Marriage FAQ by Joe the Destroyer

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   ## ##      / ###  / ##/ ###  / ##     / ###
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   ## ##### ##    ##   ##    ##   ##   ##    ###
   ## ##    ##    ##   ##    ##   ##   ########
   #  ##    ##    ##   ##    ##   ##   #######
      #     ##    ##   ##    ##   ##   ##   
  /####     ##    /#   ##    /#   ##   ####    /
 /  #####    ####/ ##   ####/     ### / ######/
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For play on Xbox
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Version 1.27
Last Updated: 10/15/04
Phase: Technically Complete

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This FAQ contains some sexual connotations that may not be suitable for all
readers.  Said connotations are necessary, as they are a big part in this realm
of the game.



9:31 PM Update
I have come out of my extended hiatus to return to FAQing once again.  My EVO
FAQ still needs to be complete, but before I get the motivation to complete
that FAQ, I've decided to try my hand at this one.

1:10 AM Update
FAQ is technically complete.  There may be other additions later, depending on
what kind of response I get. Even spell checked it and added the ASCII.
2:25 PM Update
Added a little extra note from Ken on the attractiveness/scariness thing. See
Section 1C for details.

12:35 AM Update
Holy sweet buttered nipples!  Lots of e-mails, lots of e-mails.  I
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-9:00 PM Update
Finally, there has been a break in the hectic schedule.  Just adding
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-11:30 PM Update
Made some small corrections and added an extra tidbit.

-2:20 PM Update
"No booty" glitch added to extra tidbits.

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Therefore, to anyone who sends any information, this is your advance
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Reference credit goes to:
Prima strategy guide for the tattoos and a few of the hairstyles.
Lasher Dragon and Vidmaster for the info on attractiveness/scariness.
Tony for the bit on obtaining items.
Slayn and chas3265 for the Fire Monkey Tattoo bit.
mb1 for the info on merchants.
p03t_15_g0d_0f_p4 for the info on Hook Coast.
daidojimamoru for the info on apprentices.
Jason "TheRaven" for the info on the Sexy Pose.
FableRules for the divorce info.
Minty for the bit on the hair dresser.
freshgroundtuesday for the bit on killing people in Bowerstone.
sprucE moosE for the bit on trophies.
poxsonm for the rental wife tidbit.

Contents According to Joe
Section 1: Introduction
1A: Fable: Land of Love and Lust
1B: Why marry?
1C: Attractiveness and Scariness
Section 2: Pre-Courting
2A: Housing
2B: Apparel
2C: Tattoos
2D: Hairstyles and Facial Hair
2E: Renown
2F: What Not to Do
Section 3: Courting
3A: Expressions
3B: Gifts
3C: What Not to Do
Section 4: Let's Get Hitched!
4A: Proposal
4B: Engagement
4C: What Not to Do
Section 5: Married Life
5A: Maintaining Your Marriage
5B: Sex
5C: Divorce/Ending a Relationship
5D: Extra Tidbits
Section 6: Romance Rating
Section 7: FAQ
Section 8: Legal Bit
Section 9: Thank You and Goodbye
Section 10: My Apologies...



Yes, Fable!  The land where you can have every woman falling at your feet or
fleeing in absolute horror.  Yes, you can even have men falling at your feet in
"adoration."  However, it isn't as simple as walking up to a woman and saying,
"Nice shoes.  Wanna [copulate]?"  If only it were that simple.  Thank the gods
of gaming, however, that it isn't quite as difficult in real life.  I mean,
we're talking about a game where you can meet a girl/guy, court her/him, marry
her/him, and boink her/him in the frame of 5-10 minutes, and never have to
worry about trying to figure out their complex psychology.  All you need is the
right look, the right attitude, the right implements (and by implements, I
don't mean anything battery operated), and a house, and you, Chicken Chaser,
could be a happily married man... Or you could use marriage as a way to benefit
yourself in several different ways... Mwahahahah...


Yes, why marry anyway?  Does it give you any specific advantages?  Does your
spouse have the ability to kill Balverines?  Can your spouses shoot lasers from
their eyes?  No, but I can give you some reasons- some good, some half-assed-
to marry in the game.

-It broadens the depth.  The game is somewhat short compared with other RPG's
as it is.  Having some mundane, yet fun side quests like this are an added perk
to the gameplay.  Just don't expect to get shacked up immediately.  You will
have to work at it a bit.

-If you marry a woman, you will get paid a dowry.  Marry enough and the dowry
can outweigh what you've spent to get shacked.  It'll take a while, though, so
getting married to make long term money isn't always the smartest idea.

-If you marry someone in a place that does not allow weapons (and thus, no
killing) like Bowerstone South, you can easily get divorced and earn 600 evil
points.  Beating your spouse and getting a divorce is one of the most, if not
the most, evil thing you can do.

-The "sex scenes" are worth a chuckle, especially to hear your wife call you

-According to Tony, you can get items from your spouses.  Yes, it's
true.  I've gotten a few myself, such as an Obsidian Greatsword or Dark
Leather Gloves. 

-You'll get a lot of renown points. A lot.


Before you get too far into this FAQ, it would probably be a good idea if you
knew something about these stats.  These are stats that do not affect your
battle, but your appearance towards others.

Attractiveness- This measures how good looking you are, and is essential in
getting you a spouse.  If it's really high, women will fawn over you,
relationship ratings will get high quicker, and you won't have to work as hard
to get someone to fall in love with you.

Scariness- Shows just how much of a terror you are to gaze upon.  This is the
stat you don't want.  Think of going to a bar, club, or other social engagement
and trying to hit on a prospective mate while wearing a werewolf costume.
Unless it's a Halloween party, which don't exist in Fable, chances are you're
not going to get far.  Then again, if your prospective mate is into furries, it
might... Nonetheless, higher Scariness is bad for relationships.  Moreover, if
it's too high, you won't even be able to approach people, as they will be
running in the other direction.

Relationship Rating- This is something you don't see in your stat menus.  It
can be judged based on the heart over the NPC's head.  You can make this bigger
by hitting on the person or giving him/her gifts.  What you really want to look
out for is when it begins to slowly fade in and out.  This means the person has
fallen in love with you and will shortly ask for marriage.

---This just in---

"My character has 100 attractiveness and 100 scariness, and I have women
just falling in love with me left and right. After I got married, I
went into the bar in Bowerstone South and decided to see what affect
alcohol has on my character and the effect of buying beers for people.
I gave a couple people beers, did a few hero poses, had the bard sing,
and then people started flocking to the bar. Next thing I notice is
that all the women in the bar have almost full hearts above their heads
- and I hadn't even given a beer to them yet. So I go back to the bar,
order a bunch of beer, and start handing it to the ladies. Get this -
every, and I mean EVERY girl a gave a beer to immediately fell in love
with me! I was already married, but it was cool to see."- Lasher Dragon

"You said that the trick does not work when you are playing the evil
path.  I have found that it does actually work, and there's an even
easier way to make everyone fall in love with you.  If you keep your
attractiveness at 100 (which I did by wearing a big beard, the normal
haircut, and some attractive tatooes) and keeping your scariness in the
negative numbers, people fall in love with you just by looking at you. 
When I first entered Oakvale, I was already well down the evil path.  I
had the beginnings of horns popping out of my forehead, but my
attractiveness was 100 and my scariness was below zero - I don't
remember exactly what it was, but it was definitely negative.  After
wandering around town, only talking to merchants, I noticed that every
single female in the town and a few men had enormous hearts above their
heads and had developed the green aura that signifies love.  I also
found that when I went back to Bowerstone, people I had never talked to
began to fall in love with me - not everyone one, but the majority of
the eligible citizens would have accepted my marriage proposal, and all
I had to do was be really sexy."- Vidmaster

One thing I also found last night while playing with my good character
is that if your good level is high enough, people will fall in love
with you automatically. I also noticed that people who hadn't even
fallen in love with you yet will ask for a Wedding Ring.


"while it is true that most women in the game wont take a second look at
you once you burn out their eyes with your scariness... there is one
town in the game (that i know of so far) where the more evil and scary
looking you are (im talking horns red aura round your feet evil armor
scary tatoos the whole deal) the more they will be attracted to you

try going to Hook Coast with the most evil character you can imagine i
bet after 1 flirt each all the girls will have flashing giant hearts
above their heads"- p03t_15_g0d_0f_p4


Before you even consider making a girl yours, there are a few pre-requisites
you'll need to do.  As I stated before, you can't just solicit around for
marriage and sex.  You actually have to do some work for it.  Now, not all of
these things are wholly required, but they are incredibly helpful...


You don't have to get a house before courting, but it is nice to have before
you start.  Just be sure you have one before you propose to someone.  If you're
looking for a house that meets the minimum requirement for one suitable for
marriage, get the one in Bowerstone South.  It's only 1500 gold.  You can
easily make that money doing quests or gambling (if you're good at the games).
I actually found I'm really good at the pairs game.  I can usually make more
than 10,000 gold in one sitting off that game alone.  However, if you're not
that good at that game, then you're going to need to make a living some other
way.  Either way, the Bowerstone house is one of the cheapest you can get
without killing someone to get it.

Note that I will keep you posted once I find a house chaeper than this.  I just
have to evict a few people in some other houses first, heh...


Wearing dark armor suits isn't going to win over too many fair maidens.  There
is actually one suit of clothing that's incredibly easy to get that has around
the highest, if not the highest, attractiveness rating.

-Getting the Will User's Bright Suit-

If you don't have any gifts, you'll need to purchase one.  Chocolates and Red
Roses are the cheapest.  If you happen to have some on you, don't bother buying
one.  Now, head to the Rose Cottage.  To get there, you will have to travel
through the Greatwood Forest.  When you come to a place called the Greatwood
Cullis Gate, you're one map away from the Rose Cottage.  When you come to the Y
in the road, hang a right.  Against the left wall as you're coming in will be a
Demon Door.  He'll whine about how no one loves him.  Give him a gift (I
stupidly gave him a Wedding Ring, thinking only that would suffice, the first
time, but came to find out that any gift will do).  He'll swing wide open.
Inside will be a chest with the suit in it.


Tats are not in any way required to do this.  However, there are a couple, like
either of the Harvest Tattoos, that can still give you a little extra edge.
Honestly, I usually don't even bother with them, as most of them just raise
your scariness level.  There is, however, one tattoo that will raise your
attractiveness by quite a bit, but you need to commit a crime in order to get

-Getting the Golden Harvest Tattoo-

Run over to the schoolhouse in Bowerstone South.  You should see some barrels
near the entrance.  Destroy one of them to reveal the tattoo.  It's best to do
this during the night, when no one can see you.  If one of the kids should see
you, one of them will most likely rat you out and you will have to pay a
not-so-hefty fine for vandalism.  Getting this on your body will actually raise
your attractiveness and your alignment by 35 points!

---This just in---

"Just to mention on the tattoos(perhaps I didn't see a comment about
it). You can get a +51 attraction/alignment tattoo called Fire Monkey
Tattoo. I got it in the [second GreatWood area] (we think it's great
wood lake...), the area with the broken bridge. Not that one would need
it if they had the full suit of Bright Will Robes."- Slayn

According to chas3265, you can also get the tat from the Beardy Baldy
sidequest in Bowerstone South.


This actually does have some effect on how you will do.  Different styles of
either will change your scariness, alignment, and attractiveness.  Obviously,
you're going to want ones that make you more attractive.  This means if you're
shooting for a particular look, you may have to give it up in order to get some
action.  That is _may_.  You can still attract women when you're somewhat
scary, just as long as you're not so ungodly scary that the blind flee from
you.  Here are some suggestions of hairstyles and facial hair that I think
might work.

-Hair Styles-

Bald Head (+50 Attract/-50 Scare)
Short Hair (+50 Attract)
Normal Haircut (+50 Attract/+50 Scare)- Just make sure you can balance out the
scare factor here...

-Facial Hair-

Big Beard (+48 Attract/-48 Scare)
Chin Beard (+24 Attract/-24 Scare)
Mutton Chop Beard (+48 Attract)
Normal Beard (+48 Attract/+48 Scare)- Same as the Normal Haircut
Power Mustache (+49 Attract/-49 Scare)
Regular Beard (+48 Attract)
Sheriff Mustache (+49 Attract/+49 Scare)- Same as above

I, personally, went with a Normal Beard and a Bald Head the first time through.
You could do any possible combination, as long as you are still one sexy beast
at the end of the day.


What is it that woman yell in the beginning of the game?  "There goes Chicken
Chaser!  Look at those chickens run!"  That's pretty much a signal saying, "You
gettin' NONE of this!"  If you hit on girls early in the game, they'll laugh at
you or question you for flirting with them.  It has nothing to do with your age
or your title Chicken Chaser.  Hell, you could go to the namingway
(REFERENCE!!!) and pick "Arse Face" and age to 65 and still get married.

What you need to improve is your renown.  With this, people will be more
impressed with you, they'll take you more seriously, and you'll have a bigger
repertoire of hit-on arsenal. Gaining renown is about the easiest thing you can
do in the game.  It's elementary, really:

-Do quests. Duh!  That's what the core of the game is!
-When doing quests, try to do boasts that are within your playing skill.
-Kill more creatures.  It will add meagerly to your renown level, but every
little bit helps.
-Kick major ass at gambling.  I found this out by owning all at the pairs
table.  I got about 200 renown for it.
-Show off your trophies in highly populated areas (thanks sprucE moosE!)

It is also worth noting that if you become a celebrated champion in the game,
people will naturally begin to fall in love with you.  At least, that is what
it seems.


1) Wear ugly/scary clothing.  Bottom line.

2) Get scary tattoos.  People don't dig the "I'm a powerful wizard that
worships Satan" look.  Although, being evil doesn't seem to matter, as I have
gotten many wives while I was evil.

3) Get scary haircuts.  You had to see this one coming.  Punks and Fu Man Chus
are pretty much out of luck.

4) Super boost your scariness rating.  You're trying to attract them, not repel

5) Hit on people naked.  Those of you nudists out there are going to be a bit

So basically, just use common sense and you'll be alright.


You've got the look.  You're not scary.  You're a tiger!  Now, it's time to
start hitting on the prospects.  Keep in mind when courting, you can hit on
women and men alike.  However, finding a woman who will marry you is many times
easier than finding a guy who will marry you.

NOTE: Before courting anyone, it's usually best to do it in a town where you
own a house.  Otherwise, you will have to lead that person all the way to your
house where they'll run the risk of becoming Hobbe food.


There are three expressions that you can use that will cause the denizens of
Fable to swoon: Flirt, Manly Arm Pump, and Sexy Pose.  You will gain Flirt
early in the game, but Manly Arm Pump and Sexy Pose you will have to build up
your renown.  See Section 2E for references on Renown.

What you're going to want to do is use these constantly while courting your
selection.  A heart should appear over her or his head and get bigger each time
you use one of these expressions.  Do not use the same on in a row.  In other
words, don't Arm Pump, Flirt, Flirt.  It will be less likely to work if you do
the same one you just did.  Alternate between the two or three that you have.

On a sort of side note, I'd like to add that the Sexy Pose is not totally
necessary to win someone over.  It is, however, incredibly nice to have, as it
does raise their relation rating quicker (or at least it seems to).

I also find it easier to hot key these expressions since you cannot rely on the
game to give you the one that you want at the right time.  In case you do not
know, you can hot key in the main menu or in the quick menu you can bring up by
pushing D-pad up.  Keep going through the menu until you hit the expression,
select it, and it will bring up a menu with functions such as "Assign to Up,"
etc.  Choose the buttons that suit you best.  Bring up the hot keys by hitting
the R Trigger and push the desired D-pad direction.

-This just in...-

"I just wanted to give you an addendum on the Sexy Hero Pose Expression. 
It seems that the Sexy Hero Pose is good for "group work;" while
flirting raises one 'target' girl's love meter, Sexy Hero Pose appears
to have an influence on anyone within a certain range of your character."- 
Jason "TheRayven"


Expressions can only go so far.  After a while, if you expression your victim
to death, they'll begin to lose interest in you.  That's when you slip a gift

There are many gifts you can choose from, but I'm only going to talk about the
ones that are the best suited for the job, or at least necessary to talk about.
Your best bet is to go with ones that are inexpensive, since you really don't
need any of the expensive ones to get married (save for a Wedding Ring).  The
ones that you will probably find yourself buying the most are Red Roses and
Chocolates.  Both of these items are incredibly cheap.  Seriously.  You can get
them with chump change and they work just as well as a ruby or a diamond (if
only it were that easy in real life...).  The Perfume is also not a bad choice,
but it's about 100 gold vs. the 10-20 that you would spend on Chocolates or a
Red Rose.  Honestly, I don't buy Perfume, but if I happen to find it on oh say,
a dead body, I'll still give it to a girl.  Nothing says lovin' quite like
goods from your burning victims.  As far as the expensive gems go, I don't even
use them for relationships.  Sell them.  They're worth much more that way.
Especially when someone many times cheaper will get the job done.

                   ---------------WHAT YOU'RE AIMING FOR---------------

So, you're doing the expressions, you're giving the gifts.  What you're waiting
for is for a harp sound, followed by the heart over the person's head fading
out and back in.  This means they've fallen in love with you and are ready to
be married.


1) Buy expensive gifts.  I said it before.  Cheap ones work just as well.

2) Give crappy gifts.  Your prospective woman would love a Rose, but probably
not enjoy, oh say, a fish.

3) Use vulgar expressions.  Nothing will sink a relationship faster than
burping and farting constantly around your prospective mates.  While doing it
once will not kill the mood completely, doing it a lot will get you in deep
doo.  It's also best not to swear, sneer, or laugh maniacally around them,

4) Hurt your mate.  One hit, just one, will completely end the relationship.
Several more will completely end their life.

5) Commit crimes in front of the ones you're courting.  No one likes a bad boy
in this game.  At least, they don't like you when they see it.  It's still kind
of darkly funny to shank someone in front of a person and hear them say, "I
wish I hadn't seen that," so matter-of-factly.


Your mate has fallen in love with you.  Congrats, Tiger!  Now, before you
choose Excel Saga's lavish Put it In selection on the menu (sorry if that
confused anyone who hasn't seen Excel Saga), you need to get married.


After the person has fallen in love with you, talk to them.  They'll ask you to
get them a Wedding Ring.  What you'll want to do is either buy the whopping one
at Bowerstone South, which is fairly expensive, or head to Oakvale where they
have more Wedding Rings for quite a bit cheaper.  I recommend the latter of the

When you have a real Wedding Ring in hand, get to the person who's fallen for
you.  If they've lost a little favor, do a few tricks to get it back up, talk
to them again to prompt the wedding ring suggestion, and give them the ring.
You can do this by hitting the Up D-pad button, going into Items, then Gifts,
then Wedding Ring, then Use.  If that isn't brought down to bloody detail, I
don't know what is.  The person's heart will turn yellow.  This means you are
now engaged.


Now, to marry the person is simple.  Walk up to them, select the Follow
expression, and lead them to your house.  Once your partner is inside, he/she
will say that the two of you make a great couple.  Talk to them at that point
and it will prompt a selection to marry him/her or not.  Select yes.  If you
married a woman, you will get some money in dowry and a nice cut scene.  If you
married a man, you get a big, hairy oaf who wants hot man lovin'.

From that point on your spouse will have a ring over his/her head.  You can
only have one spouse per house, so don't go looking for another mate unless you
have another house in another town.  Yes, polygamy is okay in Fable.


1) Give your prospective mate a Fake Wedding Ring.  Fable people may be plain,
but they're not stupid.

2) Propose to someone before they've fallen in love with you.  Thankfully, this
has no repercussions, it seems.  You don't lose the ring and you can still
propose to the person later.

3) Propose to someone who isn't in love with you.  Same story as above.  This
mainly applies to men, as most men in the game are not wanting another man in
their life.

4) Attack the person after proposing to them.  Congrats, you've just wasted a
wedding ring.  Now, off with her head!

5) Lead the person you've just proposed to into the wild.  Unless you're so
good at killing enemies that you can protect your fiancee.  Although, it might
be amusing if you leave him/her in the middle of a pack of Bolverines.


Well, now you've ignited the fire and you've got to keep it burning.  Unless,
of course, it becomes too much of a hassle, then you can find ways to
extinguish it.  Some more radical than others, of course...


Just because you're married doesn't mean your home free. You'll have to keep
the person happy, which isn't hard.  Here's what I do after about every other
quest/task or so: Visit all of your spouses and spend time with them.  Flirt
with them, use pleasing expressions, give them gifts, have sex with them, etc.
Not joking.  Having sex with them seems to keep them quite pleased.

Now, what you want to avoid is pretty much common sense.  Don't do things
during the marriage that you wouldn't do before the marriage.  Don't become
scarier, don't hurt your spouse(s), don't use vulgar expressions.  Most
importantly, don't neglect them, otherwise they will divorce you.  If you're
trying to play a good character, you don't want a divorce on your hands.
Strangely enough, you would be better off just killing your spouse, as that
lands you far less evil points than divorce.


I've spoken to a lot of people who brought this up as one of their first goals
in the game.  While sex in this game is about the same as Grand Theft Auto
(minus the car; and the fact that you don't get life back; and the fact that
you can't club your spouse to death and get your money back; and the... well, I
think you get the point) it seems to really help strengthen a relationship.

Having sex isn't hard.  Keep flirting and talking with your spouse until their
aura turns yellow.  Talk to her/him at that time and they'll ask you if you
want to go to bed.  Say yes and the screen will go black.  You'll hear
different somewhat sensual expressions and phrases, such as a moan, a playful
laugh, or even the woman calling you "norty."  On a funny note, if you have sex
with a man, he seems a bit more cautious and uptight about the affair.
Sometimes, he'll even scream in sudden panic or surprise.


Most of this stuff is covered throughout the FAQ.

Anyway, it goes without saying that being "norty" outside of bed will get you
nowhere in your relationship.  However, this is a great way to earn some evil
points if you've married the person.

                             -Getting Divorced for Dummies-

The easiest way I know is to marry someone in Bowerstone South.  Why, you ask?
If you marry someone where weapons are allowed, you're more likely to kill the
person and get less evil points rather than divorce him/her.  Once you've
gotten hitched and done what you want with your new spouse, begin to beat
him/her up.  Eventually, they will say they want a divorce.  You will have to
give part of your house to them, and you will have to will successfully earn
600 evil points.  So, apparently killing someone isn't nearly as bad as
divorcing them.

There are other ways to lose your spouse's interest.  Continually use rude
expressions, commit crimes in their presence, or just plain neglect them.
Don't visit them, don't talk to them, don't do anything with them.  After a
while, they'll hate your guts.

If getting divorced isn't in your forte and you'd rather see truly take their
breath away, attack them while in an area that allows weapons.  You see, people
can't die in towns like Bowerstone South where they do not allow weapons.  So,
you will have to lead your spouses out into the wild and either leave them for
the many bad guys or just kill them yourself.  Most cities, however, will allow
you to execute them.  Just make sure you do it where no one is looking,
otherwise you will have to pay a 2000 gold fine.


"If you're married, and you get divorced with your wife, (I usually beat
my wives for a divorce so neglect might not work) the other women/men
in that town will no longer be attracted to you.  In fact, they will
fear you.  This worked in Bowerstone and Oakvale, but in Bowerstone, I
had already given a ring to another woman so after a little bit, her
heart came back, but if I hadn't given her the ring, it might've stayed
gone.  You should experiment with it, if you want, and then you can add
this fact to your FAQ to warn people about being divorced.  I'm pretty
sure I wouldn't be married in Oakvale if I hadn't led a Guild
Apprentice that was in love with me there from the Heroes' Guild (lots
of walking, bleh) so you can get married there, just not to residents
there."- FableRules

I just wanted to give my two cents, in your faq you
mention that it isn't possible to kill your wife in
Bowerstone.  While this may be true that you are not
allowed to directly kill her, she is fully capable of
dieing in an unfortunate accident involving guards and
stray crossbow bolts.  Doesn't really affect anything
except for being a good way to get your ex out of your
home after divorce."- freshgroundtuesday

Freshgroundtuesday, you'll be the patron saint of murder in
murder-restricted areas in my book.  Thanks!


---Rental Wife---

1) Go into Bowerstone South and buy the house there.
2) Pull out on of your trophies midday and use it and you'll find that
there are exactly 20 people in this town that can be awed by you.
3) Rent out your house, go out and adventure some and stop by
Bowerstone South every now and then and use your trophy. Keep doing
this until it tells you that there are now 22 people in town that can
be awed by you. If you go over to your house now you'll see that the
door has opened and that two people have moved in (One is a little boy
that you can find in the school, and the other has always been a
women, though it shouldn't matter if it's a man)
4) Find the women that moved into the house (She's often in the house
but does wander around). Make sure it's the women that rented the
house and now use your charm on her. When she says she wants a ring
try and marry her and it should tell you that you need a house first
(You have a house but you are currently renting it)
5) Well, you should know what to do now, go over to your house that
you are renting and say you would like to use it as your marital
house. Then go find your bride to be and give her that lovely ring.
You'll be moved on over to the house and wife with you.
6) Have all the fun you want with your wife before leaving town.
7) When you leave town and come back you'll find that the sign is now
back up front that you can use to sell or rent out the house and that
your wife is nowhere to be found (Nor is her little kid).

Contributed by: poxsonm

---"Alien Abduction" glitch---

One other thing that I'd also like to note that I've been getting
reports on from many people is that there appears to be a bad glitch
that was left in Fable.  Apparently, people's wives have been
mysteriously disappearing.  When this happens, you can apparently
remarry.  Either this is a glitch or proof of alien life in Fable. 
Maybe one day, one of those wives will return with a stiff walk about

---No Booty For You Glitch---

New reports have been coming in of another glitch that was not properly
taken care of.  It is not known what causes it, but basically your
character goes from sexy ultrahunk to undesirable sod.  People have
said that everyone absolutely adored their characters, then suddenly
people would not respond to their flirting.  Their spouses, also,
showed no love towards them at all.

There is no known way to patch up this glitch or what causes it. 
Should be be stricken with this glitch, my condolences.


This is nothing too special.  This is in your Personal menu under Statistics.
This basically sums up your history and your present love life in a few small

There are four different sexualities, each one reflects on your current
spouses.  You can change your sexuality by marrying or divorcing/killing other

Unknown- This means you have no current spouse, regardless as to who you were
previously shacked up with.

Heterosexual- This means you have at least one wife and no husbands.

Gay- This means you have at least one husband and no wives.

Bisexual- This means you have at least one husband and at least one wife.

---Number of Spouses---
This is the number of spouses you currently have.  Change this number by
getting married or losing a spouse.

---People That Have Fallen In Love with You---
This is the number of people who've had the "harp sound" and are ready to be
proposed to.  This is a cumulative amount, so anyone who's fallen in love, then
fallen off the mortal coil is still accounted for.

---Number of Weddings---
This pertains to the number of times you've been married, both current and

Number of times divorced.  Did you really need that one explained.  Deaths do
not count.

---Number of Times Widowed---
How many of your spouses have died, either by force or by "accident."

---Number of Times Had Sex---
How many times you've sunk the apple in any kind of marital relationship.

/  SECTION 7: FAQ  \

Q: Is there really sex in this game?
A: Yes and no. There is no visual sex.  You just hear what's going on.

Q: Is there gay marriage/sex?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you be a pedophile?
A: Thank God no!

Q: What happens if you hit on children?
A: They'll say they don't understand.

Q: Can you hit on any person in the game?
A: Yes, but only women and a select few men will respond.

Q: Can you marry an apprentice?
A: Yes, as far as I know.

"Well, I just finished reading through the faq, and wanted to let you
know that yes, you can marry an apprentice, however, you will have to
lead him/her to whatever town you have your house in (Not too bad if
you're going to Bowerstone, pretty sucky for Oakvale, as I learned too
late). Also, at least the one I picked, the female apprentices have the
same married phrases as Lady Grey, so that might effect some people's
decision. Anyways, hopefully that's useful for ya."- daidojimamoru

Q: Can you marry a guard?
A: No. You cannot even hit on a guard.

Q: Can you kill your spouse?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you have children?
A: As far as I know, no.  I've done it with my wife many times and she still
has yet to get pregnant.

Q: Can a marriage sour in any way?
A: Yes. Through neglect, abuse, or just plain rudeness.

Q: Is polygamy aloud?
A: Yes, but only one spouse per town.

Q: Can you marry both a woman and a man?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you rape people?
A: No.

Q: Can you have pre-marital sex?
A: Though a lot of people insinuate it, no.

Q: How come someone won't marry me?
A: Well, either they aren't ready yet or they aren't interested.  Or they're a

Q: Can you marry a chicken?
A: No, though that would be amusing.  Then your daughter can be the Chicken
Lady (ah, I miss Kids in the Hall).

Q: Can you marry merchants?
A: "Just a tip, I tried it to see what would happen, but you cannot
marry a shopkeeper. Every time you try to talk to them, you can only
shop. The only way I can think to do it would be to get them to follow
you out of their shop and keep them out until after the shops close. I
don't even know if that would work then. I got to thinking about this
when the barber fell in love with me and I thought you might want to
put it in your FAQ." -mb1


"A small update to the last Q&A, you actually can marry the hairdresser
in Bowerstone South.  I did it mostly out of curiosity.  When you talk
to her and it says "Do you want to trade?" say no and if she's in love
with you and has a pink heart over her head she'll start asking about a
ring.  After your wedding, the barbershop goes up for sale and you can
buy it for 1500 gold.  Unless you're interested in that, I don't really
recommend marrying her because you have to say no, you don't want to
trade to start all of your conversations, and then the town is short a
barber for awhile.  Also her voice gets on your nerves really fast."- 


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Jeff "CJayC" Veasey and GameFAQs.  Thanks for the brilliant site.

Prima for the tattoo and hairstyle lists.

Microsoft for Fable (Me thanking Microsoft?  Never thought that would happen...
This world really is ending.) 

Yes, thanks to Lionhead for developing the game.

Lasher Dragon and Vidmaster for the bits on Attractiveness/Scariness.

Tony for the bit on obtaining items.

mb1 for the merchant bit.

Slayn and chas3265 for the Fire Monkey tattoo contribution.

p03t_15_g0d_0f_p4 for the bit on Hook Coast.

daidojimamoru for the apprentice bit.

Jason "TheRayven" for the info on the Sexy Pose.

FableRules for the divorce info.

Minty for the bit on the hair dresser.

freshgroundtuesday for the bit on killing people in Bowerstone.

sprucE moosE for the bit on trophies.

poxsonm for the rental wife tidbit.

I'll see you again when Fable 2 hits... If it ever hits...


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