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Learn to Use the Hellspawn: A Comprehensive Faq                
Version 1.0
By SpawnTheEternal
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                       Soul Calibur 2 Character FAQ
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Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II is the property of Namco entertainment, 
as are it's character's contained within. Spawn is the property of 
Todd McFarlane. This FAQ is the intellectual property of SpawnTheEternal 
(Christopher "CMO" Olson). Do not attempt to steal this FAQ nor to use
the information contained within without my permission. Should you want to
use portions of it either contact me or give me credit in whatever work 
you place it in. Should you choose to defy this then I will be forced to 
defy your life, happyness, and general well-being.

1.0 September 2 2003- Began writing of FAQ. Added Basic Controls and 
Techniques. Spawn Bio and Moves have been added. A few combos are added.
Added some voice lines. Weapon Master Mode Suggestions Added. Spawn
Weapons, Costumes, and Unlockable sections are Added.


I. Introductions
   A. Intro
   B. Basic Controls
   C. Basic Techniques

II. Spawn Bio
    A. History of Spawn
    B. Playstyle
    C. Role in SCII

III. Spawn Specifics
     A. Stats
     B. Weapons
     C. Costumes

IV. Movelist & Combos
    A. Movelist
    B. Combos

V. Spawn Voice Bytes

VI. Weapon Master Mode

VII. Credits

* I. Introduction *

   A- Intro
  Soul Calibur 2 is a weapons based fighting game recently released for 
PS2, Gamecube, and the XBOX. Each system received the McFarlane developed
Necrid as well as one exclusive character. The PS2 version received 
Heiachi from the Tekken series, Gamecube received Link from the Legend of
Zelda series, and finally the XBOX got the treasure that is Spawn. I have
been a user of this site for over 6 years, but this is the first time I
am compelled to write a FAQ. Spawn is my very favorite superhero (Or 
perhaps anti-hero) and one of my favorite characters ever period. I am 
seriously a bit nutty about this guy (Paintjob on my car is a dead 
giveaway) and he is almost the only thing I would make a FAQ for. This 
also happens to be the first game he's been in that does not suck, so 
all the better. If you use Spawn I think you'll see he is not this
NOOB player some have labled him as, but rather a valid and welcome
edition to a great franchise.

   B- Basic Controls

*Note-All information in sections B and C are derived from the Soul 
Calibur 2 instruction manual, and thus are property of Namco.

D-Pad: Movement Including 8-Way Run
A: Guard (G)
B: Kick (K)
X: Horizontal Cut (A)
Y: Vertical Cut (B)
LT: Guard (G)
B+X+Y/RT: Soul Calibur Charge
Black: (A)+(B)
White: Kick(K)
Left Stick: Movement
Start: Pause Game
Back: Cancel Selection

*Note-From here on I will be using XBOX buttons to refer to move (X,Y,
A, B, L, R). This makes more sense to me, besides if you don't have
an XBOX this FAQ does you little good.


F: Foward
B: Backward
KO: Deplete Opponents Health
RO: Ring Out, Knock Opponent out of Ring
HA: High Attack
MA: Mid Attack
LA: Low Attack
!: Unblockable
BG: Breaks Guard
xY/yX: Slide Input
SM: Special Mid Attack
T: Throw
AT: Strike with Throw following
SP: Special Action
GI: Guard Impact
ST: Stance
C: Crouch
J: Jump

1 is down left
2 is down
3 is right right
4 is left
5 is neutral
6 is right
7 is top left
8 is up
9 is top right

() Indicates Hold the direction (I.E. (6) means hold right)

   C- Techniques

8 Way Run-
Allows movement in all direction in the arena. By holding any of the
8 directions you will run in that direction. So if you held R you would
run right.

Jump and Guard-
To jump hold Guard(A) and hold either 7 , 8, or 9 to jump. To Guard or 
Retreat hold Guard and hold either 4, or 6 respectivly. To Guard and 
crouch hold Guard and 1, 2, or 3 to Guard while crouching.

Step In/Out and Side Step-
Step Out- 6
Step In- 4
Left Side Step- 8
Right Side Step- 2

Throws are effective ways to get around someone who block alot, seeing as
they ignore blocking. Enter X+A or Y+A to throw when in close range to
throw the opponent. Different throws can be performed based upon position
and button inputs.

Escaping Throws-
To escape an enemys throw Press X against X+A throws, and Y Against Y+A
throws. This must be done at the second the opponent performs a throw, and
does take a bit of luck to determine which throw they will use.

Attack Atributes and Guard-

High Attack- Used on Standing or Jumping opponents. Stand Guard to stop,
Crouch to evade.

Mid Attack- Used on Standing and Crouching opponents. Stand Guard to stop,
but do not Guard in Crouching position or it will fail to block.

Low Attack- Used against Standing or Crouching opponents. Crouch Block to
stop, or Jump to Evade.

Mid Special Attack- Used against Standing and Crouching opponents. Stand 
or Crouch Guard to stop.

Neutral Guard- By not pressing any buttons you will auto-block if the
option is turned on the the Options Menu. Will not block after the second
hit of a combo.

Guard Impact- By using these commands with block at the exact point of 
weapon strike it is possible to reverse the attack and stun your opponent
for a second or so. This tech can and will become extremely intrigal to
your playstyle or you will never be very good at this game. Use it, love 
 F+A: Parry High or Mid Attacks
 B+A: Parry Mid or Low Attacks

Soul Charge- Through pressing X+Y+B or the R trigger it is possible to
perform a "Soul Charge". Depending on the soul level it can become
very powerful, with level 3 capable of breaking through block and 
becoming Unstoppable(!) attacks with certain moves.

* II. Spawn Bio *

    A- History

 Todd McFarlane is the creator, writer, and artist of Spawn the comic
character. During the 1980's Todd was working on Marvel's Spiderman comic
series, but soon felt he was being restricted and abused creativly. He 
left Marvel in 1992 to form his own comic company with a few others named
Image in hopes of making a company where the artists get the credit they
deserve for their work, and where they keep the rights to their own 
creation. Todd's opening comic was a character he had been developing for
a decade or so: Spawn. The fresh new comic series soon exploded into a
company other than Marvel and DC to make a recognizable comic hero, or 
anti-hero as it were. 

Spawn's story is that of a man named Al Simmons, the
greatest assasin and soldier the world has ever known. He at one time
as a human worked for the government, but was betrayed and murdered by
his boss Jason Wynn. This was only the begining of Al's tortured 
experience however, as he soon found himself in the bowels of Hell face
to face with the demon Malbolgia. Malbolgia was in fact not Satan, but 
rather more the owner of a signifigant portion of Hell. A deal was given
to Spawn that if he worked for Hell as it's general against Heaven, then
he would be allowed to see his wife, Wanda, once again. Al agreed to the
terms, but of course it was not so easy. 

Once taken back to "life" Al soon relized that a full 5 years had passed
on Earth since his death. Wanda was now remarried to Terry Fitzgerald with
a daughter, Cyan. In addition his body was horribly burnt from his murder
at Jason's hands. However he was now in possesion of unimmaginable power.
His new suit forged in hell and powered by "Necroplasm" had the ability
to be whatever he wanted it to be. Among these are super-strength, speed,
teleportation, inter-dimension travel, Magic Manipulation, and a meriad
of other powers. Along with his cape and chains his power was only limited
by his imagination.

Vowing revenge Al took off to find the man responsible for all this: 
Jason Wynn. Soul Calibur II takes place in Al's early existence as being
a Hellspawn as shown by his early understanding of his power, and the
fact that he hasn't turned on Malbolgia just yet. He is now sent to the
past to find and claim the Soul Edge for Malbolgia, and this is where our
story takes place.

    B- Playstyle

Spawn is an excellent blending of both speed and power. He is not the 
slow hulking giant that Astaroth is, yet he isn't in the same cat-like
speed of Kilik either. Spawn has many power moves, but also he has moves
that strike quicker than maybe one expects from a character as big as 
Spawn is. His Levitation technique is very unique in that it raises him
from the ground for close to 2 full seconds. From this position he is
out of reach of many attacks, although certainly not all, and can perform
moves only available from there.

Spawn uses a battle axe as the physical manifestation of his cape to 
fight his opponents. Unfortunatly neither the cape or his chains are used
in the gameplay, and the cape does not even appear outside of movies and
screenshots. Spawn is also the only character in the game with a projectile
weapon, and while some may find it cheap it the move is easily side-stepped
and therefore compensates for this. Spawn is a very balanced character in 
my opinion, altough that may be a "bit" biased.

Due to the short reach of his Axe, Spawn usually has to be close to attack
his foes with the weapon. This means you need to play him fast and up in
someones face, using his power and speed to their advantage. When facing an
opponent with huge range like Ivy it is critical to close the gap and get in
close to do some damage. Once you understand how quickly he can combo, you
see that he is in fact a force to be reckoned with. Take him, use him, enjoy
the heck out of him.

* III. Spawn Specifics *

    A- Stats

Character- Spawn
Real Name- Al Simmons
Birthplace- Detroit, Michigan
Height- 6'2
Weight- 400 lbs. (!)
Birthdate- March 16
Blood Type- Necroplasm
Weapon- Cape Transformed into a Battle Axe
Weapon Name- Agony

    B- Weapons

Agony- A roundish battle-axe with the Spawn symbol on the face of the blade.
It is the most balanced axe, and is also his default. No weakness, no strength.
Story- Spawn's Cape, almost an extension of his own form, takes on this shape 
for battle. All his weapons are manifestations of the originals.
Obtained- Initially available

Despair- A standard axe, a bit more square then the round Agony. Good Defense, 
and penetrates defenses, but it easily loses balance.
Story- A demonic axe to cause insanity in all touched by its' blades. It's 
rumored many succunmbed to this weapon after its' discovery on the altar
in an old Turkish Ruin.
Obtained- Chapter 1 Shop for 600 Gold

Malice- Kinda looks like a fireman's axe :) It reflects attacks, but it's not
all that strong offensivly. 
Story-The smith of this weapon was wrongfully convicted
of a crime he did not commit, and is own ax was used in his execution. Just
before his demise, the smith placed a curse on the weapon.
Obtained- Chapter 2 Shop for 900 Gold

Torment- Doublesided axe with spikes on the blade. Strong offense, weak single
Story-Axe created by Capello, a notorious torturer. Many criminals became
subjects during it's development but Capello insisted he was an artist.
Obtained- Chapter 3 Shop for 1200 Gold

Reaper- A longer axe with blades resembling demon wings. Long reach, absorbs
life as it strikes, but the guard is easy to penetrate. On a side note, this
is one of my favorite weapons. It gives Spawn much better range than his 
normal weapons. It's ability to heal you as you fight is invaluble in weapon
master fights where your life is being sucked away, or in dungeons where you
need to conserve life. 
Story-A axe carried through countless battles by hundreds
of warriors. Having absorbed the blood of it's wielders and enemys, it's
rumored this weapon became demonic, and gained the ability to absorb souls.
Obtained- Chapter 6 Shop for 2200 Gold

Misery- A round axe with a hole in the middle. Spikes surround the out and
inside of the hole. Increased offense with SC, but easy to penetrate its'
Story- This was used as a torture device on criminals in prison. The inmate
would have to keep his head perfectly still inside the device or risk severe
Obtained- Chapter 4 Shop for 1600 Gold

Redeemer- Speed Increases with SC, but it takes energy while doing so. A 
large axe, in the standard shape of a squared axe.
Story- An axe once possesed by a powerful Assyrian archpriest. During this
archpriests rule, those who were struck down by this axe were said to have
an honorable death.
Obtained- Chapter 10 Shop for 4000 Gold

Vengeance- Increased Offense with SC, but defense is easily penetrated. Looks
somewhat like the Reaper except it's shorter and the wings are shaped a bit
Story- An invocation of revenge was made during this weapons forging. This 
weapon was meant to be destroyed after its act of revenge, but after the act
was finished it remained for centuries. What has it to avenge still?
Obtained- Chapter 8 Shop for 3000 Gold

Soul Edge (Complete)- It dosn't tell you, but this provides a signifigant 
boost in offensive power. Also it slowly saps your own health, but each
succesful hit on an opponent gives you some health back. Looks like a 
tomahawk if not for the huge eye on the blade.
Story- An evil blade with a reputation for devouring souls. It has taken
many forms over the millenia.
Obtained- Extra Chapter 1 Shop for 7500 Gold 

Sorrow- Crappy joke weapon with low defense and offense. Looks like a poorly
forged axe.
Story- An italian merchant greatly treasured this axe. It sold for a fraction
of the price following his death.
Obtained- Subchapter 2 Shop for 12500 Gold

Abomination- Now were talking, this thing makes Spawn death incarnate. 3 good
hits from this thing and your opponent is gone. Each time you swing the axe, it
takes a small portion of your health away, but even with this I beleive this 
axe is totally unfair. Has a small skull in the center, and the 2 blades are 
huge with many ridges, and the thing plain LOOKS evil.
Story- Those who carry this axe are never seen nor heard from again. Since 
neither body nor axe are found, it was suspected as being evil.
Obtained- Extra Chapter 2 Shop for 9800 Gold

    C- Costumes

Unfortunatly Spawn does not posses a third costume in this game, however what
he does get is pretty good stuff to look at. Here in no particular order are
descriptions of his 2 costumes.

Costume 1- Spawn is wearing his standard black suit with white stripes running
along it. His face is covered by his mask in this one, and chains are of course
wrapped all around the thing. His eyes glow a green smoke through the mask which
is pretty awesome in and of itself. Of course the big thing missing from this
and the other costume as well is his cape. *Sigh*, well that's for another day
I guess.

Costume 2- This is a costume has Spawn without the mask, and anyone who knows 
Spawn understands that he was horribly burnt in his death. Thus his face is
very similar to handburger meat without the mask. The suit also has a new color
theme. While retaining the white stripes along the suit it is now a blend of
red and blue. Personally I don't like the color, and wish they would have kept
the color of costume 1 with the removal of the mask they have on this costume.

* IV. Movelist and Combos *

    A- Movelist

We all know this is what your REALLY here for, not my senseless babbling on
Spawn. Below are his moves on the ground, and I've seperated all of his
"Levitation" moves into a seperate section. This will become more complete
as time goes on and more updates come in. In the "Hits" column it describes
where and how a move will impact the opponent. For instance, H equals a 
High Attack, M equals Mid Attack, etc. Refer to the key at the top of this
FAQ for info on other symbols.

Name                                    Input             Hits
----                                    -----             ----

*Horizontal Moves (X moves)

Dark Ripper                             X, X              HH
Shadow Cleaver                          6X, Y, X          HHL
Night Stalker Fury                      6X, Y, Y          HHM
Night Stalker Fury (Hold)               6X, Y, (Y)        HHM  GB
Dark Deed --> Levitation                6X, Y, Y+B        HH   SP
Head Hunter                             66X               H
Divider                                 3X                M
Cleaver                                 2X                SM
Shadow Stalker                          1X, Y             HM
Demonic Killer                          4X, X             HM
Demonic Salvage                         4X, Y             HMMM
Harbinger of Violence                   44X               L
Hell Spiral (1)                         X+Y               M
Hell Spiral (1) -->Levitation           (X)+(Y)           M    SP
Hell Spiral (2)                         66X+Y             MM
Hell Spiral (2) -->Levitation           66(X)+(Y)         M    SP
Necro Blast                             4X+Y              H    GB
Necro Blast (Hold)                      4(X)+(Y)          G    !
Necro Blast Cancel                      4X+Y, A                SP
Midnight Carver                         X+B, X            HH
Midnight Force                          X+B, Y            HM
Shadow Spinner                          2X+B              LL
Hunting Cry                             66xY(Slide)       M
Head Hunter                             (6)X              H
Decapitator                             (3) or (9)X, X    HH
Lost Humanity                           (2) or (8)X       H
Lost Humanity (Hold)                    (2) or (8)(X)     H    !
Shadow Stalker                          (1) or (7)X, Y    M
Harbinger of Violence                   (4)X              L

*Vertical Moves (Y moves)

Double Tomahawk                         Y, Y              MM
Dread Lancer                            6Y, Y             HM 
Lancer Kick                             6Y, B             HL
Night Stalker                           66Y               M
Jealous Rage                            3Y                M         
Hell Splitter                           2Y                M
Beast Killer                            1Y                MMM
Malignant Tempest                       4Y, Y             MM
Malignant Cyclone                       4Y, X             ML
Tormented Rage                          44Y               M
Tormented Rage -->Levitation            44(Y)             M    SP
Ravaged Armor                           66yX(Slide)       M
Night Stalker                           (6)Y              M
Malignant Reaver                        (3) or (9)Y       M
Necro Rage                              (2) or (8)Y       M
Necro Rage -->Levitation                (2) or (8)(Y)     M    GB SP
Grisly Rush, Last Strike Can Delay      (1) or (7)Y, X    MH
Grisly Spiral                           (1) or (7)Y, Y    MM
Grisly Spiral -->Levitation             (1) or (7)(Y), Y  MM   SP
Tormented Rage                          (4)Y              M
Tormented Rage -->Levitation            (4)(Y)            M    SP
Ravaged Armor                           (6)yX(Slide)      M

*Kick Moves (B Moves)

Double Kick                             6B, B             MH
Devil Spiral                            66B, Y            MMM
Devil Spiral -->Levitation              66B, (Y)          MM   SP
Double Devil Kick                       66B, B            MMM
Abject Terror                           66B, 2B           ML
Gut Wrench Kick                         3B                M
Shadow Clipper                          2B                L
Triple Kick, Final Kick Can Delay       1B, B, B          LMH
Face Crusher                            4B                M
Dark Retribution                        44B               HHH
Avenger Sabat                           9, 7, or 8B, B    HH
Spinning Heel                           (3) or (9)B       M
Force Kick                              (2) or (8)B       M
Avenger Sabat                           (1) or (7)B, B    HH
Dark Retribution                        (4)B              HHH


Messiah, Approach Enemy                 X+A               T
Doorway to Hell, Approach Enemy         Y+A               T
Pillar of Death, Approach from Left     X+A or Y+A        T
Deathbringer, Approach from Right       X+A or Y+A        T
Eigth Level of Hell, Approach Behind    X+A or Y+A        T
Angel of Death -->Levitation, App. Enm. 214X+A            T    SP
Imprisoning Tendrils, Approach Enemy    214Y+A            T

*Leviatation Moves

*Note- All of the following moves except for Levitation itself
must be performed while in the Levitation stance.

Levitation                              Y+B                    SP
Heaven and Hell                         X                 H
Shadow Stalker Dive                     2X                L 
Sigil of Hellspawn                      Y                 M
Sigil of Hellspawn (Hold)               (Y)               M    !
Retribution Overdrive                   B                 MMMMM
Levitation Necro Blast                  X+Y               M    GB
Levitation Necro Blast (Hold)           (X)+(Y)           M    !
Demonic Realm                           Y+B               M

*Rising Moves

Destruction Reaver                      X, X              HL
Destruction Axe                         X, Y              HM
Destruction Axe (Hold)                  X, (Y)            HM
Night Rage -->Levitation                (Y)               M    SP
Knee Kick                               B                 M

    B- Combos

I'm going to make my own section of Combos here, as as I play more it's
sure to be more comprehensive. Forgive me if I've only had around a 2 weeks
to play with the American version. Also there is a "Public Combo" section,
if you e-mail me with a REAL combo that is not already here I will post it
and make sure to give credit to whomever sends it in.

My Combos-

1. Tormented Rage into Retribution Overdrive --> 44(Y),  B

2. Devil Spiral into Retribution Overdrive --> 66B, (Y), B

3. Angel of Death into Levitation Necro Blast --> 214X+A, X+Y
   The above is one of the few ways I know to reliably hit someone
   with Levitation Necro Blast

4. Grisly Spiral into Retribution Overdrive --> (1) or (7)Y, (Y), B

*Public Combos*

Nothing Yet, What about YOU?

* V. Spawn Sound Bytes *

I decided to include this section because I love the voice acting on the
character Spawn. The credit for his voice goes to a man named David, however
I am almost certain it's the man who plays him on the show, and also the
voice for XBOX commercials. You know the deep voice that just plain sounds
cool to hear. I beleive he is simply using the alias of "David" as many 
actors do in games or voice projects.

When Selecting Spawn at the Character Screen-

"I'll Crush You"
"Get Lost"

Loading Screen-


In-Game Scounds-

"Your Pissing me Off"
"Said your Prayers?"
"Has the devil got ya?"
"You don't stand a chance"
"Malbolgia just you wait"
"Wanda, is there still hope?"
"Get the Hell out before I change my mind"
"Time to Die"
"Get a load of this!"

Arcade Story-

"So this is Soul Edge? Looks like something that bastard would want"
"There, you happy?"

* VI. Weapon Master Mode *

I don't want to go into too much detail with this, because I loathed 
huge portions of this mode. If you want a good detailed FAQ on WMM I
would suggest the one made by our very own CJayC. It's very detailed
and a good place to find stuff like pricing and strategies. All I can
tell you really here is this: Get Spawn's Abomination as quick as 
humanly possible becuase It will make your life far easier playing 
some of these missions through a second time.

The computer can and will be cheap at every point in this mode, just be 
sure to keep a cool head and keep at it. You will eventually be able to
conquer all the levels and get the great weapons that are there for Spawn.

* VII. Credits *

- Namco for making such a great fighting game, it truly is one of the best.
- CJay for posting this up on the site.
- Todd McFarlane for making such an incredible character that has meant
  alot to me in the past.
- Me, for having the patience to go through WMM
- GameFaqs for continuing to be the best site on the net for games.