temple.

Once your ready to make the journey, Maelkashishi is just West of Maar Gan.
Our female Orc is just inside the shrine so you can just cure her and get
out. However if you are at a high enough level, then go ahead and explore
the Shrine, because there are a few treasures worth the effort.

Reward: You will receive a skill book called “The Four Suitors of Benitah”,
which will increase your Restoration level by one after you read it.


It’s one of the Temple’s many jobs to weed out those who would claim to be
the Nerervarine. A Dark Elf named Elvil Vidron is making just such a claim
and Valen wants you to confront him and persuade him to believe otherwise.
You can find him on the streets in Suran.  There are two ways to complete
the quest. The first way and the most recommended is the raise his
disposition to at least 65 or greater, and convince him that he is confused.
The second way is to just plain kill him, but if you do Valen will frown
upon your actions and will not give you a reward.

Reward: You will receive a Quality Restore Health Potion.


Valen wants to send you on a pilgrimage to Maar Gan. This pilgrimage is
simple. Just head on over to the Temple at Maar Gan, and inside you will see
a giant rock. Hit the action button on the rock and it will tell you of a
story about how Vivec taunted a Daedric Lord named Mehrunes Dagon. Now just
go over to the Daedric Lord and taunt him once, and you will complete the
pilgrimage. Now you can activate the shrine. Now for fun you can keep
taunting him till you get the “goodbye” comment and he will attack you. Go
ahead and teach him who is boss by killing him. Also, if you kill him, Valen
will make a slight sarcastic remark about the Daedric Lord’s fate. Use
either method and you will get credit for completing the pilgrimage.

Reward: You will receive a book called, “The Death Blow of Abernanit”, and
the blessing of Fortify Speechcraft, and Personality that will last for 24


You will not get this quest until you have at least reached the rank of
Disciple. The mission is simple in theory. You are to go into Hassour and
wipeout a Sixth House base, and kill Dagoth Fovon. Hassour can be found by
taking the same Foyanda Mamaea that leads to Ghost Gate, except this time go
South. It’s a challenging quest that has great treasures.

Reward: A handful of Blight Curing Potions.


Next up, head on over to Molag Mar Temple and meet with Tharer Rotheloth,
who can be found just inside the front entrance. Molag Mar looks like a
Vivec Canton, but unlike Vivec it feels the red blight winds.


Like all the Temple quest givers, Tharer starts you out slow. His first
quest sends you over to Tel Mora to cure a female Redguard named Lette of
Swamp Fever. Simply head on over to Tel Mora, and either give her a potion
of Cure Common Disease or cast the spell on her. You will find her walking
about close to the coast.

Reward: You will receive the book called, “2920, Rain’s Hand”, which will
raise your Restoration level by one point after you have read it.


You need to be at least the rank of Curate in order to receive this quest.
Tharer, sends you on a pilgrimage to Mount Kand, where you will have to
answer three riddles given to you by Atronachs in order to pass through to
activate the Shrine. You can cheat and buy a “Yellow Book of Riddles” to get
the answers. The bookshop in Balmora sells them.

Once you are ready to go on the pilgrimage simply follow the signs North
from Molag Mar, and you will find the Mount Kand entrance. You will meet up
with a Flame Atronach first. Whatever you do, do not attack him. Simply walk
up and he will give you the first of three riddles. The answers are multiple
choice, and if you picked up the Yellow Riddle Book then you already know
the answers. The first answer is, “lead”. If you answer wrong or kill him by
accident, then you will have to wait 72 Morrowind hours in order for it to
reset the riddles. Also, if you do answer the riddle wrong then the
Attronach will attack. After you have correctly answered the Attronach’s
riddle you are more than welcome to kill them.

Next up the Frost Atronach. The answer to his riddle is “sword”. Then
finally you will meet up with the Storm Atronach. He will not even give you
the riddle until you have correctly answered his brothers’ riddles. The
answer to his riddle is, “The Orc”. Now you can activate the Shrine, which
is just beyond the Storm Atronach.

Reward: You will receive the blessing of Fortify Endurance, and
Intelligence, which will last for a 24 hour period.


Next up on the list you get to take care of one of the fun jobs that the
Temple has sworn to do. This time Tharer sends you out to kill a necromancer
named Delvam Andarys. He can be found in Mawia. Head out East from Molag
Mar. You are looking for a long channel in between two islands. Follow the
channel South. Mawia is on the Southern tip on the channel.

Reward: None, just the goods found in Mawia.


Now it’s time to kill a vampire. Tharer sends you out to Galom Daeus, which
is a vampire lair that he wants you to wipeout. ***Warning one of the
vampires inside Galom Daeus named Raxle Berne is a quest giver for the Berne
Vampire Clan, which is one of the three vampire clans of Morrowind. Do not
complete this quest if you plan on walking the path of a vampire.*** Tharer
gives you a few goodies in order to complete this quest. A war hammer called
Veloth’s Judgement, a Belt of Balyna’s Smooth Balm, and a Warden’s Ring.
Galom Daeus is found near Uvirith’s Grave, which is actually a Dwemer ruin.
An easy way to find it is to go Tel Aruhn and head North West. It’s a good
idea to bring Cure Disease potions with you, because there is a good chance
you might become infected with vampirism. Needless to say, I highly
recommend this quest to advanced characters only since it’s one of the
hardest quests to complete.

Reward: None, Tharer already gave you three gifts in order to complete the


You can find Endryn just inside the Western entrance of High Fane in Vivec.


A fellow member of the Temple has Corprus, a holy woman named Tanusea
Veolth. As you will soon learn, there is not a known cure for Corprus. The
disease has not disfigured, or crippled her, but she can still pass the
disease to others. Endryn asks you to convince her to move to Divayth Fyr’s
Corpusaruim. Tanusea can be found inside Vivec’s Arena Pit. Simply boost her
disposition to at least 80 or above, and she will agree to make the move.

Reward: None


Endryn wants to send you on a Pilgrimage to Sanctus Shrine, which is just
South West of Dagon Fel. The catch is he wants you to take an oath of
silence, meaning you can not speak to anyone (even Silt Riders, or Ship
Pilots). He actually expects you to travel on foot from Vivec all the way up
to the Shrine, which took me about 2 hours real time to complete. At least
he marks the shrine on your map. ;) The short cut of course is before you
take the vow of silence, head up to Dagon Fel via ship transports, and then
head on South West to the island where Sanctus Shrine is located. Then cast
a Mark Spell right in front of the shrine, and then use some sort of
intervention spell to return to civilized land. Make your way back to Vivec
and make your vow of silence to Endryn. Now all you have to do is cast a
Recall Spell, which will instantly transport you to Sanctus Shrine. Activate
the shrine to complete the pilgrimage, and it will automatically lift your
vow of silence.

Reward: You will receive four skill books that will raise various skill


You must have reached the rank of Curate in order to receive this quest.
Endryn wants you to recover a lost Temple treasure called the Shoes of St
Rilms. They were last seen inside the Daedric ruin Ald Sotha. In order to
complete the quest Endryn will give you a handful of magic scrolls, 4
Restore Health, 2 Invisibility, and 1 Heroism.

Ald Sotha can be found just North East of Vivec. Just exit Vivec near the
Telvanni Canton, and follow the path, you can’t miss it. The shoes are
locked up in a level 50 chest just behind the altar. Also, if you are a
member of the Morag Tong, make sure to pick up the “Sanguine” items for the
27 Threads quests.

Reward: None for now. Just a side note once you become the “main man” in the
Temple, any treasure you have found in a previous quest such as this one
will be given to you if you ask for them.


Endryn wants you to wipeout a Daedric Shrine called Ihinipalit, which is
located in the Underworks of Vivec’s St Delyn Canton. He will give you a
handful of combat spell scrolls in order to help complete the mission,
hellfire, Elemental Burst: Fire, and a Fifth Barrier. The quest is simple to
complete, just kill everyone inside the shrine. A side note you can talk to
the statue of Sheogorath by hit your action button on the statue itself, and
you will be given one of the hidden Daedric Quests (see section 8 for more

Reward: You will receive the Ancestral Wisdom Staff.


I saved the hardest quests for last. Llaren can be found inside Ghost Gate
Temple, which is in between the towers of Dusk and Dawn. Be prepared,
because you will be asked to go into Red Mountain, and into Dagoth Ur’s own


The first quest is a simple one. Llaren wants you to cure an Ashlander named
Assantus Hansar of the Droops. He can be found just South of Ghost Gate,
where there is a small camp. Simply give him a Cure Common Disease potion,
or cast a spell to complete the quest.

Reward: You will receive 3 Cure Common Disease potions.


Llaren wants you to deliver some food to a hermit named Sendus Sathis who
lives on Shuran Island, which is located just west of the stronghold
Rotheran. From Dagon Fel head South to reach Rotheran, then simply head West
to Shuran Island. The sad thing is, after going out your way the hermit
actually complains that he is receiving Kwama Eggs again.

Reward: None


Now get ready for the hard stuff. Llaren wants you to recover the Hair Shirt
of St Aralor, which was last worn by an Ordinator named Feril Salmyn. He was
last seen at the Dunmer stronghold Kogoruhn, which was the original home to
House Dagoth. You may have already visited it during the Main Quest. The
Ordinator is dead and can be found outside the stronghold in the Western
area, near a wall and the stronghold itself. Just take the Shirt of his dead
body to complete the quest.

Reward: None for now.


This time a Buoyant Armiger lost a Temple treasure. Llaren wants you to
recover the Cleaver of St Felms, which was lost inside the citadel
Tureynulal inside Red Mountian, and is filled with vampires. It’s located
North East of Ghost Gate, and getting there can be a pain. Try to head over
to the Eastern most path till your right next to the Ghost Fence. You should
be able to find a dirt path and head North until you reach the Dareleth
Ancestral Tomb. Head West until you see a path that leads South. Once on the
South path, just follow it down till you reach Tureynulal. You will find the
Cleaver on the bottom level inside.

Reward: None for now.


Yet another lost Temple treasure, and yet another careless Buoyant Armiger.
This time Llaren wants you to recover the Crosier of St Llothi, which is
inside Dagoth Ur’s own citadel.  Simplest way to get there is head North
straight up Red Mountain, and into the crater. You will find the entrance to
the citadel on the Western side of the crater. Search around outside the
entrance to the left to find a crank that will open the entrance to the
citadel. The Crosier is on the bottom level.

Reward: None for now.


You must have reached the rank of Diviner before you can even meet with
Tholer. Once you are ready, return to Vivec’s High Fane and talk with Endryn
Llethan once again. He will tell you that the Temple Archcanon is ready to
meet you. He will hand you a key to his private room, which is located just
behind him.


The four corners pilgrimage is actually four separate pilgrimages in one.
The four corners represent the four bad Daedric Lords, Malacath, Mehrunes
Dagon, Molag Bal, and Sheogorath, who form the House of Troubles. You must
perform these pilgrimages in the exact order that Tholer gives them out to
you, otherwise you will not get credit for completing them.


Malacath is actually the Daedric patron of the Orcs. His shrine is actually
a huge statue that is located outside just South West of Dagon Fel. You will
need four Daedric Hearts to activate the shrine. Just head out West of Dagon
Fel, and then South, look for a road that heads North and take that path.
Once you see a few Orcs on the road you know you are in the right place.
Once you reach the shrine the Orcs will attack you. Once you have defeated
all the Orcs you can activate the shrine by pressing your action button on
the statue itself.

Reward: You will receive the blessing of Fortify Strength.


Tholer will now send you to back to Ald Sotha. You should already know where
it is located since you already visited this Daedric shrine in an earlier
Temple Quest, but in case you forgot it’s just North East of Vivec. Simply
go up to Mehrunes Dagon’s statue to activate it and complete the pilgrimage.

Reward: You will receive the blessing of Fortify Destruction, Axe, and


Tholer will now send you to Bal Ur, which is located directly North of
Suran. Just Levitate over the mountain North of Suran to reach the shrine,
once inside you will be attacked, so just wipe them all out. Then activate
Molag Bal’s statue to complete the pilgrimage.

Reward: You will receive a cheap to cast Command Humanoid spell that will
never fail.


Tholer will send you to Ald Daedroth to renew a pack with Sheogorath. You
may have already visited this shrine if you have advanced far enough into
the Main Quest. It’s located North of the Ahemmusa Ashlanders’ Camp. Start
yourself from Vos, and head North along the coast till you reach the
Ahemmusa Camp. Then head North and swim across the sea. Ald Daedroth is on
the fourth island. Once inside the shrine you will need to find the
Gambolpuddy to activate Sheogorath’s statue. The shrine is huge, and it’s a
free for all inside filled with cult worshippers and Ordinators fighting
each other. You want to head up to the Antechamber in a room where you will
find a group of fighters near a few bedrolls. The Gambolpuddy is located
beneath one of the pillows. Once you find it, return to the statue to
activate the shrine and complete the pilgrimage.

Reward: You will receive a mixed blessing (Sheogorath is the Deadric god of
Madness after all) which will randomly Fortify or Decrease Intelligence,
Willpower, Luck, and Personality.


You must have reached the rank of Master in order to receive this
pilgrimage. Tholer will send you on one last pilgrimage to Mount
Assarnibibi. Simply head on out to Molag Mar, and follow the signs up to the
shrine. The shrine is surrounded by five great standing stones, just walk
right up to it and activate the shrine.

Reward: You will receive the Ebony Mail one of Morrowind’s Legendary
Treasures. Tholer will now promote you to the final rank, Patriarch of the
Temple. Also, if you want to receive the Temple Treasures that you recovered
in previous quests, simply return to the quest giver and they will hand it
over to you the treasure that you want.

Congratulations on finishing possibly the hardest faction that Morrowind has
to offer.


The Rumors you may have heard are true, during various quests through out
the game you will come across old Daedric Shrines. In some of these Shrines,
if you point at the statue and hit the action button, you can partake in an
optional Daedric Quest. These quests are not directly related to the Temple,
but they are in a sense apart of the Tribunal’s religion. There are a total
of 7 Daedric Quests, and by completing them you will receive one of the
Legendary Treasures, which are detailed in Yagrum Bagarn’s book found in the


Mehrunes Dagon is one of the bad Daedric Lords. His main shrine is called
Yasammidan, which can be found just west of the Dwemer ruin
Arkngthunch-Sturdumz. Start out from Khuul and head along the shoreline
heading West. Go pass Ald Velothi, and past the Dwemer ruin, and you should
come across Yasammidan. Mehrunes’ statue can be found at the bottom of the
shrine. Hit your action button on the statue itself and you will hear
Mehrunes speak to you. He will ask you, “if you wish to prove yourself to
him you”. Say yes and he will give you the quest. Make sure after he has
given you the quest to cast a Mark Spell to make life easier for yourself.

Mehrunes sends you to the Alas Ancestral Tomb, to recover a Legendary
Treasure. Alas Tomb is located in the Molag Amur mountain region. Start out
from Malog Mar and follow the road and signs up to Mount Assarnibibi. Take
the West path at Mount Assarnibibi until you come to a cross section. Take
the West path and head directly South. The dagger you are looking for is on
the skeletal remains of Varner Hleras within the Alas Tomb. The game
attempts to throw a curve ball at you, because the dagger you find is a
Rusted Dagger, but that is the one you want. Cast a Recall spell to return
the Mehrunes’ shrine, and activate his statue again. He will pleased with
your work and will change the Rusted Dagger into Mehrunes’ Razor.

Reward: You will receive Mehrunes’ Razor.


Boethiah’s shrine is one of the most obscure locations to find in Morrowind
since it’s a sunken shrine. The easiest way to find it is to look at the map
that came with the game. It’s marked with an “X” and it’s the only “X” spot
that is surrounded by small rocks on the map. Start out from Hla Oad and
head West till you seen the sunken shrine. Once you have found the shrine,
seek Boethiah’s statue. In order to receive the quest you must talk to the
head of the statue, which can be found on the floor near his body. Boethiah
is upset that his followers allowed his shrine to become lost and forgotten,
and he needs your help to rebuild his shrine.

Boethiah sends you to Caldera to find a sculptor. The sculptor can be found
inside of Ghoark Manor. Speak with Duma gro-Lag who can be found at the very
top of the Manor near a huge rock. He will agree to rebuild the shrine, but
he needs a statue book to help him make the image. Head on over to Jobasha’s
Rare Books in Vivec’s Foreign Quarter, and Jobasha will suggest the book
that fits your needs. Buy the book and return to Ghoark Manor. Speak with
Duma gro-Lag once again, and he will take the book, and 2000 gold. He tells
you he will build the shrine on Khartag Point, a famous place in Orc
legends. It will take him 3 weeks Morrowind time in order to finish building
the shrine, and unlike stronghold’s you will not get an updated journal
entry to let you know when it’s complete.

After 3 weeks head over to Khartag Point, which can found North of Gnaar Mok
along the coastline and activate Boethiah’s statue. Boethiah is pleased with
your work and will give you a legendary sword.

Reward: You will receive the Goldbrand sword.


Azura is one of the good Daedric Lords. Her shrine can be found in the Azura
Coastal region. If you have the map that Morrowind came with then you can
easily find it. However, the easiest way to get there is to head out from
Holamayan if you have opened it up from the Main Quest, and head directly
South until you see Azura’a large statue. If you have not been to Holamayan
yet, then make a starting point at Malog Mar and head East all the way till
the main coastline. Then head South and you should see Azura’s statue. Once
there head inside the shrine itself and activate the statue within to
receive the quest. Then cast a Mark spell to make life easier for you,
because she sends you all the way to Sheogorath’s Isles region.

In order to find the island Azura wants you to find, head on over to Dagon
Fel, it’s the first island that is actually West and slightly North of the
Dagon Fel. Once there kill every single one of the minions that Sheogorath
has sent. Whatever you do, do NOT enter the shack and talk to Rayna Drolan,
because if you do you will fail the quest. Eventually you will come across a
Golden Saint named Staada. After you have defeated her, search her remains
to find Sheogorath’s Signet Ring. Once all the enemies are dead, cast a
Recall spell and give the ring to Azura to complete the quest.

Reward: You will receive Azura’s Star, which is a reusable Soul Gem.


Mephala is the Dark Mother of the night, who is often demonized by
Imperials, and foreigners. Her shrine is actually an altar similar to an
Imperial Cult altar, which can found within the Morag Tong assassin guild in
Vivec. You can find the Morag Tong headquarters inside of the Arena canton
in Vivec. Head to the Waistworks area, and head down the stairs to the
Canalworks level. Then look for a door leading to a storage area, and then
try to find a trap door that is locked. Open the door to reveal a Hidden
Arena Area, where the Morag Tong keeps their main guild. Once inside, seek
Taros Dral who is generally near Mephala’s altar. Speak to him about
“Sensitive Matters”, and he will give you the quest. Cast a Mark spell
before you leave.

Toras gives you 5 Treated Bittergreen Petals, and sends you off to Balmora
to poison Balyn Omarel. Head on over to his house, which is located on the
South Wall, and should be on the in-game local map, and use either the front
door or the trap door above the house to get inside. Make sure no one sees
you entering the house. Now look for a cooking pot against the West wall and
click your action button right on it, which should allow you to place the
poison inside. Now cast Recall, and speak with Toras, and he tell you that
Mephala wishes to speak to you. Head over to the altar and hit your action
button to activate it to complete the quest.

Reward: You will receive the Ring of Khajiit.


Malacath’s shrine Assurdirapal is just West of Sanctus Shrine. Start out
from Dagon Fel, and head West until you reach the coastline. The first
island West is where Sanctus Shrine is, and directly West is Assurdirapal.
Go inside and activate Malacath’s statue to receive the quest. Cast a Mark

Malacath wants you to track down Oreyn Bearclaw’s descendant and then kill
him. He tells you to start out in the man god’s city. Head on over to Vivec
and speak with people about Oreyn. They will tell you his descendant is
named Farvyn Oreyn, and that he is a great hero. Ask about Farvyn, and they
will tell you he is in Gnaar Mok. Head over to Gnaar Mok, and speak with
people about Farvyn. They will tell you that he is taking care of a netch
problem just South of town. Head South of Gnaar Mok and you should come
across two dead netches, and three fighters. Simply walk up to Farvyn and
tell him you are taking care of Malacath’s work, which causes him to attack
you. You will have to kill all three fighters. Once the dirty deed is done,
cast a Recall spell and activate the statue to complete the quest.

Reward: You will receive the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw.


Molag Bal’s shrine Yansirramus, is located just two islands West of Tel
Aruhn. Just head on down to the bottom of the shrine, and activate the
statue to receive the quest. Molag will give you a key to Kora-Dur, where he
wants you to hunt down and kill a Daedroth named Menta Na. Make sure to cast
a Mark spell before you leave.

Kora-Dur is kinda of tricky to find. It’s in between the Dumner stronghold
Kogoruhn, and the Dwemer ruin of Bthuand. There is no easy way to get there,
so which starting point you choose is up to you. I can start you off from
Dagon Fel. Head in a South Wset direction till you reach Sanctus Shrine.
Then keep heading South across the sea, and keep going till you see either
Kogoruhn, or Bthuand. From there, center yourself between the two ruins and
head South slightly up the hill till you reach Kora-Dur.

Once inside Kora-Dur it’s a simple manner of seeking out the lazy Daedroth
and killing him. Once the deed is done, cast a Recall spell and activate the
statue to complete the quest.

Reward: You will receive the Mace of Molag Bal.


I saved the hardest Daedric quest for last. Sheograth’s shrine Ihinipalit is
the sewers of the St Delyn canton in Vivec. Just head on inside and activate
the statue to receive the quest, and you will soon find out how Sheograth
lives up to his name as the god of madness. Cast a Mark spell before you

Sheograth wants you to find the mad hermit to get a Fork of Horripilation,
and use it to kill a giant bull netch. Head on over to Dagon Fel, and ask
about the mad hermit. They will tell you his name is Big Head and that he
lives North of Ald Redaynia. Big Head’s island is actually the Western most
Northern island in Morrowind. Go North West of Dagon Fel till you reach the
island that Azura sent you. Keep going West to a short but skinny island,
and you should see the giant bull netch. Keep going West until you reach Big
Head’s island, and look for his shack.

Once inside you will see a bunch of enchanted spears, but the Fork of
Horripilation is literally a dinner fork. Speak with Big Head about the
fork, and he tells you to go ahead and take it. Grab the fork off his dinner
table and exit the shack. Now head back East to the skinny island and find
the giant bull netch. Then save your game. The trick here is to actually
kill the netch with the fork. If you kill it without the fork you will fail
the quest.  Go ahead and kill the netch outright and count how many hits it
took to kill it. Now reload your saved game and attack it minus one hit it
takes to kill it. Now equip the fork and finish the kill. Another trick is
to simply wait till the last second when the netch starts falling, and
quickly equip the fork and take a swing at it, and you will still get credit
for killing the netch with the fork. Once you have killed the netch with the
Fork of Horripilation, cast a Recall spell and activate Sheograth’s statue
to complete the quest.

Reward: You will receive the Spear of Bitter Mercy.


The Daedric Crescent is not really a quest that anyone gives you, but you do
get to fight a dual with a Daedric Lord, and the reward is well worth the
effort (it’s the most unique long sword in the game, and it should appeal to
Star Trek fans, hint think Klingon). Head on over to Tel Fyr, and speak with
either Divayth Fyr or one of his daughters about “plunging the dungeon”.
There is number of Dwemer locked treasure chests with a lock rating of 100.
If you want to do it the hard way, simply take the Divayth’s 637th key right
off the desk behind Divayth. Don’t worry about stealth or being seen,
because he has already invited you to steal it and doesn’t care, in fact you
can take anything you want in his chambers (except for the gold on the table 
behind him). The key will only unlock one of
the chests in the Corprusarium, or within the Tel Fyr tower, with each chest
you unlock you will be given a new key. The last chest to open is right in
front of Yagrum Bagarn.

The item you are looking for is called the Daedric
Sanctuary Amulet, which is in a small chest to the left of Divayth Fyr.

Now the easy way is to just Walk right up to the chest to the left of 
Divayth Fyr, and open it by means of a lock-pick, or magic spell/scroll that 
can open lvl100 locks and grab the item.

Once you get the Daedric Santuary Amulet save your game. Then open up your
inventory screen and click on the amulet. It will ask if you wish to be
transported to Magas Volar. Accept and be prepared to be attack by Lord
Dregas Volar. If you defeat him you will get a message that the Daedric
Crescent is now yours to keep and you will teleported back to Divayth Fyr’s
chambers.You can also place a mark spell as soon as you get to Magus Volar, 
and recall back to Magus Volar and search Dregas Volar to score a second 
Daedric Cresent.

Reward: You will receive the Daedric Crescent.


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