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Where can I find the castle of sand?

Need help in level 2 to find the heart in the castle of sand?


OrIok answered:

Climb up from level 1.
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DavoidZX answered:

Go to the main tower in Timberdale (world 1). When you get to the gap in the skinny platform segment and walk slowly off into the gap. You will land on one of 2 platforms. Jump to the other then hit the button above it will open a secret passage by the end of the skinny platform segment. You can climb along the bottom of the skinny platform or get back on top and do some fancy jumping to enter it. You will come out at the bottom of the castle of sand in Dragonreach (world 2).
If you dont know how to get to the Timberdale tower you go behind the waterfall by Darby's house. When you get to the cave walk toward the back into a large room with a big portal. (There are no secrets in the portal room, as far as I know.) Head through the portal and then the door straight ahead. You will be in the Timberdale tower.
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