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The Courtship of Lady Grey FAQ
AUthor: Phillip Meris (Ulala Rocks)
Copyright 2004 Phillip Meris. All rights reserved.

If you have any questions, comments, tips, corrections, etc. then my contacts
are at the bottom of the FAQ.


It has come to my attention that my FAQ is also available to PC users who have
access to the rerelease of Fable dubbed "The Lost Chapters" which includes a
whole bunch of nifty extras us unfortunate Xbox owners didn't get. One of them
involves a sidequest with Lady Grey. Please keep in mind that this FAQ is ONLY
and I mean ONLY meant to be used for the Xbox version of the original Fable
and yes I know it's going to be released on the Xbox also. So if you notice
anything missing or that my FAQ is wrong or something, please note that I will
update my FAQ as soon as I can get a hold of The Lost Chapters for Xbox, until
then please stop telling me anything else about Fable: The Lost Chapters.


Version History

Version 1.0 - (October 20, 2004) Everything is set. Unless there's some emails
              this will probably be the only version.

Version 2.0 - (December 16, 2004) Minor grammar corrections. Few notes added.
              Also added that the Kitana Hiryu is in her bedroom manor, the
              Demon Door, her gift, and another interesting idea. Pretty long
              overdue update.

Version 2.5 - (February 15, 2004) Answered questions, added a reader tips
              section since I couldn't fit it in the Q and A. I apologize for
              the long update. College has consumed me and I've had little
              time to work on the guide.

Table of Contents

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Fab1 Introduction
Fab2 Characters
     Lady Grey
     Poor Girl
Fab3 Mandatory Quest Items
     Black Rose
     Owned House
Fab4 Visiting Locations
     Bowerstone North
     Oakvale Cemetary
     Headsman's Hills
Fab5 Walkthrough
Fab6 Grey History
Fab7 Grey Only Weapons
Fab8 Reader Tips
Fab9 Q&A
Fab10 Closing
     Special Thanks
     Legal Stuff
     Contact Info.

Fab1 Introduction

Lady Grey is a character in the game known as Fable. Her role in the game is
very small, but she still has a fun sidequest that can be done as soon as
you've completed the Arena quest. She's probably about the most noticeable
character in the entire game for obvious reasons.

Although Grey's sidequest is very easy, a lot, and I mean A LOT, of people on
GameFAQs are still in the dark as to what to do in this quest. This is my
motivation for this FAQ. Hopefully someone who asks a Grey related question
will turn to this FAQ first before asking a board full of very angry users when
then name Grey is seen in the topic title.

Fab2 Characters

Lady Grey

This sidequest revolves solely around her. Everything you do is because of her.
She's got a dark past that is explained unclearly and leaves you wondering what
she's hiding. She's interested in you because you're popular and thinks you're 
the man that's right for her. Got get her Tiger!


Thunder is Whisper's older brother. He is as legendary as Jack of Blades and is
also one of the only three people to complete the entire Arena. He's a big guy
with a grudge just as big against you for stealing his woman. Show no Mercy!

Poor Girl

She really doesn't have a name, but she's poor. She even says so herself. Now 
it seems like she's an irrelevant character to include to this list, but she's
quite possibly the most helpful character. If more players actually took the
time to look at their mini-map to see her as a green dot then they wouldn't be
asking so many questions. She also adds a very sweet touch to the ending.

Fab3 Mandatory Quest Items

Black Rose

This is the very first item requested by Lady Grey. It's a hot item since it's
been frequently missed by several players. Incase people are that lost, Poor
Girl will tell you where it's located and if you're still clueless, it's in the
Bowerstone North Item Shop.

Owned House

You better save up some gold because Grey demands a house which is totally
pointless since she has a giant empty manor and she won't even follow you into
your own home.


Of all the items that you actually have to fetch, this is the one that requires
some work. Grey says she lost it and it's a very precious item. She'll of
course send you on a treasure hunt to find it. It's actually very easy to find
and shouldn't take too much time.


Even though it isn't part of the quest, the spade is an item you must have in
your inventory. I probably don't have to mention even having a spade, but just
incase someone new to the game didn't know, get one. You can buy a spade from
the Bowerstone South merchant located directly to the right when you first
enter Bowerstone South from Lookout Point.

Fab4 Visiting Locations

Bowerstone North

This is where Lady Grey resides. You'll be here always. Get used to it. You'll
end up living here later on. This is also where Poor Girl resides. She's at the
opposite side of where Grey is.


You'll be here to fetch the necklace for Grey. A harbor and beach have been
added during the reconstruction of this town. Expect to have a hard time if you
walk in clueless looking for Grey's Necklace.

Oakvale Cemetary

This is the final resting place of the victims of the Oakvale Raid. You can
check out what the graves say and might even remember a few of the characters
that are buried in there.There are only a handful of things to do here and one 
of them happens to be related to the Courtship of Lady Grey.

Headsman's Hills

This place is as unpleasant as it sounds. It's where Bowerstone's criminals are
taken to meet their maker. Prepare for Thunder here. He'll be between you and
Lady Grey so make quick work of him here.

Fab5 FAQ/Walkthrough

Keep in mind if you are clueless on what to do, talk to the Poor Girl since
she will hint and even directly tell you where you need to go or what you need
to do.

This is the sidequest everyone loves doing. This is the sidequest where you
have your chance to marry the voluptuous Lady Grey. Keep in mind that before 
you can even begin this quest, you must have completed the Arena quest because
that is the only way you'll be given passage to Bowerstone North.

Once you exit the Arena you'll be introduced to a scene with Thunder and Lady
Grey. She'll take notice of you and will invite you over to see her in
Bowerstone North. Teleport to Bowerstone South and make your way to the
northern side of town. Once there, take the right path which will lead you to
Lady Grey. If you can't see her, then check your map or listen for her to call
you over. You'll engage in a conversation with her and she will ask you to give
her a gift. Make your way to the item shop and purchase a black rose and make
your way back to Grey. Give her the rose.

Another conversation will take place and this time Grey will make you buy a 
house to prove that you aren't after her for her money. Of all the tasks this
is quite possibly the easiest one. Simply make your way to Bowerstone South
and purchase the house there since it is the cheapest one available in all of
Albion. Backtrack to Grey and she'll be pleased to know you have your own roof
over your head.

Lady Grey is very demanding. You've met all three of the demands she's made so
far and she's still asking for more. This one is a bit difficult, but it
shouldn't give you too much trouble. Talk to every male in Bowerstone North and
they'll hint you of the whereabouts of the necklace and even pass along some 
Lady Grey gossip. After doing so, speak with Grey again and she'll tell you
that her necklace is in Oakvale. Teleport to Oakvale.

Once in Oakvale you already know that the necklace is in town. The problem is
there's hundreds of dig spots and no clue as to where to start. To save you
some trouble, head straight to the Oakvale Cemetary. You will see two traders
having a conversation and actually know the whereabouts of the necklace. Go
around the tree and eavesdrop on their conversation. They'll spill the beans
and say the necklace is inbetween the two boats that are beached on shore. Go
there and dig up the necklace between the two boats. There's no way you're
going to miss it. Recall back to Bowerstone North. Return the necklace to Grey.

From this point you're thinking, "Wow I've done a lot of things for this woman
already so this has got to be it right?" Wrong. One last request of Lady Grey
must be completed in order to finally engage in holy matrimony. She demands
that you face off with Thunder in a duel to the death and then whoever shall
win will finally be able to marry her and have the greatest honeymoon in all of

You'll find Thunder waiting for you at Bowerstone Prison. He'll tell you to
meet him at Headsman's Hill. Make your way across the prison and you'll end
up and Windmill Hill. Explore it if you'd like. You'll find a Silver Key and
other minor items. The next area is the Gibbet Woods. From here take the left
path and the next screen should be Headsman's Hill.

You'll be greeted with a warm reception from Thunder and a whole party of
towns people. There will be a conversation and the battle will begin.

BOSS: Thunder

Thunder is a big character and moves at an incredibly fast speed for someone
his size. He'll do typical combo attacks and a special spinning attack as he
tries to attack you. When you hit him a set number of times he'll automatically
pause and start using a thunder attack. It has a circle of effect but isn't
very powerful. Just keep out of range. Roll around him if you can't seem to hit

When he's had enough he'll tell you if he can't have Grey then no one can and
will jump off the cliff taking you with him. You'll end up in a shallow pond
and the fight will continue. It's essentially the same fight except with a
smaller battlefield.

Attack him enough and he'll run cowering into Headsman's Cave. This is the
final battle with Thunder. By now he's extremely weakened and will still do the
same attacks. Do what you've been doing the whole time and the battle is yours.
At the end of the battle Thunder will admit defeat and walk out. You'll be
awarded with his helmet. Keep in mind that there is a 15 key silver chest
that has a Mana Augmentation up for grabs. 

END BOSS: Thunder

Leave the cave, fish the pond for a Silver Key. The Demon Door will give you 
passage for defeating Thunder. Make your way back to Bowerstone North and from
this point you have two choices: You can go ahead and marry Lady Grey and have
the greatest honeymoon of all Albion or you can go to Poor Girl and talk to 
her. She will talk about how you will be living the married life with a rich,
big breasted, and beautiful woman while she will continue to live in poverty.
At the end of the speech you will be given the option to marry her. If you do
choose to marry her then Lady Grey will be completely turned off by you and 
will hate you. The choice is all on you. Nothing changes the game. Choose to
marry Lady Grey and you'll get a whooping 15,000 gold as a dowry, 1k renown,
a gigantic manor, and you get to make love to Albion's most infamous woman.
Don't forget there's also the Katana Hiryu in the chest in her bedroom manor
waiting for you.

Here's a quick rundown of what you should have done:
1. Get Lady Grey a Black Rose from the Bowerstone North Item Shop.
2. Buy and own a house. I prefer Bowerstone South.
3. Find Lady Grey's Necklace in Oakvale Harbor.
4. Defeat Thunder at Headsman's Hill.
5. Rock Lady Grey all day and night.

Fab6 Grey History

Lady Grey is shrouded in great mystery. It's a shame the developers didn't go
indepth with her character because it could've made for a more interesting
sidequest. The only information available about Lady Grey is from the remnants
of the old Grey house and gossip around Bowerstone North.

If you ever take the time to thoroughly examine the Grey estate you'll notice
it's in extremely rustic condition and infested with undead creatures, but once
you clear out the house you'll find a Dusty Notebook and you'll also be granted
access to the cellar. Go inside the cellar and you should see a couple of
barrels and a skeleton. Examine it to receive the Scrawled Parchment.Reading 
both pieces of text will give you a lot more insight on Lady Grey and you'll 
also find out how evil she really is.

During the sidequest you'll also be able to hear gossip. Rumors will be 
floating around that she murdered her sister and that the necklace originally
belonged to her sister.

Incase you don't feel like reading the Dusty Notebook and Scrawled Parchement I
will do you a favor and summarize what both of them say.

You learn from the Dusty Notebook that Lady Grey's real name is Elvira Grey and
she feels that it is time to take her position into power in the Grey lineage.
The rest of the text is hard to understand, but in the end she sets her sights
on becoming the mayor of Bowerstone.

The Scrawled Parchment is the text that contains Lady Grey's older sister's
dying words. She talks about how she is the rightful heir to Bowerstone since
she is the oldest of the Grey Children. She also reveals that Elvira is the one
who locked her up in the cellar to die a slow death and that she renamed
herself Lady Grey.

Told you she was evil, but that's not stopping you from marrying a woman like
her is it?

Fab7 Grey Only Weapons

This section is dedicated to obtaining weapons that can be reached only by
marrying Lady Grey.

-==Ronok The Axe==-


Damage: 165
Weight: Light
Augmentations: Sharpening + Silver
Quotation: Axes have short, brutal lives. But Ronok has survived centuries
           of combat, and is still as sharp as the day it was forged by the
           Old Kingdom foresters.

Parameters: The Demon Door at Grey House will open for you only after you marry
            Lady Grey.

Special Thanks to Alexander Rohlfing for mentioning this to me.

-==The Katana Hiryu==-

Damage: 215
Weight: Light
Augmentations: Sharpening + Flame
Quotation: Folded metal is only so strong. The monks of the far hills used
           ancient supernatural skills to turn Hiryu into something special.
           Its secret died with them.

Parameters: Marrying Lady Grey will allow access into her manor. From there go
            to her bedroom and there should be treasure chest inside. Meet the
            15 key requirement and the sword is yours.

-==Solus Greatsword==-

Damage: 314
Weight: Heavy
Augmentations: Flame + Health + Sharpening
Quotation: The legendary Solus of the mystical Dragonfighters, this weapon
           is held in awe by swordmasters and combatants of Albion alike.

Parameters: Although this sword can be obtained by purchasing it at the
            Bowerstone North Store, Lady Grey gives this to you as a gift. I'm
            not really sure how this happens, but if anyone has any tips or
            proof positive methods of obtaining it from her then contact me.

Fab8 Reader Tips

This section is dedicated to readers who have sent me several useful tips.

The very first tip I received was from Christina explaining how Lady Grey is a
grade A slut.

"I just figured out after a lot of trial and error, that Lady Grey  is easy
after all!

All I do is:

Go through the following expressions (mine change on the d pad)

Manly Arm Pump
Sexy Super Hero Pose
Do this series twice
Then giggle
IF she says something about relaxing on the bed you have done it!  
Click A, then the option to sleep with your wife will come up...
If not...
Offer her a gift you havent given her that day.  I usually just give 
her chocolates
Then say thanks when she compliments you.  

This should do it!"

Thanks Christina. Who better than a woman to breakdown a woman?

Mia writes in to explain how you get items from Lady Grey:

"I've figured out the gift deal with 'Miss Fineass'! You have to 
complete a quest then return to  Bowerstone North where she will present you 
with a gift. So far I have gotten the Obsidian Katana and a Jack hero 
doll. I thought it could be length of time I was gone and she missed me 
soooooo much she gave me a gift upon my return (yah ooook...) but I  did 
the 'Trader to Orchard Farm' quest two times, the first time I 
completed it and she gave me the Katana and I  failed the second time and she 
gave me nothing. I did it once more and passed and she gave me the doll.  
Try it. I'm sure it's fool proof !"

Mike Micliz has another set of sex tips which is actually something a lot of
people seem to miss and flood my email asking questions:

"Some one complained that she was always nasty to him. Well if you have a 
good alignment she wont do that, she's actually pretty happy. Also about the 
sex thing. If she's happy, and if you have attractive tattoos like the fire 
monkey and such, take your clothes off before flirting with her. This makes 
things much easier."

Fab9 Q&A

Q) Isn't Lady Grey hot???

A) From an objective point of view that's exactly what the developers were
   going for.

Q) How come I can't have sex with Lady Grey?

A) You can, but to do so you must have proper timing. The only way you're going
   to nail her is if she's in the manor. She's in the manor at night and in the
   early morning.

Q) Great...but she still won't have sex with me! What am I doing wrong?

A) It's pretty obvious that Grey isn't like the rest of the women of Albion if
   you had to go through such great lengths just to marry her. If you want to
   get it on with her then you have to impress her with gifts and do manly arm
   pumps a lot longer than you would usually do with any other woman.

Q) Why won't she follow me?

A) She doesn't want to. She won't even live in your home. Who the heck would if
   they lived in a manor?

Q) Does she play any other role in the game?

A) Nope. Once you marry her she's just another woman just with a unique model.

Q) Can I kill her?

A) Yes. Here's the easiest method in doing so:
   First off commit a crime, then when you've got some guards chasing you and
   make sure they're waving their swords in the air like idiots. From that this
   point run circles around Lady Grey and they'll attempt to slash you. Sooner
   or later one of those hits is bound to strike her. It's really more of a

Q) Can you reveal Lady Grey's past to everybody to get her arrested?

A) Nope. Kind of sad how the developers just left that alone.

Q) Dark Storm brings in a really interesting point if you mess around:

   "What if I made the shopkeeper in Bowerstone North
   follow me to Bowerstone South, then go back to
   Bowerstone North... Then he disappeared in Bowerstone
   I haven't search Bowerstone South for him, but the
   shop was for sale (152,000 gold).
   How am I going to buy a Black Rose then?
   I don't have money to buy the shop."

A) You know I can't even figure that out, but if anyone has the answer then
   submit it to me right away.
   SOLUTION!!!!: You can thank Tanitha Short for this one: (There's also a

   "IT is quite simple: if you lead a shopkeeper out of the town and do not 
   have the money to buy the shop, sleep for 3 to 4 days leave the town and 
   come back the store will be open again.
   Glitch: if you marry a shopkeeper and do what I wrote above there will be 2 
   of the same people in the same area. Who you married and a clone thats 
   replaces the shopkeeper!!!!!!!!!!!"
   SOLUTION NUMBER 2!!!!!!: Thank Mia for this one:
   "hi, regarding the question on your faq about lady grey (fable) if you kill 
   or somehow get rid of the shop keeper (to get the black rose) as you say 
   the shop is up for sale, i found that the shop re-opens after a couple of 
   game days. (i killed him in order to buy his shop mwah hahaha! but couldnt
   afford it. : (" 
   SOLUTION NUMBER 3!!!!!!: Thank the Dragon Gamer for this one:
   "The end of your faq has the problem with the north Bowerstone shop keeper
   Spare couple 1000 gold and the steal expresion.
   Pursuade (ie bribe) the nearby guards to take a break from their duty, 
   walk into the store and nick the rose from where it sits (think its on a 

   That might help."
   Count em' people! That's three solutions for that single question! Don't
   thank me. Those three individuals are the ones who deserve all the credit.
Fab10 Closing

Special Thanks:

Sophia Vo - Greatest girlfriend ever. Watched me played through Fable and even
            went through hell just to make sure I got my preordered copy on the
            day of release. You're the greatest baby. Thanks for EVERYTHING.

GameFAQs - For putting up my work for a couple of years already.

Luigi and Kevo - For proofreading my first FAQ (The Red Star Demo Walkthrough)
                 and for proofreading this one.
                 Their GameFAQs usernames are Revived Soul (Luigi) and Scripts.

Dominic - For actually proofreading it a lot better than those two goofballs

A very special thanks to all the readers that sent in tips and thank yous. You
guys make this stuff enjoyable! Pat yourselves on the back because you deserve

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