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                               Created By: Iceburns
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[]                /  \            /%      %\            /  \                 []
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[]             /    &                                    &    \              []
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[]                   (   /##########################\   )                    []
[]                   (  #=**************************=#  )                    []
[]                  (    \##########################/    )                   []
[]                 (                                      )                  []
[]                (  RRRr   EEE  PPPp   OO   RRRr   TTTTT  )                 []
[]                {  R( )r  E    P( )p o  o  R( )r    t    }                 []
[]               (   R r    Ee   PpPP  O  O  R r      t     )                []
[]               (   R  r   E    P     o  o  R   r    t     )                []
[]                %  R  r   EEE  P      OO   R   r    t    %                 []
[]                 (                                      )                  []
[]                   (                                  )                    []
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[]    Minority                   )   ~__~   (                  FAQ/          []
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                                GameCube Edition

-December 7, 2002-Version 0.18

  *Fixed 'GameCube Edition' banner, which had been overwritten.
  *Added 'created by' banner at top and bottom (includes email)
  *Grammtical errors fixed in a few sections
  *Updated 'Semi-Basic Techniqes' section
  *Updated 'Enemies and Hazards' section

-December 5, 2002-Version 0.17

  *Walkthrough Level 6 Completed
     New Stages Added: 7, 8, 9 (9=incomplete)

  *Added Common Abbreviations section

-December 4, 2002-Version 0.15

  *Modified Enemy Section:
     Added Spyders
     Altered P.C. Officers
  *Added A Few Basic Techniques
  *Started The Walkthrough!
  *New Stages Added: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (6=incomplete)
  *Special Thanks Modified
  *Diagrams added

-December 3, 2002-Version 0.10

  *Started Guide!
  *ASCII Art Badge Completed at 7:58 pm eastern
  *Added Copyright Information
  *Added Intro
  *Added Semi-Basic Techniques

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Also, please note that all of the ascii art and/or text featured in this guide
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any circumstance as I feel that they defeat the entire purpose of ascii art.

Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy the guide!



I.     Intro
    A.   Contact Information
    B.   Important Symbols Used In This Guide
    C.   Common Abbreviations Used In This Guide

II.    Combat Knowledge
    A.   Semi-Basic Techniques (discovered through experimentation)
    B.   Enemies and Hazards
    C.   Weapons And How To Make The Most Of Them *coming soon*

III.   Walkthrough

         37 Seconds
         Suspect: Nikkie Jameson
         Suspect: John Anderton
         Everybody Runs
         Bear's Cave
         Escape From PreCrime
         Jetpack Escape
         Mall City Subway
         Welcome To Mall City Mr. Anderton *incomplete*

?.   Special Thanks

I. Introduction


This is my first guide; and I am writing it for many reasons. One being that I
have used GameFaqs for a few years now, and I feel the need to contribute to
this growing community. Another being that I recently played Minority Report
on the GameCube, and it was a lot of fun-yet no guides have been submitted to
GameFaqs as of yet...what a perfect opportunity!

In this guide you can expect in-depth coverage for Minority Report from the
very beginning of the game until the end. Not every secret, trick, or arena
will be in this guide right away-give me time and give me suggestions! If you
know of something that is not in this guide, please send me an email and I
will add it to the guide and credit you for the information. Keep in mind that
I may have missed something interesting, or there may be alternate methods to
get through certain part of the game. Thus, many sections will have different
options-try them all and see which works the best for you.

At this time the "secrets" and "cash" will be included in each level's
walkthrough. When I have a more complete listing of them, I will seperate them
into a short paragraph after each level (in addition to still being right in
the level walkthrough) so that you can check quickly if you have already beaten
a level and see: where the item you missed is located/how to grab it.


A. Contact Information

My Email Address is:   iceburns@earthlink.net
My AOL IM s/n is:      IceburnsFrost
My Website is:         http:www.iceburns.cjb.net

The email is more reliable since I check it more often than I go on AIM. But,
you can set up a time to speak with me on AIM, or catch me there by chance.

Contact me if you are stuck on a certain section, a part of my guide is unclear
or not specific enough, a diagram would be helpful for a certain section, a
part of my guide just sucks, (I WANT CRITICISM) you have something to add to
my guide, including your own strategies, a code, a secret, etc. or even if you
just need to flame me. (Please, no ads or porn though.)


B. Important Symbols Used In This Guide

All symbols will be surrounded by less-than and greater-than symbols <, >
when used in this guide; they are listed below with explanations.

More symbols to come soon!

<!>       ----------- Update: means that something has been updated since the
                      last release of this guide. These will appear in the
                      Contents next to a section's title, and in the actual
                      section of the guide next to its title.

<(^-^)>   ----------- Fun/Amusement: denotes a tip that may not necessarily
                      help your gameplay, but is, well, fun and amusing!

<-X->     ----------- Trouble: indicates that a trap, particularly tough
                      enemy, or confusing area is nearby, and explains how to
                      handle the situation.

<=P>      ----------- Cheapass Manuever: Explains a particularly simple but
                      effective method of accomplishing a task,
                      dispatching an enemy, etc.


C. Common Abbreviations Used In This Guide

L.L.  ------ Lunatic Leap, the attack discussed in the tecniques section.

P.C.  ------ PreCrime, the law enforcement agency which prevents murders.

M/R   ------ Minority Report; the title of the game this guide is written for!


II. Combat Knowledge


A. Semi-Basic Techniques

These are are various ways of winning melee combat, using the jetpack
effectively, and some brief weapon usage. This _IS NOT_ a list of moves taken
from the instruction manual or a player's guide! I discovered these all
through experimentation. There may be some things here that are also covered
in the manual, but I need to make sure you know how to do all of these.
Anything I may be repeating is definitely covered in greater depth in this
guide. (Eventually I will probably be adding things that are sent to me by
readers, however for now these are all directly from me.) This also points
out some BAD techniques which you should avoid in most situations.

*IMPORTANT* When I describe an enemy as "down", "stunned", "fallen", or
"downed" I am talking about when you knock them on the ground, but they are
STILL ALIVE, and I am _not_ referring to when they have stars around their
head. I will use the term "seeing stars" to describe an enemy who has stars
around their head and cannot move for a few seconds, but is standing up.


[The Slide Tackle]

Run towards an opponent and push "L" just as you come into
kicking range of them. You will crouch, but the momentum causes you to slide.
About 70% of the time they will have no chance against this. They don't have
to be far away, but they cannot be in striking range of you when you start
moving. This is not always an avisable tactic against bosses, and be careful
not to slide off of a ledge!

[The Sweep]

If you are crouching (hold "L") you can sweep an opponent by tapping "B". Take
this one step further by sweeping unexpectedly, and using it against a cluster
of guys. They will all go down if you are careful. You should be close enough
to strike them with a punch, and you should not crouch down until they are
right on top of you. Whats more, this technique can be used to hit 'stunned'
enemies lying on the ground!

[The Spin Kick]

A very effective technique, the Spin Kick can be a little tough to execute.
Turn the control stick at least 90 degrees rapidly and tap "B". The 'flick' of
the control stick is the hard part, of course. The direction you rotate in and
the speed you rotate at can affect the kick, so be careful. If executed
properly, the kick will cause you to spin, and should bring anyone you hit
(who does not block) straight to the ground. Can take down 3 enemies or more
at once. Not a slow technique, but watch out for being sweeped during the
second you are vulnerable.

[The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Groin Punch]

Terrible move as far as damage is concerned; and it fails to bring an opponent
down. It involves crouching by holding "L" and tapping the "A" button. This
can be used in a few akward situations, when you are crouching or miss a
'Slide Tackle' and do not have time to execute a decent technique; because it
is fairly fast.

[The Stay-Down Stomp Kicks]

This kick is probably covered in the manual, but I need to make sure you know
how to use these two correctly. When an enemy is down, stand over them and tap
either "A" or "B" to kick them while they are down. Do it fast, and they
cannot recover before you defeat them. The "B" variant does more damage, and
keeps them in one place. The "A" variant is quicker but does less damage and
moves them each time you hit them, so you have to keep "following" their body
to keep hitting them. "B" works better overall, use it more. This works best
if you are only fighting one enemy, or you have knocked every opponent down
(and they are still stunned.)

For example, a well-timed spin-kick can easily put two or three opponents on
the floor. Once they are down, start stomping the closest or most dangerous
one with "B"; you'll have him in a coma before any of his fallen comrades can
recover to help him. The advantage to this over 'Lunatic Leap' on a fallen
enemy is when someone tries to attack you. If you are stomping someone and
another adversary approaches you, you will often switch to a regular kick
automatically! Make sure you turn to face the new enemy, and take him down
fast because your previous victim will recover soon.

If someone happens to fall to the ground near the edge of a steep platform,
use the "A" version to kick him right off!

[The Lunatic Leap]

Ah, perhaps my favorite...Jump by pushing the "Y" button, and press "B" to
punch as you start to come back down. If you can land on top of an enemy, this
will stun him instantly. It is fairly fast and tough to block because you are
coming from an odd angle. Works great against precrime officers and even a
robot if needed. It has a decent 'splash damage' meaning it will hit any other
opponents who are close to your victim. Anyone affected will hit the ground;
there is very little variation in power for this technique.

[The Lunatic Leap Evolved]

Best when enemies are running towards you, or have you surrounded. Either use
it to jump out of a circle they have formed around you-conveniently taking out
one or two of them in the process- or use it to charge oncoming officers.
Then proceed to use the 'Lunatic Leap' over a stunned officer on the ground!
This is even more effective than stomp kicking them, as it makes it virtually
impossible for other enemies to intervene. If anyone tries to attack you while
you are leap-punching the downed opponent, they will eat your fist about 85%
of the time. However, they will occasionally get you anyways-just be careful.
Also, watch out for enemies with guns, who will try to shoot you while you
are attacking a fallen enemy.

[The Wake-Up Grapple]

If you knock an enemy down, you can pick them up the same way you would grab
them if they were standing: by pressing "X" while standing right beside them.
So, if you happen to knock someone down, feel free to pick them up with this
command. You can then tap "A" or "B" to hit them while you hold them tightly.
Or, tap "X" while tilting the control stick to throw them in any direction.

<(^-^)> If you happen to be fighting near windows, or and edge, its easy to
pick up a fallen enemy and, well, introduce him to gravity. You will throw
an enemy farther than you probably expected; so you do _not_ need to be right
on the edge to do this. Even if they are defeated, why not pick them up and
toss them while their body is still there? ;)

[The Rag Doll]

As its name implies, this technique is simple: pick up an enemy and throw them
around. It causes damage to them, stuns them long enough for you to pick them
up and do it again, and relieves stress! Again, simply press "X" while you
are standing OVER a fallen opponent, or NEXT TO an opponent who is seeing
stars. Then press "X" to toss them-at a wall works best if windows are not
available-but keep in mind the old adage of killing two birds with one stone.
If there are other enemies around, take one of them to the ground and throw
him at the others! This knocks the others down, and hurts them slightly.


1.) If an enemy is defeated, his body will disappear after a short period of
nothing happening to him. If you keep hitting him, or pick him up, he will not
vanish. So, after clearing out a room, you can pick up a body and take it into
the next room. Very useful for throwing it at a group.

2.) Some enemies will give up items upon being 'defeated'. Thus, if you finish
them off in such a manner as to make their body impossible to reach, how can
you retrieve the item? If you HAVE to throw enemies off of a ledge to defeat
them, go ahead. But be forewarned that putting them in a bad place could cost
you some cash, a health kit, or a weapon.

 If you are just doing it for fun, wait until the item surfaces, THEN throw
 the body off the building or through the window. Otherwise, try to toss them
 far but into an accessible area.

| Jetpack |

First of all, make damn sure you practice this a little bit. It can be tough
to learn it in a in-the-field-oh-my-god-I-am-dying situation. Practice it
using the in-game tutorial, it does not take long.

[The Rising Gun]

Simple: Fly straight up or up at a slight angle while locked onto an enemy (of
course you need to keep tapping "A" or "B" to shoot at them!) You will need to
fly back down because after a short period you will be too high and far to aim
accurately-don't waste your ammunition.

[The Battering Ram]

Get some altitude first by flying upwards fast. Then, swoop down and plow
straight into an enemy-you will cause damage and send them reeling. In many
situations, you will be fighting precrime officers on ledges...Put two and two
together here-knock them OFF! Even a slight graze will be sufficient to remove
them from their platform, and either they hit the ground and vanish or they
take significant damage. In the latter of theses cases, you can either spray
them down with 'cover' fire or land and beat them senseless. To land, tap "Y"
and start attacking them immediately. Stomping works best because their health
should be very low already. If they are up, I reccomend kicking over punching
in this case-one kick should take them out easily, but punching gives them a
slightly better chance to hit you back.

Time is important; the longer you are on the ground the more likely you are to
be shot at and/or ambushed by nearby precrime officers. Finish the job and get
back in the sky by tapping "Y" twice to turn the Jetpack back on.

[The Searing Burns]

Arggghhh...I am only mentioning this because it is a rapidly spreading rumor.
YOU _CANNOT_ burn an enemy with the back of your Jetpack. As realistic as it
may seem, do not waste your time. I have attempted this many, many times and
simply put: it's a load of crap. Sorry guys, I admit it would be fun if it
was possible to do this. But it isn't.


B. Enemies and Hazards


Please note that these groups are used to seperate enemies, and are by no
means sanctioned by the game's creators. I am simply categorizing them myself
to help you learn about each's weaknesses and strengths.

Enemies can be sorted into a few main groups:

Precrime, Robots, MallCops, Swat Teams, Citizens, Bosses, and Misc.

1.) Precrime- Your main enemy. Several different types of P.C. Officers. They
can be easily distinguished by the colored shoulder pads they wear:

Red: Ranged Officer. Carries a weapon, generally the pulse rifle or machine
gun; not common in large groups, rarely by themselves. They are terrible at
close combat, and may attempt to hit you with the butt of their weapon.
(rare but possible, and can stun you). Sometimes they have a rarer weapon.

Yellow: Spyder Officer. Nasty if given time. Launches spyder bots at you,
which leap onto you and sting you with electricity. More potent varities self-
destruct, and can cause SERIOUS damage. The longer these officers have, the
more spyders chasing you, so take him out early. Use the Lunatic Leap on the
spyders, even if they are stuck to your body the impact knocks them off.
Least Common officers.

Greem: ...Gag Squad?! Seriously, these are basic fighters who seem to be
average at melee combat, and carry Electric Night-sticks. They will try to
gag you with the night stick (I'm serious) which will paralyze you briefly
while you vomit. Not too tough, however. Common.

Blue: Unarmed Combat Squad. Seem to be strongest physically, and are usually
larger in size than green officers. Their fighting style varies slightly from
green officers, and they are harder to fool with combos. They jump faster and
thus are harder to sweep. Still not too tough, however, and fairly common.
Paired with green officers often. Harmful if they manage to set up a combo
against you, so try to get out of the way if you see a special move coming.

2.) Robots-A few varieties, but mainly the standard anti-personnel bots.

Standard Bot: Melee combat is futile in 9 out of 10 situations with a bot.
They will lash out with one arm and throw you to the ground if you stay close
to them for a few seconds. Carry weapons in their arms, commonly machine guns.
Seemingly impossible to sweep or knock down. (please let me know if anyone can
bring robots to the ground before the robot is dead.) Shotgun works great,
Machine Gun is nice too-it usually keeps them from being able to shoot you
while you pummel them with rounds. Requires average 2 shots from shotgun.

Spyder Bot: Small, weak, easily defeated. Hit them or lunatic leap on top of
them to kill them/knock them off you. A Spin Kick knocks them off as well.

Explosive Spyder: Red variant of 'Spyder Bot'. Same advice for fighting them,
but instead of electrically stinging you, these ones self-destruct. If you
kill them before they can explode, they _will not_ go off. So, charge them
with a flurry of Lunatic Leaps or fake them out and run away when they go off.

3.) MallCops- Two varieties, neither is armed in my experience. Show up in a
few levels. In some ways, these can be far tougher to fight than P.C.!

Fat: Slow and not too hard to kill. If you stay close he will grab you and
do a reverse bearhug (i.e. crack your back very hard from the front) this is
bad and hurts you quite a bit. Try slide tackling them if you have room.
Also does a chopping attack with both hands; this is the equivalent of your
lunatic leap! It will drop you like a sack of bricks, but you can see it
coming so try to move.

Skinny: DO NOT KICK THEM TWICE IN A ROW. They will grab your leg on the second
kick and throw you to the ground. It hurts you and leaves you wide open to
fat cop chops and grabs. Mixing up kicks and punches works, so does leaping.
Another possibility is the elbow smash if you have bought it. Machine Gun is
also effective against these guys if you can spare the ammunition.

4.) Swat Teams-All the same, so far. Black, easily recognizeable clothing,
night-stick, and giant bulletproof shield. Weak but can get annoying. Once you
get an opening, they are basically defeated. Try hitting them _right_ after
they lunge at you with the night-stick, or shooting them from the side. The
shield will block bullets from straight on; but grenades CAN be lobbed over
but what a waste, do not bother. You can simply run away from them,
or slide tackle. Lunatic Leap works here too, but be careful not to miss and
land right in front of them, as you will probably get clobbered a few times.
If a citizen throws a molative cocktail, these guys are GONE. May as well run
around stomping them before they recover, or you can keep moving if there is
no need to eliminate the Swat Team in the particular situation.

5.) Citizens-PATHETIC! Commonly carry crude clubs, very weak, recognizeable by
their language (obscenities and discussing anti-government). No need to fight
them all the time however. There are sort of different classes of citizens.
If you see a crowd of them don't worry; think "party time!" because they are
not very hard to intimidate and/or defeat.
Rioters: Dressed casually, carryiing clubs, lighting fires, beating up Swat
Team Officers (or, getting beaten by swat team officers) Throw nasty molative
cocktails which explode and light fires. You will see them holding a bottle
right before they throw a cocktail, so run like hell and jump. Rioters will
attack you for no reason, and beating the crap out of one of them does NOT
turn them all against you. They will randomly? fight you or leave you alone.

Neutrals: Dressed more formally, you encounter them in the bar and at the
subway station among other places. Will not fight unless attacked; however if
you attack one of them they all turn against you. Weak, but can hurt you if
you let a mob of them pound your back while you fight P.C. Officers. No sense
in fighting them unless you have to, they never seem to drop items.

6.) Bosses-Varied, and some come back. (Agent Mosely returns after you fill
him with holes, don't even ask.) Often there are multiple ways to beat them,
and sometimes they may _seem_ hard, but there could be a secret which makes
them ridiculously easy to conquer. (Going back to Mosely, who may seem tough
the second time around, but has a pattern which can be exploited to give you a
major advantage. More on that later, in the walkthrough ;)

7.) Misc.-These include odd enemies or hazards which may not even be able to
move, or some odd thing you only have to deal with once or twice.

Cooks/Assistants: Found in first stage, weak as hell and some attack with
rolling pins. These can do a little damage; so dodge their swing and counter
with a swift punch or sweep.

Construction Workers: Not too difficult, but they gang up on you and cause
damage. Use your spin kick to its full potential, and don't fight them all.
Just clear out the ones you have to.

Air Conditioning: When you crawl into the vents, be warned: frigid air will
blast you back, and could know you into a dangerous area with robots and P.C.
Officers. Time your movements.

Fire 'Streams': Fire that shoots out from leaking gas tanks. Painful. Some
are constant flowing streams of fire, which are either jumped over or not
passable. Others alternate on and off, so watch their pattern and then run or
jump through while they are off.

Draining Sewage: The torrents of green liquid which pour down in the sewer
level can cause damage and stun you if you aren't careful. Also, they have a
nasty habit of knocking you into the drain and causing you to be sucking into
the whirlpool area-instant death. Avoid them, and know that you can fly in
between them without getting hit if you are careful. Shown below.

           |-Ceiling Of Sewer-|
_________________________________________     As shown at left, several areas
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     in the sewer have pipes in the
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     ceiling. Green water (sewage)
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     flows out of these and damages
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     you if you are hit by it. If you
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     happen to be flying at the time,
|x( Sewage  )x ( Sewage ) X ( Sewage  )x|     you will probably be knoced into
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     the lowest area, with the stream
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     of running sewage. To avoid this
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     you can wait for the pipes to
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     stop, when you have a few=
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     seconds before sewage starts t o
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     flow again. Or, you can simply
| (         )  (        )   (         ) |     fly between the columns of green
|---------------------------------------|     as shown at left. If you brush
|______________          _______________|     up against the very edge of the
               | ~~~~~~ |                     water you will not be harmed.
               | Stream |                     Aim for where the "X's" are in
               |________|                     this diagram.


III. Walkthrough


Each level will have a list at the top showing how many secrets and how much
cash my method will get you by the end of the level. I have not found _every_
secret, so if you find one I don't have in here, PLEASE tell me!

/37 Seconds\

Secrets:  6/6
Cash:     $250/$250

Brief Cutscene shows your P.C. team flying in a hovership to the scene of a
crime-to-be. You show up just before the suspect can stab his victim, and he
promptly flees deeper into the building.

First, stay where you are and fight the two men who run up to you. They are
very easy, a few kicks and a sweep should finish the job. (Stomp them if
necessary.) Use your lunatic leap on the desk behind you, to smash the three
computers and uncover $50. Nothing else in this room is of interest; go
forward and take a right. As you proceed down this hallway, you will be
attacked again, only this time they have rolling pins (Oh God No, what will
we ever do) After you beat them, move forward and go through the open door

Short Cutscene, then guys charge you. Don't actually run into the room ahead,
let them come to you. CTH Groin Punch actually works well against this group.
Now, go through the door (the one that activated that cutscene a second ago)
and take an immediate left. You should run straight into a wall with several
light blue doors. Open each by standing near the 'Panel' on the door and
pressing "X". Each door is a closet with health or money inside. One of them
is empty.

WARNING: You may run into a couple of enemies (no big challenge)
near these doors, so don't get caught inside a closet and allow them to hit
you in the back!

You may have to close some of them to open the others, as the
sliding doors can block each other from opening. Now, face the wall with these
light blue closet doors again. Turn 180 degrees so you are facing the exact
opposite direction, and walk forward until you are right against the wall. To
your left should be a staircase, to your right should be a sink. Jump up on
the sink and face the pot and pan right beside it. Now tap "Y" again to jump
and you should automatically grab the ledge above you. May take a few tries.
Once you grab the ledge, press "Y" again to pull yourself up. Grab the health
and money, but do not jump off-you will take some damage. Instead, stand
facing the edge where you came up, and slowly walk forward until you stagger
slightly. You will fall after a second, but you'll automatically grab the edge
again this way. Hold down on the control stick and tap "Y" to drop safely from

Now, go up the stairs mentioned earlier. (Across from the sink you just
jumped up onto) and fight the men waiting for you at the top of the staircase.
Do not go around the corner yet. On your right is a locked door, to your left
is a space in the wall, and a short railing. Jump over the railing to reach
the $50 on the other side of the railing. Jump back over it, and go around
the corner. Keep moving, and go around another corner. Now, walk right up to
the ledge and tap "Y" to grab it, and tap it again to climb up. Use "X" to
open the door ahead.

Ok, now you need to notice the railing which is along the face of the
building, and bridges the platform you are standing on with the one you need
to reach. Stand facing the rail, and press jump to grab it. Move to the right
to swing arm-over-arm along the rail.

<(^-^)> The Invisible Man: Before you grab the rail, move around on the tiny
platform you are standing on. When you walk into the far-right portion of it,
your character will vanish. When you walk back into the center, he re-appears.
I have only tested this a few times (doing more important things for now!)
so I am not sure how consistent this glitch is, but it has worked every time
for me. <!> Update: This bug only works if you walk onto the first platform,
walk back into the building, and _then_ walk back out on the platform.

Now that you are on the second platform, kick to break the glass so you can
move forward. Proceed down the short hallway and through the small double
doors into the freezer where you will fight a 'Boss', though he is hardly
worth that title...The Boss is "Andre Serena"; the criminal-to-be whom you
just prevented from stabbing someone to death a moment ago. Please note that
there are doors in the corners of the room, and you should open all of them
("X" at the panel) before you kill Andre. Reason being that while most of them
contain health kits, one has cash in it. Andre is easy, just take him down
with a sweep, spin kick, or L.L. and stomp him into submission.

Short Cut Scene shows Andre being captured.

/Suspect: Nikki Jameson\

Secrets:  4/5
Cash:     $200/$250

Cut scenes shows F.B.I arriving to inspect PreCrime operations, and two agents
(Agent Mosely and Agent Nara) are placed to watch you and report on P.C.
activities and efficiency to ensure it is being run correctly (and is worth
continuing.) Agent Witwer is in charge, and instructs you to take Mosely with
you to capture Nikki after the telepaths forsee her murdering someone.

At the very beginning, walk forward to where there are to rows of chairs
against the wall. Stand in front of the right-side chairs and jump to grab a
ledge. Pull yourself up, and jump again to grab $50. Carefully go back down,
and head up the staircase to the left of the room. Turn right at top of stairs
and head through the double doors. Kill the robot by firing at him with your
plasma rifle. Depending on whether Barry hits it, you may be able to kill it
in 4 or 5 shots. Once it is down, look to the left. You should see a window,
and a locked door. Kick the window and Jump through to grab a shotgun and $50.
On the left wall there is a switch which opens the door so you can leave (or
you can just jump back through the window.)

Continue into the open chamber, and press the round switch by the closed door.
Blue mist floods in to the room but relax, it does not harm you. The door will
open in a few seconds, revealing a room with 3 robots in it. Blast them fast
with either weapon, but be sure to stop firing at one bot when its health
meter disappears. Otherwise you waste ammo on a dead bot...Once they are all
down, stand in the middle of the room and face towards the section that juts
out to the left. (if you face away from the door you came in through) In that
section there are a few door-less lockers, one of which contains a health kit.

Proceed through the door marked "exit" in red. A short cut scene shows Nikki
and warns of gas. Oh My God Please No. Please No.

Kill the two bots facing you (if you run out of ammo, jump around like crazy
and try not to get shot while Barry finishes the robots off for you.) One of
them drops ammunition, grab it. If you are not quite fast, three more robots
will trudge up a staircase near the door you came in. If you _are_ very fast,
you can get down the stairs and fight them down there. No real difference
though. Kill them fast, and try not to let them bum rush Barry. He should be
ok, though, unless you used him as a shield earlier or hesitated to kill bots.

Alright. Stand so you are at the bottom of the stairs, with your back facing
them. There should be bubbles in yellow liquid in front of you. Turn right and
go forward. Take the first left, and go forward a bit more. Now look to your
left, and you should see a health kit and a new staircase. Grab the health if
you need it, or leave it if you don't. (up ahead you may fall a few times, so
conserve this one unless you need it now.) Go up the stairs, turn right,
proceed forward and push the switch on the vertical pipes. A message tells you
the gas is off.

<-X-> Turn so your back is to the switch, and walk forward about
half-way to the stairs. On your left there should be a railing, and a pipe
that runs from the platform you are standing on to a large cylindrical gas
tank in the middle of the room. Jump carefully over the gate, and then up onto
the pipe. Walk slowly across, and get off on the right side. Now, there should
be another, large pipe leading to a visible $50. See Diagram below. Its a bit
harder than you would think, trust me...be careful.

                          0         0
                        0   Central   0--------------
                        0   Gas Tank  0             $  <----$50
                        0             0--------------
                          0         0       |^|
                             00000       Thick Pipe
                              ( )
                              ( )
                 Thin ----->  ( )
                   Pipe       ( )           |___|
                              ( )           |___|  <----Stairs
                              ( )           |   |
                 ===========================/   /
   switch-----> |       Platform               /

Now, you need to get back to where you entered this room. After pushing the
switch, head back down the stairs, grab the health if you need it now and did
not get it before. Go left at bottom of stairs, then right twice and forward a
bit should take you back to the first staircase. Go up, and left. Now the door
to the ?control room? where Nikki was is open. Walk right through, and head
down the catwalk on the other side slowly. A grenade is hurled over and
ignites gas, so do not run down the catwalk or you could get toasted. Now a
short fire maze! Go forward from the catwalk stairs until you are right in
front of the huge fire wall. Go right and jump over the small fire stream, and
continue forward. Take a right and there will be 2 fire streams, which will
go on and off repeatedly. Watch the timing for a few seconds, then run through
when you are ready. (and do it while the fire is off of course!) Forward a
bit, then there will be two more streams on your right; they are the same as
the ones you just went past. Wait, then run. This time go forward a little and
take a left. There will be a continuos stream on the ground, and two streams
which simultaneously turn on and off. Wait till the two are off, then take a
running leap over the low one and through the two middle ones before they come
back on. You should be facing a wall, with a low stream of fire to your left,
and a wall of fire to your right (well, a few streams that do not go off at
all yet.) Go left and jump the stream. Then push the switch ahead to shut off
all the streams. Face the switch, and turn around 180 degrees. Walk forward,
and slightly to the left where there should be a space between pipes and the
wall. Squeeze by to claim $25, a health kit, and a shotgun.

Almost there...backtrack all the way to the catwalk now that the fire is off.
Then, face the opposite direction of the catwalk, and head straight forward.
Where there was a huge wall of fire before, go straight instead of right. Then
when you can go no farther forward, turn right and kill the bot. Go around the
corner ahead and kill another bot. You should see stairs ahead and to the
left, but first run to the very right side of the stairs. 'Under' the stairs
there is a small niche with $25 in it. Now go back around the stairs and head
up them. At the top there is a small chamber with a bot in it, toast him. Push
the round button by the door, blue mist again, and the door opens in a few
seconds. When it does, go into the room and kill 3 bots. If you line them up
so one is right behind the other, the shotgun can kill them both in one shot.
Hard but very cool to do. Also conserves ammo, so a good habit. Proceed to go
around the counters in this room (or jump them, who cares) but realize there
is a health kit on the floor after the first corner if you need it.

Proceed into the chamber, push the button and blue mist sprays again. When the
door opens, there are two bots waiting for you. Dispatch them quickly. Proceed
and you will get a short cut scene of Nikki throwing a grenade right in your
face...luckily Barry pulls you out of the way just in time.

/Suspect: John Anderton\

Oh, my. After getting reemed by the F.B.I. Agent Witwer for giving Mosely
door-guarding duty, John is forseen to murder someone by the PreCrime
TelePaths! Your good friend Barry covers for you as best he can, and urges you
to hurry home.

/Everybody Runs\

Secrets:  2/2
Cash:     $250/$250

And now the mission responsible for this game's namesake. You must escape from
PreCrime so that you might have a chance to prove your innocence...

You start by the doors labeled 'Temple'. This is the room where the TelePaths
are kept, as you will learn later on in the game. Anyways, start by moving
left and up the curving path. Keep going straight along that path until you
reach the armory, where you can pick up a concussion rifle and two health kits
(of course you don't need them yet, save them for later in case you screw up.)

Turn around and go back the way you came; proceed down the ramp past the
'Temple' door where you started, and keep winding down the ramp until you can
make a left turn. Do so, and head straight for the exit sign. Three P.C.
Officers charge you, usually all greens. Beat them senseless and then search
the first floor desk platforms for a $25. (This level is too similar for me to
really explain how to get this, just check all the areas with tri-desk setups
on the lower portion of the level.) Then, go back to the exit door and to the
right of it you should see the wall curve, allowing you to jump onto it and
reach a ramp which is otherwise inaccesible because it is behind a locked
door. This ramp will allow you to reach the higher platforms with tri-desk
setups. One of them right by the ramp has $100 on it-thats the only one of any
importance. After you get it, practice your fighting skills and combos on some
of the weaklings running amok. There seems to be an endless flow of them, they
will fight but retreat easily, and take little damage to defeat. Thus, they
will serve well as practice dummies to help you master your spin kicks and
throws in particular.

When you are ready to move on, move to the exit door again, but this time walk
up to it so it gives you a message about needing an override. Head back to the
Temple doors where you started, and from there go the same way you went to the
armory-but instead of continuing straight, go left into the ready room. You
will fight random P.C. Officers along the way, usually this includes a Spyder
Officer and a Ranged Officer with Blue and Green bodyguards so be prepared.
One of them (generally the Spyder Officer) will drop the keycard you need now.
Grab health from the armory if you need to, assuming there is some left. In
the ready room, grab the gun towards the back left, and then step into one of
the elevator 'wells' to go up one level.

Ambushed! As soon as you step out of the elevator well, a few P.C. Officers
will emerge to fight you. Careful, the combination is random but usually
includes a Ranged Officer or two. Grab the cash after you finish battling, and
go back down using an elevator. Return to the exit (numerous P.C. Officers
along the way, however) to finish the level.

/Bear's Cave\

Finally...after a short cutscene in which Mosely and Anderton discuss who is
going to get their ass kicked, you are given a chance to put your money where
your mouth is. Put your fist where Mosely's mouth is.

Boss Battle: Mosely is tougher than PreCrime, and has far more advanced combos
than you, but you are allowed to use weapons and he is not. (This is never
stated, but it is true nonetheless. He won't draw a weapon under any
circumstance.) 95% of your spin kicks he will dodge, and occasionally he will
even counter them. Sweeping him is also very tough, along with slide tackles.
In other words, you have to pound him into submission with your fists, and
fire on him when he staggers back. Mosely cheats in a way, because PreCrime
Offciers appear in rounds to help him. However, he attacks you far less while
the P.C. Officers are in the area. The L.L. can help you here, but the layout
of the level makes it a bit of a challenge.

Best, Simplest Tactic: Fight him carefully for the first minute or so, using
short combos like "A"-"B"-"A", a few L.L.'s, and try to dodge his fancy kicks
and counter with one punch to the back of his head. Once P.C. shows up, take
care of them, and you may or may not get a weapon. Either way, if you have the
shotgun by the time you have defeated the first group of PreCrime (from a
previous level, _or_ from defeating one of the P.C. Officers) use it now. Let
Agent Mosely come close, and dodge one of his techniques-then charge him and
start blasting. Chances are you can tear him apart before the P.C. wave can
even touch you. Finish off any Officers in the area and you win. (once Mosely
loses, the waves of P.C. stop coming, and once you beat all enemies in the
area you are victorious.)

/Escape From PreCrime\

A brief cutscene shows John grab a Jetpack and fly away, but P.C. Officers try
desperately to bring him down with cover fire.

/Jetpack Escape\

Secrets:  2/2
Cash:     $250/$250

You start in what appears to be a subway station. First, deal with the Ranged
Officers; you can do lethal mafia-style "drive-by's" by flying past and
picking them off. Or, you can ram into them each a few times. This is a better
idea, as you need ammunition later on. You could land and fight them, but its
harder and far more dangerous-you are likely to get torn apart by cover fire
from Officers who are scattered about the area, or hit from behind.

Once the Officers are cleared out of the main starting section, notice the
metal gates, one is at the bottom of each wall. Land by tapping "Y", and kick
the gates a few times each to open them. This way you can collect the cash
inside 3 gates, and the machine gun in the fourth. After you have opened and
looted all four gates, stand in the middle of the room. Notice that the room
is a rectangle, and the two 'longer' walls each have 2 round logos on them.
One wall has green logos, the other has blue. You want blue, so face that wall
and go up the left staircase. Standing at the top of the stairs, with your
back to the stairs, turn right and walk forward into the grey tunnel. The door
in the tunnel has a flashing switch; press it to move on.

IMPORTANT: The next section involves travelling through the tunnel in sections
divided by doors like this one. Each section has P.C. Officers in it and it is
a waste of time to keep fighting them. When you push the first switch right
here, turn on your jetpack and fly through the tunnel. All of the doors opened
and they won't close until the first one does; then they close in order. So,
its much quicker and more efficient (not to mention WAY easier) to soar
through the entire length of the tunnel, slipping through the doors just
before they can close. After about 4 doors, you will emerge in a new subway

To the right and ahead slightly is an open area, as you fly into it
several P.C. Officers come running out. Kill them all, giving top priority to
the red ones-they can hit you while you're flying. Again, try to ram these
enemies as opposed to wasting valuable ammunition. Officers will run down from
the upper section, but do not head over there. Instead, stay in the lower area
and let them come to you. When they are all finished (fly up and look around
quick to be sure) smash the gates on this lower level. There are two gates
with $25 each behind them, and one with a health kit. Now, go up one of the
stair cases, and explore the corridor with yellow logos for a health and a gun
(I think there is a gun, my notes are a little confusing about this part.)
Then go into the red logo section, and _fly_ through the winding tunnel. You
will come out in an open area with some buildings; the tunnel goes along a
ledge above the ground. Turn to the left and there is another ledge across
from where you are now, with teo guys on it. Fly over and ram them, then land
on the platform to finish them off. Then, swoop down and ram through the guys
on the ground in the middle of this area. You could land and fight them, but
again ramming=safer and easier. If you fly straight up, you will see there is
another ledge slightly above the red logo tunnel you came through, with two
health kits on it. When the P.C. Officers are all taken care of, proceed along
the ground to the only place you can continue through-there's a picture of a
red car rotating on the wall where you need to go. A Red P.C. Officer tries to
ambush you, be careful.

Hopefully you can see three glass umbrellas. Stand in the middle of them, and
fly straight up as far as you can (the sky will eventually limit you from
gaining altitude) and look for a platform ahead with cash, a weapon, and
health on it. This is a setup, basically, courtesy of PreCrime. Fly around
half-way to it, and look to your right. There is a bulding with a balcony
built into it, and two red P.C. Officers are waiting there. (for you you to be
lured to the platform) Swoop over and take care of them, but be careful not to
throw them off the edge. One of them drops $25, and if you throw him off it
becomes difficult to locate the cash sometimes. Now you have to take care of
(3 guesses) some P.C. Officers on the ground. If you have bullets, use some.
Do not use up all of your ammunition however. Ram someone, fly upwards at an
angle, then dart down and ram someone else. This makes you hard to hit and,
with a little luck, one ramming attack can hurt 3 or 4 P.C. Officers all in
one run.

When they are defeated, stand in the midst of the six 'glass umbrellas'. Then,
orient yourself to be facing a wall with 2 light blue advertisement signs
on it, a short ways in front of you. Up ahead and to the right is a glass wall
with one 'panel' of glass missing (a door, sort of.) Go here, and to your
right you will find $25. Turn to your left, and you will see another glass
wall, with items behind it. This time, break a panel by kicking it to get to
the items behind. There are two health kits and a machine gun.

IMPORTANT: At this point you probably have at least $900. (If you have
followed this guide strictly $950.) Press start, and select 'Black Market',
then select 'Permanent Upgrades' and buy the health increase. This will make
your health bar lengthen a fair amount, which helps immensely in the stages to
come. You do not _have_ to do this, but I highly reccomend dropping the cash
on it now. If there is still a health kit on the ground, grab it now that your
health maximum is higher. Turn around and walk straight out the open panel in
the first glass wall. Then continue forward and go up the two flights of
stairs, to the platform. There is another subway tunnel here; walk into it to
finish the stage!

/Mall City Subway\

Another brief cut scene shows John uncerrimoniously toss the jetpack aside,
and walk into Mall City. Here a computer identifies him as John Anderton, and
a nearby Security Bot confronts him. Basic Idea: The shit has hit the fan...

/Welcome To Mall City Mr. Anderton\ *incomplete*

First of all, you will need to dispatch the bot standing 3 feet in front of
you; preferably _before_ he fills you with holes. Run to the right, around the
pillar until you can see him. Lock on and unload the machine gun into him. (If
you happen to have shotgun ammo that works even better) Now, you need to go in
the direction you were facing when the stage started, and up the stairs to
where the two fat MallCops are waiting. Don't bother smashing the vending
machines peppered through the area, they do not hold any secrets in this

Fight the two cops, but watch out for their attacks. These enemies are fairly
comparable to P.C. Officers, but their attacks are quite different. The main
things to watch out for from fat MallCops are getting grabbed (so don't stay
close for long), being charged at, and their lethal but slow overhand attack.
(When they bring both hands over their head, and hammer them down on you.)

After the fat MallCops are gone, break the glass door or window and fight the
MallCop/s inside of the small black room. There is a switch, which will open
the 'security doors' and allow you to continue forward.

?. Special Thanks

Special Thanks Go to:

Nintendo,    for making the GameCube live up to my expectations
Activision,  for making Minority Report
GameFAQ's,   for providing great FAQ's and support for Contributors
someone,     for the tilde key ~


                               Created By: Iceburns