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Here's why you shouldn't lie, kids...MSuskie6/10
The greatest game of all time is just a fablebrutusmuktuk6/10
This Game Does Not Justify Four Years of Delays.Carnival Nights7/10
Depth of a ChoiceDestination6/10
Not what many had envisioned but still a quality titleDrMario2k9/10
Fable is a great idea gone bad with numerous flaws.Enders Shadow866/10
Good or evil? The choice is yoursGalactus217/10
Finally a AWESOME rpg for xboxJakmania9/10
Peter Molyneux is a silver-tongued liar.jimfish7/10
Fable is an excellent role-playing game, and is one of the best reasons to own an Xbox.KnightsoftheRound8/10
Fable - An RPG with LifeLampolo9/10
The first game I wish I didn't playLord of Hate3/10
Should have been called "Hacking and Slashing"mashpotatoking7/10
False advertisement, though still good.MathewManson7/10
Greatest RPG of all time? Nah. But a great game? Certainly.McGray9/10
Not bad, but short and gimpyMidgard5/10
Fable The Lie, Fable The Adventuremidwinter6/10
Not a standard RPG....unfortunately not standard fun (No Spoilers)Mooytheman1/10
One of the biggest letdowns is also one of the most special and unique games ever.neonreaper9/10
... And the Villagers Rejoiced!NeoTS8/10
It breaks like this, Love it or Hate itNeoWingsX7/10
Fable is a fun, innovative adventure from start to finishnintendosega8/10
A highly enjoyable, very addictive action RPGOsafune28/10
Project Ego >>>>>>>>> FableSeele5/10
RPG? What RPG, Fable?sgstvoy4/10
Just another mediocre RPGsmitelf5/10
Fable: The Video Game or the Video Game FableThunderCavalier4/10
We waited 4 years for THIS? Oh, come on!tommy h 24505/10
Overhyped and FAR too easy.Unbridled96/10
Ahh, the game of many choices. Do I buy, or do I rent?Xixor_Kasra7/10
Had Potential, but a LetdownYoh_of_Izumo7/10
One step forward..ZokeThe2nd8/10
Good game, but many flawszyxomma1006/10

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