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                         Author: The Spelunker
                 Copyright 2002 - 2008, All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended to familiarize players with the character
Scorpion from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. This file is intended solely for
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or alteration of this file are strictly prohibited by the author and the law.
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I. Introduction
II. Version Info
III. Control Translations(important if you're not using PS2)
IV. Extras
V. Moves
  a) Controls
  b) Basic Moves
  c) Combos
  d) Special Moves
  e) Fatality
VI. Hard mode strategy
  -  Basics
  a) vs Scorpion
  b) vs Kung Lao
  c) vs Cyrax
  d) vs Kano
  e) vs Reptile
  f) vs Sub-Zero
  g) vs Raiden
  h) vs Mavado
  i) vs Moloch
  j) vs Quan Chi
  k) vs Shang Tsung
VII. Credits
VIII. Scorpion's Ending *spoilers*


This is an average Mortal Kombat player's guide for the character Scorpion. My
goal in writing this guide is to aid others such as myself in not only learning
the controls and moves, but also beating the game on hard mode with Scorpion. If
you have a suggestion, comment, or complaint then please send me an email at: If you think you have a better strategy then I would love
to hear it. 

(taken directly from game)

The ninja Scorpion had assumed for many years that Sub-Zero killed his family
and clan, only to later discover that the true murderer was the sorceror Quan
Chi. After revealing his treachery, Quan Chi then attempted to send Scorpion to
the 5th plane of the Netherrealm. Thinking quickly, Scorpion grappled with the
sorceror at the last moment and they were both transported to that forbidden
realm. This turn of events boded well for Scorpion as his strength increased the
longer he remained there. Quan Chi's powers, however, proved to be useless
against him.

(end game text)


v. 1.2
- corrected e-mail addresses (I had an old hotmail from '02 listed somewhere)
- rewrote a few parts

V. 1.1
- Fixed a big typo that said Scorpion was a hidden character.

V. 1.0
- The guide is complete for now
- Don't expect any updates unless a problem arises


Playstation 2:    Game Cube:    Xbox:
Square          -     B      -    X
Triangle        -     Y      -    Y
X               -     A      -    A
O               -     X      -    B
R2              -     R      -    R
R1              -     Z      -    Black
L1              -     L      -    L


Scorpion's Hellfire Costume - Tomb UH - 1660 Jade Coins
Scorpion's Hidden Video: Cooking - Tomb UI - 270 Platinum Coins
Scorpion's Hidden Video: Cloth Test - Tomb DL - 230 Platinum Coins
Scorpion's Hidden Video: Scorpion Goes Back to Hell - Tomb CX - 203 Gold Coins
Scorpion's Artwork: Concept Sketch - Tomb AQ - 226 Ruby Coins
Scorpion vs Sub-Zero(Extra) - Tomb FF - 1199 Gold Coins
Scorpion Preliminary Model(Artwork) - Tomb HO - 402 Jade Coins
Scorpion vs Raiden(Extra) - Tomb LY - 160 Sapphire Koins
Scorpion Promo Render(Artwork) - Tomb NF - 392 Ruby Coins
Scorpion Online Promo Image(Artwork) - Tomb NM - 182 Sapphire Coins
Scorpion from MK4(Extra) - Tomb SJ - 353 Onyx Coins
Scorpion early MK:DA artwork - Tomb TQ - 616 Platinum Coins
Scorpion's Character Bio - UX - 509 Onyx Coins



Moves with a comma in between them are supposed to be tapped in sequence.
Moves with a + mean both buttons are supposed to be pressed at once.
Square is the square button.
Triangle is the triangle button.
O is the circle button.
X is the X button.
L1 is the style switch button.
R1 is the throw/technique button.
R2 is the block button.
Back is the back arrow.
Forward is the forward arrow.
Up is the up arrow.
Down is the down arrow.

Basic Moves


Back Hand Strike ---   Square
Face Strike ---   Back + Square
Twisting Fist ---   Down + Square
Neck Chop ---   Triangle
Open Palm ---   Down + Triangle
Axe Kick ---   X
Knee Knockdown ---   Forward + X
Hop Sweep ---   Back + X
Back Sweep ---   Down + X
Snap Kick ---   O
Front Sweep ---  Down + O
Backside Kick ---   Back + O
Front Thrust Kick ---   Up + O
Throw ---    Forward + R1
Taunt ---   R1

****PI GUA STYLE****

Ridge Hand ---   Square
Knife Hand Chop ---    Back + Square
Low Knife Hand Chop ---   Down + Square
Spear Hand Strike ---   Triangle
Wing Chop ---   Forward + Triangle
Spear Hand Sweep ---   Back + Triangle
Chest Strike ---   Down + Triangle
Stepping Heel Kick ---   X
Open Palm Strike ---   Down + X
Low Heel Kick ---   O
Low Knife Hand Strike ---   Down + O
Double Knife Hand Strike ---   Back + O
Throw ---    Forward + R1
Shove ---   R1


Spinning Slash ---  Square
Upward Slash ---   Down + Square
Reverse Slash ---   Triangle
Edge Slash ---   Down + Triangle
Rising Slash ---   X
Charging Slash ---   Forward + X
Piercing Blade ---   Down + X
Crescent Blade Strike ---  O
Sweeping Blade ---  Down + O
Sidestep Swing ---   R1



Flowing Water ---   Triangle, Triangle, Square
Inner Power ---   Triangle, Triangle, O
Spectre Blast ---  X, Back + Square
Lethal Legs ---   O, Back + O
Liftoff ---   O, Up + O
Burning Soul ---   Triangle, X, Up + O
Sinking Leaf ---   Forward + X, Back + X
Doombringer ---   Triangle, X, Back + Square
Painless ---   Triangle, Triangle, L1, Triangle, X
Undead Rush ---    Triangle, Triangle, L1, Triangle, Square
Nightmare ---    Triangle, Triangle, L1, Triangle, L1, O
Darkness ---    Triangle, Triangle, L1, Triangle, L1, X
Infernal ---   Triangle, Triangle, L1, Triangle, L1, Square, Square, X

****PI GUA STYLE****

Stone Breaker ---   Back + Square, X
Falling Tree  ---   Triangle, Triangle, X
Rushing Ridgehand ---   Triangle, Triangle, Square
Nuisance ---   Triangle, Triangle, L1, O
Deranged ---  Triangle, Triangle, L1, X
Hell Bound ---   Triangle, Triangle, L1, Square, Square, X


Turning Dragon ---   Square, Triangle
Rising Dragon ---   Square, X
Demon Slice ---   O, X
Moon Strike ---   O, O
Edge of Pain ---   O, Square, Square, X

Special Moves

Spear ---   Back, Forward, Square
Summon Hellfire --- Down, Back, Triangle
Backflip Kick --- Forward, Back, X


Back, Back, Down, Back, O - Harpoon Decapitation

Scorpion launches his harpoon at the enemy's head. It sinks through his skull
and comes out the other end. Scorpion then applies quick, rough pulls to the
harpoon attempting to remove the enemy's head. After a while the head gives way
and explodes; the skull rolls past Scorpion's feet.



I generally like to learn only a few select combos from each character. Learning
each combo with a character like Scorpion can be quite a chore. I suggest you
enter practice mode and learn the following: Hapkido - Nightmare, Darkness,
Flowing Water, and Inner Power. Infernal is good, but it's a pain to use
consistently. In Pi Gua, I've found that using combinations of one hitters is
actually quite useful. Search through the basic moves and find a good mix of low
and high hitters. Practice with them until you get a good rhythm going. Rushing
Ridgehand and Falling Tree are nice as well.

With the Ninja Sword I like to use Moon Strike and then follow it up with X, X
for a powerful juggle. This is a very effective combo, especially when used in
conjunction with your spear. Spear is Scorpion's main special move, and the
other ones aren't that great. Backflip is nice to drive enemies away, but I
generally play offensively with Scorpion, so it isn't an issue. Hellfire isn't
useful against the computer at all, but it works against human players who block
too much.

Scorpion vs Scorpion

You should know yourself pretty well. However, if you don't it's no big deal.
This should be a fairly easy battle as long as you block Scorpion's spear. A
basic knowledge of combos is very useful as well. I prefer to be pretty
aggressive when facing off against my alter-ego. Use Pi Gua when up close and
Ninja Sword when you connect with the spear. Hapkido can be useful if you begin
the combo at mid-range or execute it after blocking an enemy combo.

After a few Moon Strike - X, X combos, Scorpion will be dead. You shouldn't have
had too much trouble. If you did, head back to practice and learn more combos.
Either that or polish up on the ones you already know.

Scorpion vs Kung Lao

Kung Lao likes to attack low, so be weary of this when fighting him. I prefer to
use the Ninja Sword at all times when fighting Kung Lao. Use the sidestep slash
(R1) and Moon Strike - X, X juggle. Mix this in with a throw or a few Pi Gua
attacks and you will make short work of Kung Lao. The only things you need to
watch out for are his hat and some of his stronger sword combos. When at a
distance you should be prepared to block Kung Lao's razor sharp hat. Like the
prior fight with Scorpion, this one should be a piece of cake.

If you're having trouble, try playing defensively and always block low when you
do so. You're much more likely to block Kung Lao's attacks when ducking than you
are when standing.

Scorpion vs Cyrax

Cyrax, like most people, has his weaknesses. These come in the form of his
weapon and his special attacks. Firstly, his weapon is not up to par in the
least bit. Approach Cyrax and start attacking with Hapkido(Nightmare/Darkness)
or Pi Gua(mix up one-hitters and Ridgehand Rush) when he has his sword out.
However, when he retracts his sword you should back off. Wait for him to execute
a special move like a bomb drop or razor spin and then capitalize; toss your
spear at him and catch him. After pulling him forward, switch to Ninja Sword and
Moon Strike - X, X juggle him. Cyrax will die soon enough if you rinse and
repeat this method.

Scorpion vs Kano

Avoid letting Kano get you in a corner at all costs. If you're far enough along,
he does like to use reversals religously. Either go with Hapkido or Ninja Sword
because you don't want to open yourself up to a reversal with Pi Gua. Push him
back with backflips if he gets too close. Execute Nightmare or Darkness at about
mid range. Hopefully, by the time you reach him he will have let his guard down
and you'll connect. You can try your spear, but only if you're at long range.
While at long range, watch out for Kano's eye beam and cannonball. Just be
prepared to block most of Kano's attacks and unleash a lot of strong combos.

Scorpion vs Reptile

Reptile can dish out some serious hurt if you aren't careful. He can get you to
let your guard down with Lizard Ball and then execute one of his quick combos on
you. He can also be very predictable. Immediately after you get in a long-range
situation, launch your spear. You will catch him as he is about to do his Acid
Spit. From here, execute a Moon Strike - X, X juggle. You can either rinse and
repeat or switch to Pi Gua. Mix your combos up while in Pi Gua and show him what
a real spectre is made of. He should fall in due time. Just be sure to keep an
eye out for his Lizard Ball because it can really disorient you if you're not

Scorpion vs Sub-Zero

When fighting Sub-Zero you should wait for him to make a mistake and then
capitalize on it. The computer tends to make a lot of these mistakes in the form
of ice sliding when you aren't even close and ice shaking when you're too far
away. When Sub-Zero does this, don't hesitate and launch your spear immediately.
Pull out your Ninja Sword and execute a Moon Strike - X, X juggle for mega
damage. Don't be afraid to fight cheaply against Sub-Zero because he himself
does it. Always keep your guard up at a distance. Sub-Zero likes to toss freeze
balls and once you're frozen you will get nailed. This can be a fairly tough
fight if you aren't careful. Remember practice makes perfect.

Scorpion vs Raiden

This is where Scorpion's true aggressive style should shine. If you try to play
defensively you will get destroyed. Raiden's combos vary too much to make
defense vital. Start out in Hapkido or Pi Gua, whichever you prefer. I recommend
Pi Gua for the beginner and Hapkido for the intermediate. Hapkido tends to be a
bit slower, but once you get a Nightmare or Darkness off you will really hurt
Raiden. Don't bother trying to use your spear, though. Raiden won't stand for it
and you don't want to set yourself up. In Pi Gua, try and keep him on the
ground. Do a Rushing Ridgehand, then mix up a few low or mid attacks while he is
on the ground/getting up. Perform an Inner Power once Raiden stands up.

I wouldn't bother with special attacks much in this fight. You might want to do
a backflip every now and then if Raiden is uncomfortably close, but more than
likely you will be performing combos too often to worry about that.

Scorpion vs Mavado
Mavado is pretty awful at long range, unfortunately, so is Scorpion. Try to keep
Mavado at a mid range because he has some extremely nasty combos that can end a
round faster than you thought possible. Mavado's special attacks are pretty
weak, and like Sub-Zero you can capitalize on them when he makes mistakes. Every
time Mavado does a rope jump towards you, block and then throw him. As Mavado
approaches you, use a Nightmare or Darkness combo in Hapkido. If this doesn't
work, switch to Pi Gua and try to keep him on the ground. Become defensive if
Mavado gets too close for comfort. Either that, or perform a throw or backflip.

As long as you don't let your guard down at close range and don't botch up too
many combos, you should have this fight in the bag.

Scorpion vs Moloch
This fight shouldn't be terribly difficult. As long as you can execute Moon
Strike and sidestep, you will be fine. Start off the battle by advancing towards
Moloch and executing a Moon Strike. If you connect, side step and do it again.
When Moloch blocks your Moon Strike, you should block as well. This battle
should be a push-over once you learn Moloch's pattern. However, stay in Ninja
Sword the whole battle. The other styles don't deal enough damage and the combos
can be a bit more difficult to execute. You want to be able to nail Moloch as
much as possible during the battle. If you foul up a combo, you're only hurting

Luck can be a small factor when fighting Moloch. But if you do as I suggested,
you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Scorpion vs Quan Chi
You need to take this fight seriously; it's not easy by any means. Quan Chi can
deal around 40% damage with some of his combos. I recommend you carry out most
of the match in Hapkido. Don't try to get in any close range wars with Quan Chi.
hrow or Backflip if he gets too close. Never stay in Ninja Sword for too long.
The only time you should use Ninja Sword during this fight is after you connect
with your spear. Moon Strike - X, X juggle works like a charm at that point.
Connecting with your spear is a sure-fire way to win, but only attempt it when
Quan Chi is at long range(i.e. after a backflip or sidestep slash). Nightmare
and Darkness work as always during this fight, but don't use Pi Gua too much.

Quan Chi loves to sidestep and Pi Gua is too sporadic of a style for precise
attacks. Keep up a healthy mix of defense and offensive combos and you should do
fine. To beat Quan Chi by being purely aggressive will involve a lot of luck,
and even then it isn't easy.

Scorpion vs Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung is a good bit easier to beat than Quan Chi. He messes around a lot
at long range in Crane Style and with fireballs. When is idling away, toss your
spear at him and execute a Moon Strike - X, X juggle. If Shang Tsung pulls out
his sword, you should do the same. Keep your guard up and execute a Moon Strike
immediately after blocking Shang Tsung's sword combo. However, if Shang Tsung
opts to go with his other styles you should stay in Hapkido. Stay away from Pi
Gua due to the sidestepping frenzy Shang Tsung goes into sometimes. Nightmare
and Darkness work like charms here, but only if executed properly. You probably
won't have too much trouble with Shang Tsung if you've gotten this far already.


- $in $tealer: Thanks for making your Krypt FAQ. Without it I never would have
known how to obtain all of Scorpion's secrets.

- GameFAQs: Thanks for providing a site for so many to post their work on. I
hope the site continues to prosper for years to come.

- Midway: Thanks for making a great game!

VIII. Scorpion's Ending *spoilers below!*
The hunt for Quan Chi had led Scorpion to the palace of Shang Tsung. Scorpion
entered the palace through a hidden passage. As he made his way to the lower
levels, he was discovered by the two Oni he had previously encountered while in
the Netherealm. Shang Tsung had secretly allied with Moloch and Drahmin as a
backup defense against Quan Chi. The two Oni had been hidden in an underground
chamber and were periodically fed mortals to keep them satisfied. Scorpion
fought well, but he was overwhelmed by Moloch and Drahmin.

Although they could not consume the Ninja Spectre, they devised another means
for eliminating foe that would satisfy their cruel nature. The Oni brought
Scorpion before the portal to the heavens that Shang Tsung had tapped as a
source of limitless souls. They hurled him into the Soulnado and his hellspawn
body was ripped to pieces by the purity of that realm.