Gold Medal Walkthrough by DTran / Zeratul 999

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        James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire Gold Medal Walkthrough
                By: Legomondo (David T.) and Zeratul 999
                 Version: 1.00 (Last Updated: 12/30/02)
                     Game System: Nintendo GameCube


  1.  Version
  2.  Introduction
  3.  Medals
  4.  Gold Medal Walkthrough
  5.  Legal Info.
  6.  Thanks

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[1. Version]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

12/30/02 - 1.00: Added some readers' comments.

08/15/02 - 0.91: Added some information on Forbidden Depths and Night 
  of the Jackal.

07/20/02 - 0.90: Finished the last mission, though it's a cheating way.  
  I'll add the honorable way in the next update.  If you're the person 
  that sent me that, then could you please email me again so I can give 
  you proper credit.  My email account is gone temporarily.

07/16/02 - 0.80: Finished Poseidon.  Evil Summit is left.

07/10/02 - 0.70: Completed the level Fire and Water.

06/07/02 - 0.60: Finished all the odd numbered missions and even 
  numbered missions through Night of the Jackal.  Will update as soon 
  as possible, and any feedback would be appreciated.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[2. Introduction]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Ok folks.  This is a FAQ that we created.  Now, the purpose of this FAQ 
is to help people get gold medals that they couldn't previously get.  
Basically, this is just a walkthrough for those medals, because, who 
really cares about the silvers and the bronzes.  They look nice and 
all, but that's all they're really there for.  Now on with this FAQ.  
~WARNING: This FAQ contains spoilers~  If you want to submit your own 
gold medal walkthrough, email me at and we'll post 
them.  Also, you can email me if you see a typo or have anything to 
correct in our FAQ.  

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[3. Medals]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Now, what's there to explain about medals.  Well, for starters, they 
look nice and they show your accomplishments.  Just like in real life, 
you get Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or no medals; bronze being the 
least desirable.  If you get gold, you earn a single-player cheat, and 
a platinum gets you a multiplayer cheat.  The game judges you in the 
following catergories:

Bond Moves                       The more, the better.

Enemies Subdued                  The more, the better.

Ammo Efficiency                  The higher the percentage, the more 
                                 points you get.

Weapons Accuracy                 Again, in percentile, the higher, the 

Damage Taken                     The lower the percentile, the better.

Mission Duration                 The lower the time, the more points 
                                 you get.

007 Bonus                        007 Icons will only appear after 
                                 getting a gold on that level.  Collect 
                                 all of them in one stage to earn tons 
                                 of points and a platinum medal.
               Difficulty Bonus:
                                 Total Sum: 

That's about it.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[4. Gold Medal Walkthrough]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

This section is for levels where you are trying to get gold medals.  
Once you do, you can move on to platinums where you can earn more 
cheats.  We'll list: the recommended difficulty level, the weapons 
available, recommended gold medal cheats, gold medal target, and then 
the walkthrough itself.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[4a. Trouble in Paradise]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Difficulty: Operative
Weapons: P2K, MRL-22, Grenades, KS7, SSR 4000, and Frinesi
Gold Cheats: Golden Clip, Golden Accuracy, and Rapid Fire
Gold Medal Target: 50,000 

Skip the cutscene and use your Q-Decryptor on the door.  Then, Q-Claw 
your way up to the grate and walk across the walkway into the gap.  You 
should fall, and see a guard by a computer.  Equip your Fist and punch 
him until he falls, thus giving the armory card.  Open the door in 
front of the computer with the decryptor and it gives you a bond move.  
Open the armory door and pick the rocket launcher and the 4 grenades.  
Backtrack to the computer room and head out to the big room.  Head to 
your right and go down the elevator.  

Once you regain control, shoot the guard and pick up his ammo.  Cut the 
lock with your laser, and proceed slowly across the walkway.  Try and 
target him in the head, but it's ok if you miss.  Follow him and target 
the red barrel , which should kill all three of them.  Collect their 
weapons and face the open hallway.  Shoot the wire that's holding the 
box and it should crash down on a hidden guard.  Two things can happen.  
When you walk down the hallway, a cutscene will show guards in another 
hallway just standing, or rushing toward you.  You can either hide 
behind the box where the body armor is, or gun them down.  Either way, 
you need to go down the hallway they came from.  

You find yourself in a room that's well lit, for now.  As soon you take 
a few steps forward, the lights should go out.  Now's the time to put 
the rocket launcher and grenades to good use.  Equip the launcher first 
and try to take out groups of enemies.  Since this is the first level, 
resistance should be minimum.  Fire your rocket at the grenade thrower 
first, and then take out whoever you choose.  Save your grenades for 
encamped enemies and preceed to eliminate enemies along the way.  Pick 
up the vial and walk into the open door.

Walk up to the steps in front of you and a cutscene should show.  Skip 
that and take out the sniper and head down the steps in front of you.  
Take his gun and equip it.  Go up to the rail and take out as many men 
as you can with the gun.  Shoot barrels for an explosive effect.  Pull 
out the shotgun and ride down the elevator.  Now most of the men should 
be gone if you took them out with the sniper rifle and just go ahead 
and toward the sub.  Leftover guards and two new ones that come from an 
elevator to attack you.  Dispose of them; cut the lock that Zoe is 
chained to, and the mission is complete.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[4b. Precious Cargo]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Difficulty: Operative
Weapons: KA-57, Shotgun, and CH-6
Gold Cheats: Golden Clip, and Golden CH-6
Gold Medal Target: 50,000

This is your first rail-shooting mission, but it should be a cinch to 
get a gold on.  First, turn to your left and you should see a 
helicopter coming down from the mountains.  Use your KA-57 and shoot 
the gunner before taking down the copter to earn a bond move.  Next, 
pick up the CH-6 and bring it out.  Turn back to the front, where your 
target will be the missile launching helicopter.  Since you're on 
Operative, the gun will auto-aim.  Fire one or two shots, and you 
should see a nice ball of flame.  

Bring out your KA-57 again and do a 180 degree turn.  You'll see a blue 
car coming up.  Shoot for the tires if you're good enough to take out 
the car without destroying it.  Doing this will also earn you many bond  
moves.  Swivel around again and wait for a van to appear in front of 
you.  Even though Zoe says it's armored, you can take it out with 
regular machine gun fire, or do as you did above and take out it's 

Zoe will now drive into a city.  At an intersection, a limo will come 
up behind you.  You know the drill, pop its tires before another one 
comes up.  At the next T-intersection, another will come.  Eventually, 
after a blockade, which you should blow up, you'll end up in a deserted 
place and stop, surrounded by three limos.. near some EXPLOSIVE 
barrels.  Hm.. shoot all the barrels to blow up the cars to earn a bond 
move.  As soon as you exit the place, look up and shoot a helicopter.  
Do the same to the car behind you.  Now, as you're racing along the 
streets, don't forget to look in front of you and take out any thugs 
who are in your way.  Finally, you'll come up into another blockade, 
this time, with two limos, a van near a gas station, and an attack 
helicopter.  Shoot the gunner in the helicopter, than demolish it.  
Shoot the gas pumps near the van to blow up the cars.  Proceed ahead 
and take out the three guards on the building.  

When you crash inside, you should take out your CH-6 and shoot at the 
middle column.  This will take out most of the guards and allow you to 
proceed ahead.  Take out the two guards on the gang plank above you and 
then the rest of the guards in the room.  Shoot the red barrel in the 
next one, and then proceed to eliminate everyone else.  Finally, shoot 
the red blinking panel to move a heavy box over the generator.  Shoot 
the box to cause it to come crashing down, and end the mission.  

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[4c. Dangerous Pursuit]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Difficulty: Operative
Weapons: Q-Smoke, Missiles, Rockets, Q-Booster, and Q-Pulse
Gold Cheats: Lotus Esprit
Gold Medal Target: 70,000

At the very start of this mission, switch to your rockets if it isn't 
already selected and drive forward.  After two rights, you find the 
blockade that was in the cutscene.  To the left of it are barrels.  
Shoot them with a rocket for a bond move and pick up the rockets that 
they drop.  Drive forward and you'll come to a tunnel with barrels and 
men on the side.  Shoot the barrel on the road causing a chain reaction 
and giving you another bond move.  Now you have two options.  Go to the 
left, or go to the right.  Go to the right and follow the map where the 
arrow is pointing.  Be sure it's always pointing at 12:00 or at least 
close to that direction.  Go full speed too as you're trying for a fast 
time.  Follow the map until the van is in sight.  Switch to your 
missiles now and target the cars and limos that are tailing the van.  
If you run out, switch to your rockets.  After chasing the van through 
a subway tunnel and over steps, you should have a Q-Pulse.  If you 
don't, you can find one by following the van until you come in front of 
a building with a Q-Booster in front of the door.  Pick it up and crash 
through the door and drive up.  Go at full speed, jump the gap and you 
should be on top of some building.  Keep on going and drive through to 
activate a cutscene.

When you land, you should be right behind the van.  Use a Q-Booster if 
you're lagging behind and get ready to use the Q-Pulse.  It takes a few 
seconds to charge, so make sure you're right beside it, or at least 
really close behind it.  Use it and disable the van with the first Q-
Pulse to earn another bond move and end the mission.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[4d. Bad Diplomacy]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Difficulty: Operative
Weapons: Dart Gun
Gold Cheats: NONE
Gold Medal Target: 70,000

As soon as the mission starts, pop the guard in front of you with a 
dart.  Make sure the guards don't sound the alarm or the mission will 
end.  Open the doors and take out any guards you see along the way, 
there should only be one.  Go past the elevator for now, and then move 
into the next room, where you should find more darts.  

Go up the elevator, and to your right.  Open the door to the kitchen, 
making sure not to step on the glass, as it will cause nose and alert 
the guards.  Very clever of the designers I say.  Jump over them if you 
must, and take out the guard in front of the doors.  Keep your dart gun 
out and take out the guard as he walks by you.  Now you can take out 
your Q-Specs and Q-Laser to deactivate the lasers.  If you're attentive 
enough, you can find them without the Specs.  Proceed to deactivate all 
three of them.  Continue through the hallway until you come to a 
seemingly dead end and use the Q-Specs on the wall to your left.  Open 
the secret door and collect the darts, and armor if needed.  

Head outside, Q-Claw up onto the next level and go through the window.  
Open the door to your right, skip the cutscene, and then open the next 
door on your left.  After collecting the darts in the closet, you can 
then open the door that needs a card, and meet the dead Griffin.  Shoot 
the clone with two darts, or karate chop him, then collect the items he 
drops.  Go back to the computer, press the button on the CPU, and then 
proceed to escape.  You can either backtrack, or go back to Griffin's 
room, out the other door, and down the steps.  Shoot the guard with a 
dart, and then through the hallways.  Watch out for the laser you need 
to deactivate.  When you go down the elevator, and out the door, shoot 
the last guard on your way.  Then, just walk out.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[4e. Cold Reception]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Difficulty: Agent
Weapons: P2K, KS7, KA-57, Frinesi, MRL-22, Grenades, Defender, and SSR 
Gold Cheats: Golden Gun, Rapid Fire, Golden Accuracy, and Golden Armor
Gold Medal Target: 90,000

You find yourself in a room.  Go up to the desks, look at the Malprave 
painting and press the button on the right desk.  Pressing any other 
ones will activate alarms.  

  -=[Kathy or Chris Campshure]=-
"In the Cold Reception level, you say that pushing any buttons other than 
the one to open the left door will set off alarms. I thought this to be true 
at first as well, but after a little experimenting I found out that when you 
push those buttons guards come out and ring the alarms next to the doors. 
If you look next to either of those doors you will see alarm switches. Now, 
you can either pick the guards off from the computers if you have a good aim 
(go for the one that runs at the switch first. Duh!), or you can use my strategy. 
Note: You must have the Golden Grenades. 

Chuck a grenade at the door you're about to open and then open it quickly. 
The guards will be destroyed by the explosion, without you losing ammo, health, 
or time! (And they won't set off that damn alarm either) Another note: If 
the door is shut when the explosion goes off, the guards won't be harmed, 
you'll waste a grenade, and chances are they'll ring the alarm."

Go through the open door and laser the lock on the grate.  Craw through and 
laser all of the locks on the other grates.  Now, stay in the grate and with 
your silenced P2K, target the guard's head.  The guard should just be standing 
there.  After taking him out, quickly take his weapon and photograph the plans 
on the stand.  If you don't do it fast enough, another guard will walk in 
on you.  Go back into the grate and try to pick off both the guards in the 
room.  Get out, and photograph the building on the table.  If you look 
at the wall, you'll see a MRL-22 and body armor, but don't shoot the 
glass or you'll sound the alarm.  Laser the lock on the grate and crawl 
through.  Keep on lasering all the locks on all of the grates and 
dispose of the guard while in it.  Photograph the second set of plans, 
and check the wall.  There should be a painting of one of the twins.  
Press the A button to reveal the hidden room with the MRL-22.  Keep on, 
and go down the hallway.  Before you reach the elevator, there should 
be another guard.  Take care of him and take the Key Card off the 
bookshelf.  Go into the elevator and ride it down.  As soon as the door 
opens, take the guard out and pick up the body armor if you need it.  
Go down the steps and take out the two guards in the room before they 
sound the alarm.  If they do, go up to the alarm and press the A button 
to turn it off.  Use the keycard on the card slot on the side of the 
room to turn off the Data Port alarms.  Use your Q-Decryptor on all 
three of them and take a picture of a building near a wall.  Then, go 
through the door and take the elevator down.

Continue down the hallway and go to the door.  If you look up, you 
should see where you can Q-Claw up.  Do that and go through the grate, 
picking off guards from there.  Q-Claw to the next one and continue.  
Finally, drop off and eliminate the rest of the guards.  Go into the 
main room.  If you managed to eliminate all of the guards without 
raising the alarm, you should be able to walk through the blast doors.  
If not, look up to the ceiling to find a grate and Q-Claw up.  Go to 
the left and at the very edge, take out the guard with a head shot.  
Drop down, and download the program into your remote.  Continue forward 
and you should be a catwalk looking down at guards.  The guards will 
shoot at you but if you shoot the handles on the tanks they're standing 
next to you, they'll explode the barrels and give you bond moves.  Or 
you can just shoot the barrels, either way.  After killing all of the 
guards, head to the door.  Use your Q-Remote on it and get ready for 
the mercenaries.  Using the Frinesi, peek out, shoot, hide behind wall, 
and repeat.  This should give you enough time to reload and shoot him 
again before he can fire back at you.  2-3 shotgun blasts should put 
him down.  Follow the hallway to meet another mercenary.  Repeat the 
tactic and kill the guard by the door.  Eliminate the sniper, and climb 
up the ladder in the building.  Press A to use the hook and the mission 
is over.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[4f. Night of the Jackal]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Difficulty: Agent
Weapons: P2K, KA-57, Grenades, Frinesi, SSR 4000, Viper, Ingalls, MRL- 
         22 and FSU-4
Gold Cheats: Golden Armor, Golden Gun, and Golden Bullets
Gold Medal Target: 90,000

Run forward, past the bus and take out the two guards who emerge from a 
doorway.  Proceed to pick up their KA-57s, then turn right, and take 
out the grenade thrower.  If you pick up his grenades, the two guards 
firing on the building will come after you.  You know what to do, take 
them out.  

Since you can't go past the fence, use your grenades and throw them 
inbetween the bars and near the terrorists.  You can take out groups of 
them at a time, but be sure to stay out of the sniper's view.  When 
you've taken them all out, head as close to the sniper as you can 
without letting him see you.  Lean out and pop him with a few shots of 
your Viper.  Pick up the body armor near the area if you deem fit.  

From the sniper's alley, go left and continue to a dead end where you 
can find more body armor, and a Frinesi.  Sweet!  Go back out and turn 
left.  A baddie should pop out from under the bridge/tunnel/arch.  Take 
him down, and proceed through.  Two more guys should come out, under 
the watchful view of another sniper.  Once their eliminated, rush to 
the tree and take cover.  Pop out and take the sniper out.  Use the Q-
Claw and go up to the balcony.  Jump into the balcony where the now 
deceased sniper was and collect his gun.  Use the Q-Claw to get back on 
the ledge, and enter the room.  Go through the unlocked door, view a 
cutscene of a woman in the shower who turns out to be R (Darn! :P) and 
Q-Claw onto the other side of the street.  Take out your Frinesi and 
open the door.  Go up the steps, open the door, and wait for the women 
to come out.  Following her will be a guard, so pump him full of lead.  
One shot from the powerful shotgun should do it.  Go to your left, 
around a corner, and shoot the guy over the hostage.  Don't worry about 
killing the hostage, as EA seems to have taken it away.  Go down the 
hallway, and sneak close to the windows.  You can hear some terrorists 
talking to the hostages.  Shoot them, and jump through any holes to 
enter.  Collect their Ingalls, and head into the next room.  There's 
some armor behind the cabinets, just watch out for the live wire.  

Fight your way through the kitchen, taking out the guard in front of 
you, while you hide behind the door.  Then, pop out and take out 
another two guards.  If you have any grenades, than you can throw them 
to take out the guy behind the counter.  Proceed through the door, 
taking out the three guards in the hallway.  When you enter the room 
with all the flags, M should tell you of a secret passage.  If you 
already know where it is, go through it, but if not, use your Q-Specs.  
Go through and grab the body armor, and into the elevator.

Open the door and shoot the barrels to blow up the guy.  Head through 
and get ready to fight the Jackal.  If you've got the Golden Gun, use 
it all the way and pump her full of lead.  When she moves in front of 
the barrels, shoot them.  Moving her one more time will position her in 
front of the crane.  Push the button to send her into a pit of acid.  
Collect any ammo, climb up the ladder, her gun, and the body armor if 
you need it.  Go up the steps and take out your SSR4000.  When the 
attack helicopter appears, shoot the pilot in the head to earn a bond 
move and cause it to crash without fighting it.  However, for fun, you 
can pick up the MRL-22 and the rockets, or use the mounted machine 
guns.  Whatever way you choose, you should finish the mission with 
90,000 points or higher. 

- In night of the jackal, Carla the Jackal dosen't fall into a pool of 
  acid. She falls into an air hole. (Jie Li-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[4g. Streets of Bucharest]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Difficulty: Agent
Weapons: Rockets, Missiles, Q-Slicks, Q-Booster, Chain Gun, Cannon, and 
         MGF-34 Shells
Gold Cheats: Unlimited Missiles, and Golden Armor
Gold Medal Target: 100,000

If you have Unlimited Missiles, use them for this whole mission, until 
you pilot the tank.  At the start, chase down the limo in front of you 
and wipe it out with your missiles.  Pick up the Q-Slicks underneath 
the bridge and take a right.  Continue and follow the main road.  
Follow your map, and take out any cars in your way.  Chase the red van 
on the bridge and destroy it with your missiles.  You should pick up 
some rockets.  Keep on following it, and use the Q-Slick on the cars 
tailgating you.  This earns you a bond move.  Follow your radar and 
when you come to the big open street, with what looks like a miniature 
park, drive across that diagonally and take the road in front of you.  
Follow it and you should see a helicopter hover down.  Blow it up with 
your missiles and pick up the Locater.  Blast the other helicopter with 
your missiles to earn you another bond move.  You can either drive out 
through the front to pick up some armor or go out through where the 
trains are.  Follow your map again and blast the car that's in front of 
you.  An attack helicopter should attack but you if you maintain 
maximum speed, you should outrun it.  Keep on going as the helicopter 
blasts the bridge, and jump over the gap giving you another bond move.  
Continue and blow up the van, but becareful to turn to the left or 
you'll crash into a gate.  Pick up the chip, and crash into a yellow 
sign in the middle.  Try to hit it on the side to have your car tilt 
and give you a bond move.  Continue down and race toward the gap.

Cool cutscene, huh?  Keep on going and crash through the gate; jump 
over the gap and the Q will talk.  Pick up the Q-Booster in front of 
the path and go full speed.  Use the Q-Booster right BEFORE you hit the 
steps or the mission will fail.  If you do it correctly, you'll crash 
into a building containing...... a tank!

Take your chain gun and mow down the two cars that are in front of you.  
Turn around and do the same to the limo behind.  This part is mainly 
straightforward.  Shoot the car that's heading straight for you before 
you turn into a clearing.  Kill the guard by the bridge and shoot the 
barrels near the van.  Continue to blow up the cars that are blocking 
you.  Around the next corner, a cutscene will show a helicopter over a 
bridge with a van and a car.  The helicopter fires....

Once you regain control, switch to your cannon, aim up at the 
helicopter and fire.  A huge explosion should take place destroying 
everything on that bridge.  Switch back to you chain gun.  After you're 
on the main street again, shoot the tanker to destroy the two vans.  
Keep on going and two helicopters should come down.  Take your chain 
gun and shoot them down (the cannon is too hard to aim with).  You'll 
crash through a hotel and end up on a different side.  Fire at the guy 
standning on top of the building and shoot the car in front of you.  
You should have the Q-Goggles now, and kill anything that's 
highlighted.  Turn around and blow up the van following you.  A 
helicopter should come down and fire on you, and you'll have to turn 
around to destroy it, unless you've got quick reflexes.  Right before 
your goggles run out of juice, you should see a van and two guys with 
rocket launchers.  Take the chain gun, and aim at the barrels near 
them.  They should all explode and give you a bond move.  The goggles 
"expire" and a limo pulls up.  Destroy it and another helicopter should 
appear.  Shoot it down, and you'll pick up the MGF-34 Shells.  I'm not 
really sure what they're for.

  -=[Kathy or Chris Campshure]=-
"I was on GameFAQs and I found your walkthrough on how to get gold medals. 
Very nice, I must say. Taught me a few new tricks that would really help. 
Thanks. Right now I'm stuck on Water & Fire (SO close to beating it last time. 
Stupid snipers!), but I'm sure that it'll be only a matter of time now that 
I've read about it. I was reading through some of your other mission 
walkthroughs and noticed you didn't know what the MGF-34 shells were in 
Streets of Bucharest. Well, I'll help you in return for helping me out. To 
put it shortly, they are bullets for your cannon. I know this might not be 
very significant, but, I thought I should let you know nonetheless. 
I will be sure to let you know if I see any other way that I could help."

You have two options.  You can shoot the red tanker up on the train to 
destroy the bridge and the two tanks, or you can open fire on them.  
I'm not exactly sure if you can destroy both of them, since they kill 
you pretty quick.  Infact, I'm not sure you can destroy one at all.  
I've constantly fired at one, and it stopped firing, but I'm not too 
sure.  Anyways, destroy the tanker for a faster time and the mission 
should end.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[4h. Fire and Water]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Difficulty: Agent
Weapons: P2K, Defender, SSR 4000, FSU-4, PS100, and Grenades
Gold Cheats: Golden Armor, Golden Bullets, Regenerative Armor, Golden 
             Clip, and Golden 
Gold Medal Target: 100,000

As soon as the mission starts, climb up the ladder.  If you did it fast enough, 
you can shoot the guard in the back of the head.  Pick up his gun and climb 
up the second ladder.  Do the same, and continue up the third one.  There 
are two guards on this walkway, so you need to dispose of them quickly.  Climb 
up the final ladder into a room.  Try to snipe the guard in the back of his 
head if possible, but it's not likely.  Download the program, and use it on 
the crane above Bloch's head.  

Go out the door without a lock if you need to regain some health.  Next, cut 
the lock, and proceed outside, taking cover behind some crates.  Kill all 
the guys, and throw some grenades at the helicopter if it is still on the 
ground.  Go down the steps, laser the lock on the gate, and laser the locks 
on the grates on either side of the path.  Go through the right one, and laser 
another lock that blocks your exit.  Climb up the stairs, and take out any 
guards on the walkway.  Kill the sniper, take his gun, and aim for the pilot's 
head.  Kill anyone else with the sniper rifle, and go inside the building.  
Take out the FSU-4 and use it to eliminate the guards.  Go behind the pipes, 
and pick up the body armor if needed.  Crawl under them, and take out the 
sniper.  Take out the guards behind the pillars, and the one on a ledge.  Refill 
your Q-Jet.  Q-Claw up to the ledge, take out any other snipers, and the 
grenade throwing guard on the opposite side of you.  Q-Claw to his position, 
go inside, and take out the guards.  Push the button, go back out, eliminate 
the guards with the sniper rifle, and Q-Claw back to the first ledge.  Walk 
onto the pumps, and use your Jet Pack to lift into the room above.  Take out 
the guards easily by shooting the red barrel, then, wipe the rest out.  Go 
outside, take out the snipers, and Q-Claw up to the left tank.  Q-Claw to 
the right one, and go down the line.  Take out any more guards with your FSU-4, 
and shoot a grenade into the descending lift.  Take out the grenade throwing 
guard with your Remote, and go up the lift.  Take your sniper rifle out, and 
shoot the helicopter pilot in the head.  Go up, take out the guard chucking 
grenades at you, and Q-Claw to his position.  Climb up the ladder, and laser 
the lock off.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[4i. Forbbiden Depths]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Difficulty: Agent
Weapons: KA-57, Shotgun, and Guided Missile Launcher
Gold Cheats: Golden Clip
Gold Medal Target: 110,000

This is Rail Shooter, so this should be another simple mission.  Take out 
the guard on the rail, and it should drop KA-57 ammo.  Continue down and take 
out the automated gun on the ceiling.  You can tell that there is a gun by 
a blinking red light.  Continue down and take out guards and anymore machine 
guns.  Try and shoot the two guards in the window.  Now you go through a 
"tunnel" which holds the water out.  Shooting it will get you nowhere, so 
don't even try.    

Next, you find yourself at a stop.  Bloch is ahead of you, but the door closes.  
Take out most of the guards, all if you want, to continue, but you can also 
shoot the guard by the computer.  Doing so will reveal a red panel and another 
guard.  Shoot the red panel to progress early and earn a bond move.  Shoot 
the gun in front of you and swivel around.  

  -=[Joyce Bendall]=-
"when u first stop . shoot the blue signs on the pillars (only 3) and you 
get a ch-9 rocket launcher 
it is grate for destroying the cars 
it kills bloch when he is in the car"

Another car should be behind you.  If you fire constantly on the guard, he 
will never die.  Instead, open fire on his vehicle until it explodes.  Destroy 
the car in front of you.  Now, different doors will open, but you have no 
control over them.  Shoot the vehicle in front of you and it should crash 
into one of the doors.  Keep on destroying all of the cars until Bloch is 
in front of you.  I'm guessing that shooting him will only improve your 
accuracy but that's about all.  You can't kill him yet.  Besides, he's a clone, 
so it wouldn't matter.  You two seperate yet again and he tells to send all 
available men to stop you.  You go through a wide tunnel with only two guards.  
If you kill the first one, it will drop the shotgun.  After exiting the tunnel, 
you find yourself at another stop.  First thing to do is to look about 45 
degrees to your right and shoot the barrel next to the guards.  This earns 
you a bond move.  Kill every guard to open the door in front of you.  Watch 
out as the door opens though as there's a guy in the car with rocket launchers.  
Shoot his car, and occasionally him to blow him up.  The vehicle starts up 
again and you're back in the type of tunnel as the beginning.  Take out the 
guards on the sides and the occasional guns.  Kill the guards in the second 
window too if you can.  It's practice for platinum.  Bloch appears in front 
of you again, dropping mines.  If you shoot him, he'll wriggle and stuff and 
it MAY stop him from dropping them.  I don't know.  Shoot the mines or you'll 
take damage and you seperate again.  This time, you have to contend with fans.  
Shoot them right in the middle to destroy them and give you another bond move.  
Next, you have to deal with steam.  Shoot the red panels sticking on the sides 
to turn them off to get you yet another bond move.  Break through a wooden 
barrier and shoot the next one to get a bond move.  Finally, you deal with 

After the cutscene, you'll be driving around in a circle.  Kill the three 
guards once you come into range, or zoom in on them with the scope.  Once 
you deal with them, another cutscene shows.

Shoot Bloch with, perferably the KA-57.  He'll fire back at you and it'll 
take at least one full rotation to make him go inside.

Does the cutscene give you a clue?  Kill the three rocket toting guys to pick 
up their Guided Rocket Launchers.  Aim up and fire on the red objects on the 
ceiling.  When you destroy one of them, another cutscene shows.

If you noticed, you're slowly taking damage.  This is from the lava down below 
and you'll die if you don't shoot all of the red objects on the ceiling.  Fire 
at the last two and the mission will end showing the clone of Bloch falling 
down to his doom.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[4j. Poseidon]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Difficulty: Agent
Weapons: P2K, Viper, SSR4000, UGW, PS100, and Grenades
Gold Cheats: Golden Armor, and Golden Gun
Gold Medal Target: 120,000

Laser the lock off the grate to your right, climb inside, and laser the second 
lock that blocks your exit.  Take out your silenced P2K, and shoot the guard 
in the head.  Open the door with the Q-Decryptor and shoot the guard inside.  
Pick up the grenades and guns, and head to the door to your left.  Stand on 
one side and shoot the guards.  Climb into the elevator and go down.  

When you walk forward, two cylinder tubes will reveal mercenaries.  You can 
either choose to stay and fight, or go through the doors.  Shoot the three 
guards in the central room, and pick up the body armor if needed.  Go into 
the next room.  

Shoot the guards in the head if you can, and take cover behind the tanks.  
Download the programs, and at the third one, guards should come up behind 
you.  Kill them, collect their UGWs, and head for the exit.  Equip the UGW, 
and shoot the mercenary charging through the door.  Pick up the body armor 
in this room if needed.  Walk into the elevator, go down, and have the guards 
notice you.  They should trip the wires, and the auto-guns should take care 
of them.  However, some are still alive, so take them out.  Use your Remote 
on the consoles, and head through one of the two doorways.  Pick up the 
Verification Card and go to the exit.  Decrypt the door, and shoot the 
mercenary inside.

Head up, take your UGW out, and shoot the snipers and grenade throwing guys.  
Head into the room on your right if you want some grenades.  If not, go to 
your left, take out the guy, and another sniper.  Push the button, go down 
the steps, and equip your grenades.  When the men start to come out, throw 
them.  When all is safe, go up the stairs and onto the submarine, or Q-Claw 
onto it.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[4k. Mediterranean Crisis]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Difficulty: Agent
Weapons: P2K, Frinesi, PS100, UGW, SSR 4000, Grenades, and Defender
Gold Cheats: Golden Gun, Golden Bullets, Golden Armor, and Golden 
Gold Medal Target: 130,000

There are two ways to begin this level, but I'm only going to start off with 
the second/first one.  The one where you are outside the carrier.  I'll add 
the other one in later once I try it out.

Pick up the Frinesi and jump up.  You should see the guard by the barrels.  
Shoot the barrels to send him flying.  If not, he'll most likely spot you 
giving the guard inside the carrier the advantage.  Pick up his gun and go 
inside, but be prepared.  The guard will either have his back to you, or he 
will be there with his gun pointing at you.  Shoot him and go down the stairs.  
You have three options.  You can go to the Brig, a little "closet" I guess, 
or the Briefing Room.  Go inside the "closet" first (the middle door) and 
kill the guard inside.  Pick up his gun and then go through to the Brig (a.k.a. 
Jail Cell).  Shoot the guard and pick up the Frinesi shotgun ammo.  Cut the 
locks on the doors and climb into one of the cells.  Laser the lock on the 
grate and climb in for a bond move.  Crawl through and laser the lock so you 
can see out into the hallway.  You can shoot the barrels by the guard if you 
want, but you take damage that way.  Continue down into the Briefing Room 
and drop out.  Sometimes there's a mercenary inside, so watch out.  About 
now, M should report in.  Climb up the steps and kill the guard in front of 
the computers.  There should be a guard to your left, so kill him too.  You 
can take out the guards that are hiding, and you have another choice.  You 
can go through the crate which is advised, or continue down the steps.  First 
though, download the program from the window (it can reach that far) and go 
through either way.  Choose number 1 for going through the grate, and number 
2 for going down the steps.

#1-If you go through the grate, there will be a guard at the other side which 
you can pick off.  Go out onto the rail, look up and Q-Claw up to reach the 
room where the program was.  There will be a guard in here.  You can either 
drop off onto the other side, or enter the room and climb the ladder down.  
The only difference will be that you'll either end up behind the locked fence 
or in front of it.  Choose 1a. for ending up behind the locked fence, or 1b. 
for ending in front of it.

1a.-Shoot the valves on the tanks to release pressurized air at the guards 
to kill them.  Laser the lock on the fence to get out.  There is a catwalk 
where the sniper is.  Or, you can go to the railing again and if you look 
up, another Q-Claw point, where you'll find grenades and body armor.  Go 
through the door and shoot the guy and you'll end up on the catwalk that you 

1b.-You'll end up in a hallway which leads to the room where you lasered the 
lock on the door.  Shoot the guards that may be standing next to some barrels.  
There is also a sniper in this room, but thankfully, he's looking the wrong 
way.  You can also kill the guards behind the locked fence as they will provide 
less of a distraction.

#2-Go down the steps and battle your way toward the guards.  If you kill them 
all, head for the Flight Deck by going toward the door at the very end.  Three 
mercenaries will come out.  Kill them all to proceed and you should end in 
the room with the sniper.

Head for the catwalk and go up to the flight deck, killing guards along the 
way.  There will be an opening to see the room you were previously in.  Go 
up the steps and you'll find another mercenary.  Lead him to the tank and 
blast the valve off to kill him.  Open the door.

Go and collect the body armor and head up the steps.  Shoot the guard and 
proceed slowly.  Use the Q-Remote on the jet when you can.  This will earn 
you a bond move and kill every guard on the platform.  Go into the room and 
go down the hallway.  There will be two people throwing grenades.  Go up the 
steps quickly to avoid the blast radius and shoot the guards and the mercenary.  
Continue up and watch out for the sniper.  Pick up the body armor and then 
go throught the door.  Suggested weapon for this fight would be the Frinesi 
since you're in close quarters.  Quickly kill the guards and take out your 
sniper rifle.  Zoom in on the helicopter pilot and take him out to earn a 
bond move.  Go up the ladder and drop back down and dispose of the two new 
guards that enter the room.  Laser the lock above the ladder and climb up.  
A guard should rush you if you look out over the side.  Shoot the barrels.  
Quickly pop out and shoot the barrels next to the mounted machine gun to 
dispose of the guard.  If you don't, he'll mount it and fire on you.  Very 
annoying.  Shoot the barrels that are next to the next ladder to reveal body 
armor.  Climb up, laser the lock and shoot both bad guys.  Laser the lock 
that's chaining the woman and she'll unlock the door.  Download the computer 
program.  Exit out, ride down the cable, but fall off as soon as you reach 
the platform underneath.  Laser the lock and drop down into the room.  Press 
the green button.  This should trigger a crane behind Zoe and she'll grab 
onto it.  Step out into the doorway and shoot the barrels.  Pick up their 
ammo (a lot, isn't it?) and head into the new open door.  Go down the steps 
and outside.  Shoot the mercenary that comes out at you and use your program 
on the console.  This should fire a missile at the sniper.  Head up onto the 
machine gun and mount it.

Fire at the helicopter and destroy it to end the mission.  It's possible to 
shoot the clone in there, but it takes great skill.  Head down the steps and 
as close to the harrier as you can get to end the mission and get your gold.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[4l. Evil Summit]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 

Difficulty: Agent
Weapons: P2K, PS100, SSR 4000, Grenades, MRL-22, and D17
Gold Cheats: Golden Gun, Golden Armor, and Regnerative Armor
Gold Medal Target: 130,000

For right now, I'm including the cheating method of earning the gold medal.  
I will include the full walkthrough, once I get to it. 

You can set your difficulty to operative.  When you get to the second tower 
to download the hatch program, just keep on pressing the B Button to 
repeatedly download it and surpass the maximum amount of Bond Moves.  About 
25-30 times should be enough.  Just complete the mission to get your gold.

Credit for this goes to somebody, but I've forgotten.  If you've sent me this 
strategy, could you please send it to me again?

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