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My character looks a bit like hes growing moss on him. Why is that, how can i change it, and what are other altered looks you can get?


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DRAKULIAN answered:

I have never, ever heard of a Hero growing "moss" on his body before. Can you be more descriptive? What, exactly, does this "moss" look like, and where on your Hero is it located?
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mashpotatoking answered:

Basically, you can find citizens throughout the city and country side who sell hair cuts and tatoos. Thats the easiest way to change your appearance.

Also, if you are a glorious hero you grow a halo. and if you are an unrelenting badass you will become darker and grow horns. your choice.
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LurkinLeviathan answered:

I believe the original poster is probably talking about the bluish glow that starts to appear on a character's sking throughout the game as he continues to do more good things and his good stats increase. At first I thought my character was forming striped lizard skin, but then I saw the bluish color becoming more prominent throughout the game as my character developed into a good hero.
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LurkinLeviathan answered:

In the above post in the last word of the first line *sking* should be *skin*.
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Jofez answered:

It's also possible that the character is getting scarred from battles. Using Physical Shield will protect your character and save your health potions, while also helping out your combat multiplier, giving you more experience. It requires magic potions, but can definitely help out, and will stop your character from scarring anymore if that is your problem.
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generallyinsane answered:

Another possibility is that once your Will Power reaches a high enough level, magical tattoos appear on your body, whether you like it or not. So if you have been training Will Power (how much you have I believe) that might be what you are referring too.
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mgtonvac55 answered:

I think by moss you mean the smoldering scars on your character's forehead, correct?

If this is true, it means your character is growing evil. A character's alignment (whether they are good or evil) is based on the actions you take in the game. If you're killing villagers and committing crimes, you will grow evil and your character will grow two horns out of his head.

At first the skin looks as if it's burned over the two spots where the horns will grow out, then the horns start growing when you become more evil. Once you're extremely evil, the horns will fully grow, your character will have red eyes, lose most of his hair due to the horns, and a red smoke or aura will radiate from his feet.

Inversely, if you perform good acts such as killing bandits, helping people, and refrain from performing evil acts, then your character will become good. At first the effects are not that noticeable. His hair will start to become blond, his eyes will become blue, and when you max out his good alignment, his eyes will grow bright blue, butterflies will flutter around his head, an aura of light will surround him, and he will grow a halo.

Other than the alignment, there are few ways of changing your character's appearance other than visiting the hair salon to get a different haircut, and visiting a tattoo parlor to get tattoos. You can find various hair style cards and tattoo cards around Albion to bring to the shops and have them applied. Hair style affects how attractive/scary you look, and some tattoos affect your alignment.
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lacrossewalk answered:

No he means he has green makes over his chest where his skin should be, I think Its a texturing problem... I don't know what to do either
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lacrossewalk answered:

Nevermind that, If your hero's name is Druid you get leaves that grow acrosse your chest and face.

I'll post a picture if I have the time
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lacrossewalk answered:

Nevermind again it disappears when you reload a save, I think It might have to do with the amount of time you run around in the wilderness without turning off the game
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StealthyVlad101 answered:

Basically it is just a texturing glitch and it puts a bit of the Albion Map on your character. Sometimes it will totally cover him, sometimes it only covers parts. All you have to do is just do a world save and then load that world save and the problem should be fixed.
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Lilbisk answered:

Ya that happens to me sometimes to bro
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knotz909 answered:

Well, if you get beat up alot in the game you can get cuts and scars everywhere.

Plus as you get older, you get wrinkles and ur hair turns gray, and you start going slower, start losing health easier, stuff like that happens over time.
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GreatAnubis answered:

The green skin issue is a glitch with the 360. It has nothing to do with your name or any other crazy suggestion. It's simply a texture glitch. Save and load that save back up and the problem should be corrected. This is a very well known glitch, and the message boards are full of topics about it.
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Antious6 answered:

I think your character is growing hair on his chest, probably from leveling toughness up.
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Zwieg answered:

That is where your 360 loads you as part of the emviroment instead of as a person. There is only one known way to fix it: Save and then reload your game.
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