FAQ/Walkthrough by TOMMYKAIRA

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James Bond: Agent Under Fire

Written By: TOMMYKAIRA aka Josh K
Update History

Version 1- Date 12/26/01
First Version: Walkthrough somewhat completed, rail missions and driving 
missions are not done. Most action normal missions finished. Everything 
else finished.

Table of Contents

4.Allied Characters
5.Enemy Characters
7.Legal Stuff

1. Controls

a. Normal Controls

X- Fire Weapon/Punch

O- Use Gadget

Square- Action Button (open doors, talk, etc.)

Triangle- Jump 

L1- Strafe Left

R1- Strafe Right

L2- Crouch

R2- Manual Aim

D-Pad Up/Down- Choose Weapon

D-Pad Left/Right- Choose Gadget

Left Analog Stick- Move Around

Right Analog Stick- Look Around

Start- Pause/Menu

Select- Alt. Fire

b. Driving Controls

X- Accelerate

O- Handbrake

Square- Brake

Triangle- Change View

L1- Fire Machine Gun

R1- Fire Weapon

L2- Look Behind

R2- Change Weapon

c. Rail Mission Controls
D-Pad Up/Down- Change Weapon

X- Fire Weapon

O- No use

Square- Action

Triangle- No Use

L2- Turn 180 Degrees

R2- Manual Aim

Left Analog Stick- Look Around/Aim

Right Analog Stick- Look Around/Aim


2. Weapons

Part 1- Description

P2K- The standard weapon of James Bond.  Small clip size and lack of 
power make this not a good choice to fight with.

KS7- A fully automatic machine-gun.  Not very accurate gun so I do not 
approve this weapon for combat.  You need to be close to be effective 

Freinsi Shotgun- A shotgun that holds six shells.  Powerful enough to 
take down an enemy in one shot but does not have good range. 

K-575- A machine-gun that is used in Mission 2 and Mission 9. It has 
good power and fires rapidly.

IAC Defender- This gun fires a .44 caliber bullet and is extremely 
powerful.  Its lack of accuracy is its only weakness.

Ingalls Type 20- A submachine gun with a rapid rate of fire. A not very 
accurate but is has a rapid rate of fire makes this weapon an average 
choice for the early levels.

SSR 4000- A powerful sniper rifle equipped with a laser sight and a 
scope. Extremely Accurate and with a long range of fire can take out 
almost any opponent in one shot. The only downside is that it does not 
have a rapid fire.

Windsor FSU-4- An assualt rifle equipped with a grenade launcher. Press 
select to switch from grenades and bullets.

Windsor Viper- A steel pistol that fires a .44 magnum that has extreme 
power.  The power has enormous recoil that reduces its rate of fire.

Dart Gun- A tranquilizer gun that keeps the enemy subdued for a long 
amount of time.  This is used in Bad Diplomacy for the embassy guards.

KA-57- An assault rifle that is great in tough situations.  It is fairly 
accurate and has a good rate of fire.

PS100- The most lethal submachine gun in the world has a large clip size 
(60 rounds) a rapid rate of fire, great accuracy, and great power make 
this gun great. The gun is not seen until later levels though.

Calypso- The Calypso has an 80 round clip, which is an extreme 
advantage, not having to reload very often. The gun is pretty accurate 
and has and incredible rate of fire.

Part 2-Real Life Equivalents- Thanks to SpecOps for helping me out.
Wolfram P2K = Walther P99. 

KS7 = A non-silenced MP5 submachine gun designed for the German Border 

Frinesi Shotgun = Benelli M1 or M3 Shotgun.

SSR4000 = Sig Sauer SSG-3000 sniper rifle equipped with 6x-laser scope.

Ingalls Type 20 = Uzi

KA-57 = AKS-47U a paratrooper style AK weapon. 

K575 = AK-47 assault rifle

Windsor FSU-4 = M-4 equipped with an M-203 grenade launcher.

IAC Defender = IMI Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Edition. 

Windsor Viper = Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum used by Navy Seals.

UGW = Steyr AUG Rifle equipped with 1.5x scope.

Calypso = Calico 9mm machine-pistol

D17 = Heckler & Koch G11/ACR (advanced combat rifle)

PS100 = French F.A.M.A.S. Rifle 

3. Gadgets

Q-Claw- Used to reach high or far away places.  There is a special 
object that the Q-Claw clips on to.

Q-Decryptor- Used to open digital locks and to hack into computer files.

Q-Remote- Used to download and send programs.  It may also open doors 
that require programs to open.

Q-Laser- This laser is used primarily to burn locks off of gates, vents, 
and doors.

Q-Jet- A rocket that gives a quick boost of upward thrust.  It can be 
re-fueled by any compressed gas.

Q-Card- An access card that unlocks any locked door that requires a 
security card to open.

Q-Camera- A micro-camera used to photograph evidence in Cold Reception.


4. Allied Characters

James Bond- The main character in Agent Under Fire.  He always is 
appointed to saving the world from the evil villain's plan.

Zoe Nightshade- An American CIA agent who is caught in Bloch's 
headquarters while looking for vials.  James is sent in to help her 

R- R provides gadgets for James along with some advice. He also analyzes 
data to help the MI6 continue its investigation.

M- The head of the MI6. She provides briefings and mission help to 

Dr. Natalya Damescu- Provides the MI6 with the data chip about Poseidon.  
She is a former employee of Malprave Industries. 

5. Enemy Characters

Nigel Bloch- He is the owner of Identicon Corporation, a leader in 
biotechnology. You infiltrate his headquarters in level 1.

The Twins- Two identical twins employed by Adrian Malprave. They act as 
her receptionists for reporters waiting to interview.

Adrian Malprave- Owner of Malprave Industries, a large corporation based 
in the Swiss Alps.

Carla the Jackal- An assassin who appears in levels Night of the Jackal 
with orders to eliminate Dr. Natalya Damescu.

Super Thugs- Heavily armored bad guys to put it short. 

6. Walkthrough

I have named the rooms to make it easier to navigate the levels.  Each 
room's name will be given to you in the walkthrough.

Level One- Trouble in Paradise

Gold Medal Score- 50,000
Gold Reward- Golden Gun (Golden P2K)
Platinum Reward- MP Map- Rocket Manor

Heli-pad- Use your Q-Claw on the vent above the door or use your Q-
Decryptor on the digital lock. 

Lobby- If you used the Q-Decryptor to open the door, you will enter 
here.  There is a security camera that will see you.

Office #1- After opening the second door with your Q-Decryptor you will 
find a guard.  Use your P2K to defeat him.  If you don't act fast enough 
he will sound an alarm. If you entered through the vent you will see the 
guard typing on the computer.  Shoot him from the vent, then drop down 
and pick up the ammo.

Observatory Level 1- There is nothing here really, unless the guard 
triggers the alarm and you don't shut it off. Go to the elevator at the 
right and press the action button.

Office #2- There is a guard in this room who will see you coming down 
the elevator.  Defeat him then use your Q-Laser on the locked gate.

Observatory Level 2- Walk down the hallway then fire at the first guard 
you see.  If you miss go down the hall a little more until you can see 
the forklift.  Shoot the red fireworks container on it and watch it blow 
up.  Walk down towards the forklift and pick up the KS7 and the ammo.  
Turn right and walk down that hall.  Be careful, there is a guard behind 
the crates on the right. Defeat him, then get the body armor behind the 
crates on the left.  Four guards will come down the hall. After 
defeating them, go in the direction they came from.  You will complete 
an objective.

Cultivation Area- There is several guards in this area.  The guy in the 
back right corner is throwing grenades, so watch out.  There is a guard 
with a shotgun in behind the glass.  Defeat him, and then watch out for 
the guy behind the crates on the left, in the red room.  Grab the 
suitcase with the vials on the table, then leave the room.

Submarine Pen Upper Level- There is only one enemy up here.  He is a 
sniper.  Shoot him then watch him fall off the catwalk.  The stairs to 
the lower level are in the back left.

Mezzanine- Walk over to the elevator. Simple.

Submarine Pen Lower Level- Defeat all the guards.  It is easier to 
defeat them by shooting chemical tanks.  Walk around to the other side 
and defeat the two guards standing near the bridge leading on to the 
sub. Use the Q-Laser to free Zoe from the lock.


Level 2- Precious Cargo 

Gold Medal Score- 50,000
Gold Medal Reward- Golden CH-6 (infinite rockets for CH-6 Rocket 
Platinum Reward- MP Golden Gun Mode

This is a rail mission (see rail mission controls)


Level 3- Dangerous Pursuit

Gold Medal Score- 70,000
Gold Medal Reward- Infinite Missiles for driving missions
Platinum Reward- MP Character- Stealth Bond 

Level 4- Bad Diplomacy 

Gold Medal Score- 70,000
Gold Medal Reward- Golden Accuracy
Platinum Reward- MP Power-up: Gravity Boots

Entry Hall- There is one guard here. Shoot him with your dart gun. After 
subduing him walk through the doorway.

First Floor Hallway- Walk around the bend in the path and find the 
elevator. Keep walking past it and shoot the guard walking down that 
hall and then get the darts in the room.

Receptionist's Office- There is some darts on the desk.  Get the darts 
then leave for the elevator and go upstairs.

Second Floor Hallway A- Turn to the left and follow the hall to the 
rotunda. There is one guard in the area.  Turn around and head to the 
right of the elevator and go through the doors.

Kitchen- Walk through towards the French doors on the other side of the 
kitchen.  A cut scene will play, and a guard will head towards the room.  
Duck down until you have a good shot at him.  After defeating him leave 
the room.

Second Floor Hallway B- There are a few lasers on the floor. Jump over 
the lasers and then defeat the guard.  There is a guard with a machine 
gun standing on the balcony. Defeat him then set outside.

Balcony- A cut scene takes over. Use the Q-claw to get to the upper 

Griffin's Quarters- Walk into the first door on the right and get the 
Keycard.  Then walk out past the statue to the door on the left.  Enter 
the door and get the tranquilizer darts. Then walk over to the lock door 
and the cut scene takes over. Get ready to fight the boss

BOSS FIGHT- Griffin 
Difficulty- Easy
How to Win- Shoot him twice with your gun...simple. Give up if you botch 
this one.

Pick up the access code and head back towards the window.  Go over to 
the computer and press the action button. Now you have to escape the 
embassy.  You can go back the way you came if you want, but there are a 
few guards left.  Go back to Griffin's office there is another door.  
Use the key card to unlock it.  

Third Floor Hallway- There is a guard patrolling the area around the 
glass display cases. Subdue him, then continue on down the hallway. 
There is a laser that moves up and down. Jump over it when it is on the 
lowest point. Subdue the guard.  Walk past the elevator and subdue the 
guard and then turn around and head to the elevator. Enter it and press 
the action button

First Floor Hallway- Turn left and walk down the hall. Go through the 
door. Walk through the French doors opposite the stairs. There is one 
guard outside. Defeat him.

Level 5- Cold Reception

Gold Medal Score- 90,000
Gold Medal Reward- Golden Clip (a 12 shot clip for Golden P2K)
Platinum Reward- MP Character- Guard

This mission has a timer on the bottom corner of the screen. If you are 
not quick enough the security will notice you're gone.

Lobby- There is three desks on the raised area in front of the stain 
glass window. Go to the one on the right if you are facing the windows. 
Press the action button and the French Doors on the left if your back is 
facing the windows will open.

Hallway- Walk through the doors and to the end of the hall. Use the Q-
Laser to open the vent and crawl through it. Continue through the vent 
and use the Q-Laser again on the lock. 

Office- Use the P2K to defeat the guard looking at the pictures. After 
subduing him, use the Q-Camera on the satellite images. Then enter 
through the double doors.

Conference Room- There is two guards in this room. I suggest using the 
Defender on these guards because they will sound the alarm if you do not 
subdue them quickly they will sound the alarm. After defeating them 
photograph the blueprints. 

Elevator Room- There is a set of doors on the right. Go through them and 
pick up the Key Card. The card will disable the mainframe alarms later 
in the level. After acquiring the card go into the elevator. If you are 
quick enough to get in the elevator you will be given more time on the 

Mainframe Entrance Room- There is one guard in the room. Shoot him and 
then get the body armor if you need it. There is a set of doors on the 
wall adjacent from the elevator. 

Mainframe Room- There is several guards in this room. You will need to 
subdue all of them before beginning to download the data. I recommend 
the KS7, a real life MP5 for this fight. The KS7 is not that accurate 
but all the other guns have a slower rate of fire. If one of the guards 
sounds the alarm, turn it off as soon as possible. Once the guards have 
been handled with head over to the wall opposite the way you entered. 
There is a place where the keycard can be used. Press the use gadget 
button and message saying, Data Port Alarms Disabled should appear. Now 
it is safe to use the Q-Decryptor on the data ports. Now on the same 
wall as the card scanner, there is a door farther down the wall. Go 
through it.

Maintenance Hallway-Walk though the hall all the way down until you seen 
another door. Walk through it and an elevator will be on the right. Use 
the elevator to get down the lower level.

Access Hallway- After going down the elevator you will see another 
walkway. Walk down to the end and a cut scene will take over. You can 
use the Q-Claw on the grate to go through the ventilation shaft or you 
can simply go through the blast door. I recommend going through the 
blast doors. 

Storage Block 1- There is many guards in here. You need to eliminate 
them as quickly as possible to prevent them from sounding the alarm. If 
the alarm is sounded the blast doors close and the base is sealed. Use 
the KS7 on the guards until you acquire a better weapon. There is some 
body armor scattered through out the area if you need it. The entrance 
to the next room is on the other end of the block from where you 
entered. If you get sealed in there is a ventilation shaft near midway 
between the area close by a railing that encloses a square shaped area. 
Use the Q-Claw to get up and then crawl in. Once you are in the shaft, 
turn left and follow the shaft to the end. Drop down into the room and 
defeat the guard. If you have a good shot try to shoot him from the 
shaft with your silenced P2K.

Security Room- There is a computer that contains the security door 
program that you need to acquire to complete the level. There is also 
some ammunition in the room. If you got through the blast doors you will 
have to find this room.

Storage Block 2- There is several guards in this area too. I suggest you 
defeat them before trying to leave. You can shoot the chemical tanks 
placed around the level to defeat the enemies easier and save ammo. 
There is a body armor vest if you need it in the area. After defeating 
all the guards make sure you have neutralized the sniper standing near 
the locked door. If not make sure you don't let him kill you or you will 
be placed at the Access Hallway part again. Continue up towards were he 
was and use the remote on the security door

TramLine Access Hallway- There is two Super Thugs in the hall. Empty an 
Ingalls Type 20 clip into the first one and then pick up the shotgun he 
had. Switch to the shotgun and use it against the second one, Two 
shotgun shells should do the trick on him.
TramLine Room- There is two people in this room. Shoot the first guard 
and then pull out the SSR4000 because there is a sniper in this room. He 
is across the opening in the floor. Quickly hit him and then walk around 
the bent on the walkway. Enter the room that you come to and climb up 
the ladder to get to the tramline. Walk over to it and press the action 


Level 6- Night of the Jackal 

Gold Medal Score- 90,000
Gold Medal Reward- Golden Grenades
Platinum Reward- MP Weapon- Viper

Street- There is a lot of guards on the streets. Start out by walking 
forward and a bus should drive in front of you. Cross the cobblestone 
road and there are two guards in the corner patio. Defeat them and then 
turn right and defeat the guards near the statue. One of them has 
grenades so be careful and try to defeat them quickly. Continue on down 
the road and shoot at the sniper. If you miss just continue on because 
he will duck down letting you pass. You should be at were the fence 
surrounding the embassy turns. Follow the turn in the cobblestone road 
until there is an archway. A guard appears and you need to defeat him. 

Courtyard- Walk through the archway. Two guards will appear. Defeat them 
and then continue on forward. There is a sniper that you have to get 
past. If you look up and to the right and you will see a grate that the 
Q-Claw can hook on to. Use the claw and get up there. Quickly mow down 
the sniper and then jump into the sniper's nest to pickup the SSR4000. 
Now use the claw to get back over and walk around the balcony until you 
find open doors to walk through. 

Apartment- Walk forward and there will be a door on the left. Open it 
and watch the cut scene. It's the latest in holographic technology. It 
turns out to be R, who gives you a keycard. The shower will go up into 
the ceiling and a passage will open. Walk through the hall until you 
find the balcony. Use the Q-claw to get across the road.

Embassy Back Entrance- You will be on a patio after using the claw to 
get across. Turn left and walk of the ledge. Don't worry you will not 
get hurt. Turn around and there will be a door on the left. Use the card 
to unlock it. 

Embassy Emergency Exit- Walk to the right to get the body armor if you 
need it. Then walk up the stairs and through the door at the top.

Second Floor Hallway C- A lady runs out of an office right in front of 
you. There is a guard in the room who you will need to defeat. Turn down 
the hall and you will find another hostage. Defeat the guard who is 
holding the hostage and continue until you see some glass windows. There 
are two hostages and three guards. Start out by shooting a guard and 
then the others will fire at you. After defeating the first two, face 
left and you should see the other one. After all the guards in the room 
the hostages are safe. Now you can enter the room and pick up the ammo. 

Second Floor Hallway B- There are a few guards in this hall. The lasers 
are shut off, unlike Bad Diplomacy. Defeat the guard that you see, then 
walk around the bend in the hall. A explosion will blow a hole in the 
wall revealing a guard. Subdue him and then walk through the double 

Kitchen- Get ready for a fight. There are several guards in here. I 
recommend crawling around to help save health. There is some SSR4000 
ammo on the counters. Once defeating all the guards, grab their ammo and 

Second Floor Hallway A- Walk around the hall and past the elevator. 
There are three guards that protect this sector. The first two jump out 
but the last one is in the doorway to the rotunda. After defeating the 
guards put on the Q-Specs. There is a secret passage behind one of the 
flags. Go in it.

King and Country Escape Route- Natalya Damescu is in here, along with 
some body armor. Grab the armor and head into the elevator after talking 
to her. 

Walkway- There is a guard on a raised walkway. Shoot the chemical tanks 
next to him and then the ones in front of you to pick up the armor if 
you need it and the Viper.

Carla's Area- 
BOSS FIGHT- Carla the Jackal
Difficulty- Medium
How to win- Shoot Carla until she gets above the chemical tanks then 
shoot one of the barrels. It will make her move again. Continue to shoot 
at her until she moves over close to the pool. Go over to the right wall 
and you will find a button to press. Press the action button and then 
Carla will fall into the pool and you will have beaten her. Go up the 
ladder and grab her gun, an FSU-4, an M-4 rifle with a grenade launcher 
attached. Be careful when fighting Carla on AGENT or 00 AGENT because 
she fires grenades at you that cause great amounts of damage.

Heli-pad- This is the last area in the level which can be accessed by 
going through the door after the crane where Carla fell in. Let the 
white and blue helicopter take off. You have to destroy the black 
helicopter that appears in order to finish the level. Pull out the 
SSR4000 and aim for the pilot once he is dead the helicopter will crash

Level 7- Streets of Bucharest

Gold Medal Score- 100,000
Gold Medal Reward- Lotus Esprit
Platinum Reward- MP Character- Alpine Guard

Level 8- Fire and Water

Gold Medal Score- 100,000
Gold Medal Reward- Rapid Fire
Platinum Reward- MP Weapon- Calypso

Sea Level Dock- Start out by walking on the pipes over until you come to 
a ladder and climb up it. 

Level A Deck- There is one guard that needs to be taken care off. After 
subduing him climb up another ladder. 

Level B Deck- Only one guard in this area that needs to be eliminated. 
Use the silenced P2K so the other guards won't hear you. Find the ladder 
that leads up another level and climb up. 

Level C Deck- There is two guards on the deck. Still use the P2K and aim 
for head shots. After both of those guards have been taken care of, pull 
out the Calypso. 

Level D Crane Control Room- A cut scene will Bloch telling out that you 
are about to die. The guard typing on the computer will turn around to 
fire at you shoot him and then shoot at Bloch until he runs away. 
Use the Q-Remote to acquire the crane program and use it on the crane 
outside the window. (Note: You don't have to do the cranes but they will 
help your total mission score). After that use the laser on the locked 
door to gain access to the next area. 

Level D Helped- There are several guards hiding around behind the 
crates. Strafe left and right while shooting to avoid getting damage. 
The helicopter will shoot at you on higher difficulties so try to keep 
moving. Once the guards are neutralized depart for the staircase on the 
wall adjacent to the helipad. 

Level C Storage Deck- Continue down the stairs until you find a locked 
gate. Use the laser to unlock it and then Bloch will run away. Turn left 
and laser the locked vent and crawl through it until you reach another 
lock. Laser the lock and crawl out of the vent.

Level C Storage Garage- There is two guards who need to be taken care 
of. After they are defeated walk over to the flashing light near the 
door and press the action button. The door will lift up revealing two 
cranes. Use the Q-Remote to activate the cranes. Now head back through 
the vent you came in from. 

Level C Storage Deck- Laser the vent on the right but don't enter it. 
Walk towards the building in the middle of the deck. A cut scene will 
show up and then men will start to run at you. Shoot them until they are 
defeated then shoot a run into the building. Laser the locked case and 
take the SSR4000. Shoot the sniper and the men standing on the catwalk. 
There are men on a raised helipad, which is opposite the catwalk. Now it 
is safe to run to where Bloch was and activate the bridge. The bridge 
will fold down and the door to the pump room can be accessed. 

Pump Room- Three guards will run up the stairs once you enter. Defeat 
them and get the armor lying around if you need it. Walk halfway down 
the stairs and pull out the SSR. Shoot the two snipers on the catwalks 
and a guard on the gantry. Now walk down the stairs and around the main 
support beams. Guards will come at you, which you will need to 
neutralize. Find a ladder in the back of the room and defeat the guard 
throwing grenades. Climb up the ladder and walk to the doorway and wait 
for a super thug to come. Shoot the barrels and he should die. One guard 
comes which you need to defeat. Walk into the room where there are a lot 
of computers and find a flashing light. Press the action button and the 
oil pumps will start moving. Walk out onto the catwalk and shoot the 
three guards who appear. Two are on the sides of the catwalk and the 
other is near the door where you entered the room. Drop down off the 
catwalk and refuel the Q-Jet. Climb on the gantry opposite the one you 
climbed on to turn on the pumps and jump onto the hammer when it is low 
enough.  Now pull out the Q-jet and rocket off when it is at the top 
onto the higher level. There is about five guards in here. You can shoot 
a forklift with fireworks on it to eliminate three of them. Leave the 
room from the door in the back once your done.

Level E Deck- Q-Claw up to the tower with the sniper and shoot him 
quickly then grab the armor around the corner. Now Q-claw across the gab 
and shoot the other guard. Now use the hook to get across. 

Level F Tower- Shoot the guards hiding behind boxes and then grab the 
armor. There is a crane near the back left corner. Activate the crane 
then head towards the elevator. Two guards come down but they hesitate 
to fire and you can easily eliminate them. Now get on the elevator to 
get up another level.

Level G Tower- Watch out for the helicopter that appears. Use the SSR on 
the pilot then grab the body armor in the center of the area. Find a 
ladder to get up another level. Look up around the railings to find 

Level H Tower- Use the remote to activate any cranes you see then use 
the Q-Claw to get up on the platform. Q-Claw up to the platform with the 
guy throwing grenades and defeat him. Climb up the ladder behind him and 
laser the lock to complete the mission.


Level 9- Forbidden Depths

Gold Medal Score- 110,000
Gold Medal Reward- Golden Armor
Platinum Reward- MP Modifier- Full Arsenal

Level 10- Poseidon

Gold Medal Score- 120,000
Gold Medal Reward- Golden Bullets
Platinum Reward- MP Character- Cyclops Guard

Level 11- Mediterranean Crisis

Gold Medal Score- 130,000
Gold Medal Reward- Regenerative Armor
Platinum Reward- Poseidon Guard

Level 12- Evil Summit

Gold Medal Score- 130,000
Gold Medal Reward- Infinite Ammo
Platinum Reward- MP Character- Carrier Guard

7. Legal Stuff

THIS DOCUMENT IS MY WORK. Don't post it anywhere except for GameFAQ's 
without consulting me. Feel free to download it but do not try to sell 
it or say it that it is your work. 

Copyright 2001 Josh Kinard