Fishing/Digging Guide by Blue Thunder Kuno

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Fable Fishing/Digging Guide
By  Blue Thunder Kuno
Started on October 15, 2004
Version 1.01
Copyright (c) 2004 Bryon (Blue Thunder Kuno) Tousignant

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1.01 Updated list of sites who are allowed to use this FAQ
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Version 1.01
Last updated November 15, 2004
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Fishing
   2.1 Location of Fishing rod
   2.2 Controls
   2.3 Fishing Ripples
3. Digging
   3.1 Location of Spade
   3.2 Controls
   3.3 Dig spots
4. Dig glitch into new areas
   4.1 Bowertone North
   4.2 Twinblades Camp
5. Legal Disclaimer
6. Contact Information

1. Introduction

This guide should help you with your Fishing and Digging needs.  It will help
you to find many good items to aid you in Albion.  It is also how you get most
of the Silver Keys to open the Silver chests
2. Fishing

To fish you first need a fishing rod.  Once you have one you can fish anywhere
there is water deep enough.  This includes almost all water except small
puddles and the ocean.  There are a few small puddles you can fish in but most
of them are too small for fish to live in.  

There are two types of fish.  Orange which have a value of 12 and Silver which
have a value of 18.  
2.1 Location of Fishing rod

Go to Fisher Creek and destroy wasps for a fishing rod.
Buy at Bowerstone South, Oakvale, Twinblade Camp, Bowerstone North
Find Fishing Rod at Lychfield Graveyard near Nostro's Tomb behind some 
2.2 Controls

You will notice when you get near water that you can fish at the fishing rod
will appear on the D-Pad in the lower left corner of the screen.  You can also
map the rod to the D-Pad in the equipment menu by selecting the fishing rod
and then selecting which direction you want it to be mapped to.  To access the
fishing pole you just mapped hold the R trigger and press the directional
button you assigned it to.  You will not be able to fish in any place that
would not normally show the fishing rod even if you map the fishing rod.Once
at the fishing screen you will notice in the lower right corner you can Reel
in with the A button and Quit fishing with the Y button.  As soon as you have
a fish on the line you have to press A to set the hook.  You can tell when you
have a fish when the controller begins to rumble.  This is your cue to start
reeling in.  Note that you can turn off the rumbling in the options menu.
This will make fishing almost impossible.  Once you have  a fish on the line
you should always wait for the controller to stop rumbling.  When the
controller rumbles it means the fish is pulling on the line.  If you try to
reel it in when the fish is pulling you can break the line.  Whenever the
controller is not rumbling press A repeatedly.  The colored bar in the corner
represents how much tension is on the line.  Light Green means no tension and
Bright Red means the line is almost snapped.  If you accidently reel it in
while the fish is pulling the bar will grow more and more red depending on how
many times you press A after the fish starts to pull.  Note that the colored
bar is not visible when the fish is overlapping the hook symbol.  The object
is to get the fish symbol on the bar to reach the left side of the bar.  When
it is nearing the left edge you will get a warning saying "Keep going you have
almost got it."  Once it is all the way to the left edge you will have caught
the fish.  If you fight the fish to much a warning will appear saying "Careful
the line is about to snap."  If you continue to press A after this the line 
will snap.  If you don't fight at all and the fish reaches the right side of
the bar you will be told that the fish got away.Be careful when fishing 
because not all fish are equally strong.  The farther you get into the game 
the bigger and stronger the fish are.  So when it had took 5 times of pressing
A while the fish was fighting to snap the line, it would later take only 2.
2.3 Fishing Ripples

This section will try to lead you to each of the ripples you find around 
Albion.  These ripples don't contain fish. They have much better items hiding 
beneath the water.  They appear as ripples with little bubbles floating out of 
the water.

Fisher Creek
At the end of the pier                         Golden Fish Trophy
The side of the house                          Working Mustache
The side of the house                          500 Gold
The side of the house                          Silver Key
The side of the house                          Moonfish

Lookout Point
The break in the fence near the Picnic Area    Ages of Skill Potion

Guild Woods	
Where you fought the bandits with Whisper      Silver Key

Orchard Farm
Between the barn and the house                 Elixir of Life
End of the pier at the east side of the map    Silver Key
End of the pier southeast of apple trees       Coron Visor Tattoo

Greatwood Cullis Gate
Near the entrance to Greatwood Caves           Moonfish

Barrow Fields
Near the Obese Demon Door                      Moonfish
Off to the side of the bridge                  Coron Night Tatoo
Near one of the scarecrows                     500 Gold

Grey House
Near Marriage Demon Door                       Silver Key

Ancient Cullis Gate
Off the side of the bridge near the Gate       Silver Key

Wichwood Cullis Gate
Near the Gate on the left path                 Moonfish

Witchwood Stones
Across from the Name Demon Door                Silver Key

Witchwood Lake
In the lake across from a chest                Will Master's Elixir

Windmill Hill
Near the entrance across from the scarecrow    Wedding Ring

Headman's Hill
Where you fall down when fighting Thunder      Silver Key

Lychfield Graveyard
Left from the gate near a gap in the wall      Silver Key
Near the tomb of Duke Sibelis                  Nostros Shield*
*Necessary to open the demon door in the The Graveyard Path quest.
3. Digging

To dig you will need a spade aka the shovel.  You can dig anywhere that is
considered outside.  There are some outside places that will not let you dig.
If they are rock or stone you usually can't dig.  Also cobbled paths can't be
dug.  Try all over Fable on different terrains and see what places work and
what doesn't.
3.1 Location of the Spade

Buy the spade at Bowerstone South, Oakvale,  Twinblade Camp,  Knothole 
Glade,  Darkwood Camp
Get it in a chest at Lychfield Graveyard near the gravekeeper's house.
3.2 Controls

To dig you need to either map the spade to the D-Pad or stand on a spot that
automatically makes the spade icon appear.  I will refer to the spots where
the shovel automatically appears as dig spots.  Once the shovel icon is in
the lower left corner just press the corresponding direction and if the
terrain is right you will start a dig cut scene.  If you find something the
hero will say "Yeah" and the item will show up on the screen.  If he finds
nothing he will say "Awh" and nothing will show up.  
3.3 Dig Spots

Most of these will make the spade appear on the D-Pad.

Orchard Farm
At the grandma's grave                          Upper Dress
Front of the barn between the bale of hay       Frying Pan*

*This will not be any good unless you get all the clues first.
*This spot will not automatically make the spade appear on the D-Pad.

Rose Cottage
To the side of the house in a ring of flowers   Silver Key

At beach on the left side of the pier (jetty)   500 Gold (for Ghost's quest)
At beach between two overturned boats           Lady Grey's Necklace*
Near Memorial Garden in the grave               500 Gold
In the middle barn to the left of the door      Balverine Skull Tattoo

*Only found while on Lady Greys quest and she has already asked to find it.
*You may need to eavesdrop on the two people in the Memorial Garden to get it.

Memorial Garden
Behind the statue of the guy holding the axe    Silver Key (Pirate's treasure)
                                                Obsidian Greataxe 
In the grave "Mr K Dunn. Dead."                 Health Potion
In the grave "You're standing on my head."      Golden Carrot

Hobbe Cave
Focus Chamber in a circle of mushrooms          Silver Key

Greatwood Forest
Behind a tree in a circle of flowers            Golden Carrot

Twinblades Camp
Across the water in a circle of flowers         Silver Key

Witchwood Lake
Between the statue of demon and the wall        Silver Key

Knothole Glade
Left of the marital house in a circle of ferns  Silver Key

Windmill Hill
In a circle of flowers near the house           Silver Key
In a circle of flowers behind the windmill      Silver Key

Lychfield Graveyard
In grave "Here lies Brom..."                    Karlan Wings Tattoo
In grave "John and Sarah Miller..."             Howl Tattoo
In grave "Here lies Mr Zahn Rider..."           1,000 Gold
In grave "The Knepp family lies beneath..."     Health Potion
In grave "James Sutter..."                      250 Gold
In grave "Mary Sutter..."                       Silver Key
In grave "Fear not the end..."                  Will potion
In grave "Here lies Tobias Morn..."             Health potion
In grave "No man can hold his..."               Nostros Sword*

*Necessary to open the demon door in the The Graveyard Path quest.

Cliffside Path
In a circle of mushrooms on the upper path      Silver Key
4. Dig glitch into new areas

This is mentioned in the codes & secrets section.  All you need to do is dig
and you will notice your character moves slightly in the opposite direction
he was facing when you started digging.  This can be used to access areas you
can't normally get to.The two most notable areas are Twinblades Camp and North
You can access both of these areas before you are supposed to get to them.
This can mean new items earlier in the game.
4.1 Bowerstone North.  

Posted by maxdragon1021 on the message boards.
Go JUST up to where the guard would stop you so that you'll see the load text
"Bowerstone North". Stop when you see that, then go to the cellar entrance
BEHIND the tavern. If you look at the wall on the hill next to the cellar,
you'll see that the ground covers a little of the wall. Turn your back to that
spot an dig up to the top of the hill. If you start going off, just keep
aiming for that spot. Don't be upset if it "resets" you back to ground level,
that just means you jiggled too much. When you get there, KEEP DIGGING 
THROUGH! You want to go all the way to the outside of the exterior wall. 
It'll look like you wont be able to pass, but you can if you sneak. Once 
outside the wall, you'll see another long wall that almost runs off the map.
Dig through that one and walk towards the gate where the guard keeps giving 
you crap. Then you'll hit the load screen for Bowerstone North. From here you
can walk all the way to the Prison Path or to Lychfield Graveyard.  In 
Lychfield Graveyard you can dig through the gate and continue to explore the
rest of the graveyard.

Note: You don't have to dig all the way to the wall.  Just dig about three
times then if you hold sneak and walk you should be able to get all the way 
to the wall.  This also works in other places you dig glitch into.  This
saves a lot of time that you would spend digging.
This was brought to my attention by
4.2 Twinblades Camp 

Just dig while facing away from the giant door in Clifftop Path.  You can
then go and get the bandit clothes and enter the first part of Twinblades
Camp where the Cullis Gate is.  You can then dig through that gate as well as
the one into Twinblades Elite Camp. You can dig through the gate into 
Twinblades Tent but I have never been able to get the next map to load.
5. Legal Disclaimer

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6. Contact Information

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