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Asked: 5 years ago

Silver Key Glitch?

What is the infinate silver key glitch?

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Theres not one.

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There is actually, just choose a mission (i prefer the Save the Archealogist mission), fish at the pond outside the demon door to get the silver key, hero save and load your game. Continue this process until you have all the keys u need.

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okay i prefer one at the start of the game take the hobbe cave one and theres a patch and a key is in it dig and save then load then repeat but there is a important detail. you MUST stop exactly on 20 or you will end up not being able to load

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The best is deford77 dont forget to get the one in the old lady's patch too you can collect both keys everytime and the flame augmentations too in the cave its the best strgety to get the moran greathammer very soon in the game =) experiance augmentation

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I take back what i said. Save the Archeologist mission is the best way seeing as you have full freedom to go anywhere in Albion. any unopened chest is there for the taking.

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