• Cheat Codes

    Hold L + R and enter the following codes during gameplay:

    1 Million DoubloonsB, R3, White, X, A, R3, Back, L3, Y, Black
    Crazy VoicesR3, Y, Back, A, R3, B, White, X, Black, L3
    Get all Treasure Chest KeysY, Back, A, X, Right Analog Stick, White, Left Analog Stick, Black, B, Left Analog Stick
    Infinite ItemsB - Right - Black - Black - RAnalog - LAnalog - X - A - LAnalog
    Infinite Wind BoostBlack - White - RAnalog - X - LAnalog - Y - Black - B - A - LAnalog
    Invincibility for KatarinaA, Y, Left Analog Pad, B, Right Analog Pad, press Back, Right Analog Pad, White, Black, X
    Invincibility for the Wind DancerBack, B, White, A, Right Analog-stick, Black, X, Right Analog-stick, Y, Left Analog-stick
    Kane from Command & Conquer will Represent your Poison StatusB, Black, White, X, Left Analog Stick, A, Left Analog Stick, Y, Right Analog Stick, Back
    Katarina's Next WordBack, Black, Left Analog Stick, X, A, White, Y, Left Analog Stick, B
    Reveal all buried treasureY, A, X, B, white, down, click left analog stick, black, click left analog stick, click right analog stick
    Reveal all of the Treasure ChestsRight Analog Pad, A, B, Left Analog Pad, press Y, White, Back, Left Analog Pad, press X, and Black
    SSX MusicWhite, A, B, Black, X, Y, L3, Back, R3, L3
    Upgrade SwordR3, Back, Black, L3, X, A, White, Y, L3, B
    Upgrade Wind Dancer GalleonBlack, B, R3, L3, A, X, R3, Back, White, Y

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt, rafdox, Ben Zetlitz, Dogg, and nado.

Easter Eggs

  • Alternate Costumes for Katarina

    At the Main Menu hold down L + R + Left Analog Stick + Back + Up on the D-Pad. This will make green numbers appear. Keep holding all of the buttons down and use the Right Analog Stick to change the numbers to one of the following.

    0000:0001 = Blackbeard in Purple
    0000:0010 = Red hair with red and orange bikini
    0000:0011 = Blue hair with blue and red bikini
    0000:0100 = Tan, brown hair, orange and yellow bikini
    0000:0110 = Blonde hair with pink bikini
    0000:0101 = Blonde hair with orange and yellow bikini
    0000:0111 = Blue hair and shiny silver bikini
    0000:1000 = Red hair, black bikini, black stockings
    0000:1001 = Pink hair and shiny black bodt suit
    0000:1010 = Blue hair and shiny copper body suit
    0000:1011 = Purple hair and shiny silver body suit

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz.

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