Speech Transcript by DocTabasco

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Vexx - Speech Record
by Chris Young, aka DocTabasco
July 2003


I, the author of this humble text file, claim no right to the information
provided within, since any person with enough spare time could whip it up.
Only words spoken and not captioned are included, as well as some markers to
show when and by whom some parts are spoken.  It is my experience that you do
not need sound to enjoy this game, and those who cannot hear deserve to know
the whole story.


July 22, 2003
v1.0  All the important stuff included


Darby Welcomes Back Vexx
26 Wraith Hearts Later...
Into the Shadow Realm


Ours was a sin of pride.  Blinded by our ambition, we opened a door better left
closed, and loosed hell upon Astara.  Though 700 years have passed, to my
lasting sorrow, the terror continues.  It began anew when the shadowraiths
desceneded on the peaceful village of Overwood.  Dark Yabu and his shadow
minions drove the defenseless villagers before them, save the ancient guardian
of Overwood, Vargas and his grandson Vexx.  Defiant, but outnumbered, Vargas
and Vexx could not stand against Yabu's dark power and were bound in chains
with the others.  They were forced to toil in the labryth of tunnels
surrounding their village - slaves.  Beaten by word and whip, Vexx endured
until his rage became unbearable.  He lashed out, attacking his oppressors, but
was stopped by the very shadows that answered Yabu's call.  Vexx would have
died then, were it not for the sacrifice of his Grandfather.  Enraged, Yabu
turned his powers on vargas and showed no mercy.  After night fall, vowing
revenge, Vexx escaped the caves and made his way to the heart of Yabu's
windship, intent upon destroying the wraith.  Fate however, would grant him not
revenge, but fortune; the legendary Astani war talons.  Unable to destroy the
powerful artifact, Dark Yabu had hidden them away for years, fearful that they
might fall into enemy hands.  Vexx screamed as the talons bound themselves to
him forvever, and his fate to that of all Astara.

Darby welcomes back Vexx

Ah, back among the living, I see.  You're a stout one aren't you?  When I found
you, I thought you dead, so I brought you here.  This chamber is where the past
talon bearers are entombed.  Cursed things nearly cut my hands off, as I
carried you here.  Yabu destroyed the village.  Everyone is gone except you,
and old Darby.  I'd love to get my hands on that soul sucking monster, but old
Darby can't see so good no more.  But you, you could stop him before he opens
the door to his world.  You could get to the land spire before it's too late.
If he opens the rift again, those demons will destroy what little remains of
Astara, and all of us with it.  Then there'll be nothing to stop the wraiths,
from using the rift to destroy other worlds.  It'll have to be you my boy.
Darby can't go with you.  But I know an old trick...

26 Wraith Hearts Later...


*maniacle laughter*
Reia!  Last of the cursed Astani; so proud, so regal, so... foolish.

You'll never rule Astara!

We don't want to rule it; we intend to DEVOUR it!  Every life that thrives here
will succumb to the shadowraiths.  You will bear witness to our triumph.
Thank you boy!  You made all of this possible.

Yabu deceived you from the beginning, used you to power the rift.  He made you
think I was your enemy.  I failed.  Without the keystaff we can't close the
rift.  But all hope is not lost.  You can get it back.  Follow Yabu into the
shadow realm. Your war talons will protect you.  But first, you'll need to
activate the structures that lie in the three outer worlds.  Return here if you
succeed.  All hope lies with you now.  Good luck.

Into the Shadow Realm

*Vexx enters the area*
You were a fool for coming here!  No fear - you won't be staying long.
*Vexx strikes a pose*
Destroy him for me, children.
*Vexx kills off the wraiths*
Come to me, my children!
*Vexx kicks Yabu's ass*
Curse you boy!!
I won't let it end like this...
My hate... my hate will keep me...


We should have known at the time... I guess we all make mistakes.  Perhaps the
only thing worse than failing is the fear of failing.  Ultimately we set things
right.  Fortunately, there are those who continue to do so.