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How can i do the 3 first quests???

The quest of the snow troll, minions...

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DRAKULIAN answered:

* You cannot take or do those quests at all. You cannot take them even if your Renown is at Legendary.

* The reason they are there is purely as part of the ambient game world, simulating the idea that there are other Heroes (besides you) at the Guild taking and doing quests. A merit-worthy idea, to be certain, albeit a bit confusing to FABLE newcomers.
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scion_of_games answered:

You can't, they're put in there to show that you're not the only hero.
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smallzF51 answered:

You could but you need a whole mess of reknown dont start the wasp queen quest and if you are going for an evil charecter kill everything you see or if you are going good travel and kill every hostlie that gives you good points and start the quests you dont need the guild for as in the ghost pirate in oakvale
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PBmeista answered:

You can't i did everything before any of those quests, they're put in there to show that you're not the only hero.
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darkinuyasha2 answered:

You cant they are taken by briar rose
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