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Enclave Characters and Weapons FAQ

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction
2.  Character Summaries
3.  Light Level Guide
4.  Dark Level Guide
5.  Weapons Guide
6.  Special Thanks

1.  Introduction
In Enclave, the character and weapons you choose can have a HUGE effect on 
how you do in a level.  In this guide, I’ll note the strengths and weaknesses 
of each character, a full list of special weapons, and list all the levels 
and what characters I think are best for them.  If you think a character 
other than the one I chose is good for a level, contact me at 
cyberglitch38@aol.com with the subject line, Enclave Characters and Weapons 
FAQ.  If you don’t use that subject line, I’ll likely dismiss your mail as 
junk.  Explain to me in a calm and intelligent manner why you think your way 
is better, and I might post it on here.  All in all, I hope my FAQ helps some 
people out by giving them a quick reference to which character to use on each 

2.  Character Summaries
Enclave isn’t like most games in that which character you choose actually 
makes a difference.  In this section, I’ll note the strengths and weaknesses 
of each character.

Knight Found in:Starting Character
Berserker Found in:Dark level 2
Strengths:  Best melee combat, very tough.
Weaknesses:  Very slow, weak in ranged combat
Able to use:  All swords, axes, and hammers(favors swords), regular crossbow 

Huntress Found in:  Light level 1
Assassin Found in:  Starting Character
Strengths:  Skilled in ranged combat, fast.
Weaknesses:  Weak in melee combat, not very tough.
Able to use:  All daggers, longbows with all types of arrows, all types of 
crossbow bolts.

Druid Found in:  Light level 4
Sorceress Found in:  Dark level 3
Strengths:  Able to us magic staffs, good in long and mid ranged combat, fast.
Weaknesses:  Weak in melee combat, not very tough.
Able to use:  All daggers, magic staffs* **

Halfling Found in:  Light level 5
Goblin Found in:  Dark level 4
Strengths:  Good in melee combat(though not as good as the Knight), fast, 
able to use poison bolts.
Weaknesses:  Not very tough, ranged combat mediocre.
Able to use:  All swords, axes, and hammers(favors axes), regular and poison 
crossbow bolts.

Engineer Found in:  Light level 6
Bombardier Found in:  Dark level 6
Strengths:  Able to throw bombs, tough.
Weaknesses:  Mediocre in melee combat, slow.
Able to use:  All swords, axes, and hammers(favors hammers), regular crossbow 
bolts, bombs and grease bombs.

Wizard Found in:  Light level 9
Lich Found in:  Dark level 9
Strengths:  Able to use magic staffs, good in long and mid ranged staffs, 
tougher than druid/sorceress.
Weaknesses:  Weak in melee combat, not very fast.
Able to use:  All daggers, magic staffs* **.

Earth Golem(Light)/Stonegnome(Dark)
Earth Golem found in:  Beat the Light Campaign.
Stonegnome found in:  Beat the Dark Campaign.
Strengths:  Incredibly strong, barely takes any damage from melee attacks.
Weaknesses:  Very slow, weak in defending against magic and special arrows, 
no ranged attacks.
Able to use:  Their bare hands.  Don’t worry, they’re better than the flame 
sword damage-wise.

Battle Droid(Light)/Fetica(Dark)
Battle Droid found in:  Collect 13,000 gold in Light Campaign.
Fetica found in:  Collect 13,000 gold in Dark Campaign.
Strengths:  Insanely powerful projectile weapon, enormous hp count, great 
Weaknesses:  No melee attack, slow, high hp means health potions only heal a 
bit of their health bar.
Able to use:  Projectile Weapon.

*Dark characters cannot use Astral staff.
**Only the Lich can use the Staff of the Damned.

3.  Light Level Guide

Knowing which character to use in a level can be the difference between 
winning and losing, so in this section, I’ll outline which character you 
should use in each Light Level and why.

1.  Imprisoned-Knight
Why?  Hes the only person you can use.
2.  Protect the Outpost-Knight
Why?  Same.
3.  Escort Marcus-Knight
Why?  Many instances of melee combat make the Knight a better choice.  The 
Huntress does, however, make the nightcrawler easier to kill.  Your choice, 
but I suggest the Knight.
4.  Deserted Temple-Huntress
Why?  There are quite a few enemies with crossbows, and a lot of melee 
enemies you can snipe before they see you.
5.  The Divided City-Druid
Why?  Her good mixture of long and mid range combat makes her good for 
killing assassins as well as deathcrafters and bombardiers.
6.  The Outland Wastes-Druid
Why?  Once again, her long and mid range capabilities make her idea for a 
level with plenty of archers, but also plenty of melee fights.  Don’t worry, 
she can use the ice sword.
7.  Ark Amar-Huntress
Why?  This level is chock full of assassins that’ll fill you up with arrows 
before you can even get close enough to use anyone but the huntress.
8.  The Ancestors-Knight
Why?  His great toughness and strong melee combat are great for winning in 
the arena and killing berserkers, and his shield will block arrows from 
9.  The Sanctuary-Engineer
Why?  His grease bombs are perfect for taking out the charging trident 
creatures that frequent this level, and his balanced melee combat is good to 
take out the lich and shadow skeletons.
10.  The Underworld-Halfling
Why?  The Halfling’s axe will easily kill skeletons, and her speed makes her 
good for dealing with lichs.  Her poison bolts will easily kill Dread 
11.  Zurana-Anyone
Why?  There are no enemies but Zurana herself, and you turn into a creature 
like her to fight her anyway, so anyone will do.
12.  Kam-Zara-Wizard
Why?  His versatility in ranged combat and toughness compared to the Druid 
make the Wizard ideal for sniping out sorceress’s on rooftops, and taking out 
orcs on foot.  Hes also tough enough to make it through the level without 
taking to much damage.
13.  Jasindra-Knight
Why?  You need a shield to even try to make it up the bridge to the rest of 
the level, and his strength in melee attacks and toughness makes him good for 
taking out the super annoying lichs.
14.  Vatar-Knight
Why?  He can kill the Hellbones in one shot, kills the lichs with relative 
ease, and kill Vatar himself quicker when you finally fight him Mano-a-Mano. 

4.  Dark Level Guide

The same as above, but with the Dark Campaign.

1.  Zurana’s Hideout-Assassin
Why?  She’s the only character you can use.
2.  Kill Marcus-Assassin
Why?  Same as above.  Besides, who better to assassinate Marcus with than the 
3.  Surprise Attack-Assassin
Why?  At this point in the game, the berserker’s weapons are next to useless, 
so you’ll have to use the assassin.  Your dagger will be useless, though, so 
use the crossbow in close quarters.
4.  Mansion of Dreams-Sorceress
Why?  Her Midwinter Frost staff can take out Nightcrawlers in about half a 
second, and her all around speed and versatility in combat make her good for 
evading traps and battling the assorted Wraiths and other things hanging 
around the mansion.
5.  The Guardian-Berserker
Why?  Since you use the giant crossbow to kill the Guardian, its really just 
a question of who's toughest.  Thats the Berserker, so for this level, hes 
your man.
6.  Escape-Sorceress
Why?  Ah, the infamous escape level.  So many Nighcrawlers, its nearly 
impossible to beat.  Or is it?  No, its pretty easy.  The sorceress’ 
Midwinter Frost rips through Nightcrawlers easy as one-two-three.
7.  The Plateau-Sorceress
Why?  Her good mixture of ranged combat and and close quarters combat makes 
her good for killing the wide array of enemies thrown at you in this level.
8.  Capture Jasindra-Sorceress
Why?  Since this level is basically an extension of the last one, with 
similar terrain and enemies, the sorceress uses the same strengths that were 
good in the last level.
9.  Outpost Siege-Goblin
Why?  By now, the goblin and berserker have some pretty schweet weapons, and 
there is a lot of close quarters combat in small areas in this level.  The 
goblins speed makes him better suited for this.
10.  The Great Wall-Bombardier
Why?  Theres plenty of charging enemies, easy prey for a well placed grease 
bomb.  His fairly even all around stats make him work fine whenever you 
aren’t being charged by a soon to be crispy champion, as well.
11.  Ungard Mines-Assassin
Why?  There are several chances to snipe unsuspecting enemies, and at the 
end, a structure is heavily guarded by hunters and huntresses.  Also, her 
poison bolts work well against the last few nightcrawlers you encounter.
12.  Mordessa-Sorceress
Why?  The small resistance you meet on the way to Mordessa can easily 
dispatched by your Darkness of Despair, and a Darkness of Despair panic 
attack is extremely effective on Mordessa herself.
13.  Celenheim-Lich
Why?  Her skeletons are great for holding off members of the council while you
 lay into them with the Darkness of Despair.  A skeleton-poison dagger combo 
works well in the final confrontation with the Queen herself.

5.  Weapons Guide

All the characters have special weapons unique to them, here I’ll explain 
each weapons strengths, weaknesses, and special effects.

Swords:  The Knight, Berserker, Halfling, Goblin, Engineer, and Bombardier 
can use swords.  Swords are faster than axes and hammers, and do decent 
damage.  The Knight favors swords.  There are three special swords:

Flame Sword-The strongest sword you ever get, the flame sword not only does 
an insane amount of damage, it burns the enemy as well.

Frost Sword-This sword is found in level 6.  It does decent damage, and 
freezes Stonegnomes in their tracks.  Required for beating Dursy.

Mordessa-This sword is found in Light level 13, and Dark level __.  It does 
very low damage, but is extremely fast.

Axes:  The Knight, Berserker, Halfling, Goblin, Engineer, and Bombardier can 
use axes.  Axes are faster than hammers, but slower than swords.  They are 
also more powerful than swords.  They offer a good balance of speed and 
strength.  The Halfling favors axes.  There is only one kind of special axe:

Axe of Slaying-Basically, the Axe of Slaying glows blue and does an enormous 
amount of damage, more than any other axe.  It has no outside 
effects(burning, etc.)

Hammers:  The Knight, Berserker, Halfling, Goblin, Engineer, and Bombardier.  
Hammers are the slowest weapon in the game, but also the most powerful.  Use 
this when you need raw power.  The Engineer favors hammers.  There is only 
one special Hammer:

Hammer of the Sky-The Hammer of the Sky does more damage than any of the 
other hammers, and you guessed it, glows blue.  It has no outside effects.

Daggers:  The Assassin, Huntress, Sorceress, Druid, Lich, and Wizard can use 
Daggers.  They are the fastest melee weapons, but they don’t do very much 
damage.  The only special dagger is the Poison Dagger:

Poison Dagger-The best dagger in the game, the poison dagger does great 
damage and poisons the enemy.  I’d take this dagger over a sword and shield 
in many situations.

Staves:  The Druid, Sorceress, Wizard, and Lich can use staves.  The all have 
different effects, so I’ll explain all of them.  Note that all staves have a 
shield and a panic attack, so I won’t repeat that over and over.

Astral Staff-This staff is for light characters only.  Locking onto an enemy 
and pressing R will fire a blue bird that seeks onto the enemy.  Holding down 
R will summon a nearly indestructible Stone Golem to fight with you.  It only 
lasts about 15 seconds, though.

Staff of the Damned-The Staff of the Damned can only be used by the Lich.  
Its pretty cool looking, and rather useful.  It fires Dark birds like the 
Astral Staff, and by holding R, you can summon shadow skeletons.  The 
skeletons are faster than the Earth Golem, but not as strong.j

Midwinter Frost-With the Midwinter Frost, locking onto an enemy and pressing 
R fires a small ice bolt.  Where this staff really shines, though, is rapid 
fire.  Hold down R to fire the ice bolts in true machine gun style.  It takes 
up next to nothing in mana, and takes down enemy health quickly and steadily. 
 Takes out Nightcrawlers in about half a second.

Tears of Corrosion-This staff really isn’t really very useful.  It fires 
poison blasts that do decent damage and poison the enemy, but they are fairly 
slow, and don’t seek.  Rapid fire 
can cover a pretty big area, but still doesn’t make the staff all that good.

Staff of Storms-I don’t know what this staff is good for.  Its blasts do 
little damage and take up a good bit of mana.  It doesn’t even have rapid 
fire!  I never suggest using this staff.

Darkness of Despair-Arguably the best staff in the game, the Darkness of 
Despair looks cool and gets the job done.  Its dark blasts seek when locked 
onto an enemy, and they do more extra damage than the Tears of Corrosion 

Psionic Domination-Another excellent staff, the Psionic Domination does 
excellent damage and seeks PERFECTLY.  You’ll never see one of its purple 
blasts flying around and around an enemy, they always hit on the first pass.  
They take up a lot of mana, though, so be careful when fighting several 
enemies at once.

Incinerator-The most expensive staff isn’t actually as good as you’d think.  
Its fire blasts do great damage, and take up less mana than the Psionic 
Domination, but they don’t seek or have any special effects.  Still an 
excellent staff for close quarters combat, though, since its blasts are to 
big to miss up close, and do good damage.

Crossbows:  All of the characters except the Lich, Wizard, Sorceress, and 
Druid can use crossbows.  They have a variety of bolts, I’ll explain them 

Regular Bolts-These can be used by any character.  They do decent damage with 
any character, and excellent damage with the Assassin and Huntress.

Poison Bolts-These can be used by the Assassin, Huntress, Goblin, and 
Halfling.  They do more damage than regular bolts, and poison the enemy.

Magic Bolts-These can be used by the Assassin, Huntress, Goblin, and 
Halfling.  They do more damage than the other bolts.  They also seek.

Longbows:  Only Assassins and Huntresses can use longbows.  If used 
correctly, longbows are the most deadly weapons in the game.  The different 
types of arrows are:

Burst Arrows:  The most simple arrow there is, the burst arrow is fired by 
holding down R to draw your bow, and letting go to fire.  The longer you hold 
R, the farther the arrow will go.  If you press L repeatedly, you can stack 
many of these arrows on your bow and fire them all at once for a devastating 

Sniper Arrows:  A really fun arrow to use.  When you have sniper arrows 
selected, press L to zoom in, then L again to zoom in farther.  You don’t 
have to draw these arrows, so they’re good for a quick fix, and they’re more 
powerful than burst arrows.

Fire Arrows:  Fire arrows are the same as burst arrows, but they burn whatev
er they hit.  They do more damage as well, and a full rack of them will 
torch just about anything the game throws at you.  Later in the game, you can 
upgrade them to flame arrows, which do more damage and set a greater fire.

Grenade Arrows:  The same as burst and fire arrows, but they explode on 
contact.  A few of these will bring down the toughest of enemies.  However, 
because of their sheer power, they cannot be stacked.  Later in the game, you 
can upgrade them to bomb arrows, which do more damage.

Magic Arrows-The coolest arrows in the game, magic arrows are just like 
sniper arrows, but they do an INSANE amount of damage.  A head shot from one 
of these will kill anything in one shot, even if they have a helmet on.  I’ve 
done 2000+ damage with one of these babies.

Shields:  Shields can be used by all characters that can use swords, axes, 
and hammers.  Press L to hold them up.  They bigger your shield, the better 
chance you have of blocking.  There is one exception, though:

Enchanted Shield-Although the Enchanted Shield is smaller than some of the 
other shields, it can block magic and it magically blocks all physical 
attacks from the front.  Note that although it blocks spells, it doesn’t 
block the effects, such as poison.

Bombs:  The engineer and bombardier can use bombs.  They are hard to use, but 
can be deadly if used right.  There are two types of bombs:

Bombs-Regular bombs can be rolled on the ground towards your target.  They 
will then explode, doing decent damage to all in the blast radius.  They can 
later be upgraded to heavy bombs, which have a bigger blast radius and do 
more damage.

Grease Bombs-Grease bombs are bottles with explosive liquid in them.  They 
are thrown directly in front of you to create a large fire, hopefully badly 
burning your pursuers.  They can later be upgraded to heavy grease bombs, 
which start a bigger fire.

6.  Special Thanks

I’d like to thank Gamefaqs for posting my FAQ(hopefully), my dad for buying 
me this game, Conspiracy Entertainment for making this great game, and 
everyone on the Enclave board that gave me tips to beating the game so I 
could write this FAQ.

Once again, in case you need to contact me for any reason about this FAQ, 
e-mail me at cyberglitch38@aol.com with the subject line Enclave Characters 
and Weapons FAQ.