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                                   Ben Zetlitz
                            Last Updated: March 3, 2003
                                   Version 1.01

~~~\      /~~~   _                               _             ____    ___
l   \    /   l  l_l                             l_l    l```l   \   \  /  /
l    \  /    l  ___                             ___    l   l    \   \/  /
l     \/     l  l l  l~~~~~~~l LLLLLL  r~~~~~l  l l l~~     ~~l  \     /
l            l  l l  l l~~~l l L _  L  l  ___l  l l l___    __l   l   l
l  l\    /l  l  l l  l l   l l Ll_l L  l  l     l l    l   l      l   l
l  l \__/ l  l  l l  l l   l l L    L  l  l     l l    l   l      l   l
l__l      l__l  l_l  l_l   l_l LLLLLL  l__l     l_l    l___l      l___l
  __        ______   _______               __      ___________     
l~ _~~~l   l      I  l   _  l  LLLLLLLL  l~ _~~~l l____   ____l
l l_l  l   l l~~~~   l  l_l l  L  _   L  l l_l  l      l l 
l    __l   l l____   l  ____l  L l l  L  l    __l      l l
l    \     l      I  l  l      L l l  L  l    \        l l
l l\  \    l l~~~~   l  l      L l_l  L  l l\  \       l l
l l \  \   l l____   l  l      L      L  l l \  \      l l
l_l  \__\  l______I  l__l      LLLLLLLL  l_l  \__\     l_l

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I.       Introduction

II.      Walkthrough

       Level 1: 37 Seconds
       Level 2: Nikki Jameson
       Level 3: Everybody Runs
       Level 4: Bear's Cave
       Level 5: Jetpack Escape
       Level 6: Welcome to Mall City Mr. Anderton
       Level 7: Mall City Courtyard
       Level 8: Mall Rats
       Level 9: Dreamweaver Theater
       Level 10: Home, Home Again
       Level 11: Lobby Fight
       Level 12: Skybridge
       Level 13: Rooftop Fight

III.     Credits
February 1, 2003

Posted Faq with walkthroughs and secrets for levels 1-13 excluding secret 5
for level 2.
March 3, 2003

A minor update to let you know I'm still around. Also to let you know I've
added a Credits section and I've added Secret 5 for level 2. I should have a
real update with more levels by next week.

I. Introduction
This will be a guide with at least one way to beat all of the levels. It will
also have the locations of all the secrets. I am not going to go through all
the moves and everything like that. Basic moves can be learned in training and
advanced moves can be learned by pressing the pause button during gameplay and
selecting COMBAT MANEUVERS. If you have any questions or comments feel free to
e-mail me at offspringdude130@aol.com or you can instant message me at
II. Walkthrough
~~~37 Seconds~~~ Level 1

    The beginning movie shows Andre Serena attempting murder. After you stop
him he runs down the hallway and into the building

    You start the level with 2 guys down the hall, kill them then turn right.
Once you turn right you will see 2 more guys you need to kill. If you need
health at this point there is a small health there. Go down the hall and enter
the next door. There will be 5 guys there. Kill them and proceed up the
stairs. There will be 2 more guys you need to kill. There will be a door that
is locked up ahead. From there continue walking until you run into a wall. You
are able to jump and climb on top of it by pressing Y to jump and when your
hanging press the Y button and Up on your control pad. Continue walking until
you get to a door. Once you go through the door you will be on a small ledge
hundreds of feet from the ground. If you look along the building you will see
a pole which you can shimmy to the other side on. Once your on the other side
break the glass that leads to the next room. Enter the next room and you will
see Andre Serena. Defeat him and a movie will play showing you arresting him.

Secrets 1 & 2 : In the room where there are 5-6 guys there are 4 doors in the
back. There is a secret in the first door and another in the third door.

Secret 3: In the same room as the last 2 secrets go up the stairs and keep
walking until you see a $ sign and a large health. You cannot just jump across
from where you are. Jump down and underneath where the $ is there is a
conveyor belt. Climb on top of it and jump to get your secret.

Secret 4: Around where Secret 3 was look around and you should see another
ledge with a $ sign across from where you are. Go back on the walkway and jump
to Secret 4.

Secret 5: In the room where you fight Andre Serena there are freezers that you
can open. There is a secret in one of these freezers. If Andre won't let you
search for the right freezer, throw him in a wrong one and close the door.
This makes it easier to look around.

Secret 6: This one took me awhile to find. It was right under my nose the
whole time. As soon as you start the level there are 3 laptop computers
behind you. Destroy them and there will be a $50 secret.
~~~Nikki Jameson~~~ Level 2

    In this level you have to chase down Nikki Jameson. This level is
different from the last one because you get to use guns and fight against

    At the opening movie you see Nikki Jameson run away up the stairs. You and
your partner, Barry, must catch her. If Barry dies you fail.

Go up the stairs and turn right. You will see the first robot. Press the R
trigger to lock on and the A button to shoot. Once you destroy the robot look
at the glass window to your left. Smash it open and go on through. You will
find a Riot Impact Shotgun that will help you out a lot. Go back through the
window and go down the hall. Hit the switch in the next room to make the door
open. In this room there are 3 robots and a small health. Once you kill the
robots go on into the next room. This is where it gets crowded. 

There are about 6 robots you have to defeat. There is also a gas leak and you
have to shut off the gas. Once you destroy the robots go down the stairs. Go
to the back of the room and you will see a small health and some stairs. Go up
the stairs and hit the switch to turn off the gas. Go back to where you
entered the room. There is another door around there. Go in it. Exit through
the other door and you'll see stairs leading downward. Walk down the stairs
and you'll see a grenade come around the corner. Go back up the stairs to
dodge the grenade. Once it blows up it will set the gas tanks on fire. Make
your way through the fire by jumping over it and you will find another switch.
This will turn the areas gas off and will put out the fire. Go back around and
you'll see 2 more robots. After destroying them move on up the stairs. Go
through the next door and you'll see another robot. Destroy it then hit the
switch to the next room. There are 3 robots in this room. Destroy them and hit
the switch to the next room. There will be 2 last robots. After beating them
go through the next door. You will see that Nikki Jameson gets away and that
the level is over.

Secret 1: During the walkthrough I mentioned a Riot Impact Shotgun. The
shotgun is the first secret.

Secret 2: At the beginning of the level climb on top of the chair ahead of you
and jump up. Pull yourself up on to the plant and jump again to get you $50

Secret 3: Go to the room where you first turn off the gas. Near the switch on
your right is a skinny pole. Walk across until you get to a fatter pole. Walk
across that pole to get a secret $50.

Secret 4: Right after you get through the maze of fire that the grenade caused
kill the 2 robots and instead of going up the stairs look behind the stairs to
find secret number 4.

Secret 5: After the area where you jump over the flames there is an "S"
shaped room with 3 robots in it. Stand in front of the door to the elevator
and look to the right hand corner of the glass casing. There is some kind of
part sitting in the corner, you have to hit it a few times before the money
appears. Grab the money and you have found secret 5. I give full credit for
this finding to Varsity1717@aol.com, max_powered_nutter@hotmail.com, and
tkanny@yahoo.com. Thanks!
~~~Everybody Runs~~~ Level 3

    This level is much easier than the previous 2. You barely have to kill

    The level starts off and everyone thinks you killed someone that you
didn't. You must escape the building. Run to the bottom floor and to the
elevator. Once you you go down the stairs you will find out that you need the
keycard from upstairs in the Ready Room. You will also see 3 guards come out
of the elevator. Ignore them. Run all the way upstairs into the Ready Room.
There are about 4 guys in there. One of them has the keycard. Get the card and
make a run for the downstairs elevator. Once you get in the elevator you have
beat the level.

Secret 1: Once you get to the elevator where you exit look to your right.
There is a door leading to a ramp that you need to go up in order to get the
next secret. The only problem is that the door is locked. Look around near the
ramp and you should see a curved ledge. Jump on the ledge and from there jump
on to the ramp. Go up the ramp until you find an area with a bunch of
cubicles. There is a $100 secret somewhere around there. If you do not find it
at first keep looking.

Secret 2: When your in the Ready Room getting the keycard there are little
elevator things along the walls. Get on one of them and it will bring you to
an upper floor. In that upper room there are 3 $ signs. Get them all to get
your secret.
~~~Bear's Cave~~~ Level 4

    The levels just keep getting easier. You and Agent Mosely get into a fight
over territory. Beat him and his reinforcments up to beat the level. He has
about 20 guys with him but it shouldn't be too hard if you still have a gun.
~~~Jetpack Escape~~~~ Level 5

    This is the first level you get to use your jetpack. You use you jetpack
by pressing the Y button twice and by pressing either the right thumb pad to
go up and down or the left thumb pad to go left and right.

    Once the level starts you will be in front of 4 guys. Kill them then go up
the stairs to your right. Once up the stairs hit the switch on the wall next
to the door. This is the part where you will use your jetpack. You can either
fly over all the guys which is the easy way or you can kill them off one by
one. If you do it the hard way you'll have to stop at each door to open them
rather then fly through them before they have a chance to close.
When you get to the end turn right into the next room. Kill as many people as 
you can so that you get the message at the bottom of your screen. At this
point you should find the Mall City Red Line door and go through it. Then go
down to the end of the tunnel and you should find yourself outside, on a
ledge, over a bunch of guys. Hover down so you don't get hurt and kill them.
Go down the next tunnel. 

There are about 8 guys throughout the next area. Kill them all and then go up
all the stairs. If you killed them all a message will appear on the bottom of
the screen telling you to go into the subway. Once you get in the subway the
level is over.

Secret 1: Before you go up the last set of stairs to get to the subway look to
your right. You should see a room surrounded by glass windows. This room will
have a $ sign in it. As soon as you walk through the door look left. You
should see another room surrounded by glass. Inside the room will be a $ sign
and 2 health icons. This is the first secret.

Secret 2: Right after you exit the tunnel before the last area you should see
4 umbrella tree like glass statue things. Stand in the middle and hover as
high as you can. At this point you should be able to see a $ sign and a Riot
Impact Shotgun. If not look around and make sure you are as high as you can
go. Once you get the $ sign you have found the second secret.
~~~Welcome to Mall City Mr. Anderton~~~ Level 6

    In the opening movie you will see one of those cooky future things reveal
your identity out loud.

    The level starts with a robot right in front of you. If you have a gun it
should be easy to defeat. If not you should take cover until he shoots. You
should then do a 3 kick combo and hide again before he has a chance to attack.
Keep doing this until it is destroyed. After you destroy him continue on up
the stairs. You will see 2 mall cops. Mall cops are a new type of enemy. They
are....well.....mall cops. Kill them and smash the glass wall that says Mall
City on it. There will be one more mall cop in this small room. There is also
a large health and a gun. Take what you need and hit the switch which is also
in the same room.

    This will open the security door. Move through the security door and go
down the hall into the next room. Hit the switch in this room. When you hit
the switch 5 mall cops will attack you. The easiest way to kill them is to
throw them through the window. Jump down and you'll find a secret.

    Next find the stairs. Once up the stairs go in the room on the left and
grab the large health which you will probably need. Leave the room and go left
up the stairs. There is another robot. Destroy him then turn right and then
make a quick left. At this point you should hear yourslef make a comment that
all you have to do is slip out the door. You will then be attacked by 4 mall
cops. Find the door where the mall cops came from and go through it. Go down
the hall and you've completed the level.

Secret 1: Look back through the walkthrough at the part where I was mentioning
about throwing the mall cops through the window. Fall through the window to
find secret 1.

Secret 2: Read through my walkthrough until you get the the part where I
mention turning right and making a quick left. Instead of making a quick left
keep going right. Once your in a room keep going strait and you'll find the
second secret.
~~~Mall City Courtyard~~~ Level 7

    You start off in front of a robot. It reveals your identity out loud and 2
mall cops hear. (Don't you just hate when that happens?) Defeat the robot and
the 2 mall cops. Look left from the red Lexus hologram and you will see a
walkway under a waterfall. Stop when you get just past the waterfall. Look up
and you should see a ledge from the waterfall in which you can climb on. Once
you've climbed up the first one there will be about 3 more. Jump to the
highest one. There will be a little section that you can walk on to the left.
Keep walking to the left until you are directly above a small bridge. Then
jump down on it. Once your on the bridge break the vent cover open. Enter the

    This next part is a little tricky for me to explain. Its rather easy
though and you probably won't need my help. But, if you do I'll explain it as
best I can.

    Once in the vent go strait. When you can't go any father turn right. You
should then go in a little section with a small health in it. Time youself
with the air. When it stops continue on your way and turn left. Stop to get
more small health. Once the air stops go out again. Turn right. Get the large
health and the secret $25 then turn right. You should be blown to where
another vent cover is. Break it open and you'll be above a bunch of guys. Jump
down and kill the 3 mall cops that attack you. Once you kill the mall cops
keep walking until you come across 2 robots. Destroy them and proceed through
the elevator door to complete the level.

Secret 1: The first secret is in the vents. If you have any trouble locating
it look back in my walkthrough.

Secret 2 & 3: Once you leave the vent and you are on a see through floor of
glass run forward and jump. You may not see another glass floor but there is
one there. Once your on that one jump forward again. There you will find the
last 2 secrets.
~~~Mall Rats~~~ Level 8

    There isn't much I can do to help you in this level. You are in the mall
and you must kill a riot of 25 people. The easiest and fastest way to do this
is to go to the top floor and when they come at you just knock them off the

Secret 1: On the top floor there is a surfboard store. Behind the store is the
first and only secret in this level.
~~~Dreamweaver Theater~~~ Level 9

    You start off with one robot, 2 mall cops, and a few civilians in front of
you. Kill the robot and the 2 mall cops. Don't worry, if you kill the
civilians it doesn't really matter. Turn right and you will be attacked by
another robot. Destroy him and move on. Keep making right turns until you run
into another robot. Run behind him before killing him to get a secret. Now
destroy him. The level should be over. If not you didn't kill everyone. Go
back through the level and finish everyone off.

Secret 1: Behind the last robot is a secret. If you need help finding it look
back through the walkthrough.
~~~Home, Home Again~~~ Level 10

    The level starts off with 2 pre crime officers and a bunch of blue
spyders in the room that you are in. After killing them leave the room and you
will be attacked by 2 more pre crime officers. Kill them then turn left down
the hallway.

    Once you get down the hall you will see 3 officers come out from the
elevator. When their dead continue down the hallway until you run into 2 more
officers. Kill them and one of them will drop a keycard. Pick the keycard up
and continue going strait towards the exit. Once you get through the exit the
level will be over.

Secret 1: Near the end of the level there is a grey door that has the words
"Maintenance Only" written on it. Break it open to find secret number one.

Secret 2: Across the hall from the grey door is an apartment that you can go
into once you have the keycard. Inside this apartment is a $25 secret. You
will also make a pretty funny comment once you obtain it.
~~~Lobby Fight~~~ Level 11

    In this level you need to go to the sky bridge. There are about 9 or 10
officers in the area you start off in. Before you do anything go forward and
look to your right. You should see a set of elevators. In the elevator third
from the left is a $25 secret. After killing all the officers you will realize
the sky bridge door is locked.

    Go forward until you get to a red Nokia sign hanging ON THE WALL. Not the
ones on the ground. To the right of this sign is a set of stairs. Walk up the
stairs. You will see the glass above you break and 2 officers come down. Kill
them and keep going forward. Two more officers will fall through the ceiling.
Kill them and continue walking. Then another 2 will come towards you. I think
you know what to do.

    The door to the security room will open and 5 guyss will come out. Once
their all dead go into the security room and hit the switch. The switch is
located on the computer with your face on the moniter. In the middle of the
room there is also a secret. You will be attacked by a lot of officers. You
don't have to fight them, just jump down and go through the sky bridge door.

Secret 1: As soon as you start the level go forward and look right. There are
4 elevators. The $25 secret is in the third elevator from the left.

Secret 2: Secret number 2 is located in the middle of the security room. It
shouldn't be hard to locate. It is in the middle of 4 dark pieces of glass.
~~~Skybridge~~~ Level 12

    (Note: There are a lot of windows to throw people through, so take
advantage of this.)

    Now that you got to the Skybridge you have to get across it. Once the
level begins you are attacked by about 7 pre crime officers. Once their all
dead 3 more will come. There is health in the second vending machine if you
need it. After killing those 3 another 3 will appear. When you are all done
killing a door will open on the other side of the room.

    Once you go through the door turn left. Keep walking and you will see 3
blue spyders come out of the vent. Smash them and keep walking until you see 2
officers come out of an elevator. Kill them and you will find out that the
elevator is locked. Jump down through the glass. There will be 2 officers
there already and there will be 2 on there way. Once you kill them find a
vending machine near a hallway. Go through this hallway.

    Once you get about half way down the hallway you will find an elevator. Go
in it. When you get upstairs you will find 2 officers followed by 3 more. Once
your done killing them a last 2 officers will come. Be careful, one of the
last officers has a shotgun. I suggest you take him out first. Once everyone
is dead walk through the door to complete the level.

Secret 1: In the room that the level starts in there are 4 vending machines.
Secret number 1 is in the second one from the left.

Secret 2: In the room where you jumped down because the elevator didn't work
there is a vending machine. Inside that vending machine you will find secret
number 2.

Secret 3: Just before you go through the door where the level ends there is
another vending machine. Break this one open to find secret number 3.
~~~Rooftop Fight~~~ Level 13

    This level is a bit tricky because there is a boss at the end of the
level. The easiest way to beat the beginning of the level is to knock everyone
off the side of the building.

    The level starts on the roof top. Go forward and you will see 3 pre crime
officers run at you. Dispose of them and continue down the path. 3 more
officers will come at you. kill them and you should hear a door open. Once it
opens, 4 officers come at you. I suggest you don't knock them off the edge
because one of them has a grenade launcher that you will need for the boss at
the end of the level.

    Once you've killed everyone proceed through the door that the officers
came in through. Once up the ramp, get the machine gun and go forward. Kill
the 3 officers in this area and a cut scene will play. It will show Agent
Witwer attack you so that you won't kill anyone else. I suggest you shoot him
with the machine gun as soon as you can because he has a grenade launcher.
Once you hurt him enough another cut scene will play and you will see Agent
Witwer get into a hovering vehicle.

    Once he gets into the vehicle jump on to the platforms that are around the
area. On them you will find a small health, a WASP launcher, and a grenade
launcher. The vehicle will drop off 2 pre crime officers. Kill the one with
the strongest weapon. The reason you shouldn't kill both is because if you do
2 more will be dropped off. Once there is only 1 pre crime officer after you
run up the only stairs in the area. Once you are up the stairs shoot off as
many explosives as you can at the vehicle.

    Continue doing this until the vehicle explodes. If you need more health or
ammo go down the stairs and to the right. A door will slide open. There are
ammo, health, and money in there. This is also a secret. A different way to
get more health or ammo is to kill the pre crime officers that are chasing
you. Once you blow up the vehicle that Agent Witwer is in you have completed
the level.

Secret 1: At the part where you kill the 4 guys before the last area look over
the side and you will see a $ sign. To get it you must jump on to the railing
and wait until you are about to fall. You will fall but you will grab on to
the railing so that you can get the secret. Press the Y button and Up to pull
yourself back up.

Secret 2: Next to the stairs in the room where you face the boss, there is a
sliding door. Inside it is Secret Number 2.

Secret 3: In the room where you face the boss climb the stairs. There will be
a secret between some billboards.

Secret 4: Once you destroy the boss at the end of the level you will unlock a
pain arena. This is the fourth secret.
III. Credits
* I would like to thank maddgamz, Varsity1717@aol.com,
max_powered_nutter@hotmail.com, and tkanny@yahoo.com for finding the 5th
secret for level 2.