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Asked: 6 years ago

What assassins?

Twinblade's assassins are after me, but I've only run into two and I can't get the others to come after me. How do you find them? (or have them find you)?

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From: DRAKULIAN 6 years ago

Treasure Clue THREE [value = 340 gold] - Assassin Hunt (1000 gold reward / 100 renown / +40 alignment points) - Kill all 5 Assassins to get treasure clue #3, the last assassin will have this on him (all five must die by your hand). Their locations and best kill order are:

..........1. Knothole Glade - cross the bridge going out of town towards the next section.

..........2. Witchwood Cullis Gate - at the focus site; run around to its right side.

..........3. Prison Path - run down the steps, towards pier.

..........4. Windmill Hill - run up the steps of the windmill.

..........5. Hook Coast - on the upper section, run around the bell itself.

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There is one at Witchwood Cullis Gate (near the big round focus stone on the side path), one in Knothole Glade, one in Windmill Hill (near the windmill), and one in Hook Coast (near the upper row of houses).

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