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How do I check my light/dark side points in this game?

Apparently you can gain light/dark side points by doing actions aligning with each, but I can't seem to find how to locate my accumulation of those points. Each time you do an action it will show the light/dark side points on the side of the screen but I can't find how I'm doing. Could you help me out? Thanks!

ps. I really appreciate this website and the help it's provided.

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TheSpitball answered:

It is very simple. Press back on your controller and scroll down to statistics. From there hit the one that says personality and has a picture of an evil face with horns and a light face with blue eyes. At the top it will have a meter and not the white renown bar the other one and if goes to the right you are more on the good side and goes to the left you are more on the bad side.
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Paavo answered:

If you are playing "Fable" or "Fable: The Lost Chapters" on XBOX, press BACK to go into the menu screen with MAP in it. Scroll ALL the way down to STATISTICS and press A. Go to PERSONALITY. Near the top left of this screen, you should see two bars. The top-most bar is RENOWN(fame) and the one immediately under it is your ALIGNMENT. The left half represents your EVIL points. And the right is your GOOD points. If your on PC, it should be pretty similar. Just make sure it says MAP, then scroll down, etc..

Hope this helps.
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darkinuyasha2 answered:

To check your light or dark side click the select button on the remote then go down to personality in the top corner you will see an alignment bar left represents dark and the right represents your light alignment and thats how you check.
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_LinkToThePast_ answered:

Hit the back button and select statistics then Personality. From there you can see your alignment through the alignment bar. The farther to the right it is the more good you are, the farther left it is shows how evil you are.
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jamesm15 answered:

Yh just do what all they just said its pretty easy
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