Movie Lot Challenge FAQ by KBryniczka / Mike H.

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Aggressive Inline Movie Lot Challenge FAQ

Authors: Kevin Bryniczka ( and Mike H.
Created June 9, 2002 Version 1.0 - I just completed this FAQ and hope everybody
likes it :)

Foreword:  For this faq Kevin Bryniczka (smartalecc5 on message boards) and
Mike H. have completed this Movie Lot Challenge Guide.  All material here is
created by us (exception of the last challenge) so we are giving permission to
reproduce this Challenge Guide while giving credit to Kevin and Mike.  If you
would like to contribute to this FAQ, send Kevin a line at
and make sure to put Aggressive Inline in the subject somewhere.  Also, for
these doing a fly-thru of the challenge helps.  You can get a better picture of
what we're talking about:)  Thanks, and I hope this helps.

-Get 100,00 points- You have unlimited time. This won't be hard.

-20,000 point trick- Cess slide (R2) and manuals greatly help. It is possible
just by doing a grind. Linking things together helps too.

-5 bike racks in on trick- Just get enough speed and hop from bike rack to bike

-Skitch a bus- All you need to do is stand on the sidewalk use (R3) analogue to
look for a bus. When you see one coming start going a little bit and then
before it reaches you and then press (o) to skitch it

-Grind two traffic lights- Having sparking skates helps for this. On the side
of the level there is a grass "bank" with 3 levels- get speed and jump on the
first layer, the second, and then the third. Then at the end of the 3rd layer
jump on to the traffic light and then jump across the street to the other one.
There are many possibilities to get the traffic lights.

-Get On The Guard House Pipe- At the end of the coldisac there is a quarter
pipe. Jump up high and get air. Come back down and launch yourself of the
wooden ramp and on to the poles.  Keep grinding all the way around the guard's

- Grind the Cliff Edge- When entering the inner Movie Lot make a left, next
there will be a fork go left. When you are up there grind the rail and then
jump to your right on a pole.  The pole will make a turn.  Before the turn jump
to the left and grind on the cliff's edge around the boulder.  It will
semi-release the boulder, thus creating a new challenge.  Remember; watch the
balancer so you don't fall.

Upper Quarter Pipe Transfer- After you enter the inner movie lot make a quick
right; and you'll see quarter pipes.  You need to get a ton of speed and do
something like a rocket grab to get up to the next quarter pipe which is....
left if your facing the exit to the movie lot and right if you're not.  You
have unlimited time so it does not matter if you need to try a couple of times.
 Once you’re on the second half-pipe get a lot of speed and try to transfer
to the last one. You might need to use the rail to get to the highest
half-pipe.  Good Luck.

-Mausoleum Transfer- This is in the warehouse of the movie lot.  To be more
specific the graveyard.  Find the mausoleum on the side of the graveyard.   Get
a lot if speed and on an angle launch over it.

-Rocket Grab Transfer Photo- This is at the opposite end of the place where you
start off.  As always, get a lot of speed (sparky blades help) and approach the
ramp on an angle.  Just do the rocket grab (Down and Square) over the road and
give the photographer a good picture :)

-Front Flip Transfer Photo- This is in the movie warehouse.  After getting in
the big building go straight to the photogapher.  Take a steep angle and go off
the side, UP UP SQUARE, and complete the frontflip on the other spine.

-40,00 and 60,000 point timed run - Just use lots of manuals and cess slides
and combo grinds.  Don't forget you can do vert tricks into grinds.

-Get 500,000 and 1,000,000 points - Same as above but no time limit.  These
types of tasks just take time.

-Grind The Boulder Chains - This challenge is opened after grinding the ledge
around the boulder.  Go in the big building and go up the high ramp - do the
same steps as doing the boulder ledge grinding challenge except jump off the
cable so you can get in the bowl.  Once you have gathered speed launch yourself
forward onto a chain and grind it.  Then jump to the other one.  Watch the
sweet cutscene :)

- Get the Third Traffic Light - When you start there is a winding pole straight
in front of you.  To get there you have to grind the downward rail and then
jump off quickly to get on the windy pole.  Stay balanced by pressing right or
left, corresponding to the juice meter.  Jump off to the last traffic light.

-5,000,000 Accumulated Points- This challenge will just take a while.

-Grind Cable Above Tree - Make sure you have completed the 40,000 point timed
run given to you by a ghost in the graveyard to understand what I'm talking
about.  When you enter the building take a left and go up the ramp.  Go almost
to the end of the ramp, jump up,  and grind on it's rail, then jump right and
then grind on that wire.  When the wire takes the turn right, stay on.  After a
little bit, transfer to the rail to the right of you and grind that.  The tree
has a branch wrapped around this wire.  (This is a hidden challenge)

-Wall Ride Chalk Board- This is in the secret area room (get the key from
Boardwalk).  Once in the area go up the ramp to the balcony.  Go all the way to
the far end of the balcony to where the chalkboard is.  Line up with the
chalkboard (you're still on the balcony), go forward, vault the rail, and then
hold down and X when you're in the air to wallride the chalkboard.

-100,000 point trick, 3 Wall Rides - My suggestion for this challenge is to go
behind the haunted house and do tons of wallrides back and forth and then land
it into a grind.

-Get the Museum Backroom Key - This is located in the secret area.  It is right
above the ramp to get up to the balcony.  Once on the balcony, face the key and
vault over the rail to it.

-600,000 Point Timed Run - For this challenge, I went into the bowl (drained
after you grind the big switch) and linked all of my tricks by doing cess slide
into a manual.  If you can do that technique you should be able to do this

Grind The 4 Small Switches -
- Switch 1 - The one on a wall supporting the balcony and above the two heads. 
To get this, transfer between the 2 quarter pipes and while you're in the air
just grind the switch.
- Switch 2 - The one under the balcony, in a corner.  This one is very simple. 
Just jump up and grind it.
- Switch 3 - The one in a corner, up on a wall, to the right of the big head
and all the other little ones.  Get on the balcony.  Do the same steps as wall
riding the chalkboard.  But instead of just finishing the wallride and jumping
back down, jump to the right and grind a green bubbly bar.  Grind it about 1/2
way and jump up to the switch to grind it.
- Switch 4 - To the right of balcony's ramp.  It is on a wall.  Do everything
the same as you did for switch 3 but instead of jumping off and grinding the
3rd switch keep on going on the green pole, and then jump off to grind the
cement place, then at the end of that, jump to the left on another green pole
and then... grind the last switch!

-Grind the Big Switch- First, get up to the balcony.  You then have to vault
off the balcony rail and grind the tube that's running toward the chalkboard.
Jump from that to the chalkboard and grind it, and then jump to your left off
of the board and grind the next pipe. Near the end of that one, jump and hold
triangle. The cutscene is pretty scary for this challenge:) (Credit goes to Pat
Reynolds from the message boards)

*Pat Reynolds
*Z-Axis for making this game
*And all the other people who love this game!

FAQ Made: June of 2002