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Jack Schofield
FAQ: SC2 Seung Mina
Started: Dec 29, 2003
Updated: Dec 30, 2003
Ver. 1.0
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===   Credits   ===

Like my Raphael FAQ, I got everything from the game. For those of you that dont
know, if you pause the game and go to 'Command List', it shows all the
moves(but my Raphael I have grouped his states... all 8 of them...) So 100% of
mycredit goes to Soul Calibur 2 the game.

===   Why?   ===

Becuase I looked up someoneelse's Seung Mina FAQ and it had more problems than
Michael Jackson (almost). I looked through the other FAQ and from my
observations someone needs glasses or a new TV screen becuase he got his G's
and B's mixed up and A's and O's. I dont know about you, but A+B isnt a grab
move. Plus I don't use Raphael as much and Ivy's move just don't cut it for me
becuase im not a fan of a 10 button command that does 90 damage when I can do a
91 with by hitting A+B A+B. Plus, what other best way to learn all the moves
then to hit start and copy them all down so you can print it out and have it in
your lap while you tell your friends to hold on a sec while you try 'this'...

===   Notes   ===
Seung Mina is a mean character. She is my favorite character becuase she has
no states you need to get in in order to pull of an attack, (unlike Raphael who
is my favorite male character). Seung Mina is a general character.

===   Content   ===
Move Types

===   Profile   ===

Name: Seung Mina
Age: 23
Birthplace: Chili-san, Lee Dynasty Korea
Height: 5'4'
Weight: 106
Birthdate: November 3
Blood Type: A
Weapon: Zanbatou
Weapon Name (s): Scarlet Thunder, Defender, Hyup Do, Maginata, Couse, Bardiche,
Halberd, Ambassador, Soul Edge, (???), Feather Broom
Discipline: Seung Style Longsword + Ling Sheng Su Style Rod

Family: Father/ Seung Han Myong
        Mother/ Taken by sickness
        Brother/ Taken by sickness

Ming began training with the zanbatou at an early age and grew to be a skilled

During that time, Lee Dynasty Korea was clamoring about the Soul Edge, known to
them as the Sword of Salvation Hwang Sung Kyung was recruited from the Seung
dojo to search for the renowned weapon.

When Mina found out about this, she disobeyed her father's orders and ran away
from home on a quest to find the sword. Unfortunately for Mina, Hwang dragged
her back home when he found her. Shortly thereafter, she was forced to restart
her arduous training.

One day, Yunsung-- who was a student at the dojo-- left with one of the Seung
family hairlooms called White Storm. Because Mina was the one who lent the
sword to him, she felt obligated to bring Yunsung and White Storm back to the

Han Myong was resistant at first, but eventually he gave in, out of fear that
she would run away for a third time if he did not allow her to go.

By the time Han Myong realized that Mina would get involved with the search for
the Sword of Salvation once again, she was already out of the country.

===   Stage   ===

Stage: Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court
Background Music: Sword of the Patriot

This imperial villa is located in the outskirts of Lee Dynasty Korea. Hanyang,
the phoenix court of Hwangseo palace is renowned for it's impressive
decorations. The platform is often used for matches in the imperial presence.
Therefore, this place is the dream and goal for those who study martial arts.

Seven years previous, Hwang Sung Kyung, the leader of the Lee Sun Shin's coast
guard was given an order to search for the Soul Edge. He was likely chosen for
his performance on this very platform, where many naval officers and even
Chosen King Sonjo watched Hyong's matches.

During the Japanese invasion, all the warriors who proved their skill in this
place fought valiantly to stop the onslaught, and were feared by the Japanese

===   Weapons   ===

1: Scarlet Thunder : Most familiar and well-balanced weapon for her.
Offense: 100%
Defense: 100%

2: Defender : Good defense, but lacks offense and has weak single strikes.
Offense: 60%
Defense: 145%

3: Hyup Do :Defense increases with Soul Charge, but easy to lose balance.
Offense: 120%
Defense: 80%

4: Naginata : Powerful single strikes with Soul Charge, but lacks offense.
Offense: 70%
Defense: 100%

5: Couse : Penetrates defenses, but vulnerable to impact.
Offense: 130%
Defense: 100%

6: Bardiche : Good offense, but guard is penetrable.
Offense: 130%
Defense: 100%

7: Halberd : Recovers health, but lacks defense.
Offense: 110%
Defense: 65%

8: Ambassador : Offense increases with Soul Charge, but requires energy to
wield.Offense: 100%
Defense: 100%

9: Soul Edge : Fearsome demonic weapon said to absorb life.
Offense: 125%
Defense: 80%

10: Hraesvelgr : Legendary weapon. Wield it to discover it's true power.
Offense: 110%
Defense: 100%

11: Feather Broom :  A broom made from feathers. It's soft and airy to the
touch.Offense: 80%
Defense: 80%

===   Legend   ===

H    = High Attack
M    = Mid Attack
(SM) = Special Mid Attack - Possible to block with Standing and Crouching Guard
L    = Low Attack
T    = Throw
(U)  = Unblockable
(SP) = Special Movement
(GB) = Guard Break Properties - Smashes opponent's guard
(GI) = Guard Impact Properties

===   Move Types   ===

A = Horizontal Attacks
B = Vertical Attacks
K = Kick Attacks
Th = Throws
Misc = Miscellaneous Moves
Sign = Signature Moves
Qk = Quick Attacks
Pow = Powerful Attacks

===   A   ===

1: Wild Gale : H,H,M
A, A, B

2: Wild Gale~Side Movement : H,H (SP)
A, A, Down, (or Up)

3: Blunting Kick : H,H
Forward, A, K

4: Strangling Flower : H,H
Forward, Forward, A

5: Strangling Slash : M
Forward-Down, A

6: Sweeping Circle : L
Down, A

7: Biting Strike : L
Back-Down, A

8: Shadow Step Slice : L
Back, A

9: Wing Cross : M,L
Back, Back, A, A

10: Light Crane : M,M,M

11: Dancing Crane : M,M,H,M
A+B, A, B

12: Dancing Crane(Cancel) : M,M,H (SP)
A+B, A, B, G

13: Heavy Crane : M,M,M,M,M,M,M
A+B, A+B

14: Fang Barrage : M,M,M,M,M
Forward, A+B

15: Fang Barrage(Cancel) : M,M (SP)
Forward, A+B, G

16: Opening Treasure : L (AT)
Forward-Down, A+B

17: Rapid Earth : L,L,L,L
Down, A+B

18: Holding Treasure : L (AT)
Back-Down, A+B

19: Rapid Spinning Spiritual Thrust : M,M,M,M
Back, A+B, B, B

20: Rapid Spinning Spiritual Thrust : M,M,M,M,M,M
Back, A+B, B, B, B

21: Seung's Crushing Long Blade: M (U)
Forward-Up, A+B

22: Seung's Crushing Long Blade(Cancel) : (SP)
Forward-Up, A+B, G

23: Seung's Quick Long Blade : M (GB)
Forward-Up, A+B, B

24: Radiant Wing : M
Up, A+B

25: Circular Blade Kick : M

26: Zanbatou Smackdown : H,H,H,H,H,H
Forward, A+K

27: Dancing Fang Sweep : M,L
Forward-Down, A+K, A

28: Dancing Blade Kick : M,M
Forward-Down, A+K, K

29: Fang Sweep : L
Down, A+K

30: Power Fang Sweep : L,L
Back, A+K

31: Gale Stream : H,H,M
Tap A, A, B

32: Strangling Deception : M
Forward-Down, A, A

33: Strangling Flower : H,H
Hold Forward, A

34: Willow Divide : M,M
Hold Forward-Down, A, A

35: Heavy Willow Divide : M,M
Hold Forward-Up, A, A

36: Falling Fang Divide : M,L
Hold Down (or Up), A, A

37: Black Wing : M,M
Hold Down (or Up), A, B

38: Black Wing(Cancel : M (SP)
Hold Down, (or Up), A, B, G

39: Sparrow Sweep : L
Hold Back-Down, (or Back-Up), A

40: Wing Cross : M,L
Hold Back, A, A

41: Fang's Way : M
While Rising: A

42: Glory Fan : M,M,M
While Crouching: A+B

43: Glory Fan(Cancel) : M (SP)
While Crouching: A+B, G

===   B   ===

1: Splitting Divide : M,M
B, B

2: Hidden Fang : M,L
Forward, B, A

3: Thrusting Fang : M,M
Forward, B, B

4: Shadow Fang : L
Forward, B, Down

5: Heavy Fall : M
Forward, Forward, B

6: Lifting Heavens : M
Forward-Down, B

7: Spinning Divide : M
Back, B

8: Spinning Divide(Hold) : M (GB)
Back, Hold B

9: Earth Poke : L
Back, Back, B

10: Glory Wing : M

11: Glory Wing(Cancel) : (SP)
B+K, G

12: Wheel : M,M
Foward, B+K

13: Rock Breaker : L
Down, B+K

14: Retreating Sands : M,M,M
Back-Down B, K

15: Oak Branch : L
Back, B+K

16: Heaven's Wheel : M,M
Forward-Up, B, K

17: Circular Heavens Slash : M
Tap B, K

18: Sheng Mirage Kick : H,M (GI)
Tap B, K

19: Willow Branch : M
Up, (or Down), Neutral, B

20: Air Fang : L
During Hold B, Forward-Down, K

21: Heavy Fall : M
Hold Forward, (or Forward-Down, Forward-Up ), B

22: Rising Void : M
Hold Up (or Down), B

23: Spinning Divide : M
Hold Back-Down (or Back Up), B

24: Spinning Divide(Hold) :
Hold Back-Down (or Back Up), Hold B

26: Lifting Wing :
While Rising: B

27: Liquid Poke :
While Crouching: Back-Down, B

===   K   ===

1: Banishment Kick : M (GI)
Forward, K

2: Circular Heaven Spin Kick : M,M,H
Forward, Forward, K, K, K

3: Circular Heaven Spin Kick(Delay) : M,M,H
Forward, Forward, K, K, K

4: Belly Crush : M
Froward-Down, K

5: Earth Kick : L
Down, K

6: Liquid Rising : L,M
Back-Down, K, K

7: Check Mate : M,M (GI)
Back, K, B

8: Check Mate(Delay) : M,M (GI)
Back, K, B

9: Thunder Kick : M
Back, Back, K

10: Retreating Fang : H

11: Gale Kick : H,L
Tap K, B

12: Banishment : M,H
Forward, Tap K, B

13: Wild Leaves : M,M,M
Hold Forward-Down (or Forward-Up), K K

14: Dark Sweep : L
Hold Down (or Up), K

15: Thunder Kick : M
Hold Back, (or Bacl-Down, Back-Up), K

16: Dark Curtain : L, H
Hold Down, (or Up), Tap K, A

17: Shattering Kick: M
While Rising: K

===   Th   ===

1: Dropping Embrace : (T)
Approach Enemy: A+G

2: Crushing Soul : (T)
Approach Enemy: B+G

3: Stalk Cutter : (T)
Approach Enemy from behind: A+G or B+G

4:Rising Mustang : (T)
Approach Enemy from the left: A+G or B+G

5: Mina Frankensteiner :  (T)
Approach Enemy from the Right: A+G or B+G

===   Misc   ===


===   Sign   ===

1: Liquid Rising : L,M
Back-Down, K, K

2: Circular Blade Kick : M

3: Hidden Fang : M,L
Forward, B, A

4: Circular Heaven Spin Kick : M,M,H
Forward, Forward, K, K, K

===   Qk   ===

1: Lifting Heavens : M
Forward-Down, B

2: Blunting Kick : H,H
Forward, A, K

3: Belly Crush : M
Forward-Down, K

4: Strangling Deception : M
Forward-Down, A, A

===   Pow   ===

1: Seung's Crushing Long Blade : M (U)
Forward-Up, A +B

2: Spinning Divide : M (GB)
Back, Hold B

3: Fang Barrage : M,M,M,M,M
Forward, A+B

4: Dancing Crane : M,M,H,M
 A+B, A, B