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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
What assassins? 2

Other Help Answers
Age reduction ? 1
Anything wrong with this on xbox 360? 2
Appearance Help ? 16
Are weapons worth more if you use it to get kills? 2
Buy shops?? 1
Can I bulk my hero up? 3
Can i wield Huws sword on the hill by the Temple of Avo? 2
Can my character die of old age? 2
Can you marry a hero apprentice? 6
Easy Money? 2
End game help? 3
Fist Fights? 1
Good Or Evil? 4
Guild Grounds? 1
Hair cut? 3
Help with Guard Killing? 3
How can i do the 3 first quests??? 5
How can i get all the items/weapons at the end of the guild training??? 4
How demonic can you get? 1
How do divorce people? 2
How do I become good after being evil? 2
How do I change my weight? 6
How do I check my light/dark side points in this game? 5
How do I specifically reduce my age? 3
How do I use the white & black buttons on the 360? 2
How do you buy all of the houses in Bowerstone? 1
How do you collect rent? 1
How do you equip weapons and armour? 1
How do you get back in the arena or cant you? 1
How do you have kids? 3
How do you sleep ? 2
How many? 1
How to have sex? 1
If i download this game to my 360 does it come with Lost Chapters? 1
Im green why am i green? 2
Intercourse? 1
Is there a accurate complete detailed guide to property buying available? 1
Live? 1
Magicians hats? 1
Major Problem? 1
Marriage Counseling? 3
Multiple Marrage? 1
Multiple Wives? 1
No way? 1
Profit Trouble? 2
Question? 1
Return? 1
Rule Knotehole Glade? 1
Scared body? 2
Temple Of Avo? 3
The Lost Chapters? 4
Villager respawn? 2
Villager teleport? 2
What do I have to do to open every demon door? 1
What is the Bonus DVD for this game? 1
Where do I save besides Hero save? 3
Where is the gate in Darkwood? 2
Whore house?? 1
Why cant I access the guild quest table to complete my extra quests after I beat the game? 5
Why does my hero have a blue face? 1
Why is the Tour Guide green? 1
Why wont the hero save glitch work for the silver keys? 4

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